Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash and Badri having a talk. Badri says I m seeing many tourists coming here, I want to open a hotel in Ajmer, I want some responsible man, you are in catering business, will you take this responsibility. Kailash accepts his offer and hugs him. He calls everyone and says its good news, Badri and I are opening a big hotel in this city. They all get glad. Chintu says it means we will come Ajmer more often now and eyes Vividha. Dadi sees Guddi with Chintu. Vividha congrats and hugs Badri. Chintu is about to hug Guddi. Dadi comes in between and makes him away.

Kailash sees Atharv outside and shouts to make Atharv hear about opening a new hotel. He says I will make a palace. Badri asks what does Kailash shout to neighbors, is it friendship or enmity. Uma says nothing

like that. Dadi scolds Guddi and asks why was she hugging Chintu, he is your childhood brother. Guddi says I know, will childhood things go on till now.

Vividha thanks Lord for Papa and Badri Kaka’s hotel. Atharv throws a small wood piece to her, and she turns to him. He greets her and smiles. She says nonsense, whats this misbehavior, you are looking inside my house a lot, you are getting women habits. He says is it bad, you are mine and I was just seeing you. She asks him not to get over smart. He says Chintu is over smart, he was getting very close. She says Guddi was right about you, you have small mindset, I won’t hear anything about Chintu. He says fine, give me forgiveness, I m standing here with open hands. She says never, my Papa has big heart, I won’t forgive you. He tries to convince her and does sit ups holding his ears. She asks him not to become cute, this won’t affect me. She smiles and goes. Sujata and uncle laugh seeing Atharv. Uncle calls him mad in love. Atharv gets embarrassed. Sujata says my son and hugs Atharv.

Chintu talks to his friend and asks him to come here to village and see the hot girls. Atharv hears him and gets angry. Chintu talks dirty about Vividha, and says I m taking her out today, so that I can get close in private, I m taking them to the lake in evening. Atharv recalls Vividha’s words. Atharv says he is much creepy, its limit, Vividha should know his truth. He sees Vividha and Guddi going with Chintu in the car. He shouts Vividha and rushes on his bike. Atharv calls Vividha. She thinks he is jealous and switches off her phone. Atharv follows her.

Chintu asks Vividha and Guddi to plan and come Delhi. Vividha says we can’t come. Guddi asks why, would you settle in Ajmer. Vividha says I have college, I don’t bunk like you. Chintu says no problem, I will keep coming and smiles seeing Vividha.

Chintu, Vividha and Guddi reach the place. Vividha asks shall we go to lake first. Chinty says we will go there. Guddi says we will have panipuri first. They go to panipuri stall. Atharv reaches there. Vividha and Guddi have panipuri. Chintu stares at them.

Atharv does not see them, as a man comes in between. He tries calling Vividha. Sujata calls Atharv and asks where are you. Atharv tells her that Chintu is bad, he is eyeing Vividha and Guddi, I heard him talking dirty about Vividha with his friend, Kailash is blind in friendship, and sent both his daughters with Vividha. Sujata says but we heard Vividha calls him Bhaiya. Atharv says its what Chintu thinks of her, I won’t let anything happen to Vividha. Vividha and Guddi eat ice gola. Chintu asks them to come with him, they will get some exclusive view like Vividha, vibrant. Vividha and Guddi agree. They all go inside lake garden.

He gives hand to Vividha. She says its okay, I will come. He says come on, you will slip. He holds her hand and takes her.

Atharv also goes inside lake garden. Vividha and Guddi walk ahead. Chintu smiles eyeing them filthily. Chintu shows them the city view. Vividha says its superb, I did not come here ever. He walks ahead. He smiles seeing her. Atharv looks for her, and hears Vividha’s scream. Guddi shouts Di…. Atharv says Vividha and runs to see her. He sees Chintu over Vividha, and gets angry. He runs to them and beats Chintu read and blue.

Vividha, Chinty and Guddi come home. Kailash scolds Vividha. Atharv tells Kailash to see the dirt close to him, rather than eyeing the far away dirt. Chintu stares at Vividha and gives a cheap sign to Atharv. Atharv fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy fan :)

    Thanks Amena di for updates…..
    This cheap chintu….. i wana kill him. When he will return back??
    U idiot chintu… its better to stay away from Vividha as her hero is double strong… if u want ur life just get lost….or else u will loose ur life..

    Today Vitharv scene was supr….. nd Atharv’s acting when sujatha n uncle came….. love u Atharv u r fantastic….

    Hey guyz… im 100% sure that no. of comments will be above 100 on sunday (50th epi)

  2. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Thank you amena di for the update.
    Did not watch the episode today. Will watch only vitharv scenes online later on.
    Dont want to watch this joker anymore?
    Seems like vividha will misunderstand atharv now and chintu will be saved saying he was saving vividha only from falling. He must have pushed her first???

  3. Nishtha

    Hey guys i am new comer.Episode was nice.Loved vitharvs scene especially when he was doing situps.He is so cute yaar…………love u.This chintu is an idiot mental syco mad irritating when he will return………….

  4. Genita


    |Registered Member

    Arshu iam fine dear.. Sorry for late reply.. My phone is damaged thays why.. And yes i watch almost all serials.. Even etretr.. Serial from star plus, zee, colors… But jndsd is one of my favourite

  5. malavika nambiar

    is it allowd to talk in our mothertongue??? samsarikunathinu Kuzhappamillallo??

  6. Nishtha

    Hey guys i am new comer.Episode was nice.Loved vitharvs scene especially when he was doing situps.He is so cute yaar………..love u.This chitu is mad mental scyo irritating idiot person when he will return……………

  7. Tina

    Good episode…loved d conversation of vivtharv…whenever they r together there is some spark in there love…waiting again fr d nxt romantic scene of vivtharv..

  8. Genita


    |Registered Member

    Malabika, samsarikunathinu kuzhappamilla.. But ellavarkum manasilavan english is better.. Even iam a keralian.. Happy to see malayalis over here

  9. happy fan :)

    Hai… malavika samsarikkan kuzhappalya… but many non malayalees are also here…. so its better English n if u want we malayalees can chat in malayalam…. Rizwana thanku for replying…..
    well I’m in +1 science
    welcome nishtha

  10. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Just watched the vitharv scene online
    It was lovely? Atharv was looking so cute ? and when vividha turned and smiled she also looked soo cute??
    Superb jodi??

  11. happy fan :)

    Guyzz i will call u by short names
    Genita – Geni
    Malavika – Malu
    hope u won’t hav any prblm

  12. mahira sinha

    Ya malavika…..There isn’t any problem in speaking in malayalam……. I love malayalam

  13. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    Hi ardra di me too missing u soo much di…i dint watch even one epi since june 19 missing vitharv a lotttt and i vl try to come on sunday bcoz i hv xam on monday
    hey guys anyone tell me was vivi’s xpression realise true side of chintu in this epi???

  14. happy fan :)

    Hai Meghu ……. I too hav some class tests on Monday but I will surely comment.. did u see the no. of comments meghu….its crossing 50… 60…. etc… Yeah u r in 9th u should concentrate on studies…. but whenever u r free plzz visit telly updates..
    our chatting in telly updates made me a feel that u r my younger sis….. love u

  15. happy fan :)

    Hai Meghu ……. I too hav some class tests on Monday but I will surely comment.. did u see the no. of comments meghu….its crossing 50… 60…. etc… Yeah u r in 9th u should concentrate on studies…. but whenever u r free plzz visit telly updates..
    our chatting in telly updates made me a feel that u r my younger sis….. love u

    And Geni di we can add some malayalam during commenting ri8….. 🙂

  16. happy fan :)

    ooh me too…. biology.
    whether u r CBSE…. then plZ tell if +2 is tough or not….
    all the best for exams didi

  17. vitharv

    guys plz follow sweet and beautiful shivani aka vividha and handsome atharv aka vikram singh chauhan on instagram ……

  18. happy fan :)

    sorry for two tyms posting comments….
    Meghu…I didn’t felt like that… but in today’s epi chintu put his hands around her shoulder then vivi looked his hands with some kind of uncomfortable…
    But she always talk to him as a bhayya relation…
    hope u got it

  19. sham tiffany

    Thank u amena for de update♥♥

    atharv…omg he s getting cute day by day ya…de situps scenes was damn.AwesOoOoOome ..
    Vividha is so childish she dsnt ubderstnd de truth of ppls heart…
    Chintu ..i.feel.like killing him..get.lost u village monkey!!!!!!
    Tdy epi was nice…
    Waiting for de next epi eagerlyyyy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    all.thanks for ★plus and Amena ♥

  20. Ad

    Hello everyone…
    I am also new here hope u all will accept me ????
    I like vividha but not more than atharv.
    He is damn hot…
    I am liking this show..

  21. Genita


    |Registered Member

    Ok happy fan.. U can call me as you wish.. Iam also malayalee dear… If you dont hav any prob can you tell yr name

  22. happy fan :)

    Geni chechi I have already told my name…. I think u haven’t noticed it..
    I’m Ardra from palakkad dist….hai inayah and admin welcome n keep commenting..

  23. Swathi

    Haiii guys,
    Oh my god,talking abt atharv,what an awsome smile he has,mar jaava bohat khatharnak hain ye smile,hum phas jaayengi iss mein.
    Vividha is also so cute,kiddish and all.
    Anyway an awsome and fantastic jodi.
    Hope they can unite very soon.
    Love u vitharv.??

  24. akaashi

    Vitharv scenes was good. I lyk atharvs mumma very much. Shes soo cute, caring, sensible n a true soul. Love her very much 😘

  25. happy fan :)

    gud morning guys….
    my mallu frndz sugham alle….
    and all Muslim frndz….Ramadan Mubarak…..
    Every day start with some expectations but every day ends with some experience….. so give ur best

    • Ooshi Akbar

      sorry noone welcomed u till now so i am welcoming u from all family’s behalf although i hope Arshdeep will also welcome u herself sorry Arshdeep i don’t know u r him or her but u r Arshdeep kour so i wrote this keep commenting Taj

  26. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    atharv always thinks good for vividha and try to protect her…but his fate…he always become victim of kailash’s useless anger…
    vitharv scenes were very nice…
    this is mohi in +2 PCM…

  27. NS4


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode. …vividha and atharv scenes r awesome. …..
    blo*dy chintu……don’t u know d meaning of brother….u fool eyeing on two girls who calls u as bro…..r u human r any animal. …stupid brat…get lost

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