Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish telling Sujata that he will come along with her to temple. Sujata says no, Ravish will have work. Vividha says Ravish has no urgent work, he can come with you, what happened. Sujata says I will go and come Ravish. She leaves. Someone is in temple, doing some puja. Atharv comes there with his wife and Chintu. He says don’t know why, but I don’t feel the need to come here. He says sorry Maa, I got late, will you sit sad and stay annoyed with me, forgive me. He hugs her and says sorry. She turns and smiles. Its Suman.

Pandit asks Sujata by what name you want to do puja. Sujata says son’s name. Pandit asks the name. Ravish comes and says Atharv Sujata. She sees Vividha, Ravish and Madhav. He says you kept puja for Atharv, what’s there to hide. Vividha

says Atharv is in your heart. Ravish says truth is you are his mum and he is your son, relations don’t break like this, he is Atharv Sujata. Atharv says who needs father’s name, my identity is by you, Suman’s son Raghav, Raghav Suman. Suman smiles and asks them to come and sit in puja. Atharv sits in puja.

Ravish asks pandit to do puja. Both Suman and Sujata do the puja. Vividha thinks of Atharv, and thinks I have gone through a lot, but Lord did favor on me by making Ravish my support, thanks Lord. Atharv thinks I don’t know how my life started and where am I now, I have just these four years memories, I m lucky to get such family, they supported me in getting such memories, they gave me love and had patience, thank God I just lost memories, not family.

He gets a flower from Devi idol and goes to Suman, saying whatever is given to me is by you. He gives her the flower. Suman says don’t give this flower to me, give this to your wife. He says you are everything for me and my wife, keep this flower. Suman smiles. He gets laddoo prasad. Suman says I kept fast for you, give it, I will have it later. He smiles and holds his wife. Suman looks on.

Uma and Dadi cut vegetables. Ravish, Vividha and Madhav come home. Uma says food is ready. Vividha asks Madhav to stop having sweets, his teeth will get bad. Ravish says its fine, I m there for him. Ankit comes home. Uma says you had to come back in 3 days and took 3 weeks. Dadi taunts Ankit. Vividha scolds Ankit and says Ravish lined up your interview, and you ashamed us by not coming. Ankit says it was my friend’s marriage. Everyone scold Ankit. Ankit argues. Ravish says calm down, I will schedule interview again. Uma says leave it Ravish. He says he should get chance to change. Ankit goes to freshen up. Some people come to meet Ravish.

Suman, Chintu, Atharv and his wife come back to Vashisht house. Kalindi, Bhoomi and Vipul look on and leave. Atharv asks Suman are you fine. Suman says yes. Atharv takes water for her. Suman drinks water and says I will go and rest, I will feel better. Atharv asks did Suman always stay weak. His wife says yes, her life was tough, she raised you all alone, you know him, she does not like showing herself weak. He says I can’t imagine how many problems she has faced and how many sacrifices she gave, I just want old sorrows get away. She says I know you love Suman, what’s that surprise. He says let time come, I will say, have patience. He goes to change.

The people argue with Ravish over dairy business. Dadi asks the man to talk with manners. Ravish says kid did mischief, I m sorry. The man says no kid does not do mischief, you taught him to ruin our stable. Madhav says Papa did not tell me anything, I m enough for you all. He stares at the men.

The man says wow, you gave great values to your son to talk like this. Ravish says I can’t hear a word against my son. The man asks what will you do. Vividha stops them. The man provokes Ravish. Ravish asks the man to talk peacefully. Madhav pushes the man and says its my stable. The man pushes Madhav down. Ravish angrily holds the man’s neck.

Atharv comes to Suman. He asks what happened, are you unwell. He checks and says you have no fever, why are you feeling cold. She says cold does not suit you. He asks her to come, we will go to doctor. She refuses. His wife comes and says you know Suman feels cold, I will get soup for her, you had to do work, come, let her sleep. Atharv says tell me if you get unwell. Suman says fine, go and do your work. Atharv leaves. Suman calls out his wife, Guddi and asks her to shut door. Guddi smiles.

Suman and Guddi argue. Suman says if I did not do planning, think what would have planned of you, think I did drama of your death and gave you a new life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. before entry of ravish thus serial was just wow and after also it was wow bcoz vividha atharva was together but now only bcoz o ravish this serial has list all its colours if he would have been tried to find atharva the story would be something else but then also
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. what atharva is parallel lead what rubbish makers a one kuch self respect hai ya ni ache khase serial ko a horror story jana diya hai how it is different from other serials u r making it more vulgar than other serial guys you remember when vividha said I love you to atharva then than scene when vividha failed in history than they had a cooking competition than after than also all viewers were so happy without entry of ravish than why are you changing the leads plsssssss don’t do this plllsssssss apko roz Hume rulana acha lagta hai kya ya ravish na character surf isiliye laye kyunki usje pas air koi kam nhi tha isikye apko uspar daya aa gyi humari achi khasi vividha atharva ki jodi ko mat bigado plsssssssss it’s a request plssssssssssss only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha only looks nice with other not some one else

  3. ya aap ye chahte ho ki is track ko chodkar him sb seasin1 means first 100 episodes dekhar hi kush the plssssssssssss unhe mila do plssssssss mai promise krti hu jana na dil se door me alawa TV Mr air much nhi dekhungi its a promise I swear of my mother but plsssssss unite only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

    1. hey aisha …
      have you gone mad??
      you are promising on your mother for a daily soap??
      how funny…
      just enjoy it as a story don’t think too much…
      and plss don’t make that stupid type of promises…
      if you hurt i’m sorry but i don’t like your promise on your mother…
      plss again don’t do this plss…

  4. plsssssss vitharians tell the makers to unite vividha atharva agar shivani aur vikram and maybe shashank also wants that vividha atharva unite they cannot do anything bcoz they have to do as directors or makers say plssssssss vitharians plsssssss yiy also request them plssssssssss if you want I will stop commenting too but plssssssss request the makers to unite vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

    1. Good to see many comments from u………and vividha atharv names as ur signature..really good.. keep commenting.


      our fingers are getting blood by requesting makers to unite Vividha atharv..but there trying there best to spoil story with there stupid ideas!! in d name of twists. so let us be patience and wait what ever happen.

  5. vimala plssssss don’t believe in all this sometimes they write wrong thins too
    they are trying to break our hope for vividha atharva but no only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  6. Hi all,

    I’m Uma, and not a new comer for this forum. Very long back I came into just give my opinion and for long time I was silent reader of this forum.

    Dear Jothi, Eswari, Suman, 143, xyz and sorry if I missed out anyone else. I used read all ur comments. Today I couldn’t stop myself for commenting so I enter to give my comments.

    Y u guys want madhav to be vividha atharv’s son please already our dear CVS have already damaged a pure love, marriage, even KC and even the savithiri vrath and also most of the relationships like dadaji, mom and beta relations and what not finally a friendship too now u all want to spoil both vividha izzat too. Please being a girl I felt very bad.

    Do u all remember during the Manali track most of new members joined from other group and said very bad of vividha and atharv for that body heat scenes and I too remember u were protesting against that too, if the boy is seem to be their son, so u want to accept that. Please yaar, as u always atharv and Ravish are too great heros of this, and of course atharv is not the person who take advantage of unconscious girl for his own use. Also u would seen the phase 1 where atharv was upset and vividha was comforting him and that time he was untying her dori but suddenly stopped bcoz vividha was not comfortable with and she too aid that he will never do thing which she is not comfortable with. So guess if the son Madhav is atharv beta don’t you think this make vividha make more angry bcoz he has taken the advantage. Please guys stop thinking about his beta.

    Very sorry for this long comment, no offense please. I can’t really take this easily total serial the have damaged only girls izzat is left and I don’t want too spoil.

    Sorry if I have hunted u all with my comments.

  7. Hi eswari..yaa I understood wat you said.I too will quit the show if dey show ravish’s character as negative.why always our ravish should suffer.by watching yesterday’s episode one thing is clear dat ravish and vividha are just acting as husband and wife. chintu is the reason for guddi’s pregnancy.At last they will unite atharv and vividha they both will be happy but as always our ravish should suffer again.

  8. Sorry typo error in the last line it’s “hurted” and not hunted.

  9. Wow 143 di. We both are same branch ?

  10. @143 di.
    You are working in which company??

  11. This is my fst comnt here.
    As a vitharv fan , a humble reqst to director ji ,whenever vividha happened to know all the truth, she should commit suicide.That will be the only soln to whatever she done with Adharv , then only Adharv, sujatha & madhav bcm safe and happy.

  12. You re r8 @nikh they don’t want to give clarity.if they give clarity on vividha and atharv’s union den ravidha fans will quit d show.if dey give clrty on ravidha den vividha and atharv fans will quit the show.That’s why dey re dng all dis drama.

  13. Yes Radhika , I too have a strong feeling that ravish is the main villain , but not able to digest the fact!

    I guess writers / directors and cvs don’t like our army so they are showcasing army family as villains:-(.

    Dear cvs , wake up , our country ‘a army ppl are great , after all they are doing better job for nation then what u r sitting and doing to mint money? so don’t u dare to project them in such low standard!

    Star plus ppl , so ur naya Sochi is don’t get married in an army family , they are characterless selfish ppl, bcoz all old Sochi of Indian is we are safe bcoz of our army and we shd love our army heros!

    Your nayasoch is killing patriotism, why could not they close the serial with vitharv marriage and rVish’s army life?

    Now I am sure , Guddi will have a son , they will grow up and fall in love with same girl and the saga continues

  14. don’t worry ravish fans…
    no one confirmed that ravish is the main villain… but as you said there are some chances that cvs can make anyone villain in this serial and as you said showing all army people as criminals is a very big mistake of this serial…
    i think they will make ravish main villain(of course i don’t want it) or else they will kill main leads and they will show rebirth story like that…
    already total characters lost their charm if they make ravish as negative and unite vitharv then also no one get excitement and no one get happy b’coz they totally ruined pure love and mrg values.. when the day vivida asked ravish to marry her on that day only all vitharv fans lost interest..
    may if they show rebirth and new fresh love story may be that will work out…
    but if they unite vitharv now i won’t feel any happiness b’coz this cvs went to that extent….

  15. Wht the crappppp yaar.
    Main leads ka love unite bhi nhi hua aur yaha baby agaya.
    Directors plzzz change the trk everyone us disliking thzz stupid trk.
    Olzz change thzz.
    We wnt the naughty atharv and vividha backkk

  16. that mom promise was wriiten by mistake actually I was promising my mother somethingso that’s why that time co incidently I wrote it are you angry on me for this sorry andbthat time I was very dad bcoz I was seeing that episode of vividha atharva when vividha accepted atharva love in front if her father and atharva took her to a place andvwhen she was going a song was played O SAYYIAN of gunday movie so I became much santy so I wrote it sry again for thus stupidity but only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  17. I didnt understand the mind of jndsd writer, what’s he trying to proof.this show have reached so low level that it can’t be like before.yes i am the ravish fan but the syory is going this way which i totally disagree with.i don’t like always an army to be presented like this.and girl (a vividha) to be presented so weak and a person who is honest ,talented ,caring and so loving like atharva to suffer alot always.i was going to quit this show but the ravish-madhaw bond prevent me to do this.
    i never can see ravish as villain.if this happen then i will quite this show definitely.

  18. somebody.anybody hmm nobody anybody hello i have not lost my mind i have amnesia i have just lost it and jaana na dil se door did that to me lmao what the hell is going on is ravish and suman hand in glove with all that is going on?then vividha is in for a rude walkening and she has nobody yo blame but herself as the saying goes marry in haste repent……and whose child is that?ravish or arthav and if it is arthav when did that happen?i am really confuse i will have to keep watching i have no choice[the word is[awakening]not walkening sorry i am too lazy right now to correct it

  19. What’s this i hate this serial oh god plz stop this nonsense yar!

  20. suman is the villain she was the one who set up the shooters to shoot atharv she is the one who faked guddi’s death she gave her some kind of tablet to use and used a remote for the pyre she is acting like an old worn out widow whenever she goes to see ravish and apparently madhav do not like her one bit but you mean to tell me in these four years not once did ravish made an unexpected visit to his mother man this is too much

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