Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sujata asking Uma how did she get unwell. Uma lies that its winter season and she got asthma attack. Vividha says I will not leave you alone Maa, we should thank Atharv, he got Maa’s inhaler. Atharv holds Uma’s hand and asks her to keep inhaler with her always. He sees hand/finger marks on Uma’s neck. Kailash also sees the marks and asks Atharv to go, Uma in unwell. Uma signs no to Sujata. Atharv asks Sujata to come. He asks Vividha to take care. He leaves. Kailash looks on angrily.

Sujata sees her husband’s missed calls and thinks how to tell Atharv. She says I want to talk to something, the one who saved your and Vividha’s life is…. Atharv is lost in thoughts. He asks Sujata what happened, what is she hiding.

He asks about Uma, Ankit is not

involved in Vividha’s kidnapping, I know Kailash is also involved. She says I want to say something else, can’t we talk about anything other than Kailash, I want to say about your father. he asks why do we have to talk about that man, he does not matter to me and you. Uma comes there and asks whats this way to talk to your mum.

Guddi asks Vividha why does she feel guilty for every matter. Vividha asks do you think I m doing wrong, Papa is annoyed, Uma is unwell, Sujata is hearing bad from society, Atharv has heard a lot because of me, I would have died today if he did not save my life. Guddi asks is love wrong. Vividha says no. Guddi asks is Atharv wrong. Vividha says no way. Guddi asks then how can you be responsible then, Atharv saved my life too, he has run for our mum as if Uma is his mum.

Atharv tells Uma that he has to talk this way to Uma too, what is she hiding, he can talk same way with both of his mums. He says I know Uma is hiding about Kailash, I know Ankit, he can’t do all this alone, something happened before Uma got asthma attack, you both know this and you are hiding, Sujata’s husband left her and even then you apply sindoor, why don’t you both become sacrifice idol, you got just sorrow, we children are with you, what will we know if you don’t say anything.

Guddi says Maa agreed to go to doctor because of Atharv, you are very lucky, he is sweet and caring, and respects women, he treats you as a princess, he is very hot, that anyone can like him. If I get anything like Atharv, I will just leave everyone and run away from home. She goes.

Atharv asks what did Kailash do when Guddi was missing, Kailash has hurt Vividha and Dadi too, I may not see things, but I hear everything, I stay in neighborhood, why are you bearing all this, if I m wrong, I would want Maa to explain me my mistake, you ladies behave like nothing wrong happened, you forgive so easily, you don’t help yourself and does not let other help you, if you bear injustice, injustice will happen, coming generation will spoil, this will happen even with your daughters, do you want to give this bounds on your soul to your daughter. He goes out and leaves, while Vividha calls him out. Uma looks on and tells Vividha that she has to tell her something, its imp, come with me. Atharv is on the way and gets a call. Vividha cries and tells him that she was talking to Maa, she told me something serious about Papa. He says stay at home, I will reach there. She says no, meet me near temple, I m coming there. He agrees and leaves for temple. Vividha leaves from home.

Sujata recalls her husband and thinks how to tell Atharv. Uma sits angry. Atharv reaches the temple and calls out Vividha. He sees Ramakant there and thinks how Ramakant saved him. He says Colonel you here at this time, how…. His father hugs him. Vividha smiles and thanks Lord. Ramakant says not Colonel, just Papa….. Atharv pushes him and says what are you saying. Ramakant says I m your father Ramakant Vashisht. Atharv gets angry. Ramakant says Sujata knows I m here.

Ramakant says I know time has dug a deep cliff in between us. Atharv says don’t touch me, I don’t know whats a father, the relation ended 27 years ago. Atharv cries.

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  1. I don’t know why Ramakant doesn’t just tell Sujata he is dying
    And if he is so rich and so on why does he have Sujata living in a stable?
    What could possibly be the reason for him never seeing his son until now?
    Maybe he has another family….

    1. CAD

      They say that Vividha will marry Arthav’s step brother so the Colonel must have another family.

  2. Nice epi..but more secrets are there…

  3. Nice episode.

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