Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv seeing Vividha happily doing the welcome decorations for her friend/relative. Atharv talks to payal and says I don’t have any value. Dadi sees Atharv and stares at him. She praises him. Atharv sees her looking at him with the binoculars and smiles. Dadi says Haye, he will just kill me, he is too good. Atharv goes. She asks where did he go, and looks around. He gets on the balcony by the ladder and asks her to see him now. She asks why are you here. He says I have come to help you in seeing me better. She asks him is he not ashamed to see the girls. He says I came here to see you Indumati ji, my heart gets ache to call you Dadi. He praises her. Dadi gets shy. Atharv says you look better than Vividha. She asks him to go, we should not talk like this. He asks then

how should we talk, you were seeing me, I know. She giggles.

She says my Guddi kept a name for you, hottie. He says really, you are a hottie, you are too hot like a sun. she asks him to go, we should not talk like this, I will go. He says this happens, come here. He says when there is chemistry, its seen. They both flirt with each other. He says just you have heart in this house, everyone else is useless. She says I feel something hearing your talk. He says it happens to me too. He asks about the party or some occasion. She says no party, Badri is coming to our house. He asks is he your relative. She says no, he is Kailash’s best friend, his son is also coming, he is Vividha’s life. Kailash asks Dadi to come fast, they are reaching. Dadi asks Atharv to go now, don’t try to trap me, its dangerous to talk to you. She goes. Atharv gets down the ladder and says Vividha’s Jaan….

Sujata asks Atharv what was happening, if Kailash sees this then…. Uncle jokes that Atharv was flirting with Dadi, it seems he does not want to make Kailash his Sasur, but his son. Sujata asks are you not ashamed to talk to Dadi like this. Atharv says I did this to know about the guest, would I ask Kailash then. Uncle jokes about Dadi. Sujata says don’t joke, I m really tensed, Vividha can…..

Badri comes with his son…. Kailash and his family welcome them. Vividha hugs Badri and asks how is he. Badri says I m fine, what about you. She says I m good. Badri’s son gets down the car. Vividha and her family smile seeing him. Badri greets Dadi. Atharv looks on. Sujata says the guy is good lookwise.

Vividha says finally you came, you made me wait a lot, I missed you a lot. Badri says he was also dying to meet you. Kailash says its their childhood relation. Uma says I always say that Vividha is part of Badri’s family. Vividha says yes. Guddi says yes, Vividha can’t see anyone than him. Vividha says yes, after all he is my Chintu Bhaiya. Atharv gets relieved. Atharv and Sujata smile. Atharv says he is Bhaiya, Bachgaye Saiyyan.

Chintu calls her Viv, and meets everyone. Vividha says you got very stylish. Chinty greets Uma saying hello. Badri makes him touch Uma’s feet. Chintu bends and takes his blessings. They all smile seeing his low pants. Badri says Kailash, this haveli is good, but why is stable. Kailash says this is Kaala teeka for the haveli, so that haveli does not catch bad sight. They laugh. Badri says you won’t change.

Atharv looks on and says I will get baraat here. Kailash tells Badri that he went to Delhi and made his business, he got many bungalows, I m proud of you. Badri asks why are you saying my biodata to me so loudly. Atharv says he is making us hear this Maa. Uncle says Kailash always do so.

Badri says Ajmer changed so much in all those years. Guddi says yes, its like Mumbai now. Dadi asks them to buy Chintu his size of pant. Atharv looks on and says its good Chintu is brother, joker, else I would have taken off his pant. Chintu praises the city and looks at Vividha. He reminds how they used to drive cycle in childhood. She says yes, you taught me cycle riding. Badri tells Kailash that you also had progress, you made a big house. Kailash says thanks to Lord, I always had dream to get a big house, this haveli is biggest house of Ajmer.

Chintu stares at Vividha. Kailash says this is nothing infront of your bungalow. Vividha goes to get jalebis. Uma asks Chintu to have food. Chintu says I feel like coming home, there is everything, but not that its here. He looks at Vividha. Sujata asks Atharv why is he standing here and hearing them. Atharv says I don’t think Chintu is brother type. Sujata sees Chintu and says he looks like joker, I wish to make a proper pant for him. Atharv says its fashion. Sujata says thank God my son does not have such fashion addiction. Sujata asks him to make bills and goes. Chintu makes a spoon fall. Vividha helps him. He stares at her when she bends to pick the spoon.

Atharv gets angry seeing this. Chintu praises Ajmer’s girls. Kailash says values are got by parents, children do what they see parents doing. Dadi says no, Badri did not wear such short pant. Badri laughs. Atharv says I don’t think this joker’s behavior right. Chintu asks Vividha to take him to lake. Guddi says we will go, it got more beautiful. They all decide to go in evening. Vividha sees Atharv outside. He smiles and waves her. She goes to the window and shuts it. Kailash asks what happened, why did you shut window. Vividha says nothing, a big mosquito was there. Atharv says mosquito, fine, if I can’t come inside, you will come outside.

Chintu tells his friend that small town friends are hot, I m taking Vividha to the lake. Atharv says he is such a creep, I have to tell his truth to Vividha. He sees Vividha leaving with Guddi and Chintu. He shouts Vividha and follows the car on his bike.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy fan :)

    Guyz i couldn’t reply to u all as i had a lot to study……….only today eve i checked comments n i was so happy to see no. of comments…. its 66
    Many new members hav came here i should specialy welcome them
    Mary, Bincy, Mahira n shiny welcome n keep commenting…..
    Hey swathy im also from kerala. Its nyc that i hav malayali frndz also here….
    Hey Ashika Im Ardra from kerala n im also in 11th grade

  2. |Registered Member

    Hlo everyone… I really liked atharv’s jealousy wala face.. And tri together saying bhaiyya.. Tat was awesome..

  3. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    vividha is calling him bhayia but his intention is something else…the best part was atharv and dadi conversation…
    “bachgaye sayiaan”…what a dialogue…I just liked it…

  4. happy fan :)

    Thanks Amena di for fast updates…..
    Don’t know much abt u but really u r doing a gr8 job…. Evn in those days when i miss this serial ur updates gives the same essense of watching

    This chintu bhayya is really making me angry…. he is always staring at Vivi….. n wat to say abt Vividha she is a poor girl…… Atharv plz plz save ur Vivi from that cheap guy.

    Dadi n Atharv convo was just suupperr…….
    But wana see more romance of Mr. Microwave n his love…..

    More and more comments for JNDSD…..
    I think the comments will reach 100 soon…..

  5. Vishaka

    It was such a funny episode …the whole episode I was laughing only…daadi and atharv’s flirting part was my favorite one ???? …that chintu was seriously like a joker …
    Atharv’s dialogue “accha huwa yeh chintu joker vividha ka bhai nikla waise bhi iska aadha pant toh niklawa hai nahi toh main pura pant nikal deta ”??
    and also when sujata said “issko dekhne se mujhe sui dhaga ka yaad aata hai ki jaake main iska pant sil doon ”? was damn funny …aftr long time got such a funny episode…

    • mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      yes these are mindblowing dialouges…
      actually all the dialouges of atharv are fantastic…
      chintu bhayia’s pant made this episode funny and interesting…

  6. akaashi

    hehehe dadi n atarv’s convo was funny.atharv z too good.his dialogues r awesome.love vitharv

  7. Bhavna

    Our hot hero Atharv will save his heroine from this chintu joker ?? loving this present track and now they will show jealousy track of Atharv…love Jndsd ????

  8. Malavika Nambiar

    hey shraddha im also a malayali
    , btw 2days episode was superb…..juzzz luvd it,

    • happy fan :)

      Hai Malavika…. not only shraddha di there r many malayis here…. including me
      Im Ardra in 11th grade…… may i know ur grade

  9. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Thank you for the update?
    The episode was damn funny????

    Dadi looking at atharv was ridiculous??
    Well said dadi he is such a hottiee????❤
    Kaka was enjoying..ise kailash ko sasur nhi beta banana hai..hahahaha????

    Pehle to saans me saans aayi when vividha called him chintu bhayia??
    I literally burst out laughing when she called him bhayia?????????
    But this creep chintu..eyeing atharv’s vividha???
    He even looks like a cheapo??

    I keep saying it everyday i know..but i just love sujata and atharv’s convos???
    The way she teases him..understands him..helps him..teaches him is so lovely?

    And when vividha came and closed the window..OMG Vikram was looking so gorgeous man?❤

  10. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Maybe the story will move somehow like this that atharv will tell to vividha about chintu’s intentions but she wont believe him..Then some day he will try to misbehave with her and then our hero atharv will come and save her?? Just my opinion?

    • Vishaka

      Yeah Arshdeep I too also feel the same …then Vividha will strt trusting Atharv and then there love story will strt ????

  11. Vishaka

    I so wish that instead of Atharv they would have shown the jealousy track of Vividha coz Atharv is already in love with Vividha so if Vividha would have been jealous then she would have realised her feelings easily for him and would have confessed it to him

    • Vishaka

      Wow Arshdeep wat a observation ???…hats off to you…
      I guess they took that Badri’s size a way more seriously ? No offence but it seems like that badri will be eating 2-3 people food ?

  12. Bhavna

    Vikram’s acting is jst marvelous…he is just getting hotter and hotter day by day …every expression of his is just awesome…I literally fall in love with him more with every new episodes.. ???

  13. dharshi

    Star Plus
    Jana Na Dil Se Door 0.5
    Mere Angne Mein 0.9
    Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1.4
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2.7
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3.1
    Siya Ke Ram 1.7
    Hum Ko Tum Se Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 1.0
    Diya Aur Baati Hum 1.7
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.2
    Tamanna 0.9
    Dahleez 0.8 It was a gd show but trp y it was too low 🙁

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      Maybe its still a new show

      But yeh trp mujhe to aaj tak samjh nhi aayi.. sometimes i feel they are manipulated.
      So i dont really think much about them

    • mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      the same happened with manmarzian and dehleez…due to their time slot their trp was low…I fear that jndsd is also going to that time slot…hope this new time slot don’t affect its trp more…
      jndsd trp is lowest among other star plus serials inspite of a very good and entertaining plot…don’t know why…

  14. Swathi

    Hey guyz, i am happy to know that most of u are malyalies, and i am from capital city, i was also a repeater.

    Why is this vividha not expressing her love 4 atharv. Bechari atharv jab vo khidki se dekh raha dha, usne tho khidki bandh kiya hain.

  15. Bincy

    Lovd today’s epi..esp Dadi -Atharv Convoo….what a flirting 😉 …Atharv can make everyone fall 4 him….It was cute see his jealous face ‘Vividhas Jaan ‘…And later bhaiyya bachgey saiyyan….Bt Hate Chintu….I hate the way he stares at Vividhaa…..he is really a Joker….

  16. Vishaka

    No offence but how does the shows like YRKKHand SNS get so much of trp…no story …they jst show only marriage drama or some bday party or puja…
    No offence to any YRKKH and SNS fans but everytime I change my channel I will always get to see some marriage ritual or puja in YRKKH or SNS going on ….
    Any Jndsd fan also YRKKH fan ??? Sorry if anyone is hurt by my words…

  17. Swapna

    Superb episode. Loved the way Atharv flirted Dadi.

    Then Chachajis sattires on Atharv about making Kailash his Son rather than Sasur.

    Sujatha n atharvs reaction on knowing Chintu Bhayyaa..

    Sujatha asking Atharv..saara din pados ke ghar me dekta rahega kya.

    Then Atharv waving Vividha…woooow that was just awesome with wonderful background score behind.

    Complete Visual treat to see Vikrams smile almost whole episode.

  18. Swapna

    BTW guys ..did u see Video on Vikrams Facebook page.

    JNDSD behind the scenes video.

    2 mins video with Atharv n Vividhas supergood Chemistry.

    I loved it totally that I feel like watching it again and again.

  19. nisha

    Thank you amena for fast and clear updating
    Hai , am nisha from Kerala . when ramdan start I cannot watch episodes. Mein sone se pehle JNDSD updates dekh kar soathee hoon.

  20. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    Wawaaaa wat cmnts darlingsss i m missing all the epis bt after cing cmnts i m feeling soo jeoulous of u all hahaha soo nice cmnts every cmnt gave me smile on my face pls continue guys our jndsd rocksssss and welcome to all new comers

  21. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    btw is there anyone from U.P…

  22. happy fan :)

    Good morning frndz have a nice day……..
    Hai Nisha ,Swathi n evry malayalees…..its such a happy news that I have many malayali frndz here… may I know ur correct place in Kerala n abt ur studies….

  23. happy fan :)

    HAI Meghu(meghana) I really missed u a lot dear… Hope ur classes r going well…
    and whether u watched any epi in hotstar or anything?????
    Yeah we got Many frndz here… plz come on Sunday as its 50th epi….OK..

  24. Tina

    Nice episode…really njoyed watching…everyday I eagerly wait to watch vivatharv chemistry…dadi nd atharv comic scene was quite funny…
    Sapna snd d link of vivatharv interview in Facebook which u saw….

  25. Ooshi Akbar

    episode was very entertaining and funny atharv iss chintu bhaiya ka khyal rakhna inhain kch zyada hi vividha ko tarne ki bemari ho gai hai aur iss iss bemari k doctor to tum hi ho

  26. |Registered Member

    Even iam a malayali … Iam also new.. But cant say as new bcz sometimes i used to comment here… Hii arshu

  27. ArShi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    Somehow we need to take this to 100 comments….GUYS keep commenting!!!

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