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The Episode starts with Vividha telling Kailash that her happiness is in Atharv, just accept him with love. He asks her to look at the doll, his shoes, clothes and hat, this is not an ordinary doll, he is the king, when you asked for doll, I made a king, that’s what I want for you, I believed you are a queen, and today you are asking permission to marry that milkman, I will never let this happen. She cries.

Atharv looks at Vividha’s house. Sujata asks till when will you wait. He says Vividha is talking to her dad, I will not leave her alone, as lovers don’t leave each other. Kailash asks Vividha do you know Atharv’s family background. She says you made this doll with love, Atharv may not have a father’s name, money, but he has a big heart, he has same love which you had in

your heart while making this doll.

He says if you want to compare this doll with that milkman, I don’t want this here in my house. He throws the doll out and she gets shocked. Atharv picks the doll. Sujata asks what was this. Atharv says I can give all happiness to Vividha, also my life, but I can’t give my father’s name, I can’t join a spineless man’s name with me, I have a woman who is better than all, why doesn’t Kailash understand this. He hugs Sujata, and they cry.

Kailash starts leaving. Dadi shouts enough Kailash, I can’t bear anything more than this, Vividha has kept that doll safe all these years as you have made that with your hands, you have thrown that doll out, what do you think of yourself, Vividha did not ask anything before, she asked for small happiness, you could not give her happiness, she is crying and your heart is not affected, do you have heart or stones, answer me, what bad thing do you see in Atharv, that he loves Vividha a lot, you can’t see this, Atharv is educated, well mannered, good looking, he is earning too, he made a big factory, he has all values, what else do you want for Vividha, but you don’t see this in Atharv, you just see that Atharv has no father name.

She asks Kailash to answer, if children don’t have father, do they not have right to live, will you snatch their rights. Kailash says what I see, if you don’t see that, then you have gone blind, you got mad in old age, whatever you did till now, I did not stop you, you are saying a lot, you are 60 years old and you do Shringhaar, you are not ashamed, you don’t think of your age, you are a widow, I did not say anything to you, you have habit to do Shringhaar like all women, you play music and dance, I did not say anything, so you also don’t say anything. Dadi cries badly.

Kailash asks Dadi to make her life better first, and then tell him how to raise his daughter, enough now. Vividha and everyone cry for Dadi. Kailash goes out of house. Vividha goes after Kailash and says you are annoyed with me, tell me anything, but don’t hurt others, don’t get my anger out of anyone else, please. She holds his hand. He gets his hand away and turns. Atharv holds his feet while sitting down.

He says Kailash, I want to make a new relation with your daughter and family, if you think my try is wrong, punish just me, don’t punish your family, Vividha and I love each other, we both are your culprits and infront of you. Sujata and everyone look on. Atharv says do anything with us, but not with family, they love you a lot. Guddi consoles Dadi. Dadi says no one told such bitter words to me, does widow not have right to wear normal clothes, your Dada ji liked me in colors, and he took my promise before his death that I will never wear white clothes, I find your Dada ji in these clothes. Guddi asks her not to cry.

Dadi says I gave birth to Kailash and raised him, did I raise him for this day, I m his mum, does anyone call mum mad. Guddi says Papa will come and apologize to you, don’t cry. She asks Dadi to listen to radio. She tries to switch on radio. Dadi says I don’t stay here. Guddi says no, we can’t live without you. Kailash holds Atharv by his collar and says you want to know why I m against this marriage, lane’s dog is fed outside house, lane’s god is not fed food at home. He again insults Atharv and says you are worse than lane’s dog for me, dog just barks and makes place dirty, but you…. Atharv says I m giving you respect and you are insulting me, lets this matter here, else…. Kailash throws him down on the ground and asks what else?

Atharv sings Suno sasur ji ab zidh chodo……………… Sujata smiles. Atharv dances with Vividha infront of Kailash. They have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruksy

    wow super fast update

  2. Amazing episode
    Omg arthrav he is so hot I wish I could marry him ❤️❤️??
    I would defiantly leave my parents for him
    He is so cute yet so handsome ???

    1. it is only a serial.parents r real.

  3. Shivik fan ?❤?

    Today’s epsd ws really v emotional ?
    Bt the precap……hahahahahaha ?? precap ws amazing ???

  4. Sandra s thannickal

    Waiting 4 tomorrow Love u Vidhrav….

  5. Nice episode.
    Luv u atharv
    Precap is awesome. Such a funny Precap in jndsd

  6. Tq amena for update
    Very funny precap
    Luv u atharv

  7. Waiting for tomorrow

  8. Hi All
    I hv started watching this show recently but I hv a few questions to ask as I am a bit confused.
    Why do Atharv nd his mum live outside kailash’s house?
    Whats the relationship between Kailash And Sujata?
    Also, is it true that vivedha will get married to athrav’s brother?

    1. Hi Sara345, welcome to JNDSD page

      Actually, the house in which Kailash and his family living was Sujatha’s house(Atharv’s mum). But that evil Kailash Snatched there house from Sujatha by giving loan.
      But there is a twist that (House and Stable) are not documented as single property. So Kailash were living in sujatha’s house and Stable was not given to kailash were sujatha and Athrve are living now..
      Kailash and sujata don’t have any relation…………..they are neighbours and in future they will be related with them as…Athrve-Vivida are loving each other.

      I also not aware about that vivida going to marry Athrve’s step Bro………………if it happens i will leave watching show and reading updates………..it’s a heights of stupidity to do that…..after showing this much of love b/w Athrava-Vivida

      1. Thank you so much. Its much clear now! 🙂 thanks a lot:)

  9. Hehe funny precap

  10. will vividha married to atharv’r step brother or she will marry atharv finally ?

  11. Amazing precap. Vitharv forever ❤❤

  12. Atharv nd viv luv is true. I think ravish convince kailash for marriage of vitharv
    Bcoz true luv never fails

  13. Atharv has really courage,convincing power..but what vividha will do?she will marry his step bro!!!!

  14. I think Arthav goes away from vivida and when he comes back she’s going to be married. And atharv is going a rich when he returns

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