Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a leap of four years. Vividha shouts Madhav and runs after a little boy. Madhav throws the dry grass on her. He runs and frees the buffalo. She asks him to stop. He does mischief and gets on a buffalo. He calls out mummy. She takes him and pulls his ear. She asks why did you go to stable, what was this game. He says it was business, I thought how can their stable be better than us, if their cows/buffalo run away, our stable will become best, even kids know this, you are mummy. She says sorry. He blesses her and runs.

She says I will complain to your dad. They come home/Ajmer’s house. Someone is seen feeding the cows. Vividha comes and complains about Madhav. Ravish says he is not just my son and takes Madhav in arms. She asks Ravish to ask Madhav what did

he do. Madhav tells something in his ears. They laugh. Vividha says both laugh, when teacher beats Madhav, you answer her. Ravish says when he does good thing, he is your son, when he does bad, he is my son. She says yes and goes to Uma and Dadi.

Bua Dadi asks what happened. Vividha asks where is Dadi number 2. Dadi comes and says I can see some people jealous by my beauty. She argues with Bua Dadi. Ravish and Madhav come inside the house. Vividha asks Bua Dadi and Dadi not to argue. She calls Uma. Uma asks what happened. Vividha says I m shouting so that you can hear me, why is the order not delivered, our business is running well because of quality and timely delivery. Uma says we will pack pickles and papads and send on time. Bua Dadi says no, four papads are less, Dadi has eaten this. Dadi says Indumati is still young, I did not get old. Dadi boasts of herself. Uma says delivery would have happened today, but delivery boy got ill. Vividha says there is no excuse in business. Ravish says don’t worry. I will go and give the order.

The man comes and says I have come from Mishras, he got the order, he has sent a gift for your wedding anniversary, its a holiday package to Shimla. Vividha says today? Sujata says yes, its 23rd February, wish you happy marriage anniversary. She asks Vividha and Ravish to hug. Dadi asks them to kiss and laughs. Bua Dadi asks Dadi to take pics.

Dadi asks Ravish to smile. Ravish and Vividha take pics with Madhav. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….. Sujata does their aarti and blesses them. Uma and Dadi also bless them. Sujata goes to room. She gets sad and recalls Atharv’s call. Atharv says Maa, Vividha, marriage…… Sujata says I can’t hear you. She misunderstands his words and thinks how did you keep stone on heart and called, you could not say what I understood, I will fulfill your wish, I will keep Vividha happy, the way you wanted. FB ends.

Vividha comes to Sujata. She sees Atharv’s pic. She says you should have thrown this years ago, like he threw us and went, the more you recall him, you will be hurt, it will just hurt you more, he used to talk big things, none would have thought Atharv Sujata will hide this face like a coward and leave, by hurting you and me, he left me alone in the mandap, if you were not with me, I don’t know what would have happened, I could marry Ravish by the courage you gave me.

FB shows Sujata stopping Vividha. She says Ravish you have to promise me, before marrying Vividha, you have to promise that you will always keep her happy, you won’t hurt her, you won’t let tears come in her eyes, Vividha has lost a lot, you will give her everything, without any condition, you will love her a lot, more than her hopes, Atharv did wrong with her, I have no relation with Atharv from today. She cries and asks Ravish to promise her, that Vividha’s past will not come between him and Vividha. Ravish says I promise. FB ends.

Vividha says he did just cheat me, he cheated you, that mum who made him Atharv, he did not value you, no need to remember him, forget him. She goes. Sujata says you are not along Atharv, I m sure you are there, you would think of me.

Atharv works out in a gym. The girls look at him. Atharv sees the girls staring at him. He asks them to work out, no pain, no gain. He greets Sneha. Sneha tells him about meeting postponement. He says there can’t be any delay in health club branch, its my wedding anniversary today, and my wife is waiting for me. He gets his mum’s call and says I m leaving, I m outside gym. He sits in his car and asks driver to drive fast. He reaches home and rings the bell. Chintu opens the open and hugs him, calling him Bhai. He wishes Atharv happy wedding anniversary.

He says these roses can help you, she is waiting since long and is upset. Atharv asks are you helping or scaring me. He goes to wish his wife and says baby happy anniversary. He gives her roses. She gets annoyed and throws it. He says I m sorry, I m just late by one hour, its our anniversary, forgive me for our baby’s sake. The lady is pregnant. She says fine, I have forgiven you for the coming baby’s sake. He thanks and hugs her. He asks where is everyone. She says wow Raghav, you forgot, Maa kept puja for you, she will be annoyed. He says I remember and smiles.

Sujata says I kept puja in temple, I will go alone. Ravish says I will take you. Vividha says Ravish has no urgent work, he can come along. Sujata tells pandit that she wants to conclude puja by her son’s name. Pandit asks what’s son’s name. Atharv reaches temple and says sorry Maa, my identity is by you, Suman’s son Raghav, Raghav Suman. Suman smiles seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Actually my heart broken into several species by seeing yesterday epsd.Really. for an instant I thought this is not jaana-na-dil-se-door. This is the serl “jao dil se door “.
    I know writer of this show is not a normal person.He is abnormal. But what happened to the production house and directors? ?if they want to lose their money by decreasing trp.Bcz if there is no vitharv story then there is no viewers. Then what about trp? Oh understood u r doing this absurdity by regarding 0.0000000001% of ra…vidha fans.ok.good job.No pblm. can’t say anything to those people whose head off.poor mental writer, cvs…
    Vividha is with her child’s father’s brother. Look at his how distance bw them .And ravish is with his brother’s wife’s child.
    Means equation bw vividha is nt matching with ravish. And it will never match.so I neglect the overacting of vividha and ravish as a happy married couple infrnt of atharvs child Madhav. Leave it.
    If ravish is the dupe of atharv in tabela??but great thing an army man left his duty and saving cows.oh I forgot when he was in army then also he had no duty.Each &every time wandering around vividha was his duty.so I think he got a promotion for wandering around vividha and atharvs child.Thanks to Indian army.

    Raghav suman??????.another comedy.Raghav suman has also a pregnant wife also.pls atharv we can’t see u like in that way and in another name.Neither the mother belongs to atharv and nor the pregnant wife to atharv. Chintu utilses the chance and made his one of the grlfrnds/one of the wives as atharvs wife. We all know these all dramas are nly dragging the srl upto vitharv union.
    Ya it is true that if hero and heroine will unite easily then what about ravish? as for ravish there is no girl available other than vividha. For some time they want to satisfy some ra.. vidha fans by showing fake couple as ravish -vividha. No pblm enjoy the temporary happiness. Don’t know when will the memory loss drama of same person in several timescome to an end?

    Request to atharv leave the name raghav suman asap. bcz we want our ATHARV SUJATHA. The powerful name.
    Get ready for vividha &ravish for giving answers to atharv after atharv regain his memory .
    And also get ready for giving answers to Madhav Atharv sujatha about his real father atharv sujatha.
    Till then we have to watch the comedy express jndsd????????????????????????????

    1. ha ha ha,,,????
      super comment..
      really total comedy nothing else…
      and chintu’s one of the gfs or wives means how many gfs he had???

    2. Nice comment xyz. But I feel it is better than rona dona. Limitless sacrifices. Really I am waiting for upcoming twists. I know vividha didn’t move on. Dat to in ajmer where she haunted by atharvs memories. I know ravish n vividha r up to something. But staying together on name of marriage is really not good idea

    3. RAOne

      [email protected] xyz I like your comment regarding Shanshak…… his dialouge……

      vividha he meri duty, wo mera kaam wo he meri puja……. wo uski border…..
      wo uski commender……. wo uski government….. wo uski salary……
      Ravish remind me of the great Bhaghat singh famous dialouge…… ha……
      He is Vibuti narayan mishra of JNDSD……
      NALLE FAUJI : A LOVE STORY 2021…… after leaf….. iss par ek Biopic pakka banaygi……. haaaaa…..
      SORRY IF you are any one hurt by comment but for that…… just can’t stop my laygh………… OH! my stmoach is paininhg yr….. itna tabhi hasta hu jaab kapil bhai ka show dekh ta hu.
      uske baad aaj hasa hu iss baat pr……

      karan johar ji, raju sir, abbas mastan, etc get ready for the new story….. comming up…….

      best commedy award and movie of the mellineum Nalla : FAUji……. haaaaa……

      again sorry, sorry but now I can’t control…….. haaaaaaa……………. haa…………………..

      1. Hahhhhaahhh… Superb comment.. Lol.. But I think u would hv come up with a bettr name rather than naming it as Nalla fauji.. These dirctors and cvs have already degraded the Army Esteem nd now this nalla before Fauji sounds worse..?? it includes more charcters which are even worse than Ravish ..so plzz include themm..

      2. @radhika it was for Shashank character of Jndsd….

    4. Hi nikh, suman di,Raone thanks. Ya starplus has no comedy show till now like other channels.so we can consider jndsd is the comedy show of starplus . This is “Rishtha vahI soch nayi”.????

  2. Ravish vividha pair is heavenly. They look so good together. Ravish is so handsome and vividha looks pretty just made for him. Even Sujatha looks so pretty. All looks to be very happy with ravish. Good job writers and directors. You are doing a fabulous job . Thanks for ever making the serial interesting.

    1. Aradhana ji please notice this also . Both are looking pretty but in anniversary there is no hug and kisses. Deep love is missing aradhana ji .
      Vivi will come to know the truth means what will happen. Again triangle will start isn’t . I think ravish is a guardian of vivi and madhav .
      Anyway we will wait and watch
      Vivi ki aankhon mei ravish ki liye pyaar NAHI dekhi Maine. Who is madhav ? Truth will come out soon.

      1. Sangida Rahman

        Hi Eswari…I just want to knw where r u from????And what r u doing job or study???

      2. Sangida Rahman

        Hi Eswari…I just want to know where r u from and what r u doing job or study????

      3. I am from tamil nadu Rahman ji where are you from? I am working as a teacher? What are you doing sister ? Have a happy day sister

      4. Sangida Rahman

        @ Eswari friend I m from Bangladesh….. And I m studying BBA 7th semester…

  3. Plz VITHARVians…. Stop watching….
    They messed it ?

  4. Gud mngg everyone. . .
    Happy shivratri….

    1. Thank you nikh n same to you

    2. Same to you dear Nikh.

      Good morning dear

  5. Still I don’t understand y ra….. Vidha married. If they r going to show pregnancy as reason looks too silly. Vividha can live without marrying ravish as independent proud woman. Vividha has gone mad. How ravish accepted her proposal. Don’t he have self respect. From moment before marriage he was doing dhol Baja for his brothers marriage. Means He accepted vividha as his babhi. One side he says he loves his brother. He never leave him. Other hand accepted babhis proposal. If our brother misses, don’t we go in search of him. Instead any one marries his love as if he is waiting for a chance like a cunning fox. Very disgusting. Vividha slapped him, rejected him wt not, Den how he can take dat extreme decision. I think CVS confusing selflessness with ‘lack of self respect’. Already he faced too much pain. N he know vividha can’t love him. He can easily reject vividhas proposal. Some thing happened between which they r not showing. But I don’t want to hear dialog vividha n madhav r amanat of bade bayya. I will return dem if he return. Dis is definitely not selflessness. Dis is Heights of foolishness

    1. yes suman di…
      what you said is exactly correct…
      and this vivida didn’t love atharv or else ravish … she just addicted to sindhur and mrg that’s why she married but i don’t know why ravish married vivida?? this is a big doubt for me…
      if vivida really love atharv she never marry ravish again… for example in malli malli idi rani roju movie(telugu) how they both waited for each other for so many years… that is true love and sacred love and there is nothing true love like thing in this serial now… can’t she live with out mrg??? such a crap story… if this is the future story then why did they show a strong love story starting??? ok if they make marriage ra………….vidha then why they don’t showing their happy life why atharv’s child in between them?? and this cvs don’t have respect towards true love they don’t respect marriage also… the main motive is to make all ravish and atharv fans stick to show that’s it… this vivida can’t move with ravish then why did she marry ravish?? and i’m not understanding how some people supporting ra………..vidha?? of course that is up to them…
      and how they make our atharv character like raghav stupid cvs.. any ways happy shivratri and have a nice day…

      1. Even I love malli malli idi rani roju nikh. Sooper movie.

      2. my favourite movies malli malli idi rani roju and raja rani in telugu

    2. @Suman ..I agree with ur comment tht Ravish married his bhabhi nd his bhabhi married her Devar.. So now in present scenario.. In front of the complete world and their families.. Vividha is Ravish’s wife ..so if Atharva returns with his memory tht means at tht moment Vividha will be his Bhabhi.. Then why are u supporting Vitharva.. Do u want Atharva to do the same as Ravish did for which u are criticizing him today.. Agreed tht heart relations are important bt the marriage relations nd promises given to god are more important.. Here Ravidha have taken vows and 7 vachans in front of everyone with Agni devta as witness nd without anyone blackmailing them.So now they are Husband-wife and Vividha is Atharva’s bhabhi..So plzz dun change ur views and mentality of Devar-bhabhi after Atharva returns.. Tht will be Hypocrisy..

    3. If same devar-bhabhi logic is applied to Atharva then it means it will be wrong if he marries his bhabhi … Then how can u support Vitharva still.. Dun say tht Atharva has true love for vividha nd vividha once had tht for Atharva so they can’t be jeth-bhabhi.. Relations depend upon thinking nd heart cuz according to this Ravish nevr had acceptd Vividha as his bhabhi he accpted her as a friend nd same is the case with vividha ..she nevr called Ravish her Devar bt alwz regarded him as a friend.. Hope You are able to answer me..!

  6. Happy Maha shivarathri all my dear friends.??.

    Y don’t they publish my cmmnts.
    I have no time to comment again as I m a little busy now.

    1. Thnq xyz …
      Come soon after completion of your work okay..
      Have a nice day. . .

    2. Thank you xyz. Same to you

    3. Same xyz even same with my comments. I wasted too much time for commenting day before yesterday. But they didn’t publish

    4. Same to you chechi. See you in the afternoon.

      Good morning chechi

  7. If vividha got pregnant with atharva child, it only goes to prove what a pervert atharv is. Taking advantage of vividha in her unconscious state. Poor Ravish is being made to carry even that burden. It’s a lays ravidh and only ravidh a. Atharva can find someone else. As it is he is already enjoying the company of someone. So good luck JNDSD

  8. show more scene of ravish & vividha.

  9. The thing is we don’t get to see the FB which has all the hidden clues. They don’t show us.

    Things that don’t make sense:
    1 vividha said she chose none of brothers but yet she ask Ravish to marry her.

    2 Four yrs passed but her son looks like 8 yrs old.

    3 why r they living artharv s life in stable.

    4 why is arthav with Suman?

    5 why is chintu back in ?

    6 why is Ravish grandma shown with Vividha grandma in same house?

    1. Sunjiv puri said in his twitter comment in creative eyes kid madhav is 3 or 4 years child to show kid dialogues and bond.we can’t expect logics in serials.

  10. xyz chechi please come back. In the name of serial don’t leave the friends over here.
    Keep the serial aside for few days and comment for friendship sake.
    If you are sad and angry share it with friends you will get some relief.

    I beg you chechi please come back.

    1. Hi aailya dear.actually e serial karanam ente tension kudikudi varikayanu. Enikkaraylla Ippo atharv &vividha yokke ente family members pole ayi.but a Nasham ravish and vrithiketta vashisht family ye enne munnil kuttiyal njn ravishnte mukathu karithuppum ennttu avante mukathu choodu vellam ozhkkm nanam kettavan.pinne suman &vashisht family ye petrol ozhichu kathkkum.

      Oh Ippol enthorashwasam.ithryem cheytha pore avare aailya dear.atho iniyum kodukkanno avarkku????????

      Waste fellows.

      Gud eveng dear.

  11. Ravish is such a hero, honourable man to do the right thing by getting married to Vividah. If she was pregnant with Atharv’s child, then Ravish has protected her honour by marrying Vividah.

    I am reading all the negative comments about Ravish, at least he brought some spice and excitement to this programme.

    As it is a leap, I think viewers have to be patient to try to understand what happened during 4 years

  12. i have a big doubt… for which character will i watch this show from now on wards ???
    atharv……………. no there is no atharv they already make kichdi with atharv character
    vivida…………….she already dead..
    ravish………………..i don’t know who is he…….
    madhav…………….new character so i don’t know still anything about this character…..
    sujatha……………..what she have in her life? only sorrows…..
    uma…………………she is only improving now…….
    suman………………she can go any extent to her son’s happiness one day she can do a murder also and she is not a mother also she is the black mark on motherhood…
    guddi…………………..already dead..
    kk and ankit…………cvs also don’t know where they are…
    dadi bua……………..her character don’t have much impact…
    remaining vasists………….they all are just buffoons… cvs just put them in serial to show so much people in the show that’s it…..
    remaining only one character…….
    E for Endhumathi………….. dadi ji you are the only one who doesn’t change from starting and your love for atharv is so much greater than vivida of course vivida’s is not love also….. you only remain in this serial and you are hero and heroine of this show from now on wards… i just watch the serial for you only…??????????????????

    1. Ha ha nikh ?????

    2. Enough plz I can’t control 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      You think about all characters . But I think only about ravish and atharv . Cute atharv and sweet captain.
      For vivi both heroes lost their identity.
      Where is atharv sujatha? Who is self depend and self respect bold man.Where is ravish who is good army man the son of country and unique personality person.
      We lost our two heroes happiness and identity so sad

    3. Super comment nikh.????????

    4. Nikh????superbbbbbb?????

    5. V nice nikh

  13. THANK YOU everyone for the warm wishes .

    Coming to the episode , It left me in low spirits. Atharv = Raghav Suman . THat monster’s son . Never .

    I loved MAdhav Atharv sujatha scene .
    Sujatha had to say Vividha that Atharv ws nvr a coward but he loved her more than himself .
    Whatever guys , I want to say . You all can scold me even . I know Vividha is angry , dukhi everything but Atharv loved her more ……
    And No one can ever ever ever love Vividha more than Atharv.
    And Sujatha – The mother she loves Atharv . Trusts him . She asked that day Tu kyu chahta hai ki vo tujhse nafrat kare .She know him.
    I don’t want anything . Its their wish , LEt them do Vitharv or some other marriage or what ever. BUt lastly it will be Vitharv only. I want mom and son’s happiness. How much they’ve to bear . They can do anything . I want Sujatha and Atharv .

    SUJATHA is a proud mom. My family sees jndsd for Atharv and Sujatha .
    People say–
    But I’m seeing it .

    THIS MOTHER – SON DUO IS THE BEST PART OF JNDSD . And I pray all moms and sons be like Atharv and Sujatha .

    I’m just typing typing long comment today . But Please writers make Sujatha and Athav unite secretly or some way . Its hurting to see Atharv call that monster maa nd Sujatha praying for he son .

    Sujatha seeing
    THey both are enough for each other.
    Vividha ki bhi zaroorat ni hai unko .

    1. Same to you dear Neemu.

      Good afternoon dear

    2. Dimpurose11234

      Neemu, aaliya hii
      Ur right. I also love the bond of sujata and atharv. I can’t digest atharv calling maa to that suman.
      Best maa and son’s bond atharv sujata

  14. RAOne

    Before today episode I never wanted to be fauji, but now I want to be fauji because yr salary plus, chokri, bacha aur no duty evry thing free plus captain rank just waoooooo………
    SOILDER: Never on duty haaaaa…….. really yr I can’t stop my on it……..

    4 year leap waoooooo….. acha 3 saal ki naukri char ki leave just amazing but more amusing, iss boltey bina dialouge ke comedy haaaaa………..
    sorry if Shanshak fan are hurt we should try for army itni chuti bhut acha………..

    ISS par ek din AAmir sir koi na koi movie banaye gay……..
    EK fauji ki kahani…….. Always OFF duty……. BUSINESS 1500 crore in india and world wide 2000 crore just IMAGINE movie haaaa……………

    1. Plz stop nonsense. He is on secret mission. Ha ha ha

      1. RAOne

        huge around of appouse to you great support, a good justification…… bahi fauji ki itni beared dekhi…….nahi…..
        an army always lives in discipline……… there cetrain role an regulation ok… ma’am.. I know becuase I’m from an army backround….. waoooo….. you are shanshak real fan….. haaa….. but really i’m laughing on it…… haaaa regarding movie on captain sahab…[email protected]

      2. I am not fan of shashank ?. I am fan of jndsd n vitharv. Specifically atharv sujatha

      3. sorry Ma’am sorry your comments justified that but sorry i mis understood it….. good enjoy it….

      4. No need of sorry. It’s ok. Actual mistake is from my side. I replied u directly using word nonsense. So obviously u would have misunderstood. Plz don’t use ma’am.

  15. Dear friends wait and see excitement episodes further. Get ready for more shocks.
    I think they will show suman and chintu’s love story. ????????????.
    Suman may have found her true love in chintu . For her love she could have left her own son. By knowing this how could a son stay with her.
    For suman Kalinidi will be the role model.

    Suman ?Chintu
    Congrats SUCHI ??

    1. Aliya Aliya Aliya

      Your comment made me laugh much yaar.
      V well said .

      1. Thank you neemu dear

    2. Aailya dear u u ?????? u rockkkkkk kkk. I can’t controle me omg. ????????????????

  16. Whoever kept hope like ravish will turn villain,it will never happen.i watched shashank vyas interview,he mentioned his role is good human army man role.and also he left many projects for ravish role,he will not be take risk to do villain role.if Ravish vividha did not had love feel it’s not mean they will separate again.CVs will show ravish vividha love track soon. Jaana Na dil se door means “don’t go away from my heart”…Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam means” I Have Given My Heart Away Darling”.maybe after knowing atharv illness drama ravish will try to unite vidharv again while this time vividha will surely fall in love with ravish.love is important right but it’s not mean to neglect all rituals and relation,when ravish try to send his wife with devar atharv that time it’s right.but if vividha asked ravish to marry me,if ravish accepted her, how ravish is wrong.he felt his wife came back to him,while cvs showed ravish returns tied mangal sutra&wore bangles to vividha.ravish always right and stable.if cvs want to unite vitharv,they will not separate them more times,and they will not unite ravish vividha again.

  17. I thnk jb Atharv ka accdnt hua tha ..toh uska yaaddash is baar pura hi kho gya ..n den wo jo bade bhaayya kr ke bula rha tha wz actly villan helpd hm n tuk to suman ..aur wo rprtz bhi Suman ne hi badle hong jisse ATHARV VIVIDHA KO chod de aur uski shaadi RAVISH se ho jaye..n WT da hell…ATHARV VIVIDHA KAISE ALAG HO SKTE HAI..LOV VITHARV BT NT RAVISH N VIVIDHA..N WT DA HELL DAT DEY BTH GT MRD TO SMONE ELZ N UNKE BACCHEEE HO RHE HAI..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..PLZ UNITE ATHARV VIVIDHA ..Bt hw ll dey do dt..i m nt at al undrstndng ..dono ki shaadi bacchein….iiiiits really very bad ..plz we want ATHARV VIVIDHA

  18. devikrishna g nair

    I m a keen watcher of jndsd and the twist that comr up in the story was amazing . ravidha to be together itself made me watch the serial with more interesting keep going.

  19. Wt is d role of ravish at present. CVS trying to introduce him as Stepney to atharv sujatha. Very bad idea.

  20. some of my comments also not publishing …why???????

    1. Same happening with me

  21. Hii vitharv fandom makers are like ravidha fandom only that’s y they r creating such a stupid track atharv lost his mem nd suman took advantage how can vividha talking abt our atharv cheap she never understand wat is atharv sujatha is..Wat happen she wil come to know abt atharv betrayed by suman i knw she wil definitely dead.. I hte u ravishh snatch all from atharv atharvas father vividha madhav house tabela everything.. I want to kill suman nd makers also stupid makers they are always want ravish nd ravidha fans happiness ??????

  22. Vitharv fans go to hell. Finally ravidha.

    1. Again you..

  23. Guys maybe it will be like suman wanted ravidha to get married. She went to atharv and hit him. That’s why atharv lost his memory. And chintu and suman made a plan to keep atharv away from ravidha. And told him that chintu is his brother and all that. So atharv think them his family. On the other hand vividha hates him. But I think at the end it will be atharv vividha.

  24. @vitharav fan well said ?????writers, producers,and directors of this b#$%h jnndsd…thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,ithna worest serial zindagi mein kabhi nahi dekha,what about vividha atharav hug and lip lock scenes…what msg u r giving to viewers..better vikram u just leave this worst serial really ,then we stop to see this dustbin,
    I can’t even digest that raveesh face ..I ll get irritation when he close to vividha…I want to throw that cowdung on u r face raveesh,ur not a captain ur cunning ,cruel and cheap person u r worst than that kk and daddy ji



  26. @hanshika ji where r u?,I miss ur comments ,just tell me d future story u said raveesh is main Villan ,even I also believe that mahhaaasn raveesh ka plan hi ye sab …..

  27. Happy shivaratri guys

    1. Same to you sunanda dear

      Good afternoon .

  28. Guys maybe this happend
    FB- when sujata kepts conditions for the marriage suman asked ravish If you are agreed 2 sujata conditions u r not a heir of vasist family .ravish thought that sujata has no husband nd son .soo he decided 2 be the son of sujata,
    After ravidha marriage happend all r went 2 ajmer then atharv come 2 vasist family and asked for vivida nd faints
    Doctors said that he had lost his memory.
    Suman takes this as advantage that if she regain atharv’s memory he will again ruin ravidha that’s why suman created his name as raghav nd he is the son of her
    She married 2 chintu’s sister with him.
    Atharv did not know about chintu’s character.
    I thought might this would happen………………….

    1. I feel same sunanda. Happy shiva rathri. Ee serial tho roju jagaram cheyisthunnaru. Ee roju yem special jagaram ledu

  29. I think the father of tat pregnent lady baby is Chintu…

  30. RAOne

    HEY ! evryone who were shocked seeing this, now time is to recieve even great shock…….
    some of you were right when.

    LETS GO TO FLASHBACK FOUR AGO………. what all happen shocking……..

    Atharv came she saw Vividha had ravish marriage was complete…… so went like this, crying and crying……. frusted , angry young men to doctor who informed that he may die because nail in your head……he goes there and todha fadi and angrliy enquire him about….. fake disease story, after due force from Atharv, the doctor compel and narrate complete story that he was paid by Someone because of he paid fake report….. he ask person same and doctor inform hims that the person was lady and she was Mrs. Suman Ramakant Vashits….. after knowing all this think of to destory suman……
    And atharv makes plan Along with Chintu and her friend(one who is playing her wife fake charcter) guys Atharv still loves her, he is made all this plan…… Suman is with Atharv because he couldn’t interfer in his son life……..

    Think yr the man who was about to die, forget everything even her mother, his name and everything only remember only one person VIVIDHA ATHARV SUJATA…… no one else…… despite in serve mental condition he protect her if someone tries to hurt Vividha he almost killed him…. Kailash, Chintu, Goons, sutaram, terrorist and dadaji….. And person who seprated him from his life, his world, life, breath, heart his soul he will leave that person I”m sure he gona bounce back yr…….

    VIvidha still loves Madhav’s father Mr. Atharv Sujata she really angry on him…… she should be…. when the truth will come the light of sun everything will be clear.
    he justed acted that he forgets everythigs he name her Ragahav Suman to make her believe that he is dark…… but it not true………

    Atarav want desrotry Suman completly…… and want his revenge against…… suman….

    1. OMG is this seriously true.. Atharv is acting as a memory loss person. How did you know??

  31. @143 di. You completed B.Tech in which branch and @Vimala you also which branch??

    Guys Ravish ko apne desh se nahi tabele se pyaar ho gaya hai ???
    Mujhe comments padhne mein bhi interest nahi aa raha hai ?.

    1. @nazneen syed CSE final year..

  32. RAOne


  33. Hi everyone… suman,karan,aaliya,143 and vitharv fans…from yesterday onwards I’m in shock…. wts happening in our show yaar? Daily I read ur comments here….I stopped watching the show when atharv got mad…but again started when he is back. …really I cannot digest this kind of twists in the show….ishqbaaz is far better than this show….wt ever may b the situations the lead pair should stick together….

  34. RAOne


    CHINTU= MAnu punjabi
    UMA= Lokesh kumari sharma
    indu mati= lopa mudra
    budhi dadi= akansha
    DADA ji =NAVeen SHARMA
    RAmakant= rahul DEV

    these are my personal opinion after thinking above don’t go there personal relation just enjoy the names.

  35. RAOne

    GO FOR ITGUYs………………

  36. @aliya, @suman I am also waiting for today’s episode

  37. seriously I hate dis serial no vitharv omg am going 2 stop watching jdd am really sry if i hurt any one f u by

  38. 311 comments we got guys .

    Now They will come to destroy our peace .
    You all know who will come.
    Be alert .

    I’m happy with today’s comments.

  39. @suman di Jagaram ???????

  40. What’s this new entry guddi .it’s soooo worse. Every one had cheated my atharv.

    Happy sivarathri guys

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