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The Episode starts with Atharv saying Zeenat is playing bad game. Zeenat says its no fun to kill people who beg for life, its fun to kill fearless people. She says no one will be saved today, its time we send a message to everyone to think well before enrolling in army, all families will not suggest their children to become army man, we will create such terror that the coming generations do not see towards the army uniform. The men aim gun at everyone. Atharv says your team has guns, our team does not have guns, give a gun to us, its a game. Zeenat says yes, we are playing a game, but game of death. She aims gun at Vividha. He points gun at his forehead and says no aunty, don’t kill her, kill me, I m very strong.

Zeenat says the family is mad, everyone is ready to give life for

one another. Sujata says you will not understand, its habit of every indian. Zeenat says fine, then, we will see. Atharv says no aunty, don’t kill her, kill me. Vividha says no Atharv, we will live together and die together. Suman looks on. Chutki/Adaa cries and asks Zeenat to leave all of them, they are very good. Zeenat threatens to kill Adaa if she tells a word now. The man says look outside, the army is doing something, many commandos have come, there is something wrong.

Zeenat says it means press conference was a way to waste our time, they were planning to attack on us, everyone take your places. The man takes Sujata along. Vividha signs Suman that they should go. Daddy ji says we have less time, they will come to find us, we have to throw their guns out of window. Suman says yes, if they have guns, they will shoot us. Vipul asks how will we do this, its not easy. Daddy ji reminds he is also an army man and says we will fight with them, get all the bottles here. Suman asks Vividha to get bottles. She asks Vipul and Bhoomi to get wires, oils, heavy items. Atharv asks what shall I do. Suman asks Vividha to take care of Atharv. Vividha asks where are you going. Suman says I have to find Sujata. Vividha smiles.

Zeenat says commandos team will attack on us, they don’t care they stay alive or not, fine stay at windows, they can’t enter this house, shoot on their head, no need to leave anyone injured. She gets shocked seeing everyone gone. The man says we will find them. Zeenat says no need, they would have hidden upstairs, this is only exit, I will see them, we have to stop commandos.

The reporter says sorry, you asked us not to record anything, we don’t have camera. The army man asks her to record anything, we have to show this recording. Vividha, Kalindi and others arrange the things to tackle terrorists. The reporter shows the commandos entering the house. Zeenat says come, my gun is ready to kill them. She asks the men to be here, I will get that family here, and you Adaa stay here silently, don’t go anywhere else….Reporter says we will show you commandos entering the house.

The army man informs Ravish that plan succeeded, terrorists will think we are coming by the doors. Ravish takes the route from terrace. Suman and everyone beat the terrorists. Vividha says Atharv, this man fainted, we will shut him in bathroom. Daddy ji beats a man. Vipul and Bhoomi also tackle a man. Suman beats the man and gets Sujata freed. The commando and terrorist firing starts. Zeenat asks the men to kill the commandos. She goes to check Vashisht family. Ravish crawls inside the AC duct. Zeenat says the family members got hidden like rats, go and find them. She calls out everyone and asks them to stop playing hide and seek. She asks how did you all hide, you were ready to get shot, what happened now. She does not see the string tied and falls down. She sees a shadow and enters the storeroom. They push a punching bag and she falls down again. Zeenat sees the family there. They all look on.

Atharv and Vividha are caught by goons. Sujata scolds Zeenat. The goon slaps Sujata. Atharv shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow vividha was shouting for atharva and now atharva will beat tha goons and will the jnsd herooooooo yuuu… i.huuuuu…. but last wish plssssssszzzzzzz unite vividha atharva and nothing else I want I promise plssssszzzzz I can’t wait for tomorrow episode plsss someone give me time machine

  2. Seriously loved todays episode. Family members ?. Simple yet nice. Waiting for tomorrow. Loved vividhas dialog N her expression in precap wn she heard atharv sujathas voice. That is vitharv

  3. Waiting for tmrw episodee our atharv will be backkk?????

  4. ?????This was epic I’m proud of vashisht family and ravishs plan of attacking the terrorists.love you vividah and ravish and atharve the Herod are ravish who saves the country and atharve himself and sometimes family❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I like ravish vividahs Joreeee it looks nice so does vividahs and atharve Konsi zyad achi hai ?????????????

    1. Of course ravidha no doubt at all. Ravish & vividha is looking so cool.Yaar today’s episode was supooooop. All member waat laga di terrorists ka. ??????

  6. Just waiting for tomorrow’s episode for ATHARV????……

  7. Thank u amena fr fast update I think finally ravish saves his family. Suman ji ur super. Left her ego and saves Sujata from terrorists. Great job. Still adharv in mentally ill may be I think adharv mentally cure in ending d serial. So ravish is main lead d show. Director ji pls unite ravidha finally.

    1. I agree with you.should focus on ravidha.not because they r cute but because they r together with their trust,care.there nothing seems forced in their relationship.kabhi kabhi vo relationship dur tak jate hai aur sustained rehte hai jo kisi vachan,vade ke mohtaj nahi hote.promises bound people.beautiful life is beyond those promise s.moreover this is good for relationship, society.I wish ravidha will happen .

    2. Yes sudheer i to want ravidha one side love is so painfull to ravish…..tommorow ravish is gng to save family I love ravidha a lot…..no one understand ravish hoping ravidha will happen …it is not a forced marriage also when uma said to vividha don’t marry ravish he married without knowing about all this he started loving vividha after a month he said to ravish that I love athrav so selfish she is played with our ravish

      1. Yes @sudheer., arati, deepika I agree with. U all are 110% right. Let may be ravidha or vitharv no problem, but this show is giving a good msg to our society.
        Viewer comments always ravish will save ,,, atharv will save koi nehi samajh rahahai ki writter or director hum se char kadam aage ka sochte hai. Baaki frns faltu main jalte hai. ☺☺☺☺

  8. Stop draaaaaaaaaaaaging.

  9. mammookka lalettan fan.....

    Is terrorist are idiots ha ha aa samayam KASHMEERAM kanukayayirunnu

  10. Today’s episode is very good, but pre cap … I think may be Atharv will get injured again just when he gets his memory back in attempt to save Sujata or/and Vividha or may the whole family , so the picture on instagram is from when he gets conscious after in the hospital

  11. Vitharv always

    After long wait, tomorrow will be my atharv sujata’s day… Come soon sweetheart.. Muahhh…
    Vividha : loved u when u said we’ll live and die together.
    Great relief.
    Waiting for atharv sujata..

  12. Arey Yar bas kijiye director saab him sub na thak chuke hain!! Yeah dek dekar ki atharva bath karke phir bacha ban jatha hai pls Yar give the atharva sujata the way he was before plssssssssssssss…….??

  13. My hero my jaan atharv sujata is back
    Egerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  14. Aslee maza toh tab ey gah jab atharve and ravish saat mil ka a tang bazio ko Mara ga am I right or wrong ???☺️☺️???????????

  15. Come on ravish and atharve ab yah terrorist wali baht yah pa hatum karo because ab bohot hogiya hai I’m waiting for the next shocking episode———/by the way I ❤️ atharve and ravish the same. Bas ak he difference hai ka atharve apono ka leeya lar ta hai hot ravish Achey hor India Kay liya.teach the bawakoof terrorists a sabuk

  16. Loved ur dialogue vividha we wl lv together and die together.waiting for vidharva reunion.love u atharv sujatha

  17. Today’s episode was awesome.Can’t wait for tomorrow.Vividha said We will die together and live together.Ye umeed hai Vitharv union ka.Vividha Ravish ko apne pati ke roop Mein kabhi nahi apnayegi aur ye aaj ke episode Mein saabit Ho Gaya.

    1. Kya hai yaar wo sirf atharv ke lia nehi that pure family wahan khade the to thodi na atharv ke lia tha. Kisi ko samajh nehi araha hai jab sujata ke upar attack hota hai tabhi wo normal hota hai kisi aur ke lia nehi…. It means he loves sujata more than others…

  18. Vividha Ravish ko apna DOST MAANTI HAI PATI NAHI.

    1. Relationship starts with friendship. Then they move forward

  19. @Anam.You are correct.

  20. Thanks nazneen

  21. By the way friends sujata and suman ki jori ban re hai .i am happy that things are getting better and the character of zaneet is so bad that she threatens her daughter

  22. Tdy episode is too good??……they are proved …. We all unite always …. At…any suivation….. Jaihind✌️

    And one more thing …. Why this (jndsd)serial promo is not telecasting on tv ??…..other serial promos are telecasting on tv… Plz plz put promos … It’s a kind request?

  23. Nice episode . I think atharv vl save vashisht family in tmrws episode . come back atharv sujata v miss u . Luv u atharv???? . Nice dialogue of vividha ” v vl live together and die together ” . there is hope for vitharv unite .

  24. Omggg….hope tmrw,there will be atharve fighting scenes…
    No….RAVIDHA….only VITHARVE…..
    From vividha ‘s dialogue “jeeyenge thoh ek saath aur marenge toh ek saath” its 1000% sure that vitharve will unite ….
    For vividha ,marriage with ravish is just an adjustment…
    She only loves atharve…
    And atharve loves her soo much…although he is mentally ill,he is ready to put his life in danger for vividha,he still love her
    Atharve will be in action tomorrow…he will be the saviour

    1. Wow! It means saadi ek adjustment. Good msg to all. Pyar karo jab success nehi hote ho to saadi karlo or jab condition normal hojayee to husbend ko chod boy friend ke paas ajao bcoz marriage is an adjustment na….. ??

      1. For ur kind information..i didn’t tell that marriage is an adjustment…I told that “in this show”,marriage for vividha with ravish is an adjustment…u r taking my opinion in a wrong way

  25. I wanna say jai hind th jndsd that all I wanna say I just love it yar Bohot masa Ara hay love it from top of my heart and I hope this story of the Charal zeenat ends♈️♈️♈️♈️♈️♈️???????????

  26. director its my request to u ab bahut hua bs ab atharva ko normal kar do bahut hua fans ab unhe purane atharva sujata ke roop me dekhna chahte hai we luv vitharva if vitharva will b together then only jndsd will be move on & its trp will be increased day by day .

  27. To be honest I like ravish and atharve from the same point of view because there isn’t much difference between them.?????????????????????????????????by the way I don’t mind if atharve or ravish will be with vividah

  28. still dragging…..why postponinh of artharv’s sanity. Everyone says he’s gonna fight and win family back. when. in your dreams?????. it should have happened already. so just when the family gets United then vividha will have to tell the family truth of her artharv love???? then the family gonna hate her. so stupid. what ever happened to that guy daddu ji brought in and was staying there? the one Kalindi was having affair with? finish the point writers. it’s ridiculous. just when the family strikes back Mr ravish comes in for what? to finish up a small part and then he’s gonna be considered hero. oh common. justify your viewers who are in support of the Artharv and Vividha…Let’s not forget the BEGINNING folks.

  29. @Anam.Both Ravish and Atharv can’t stay together no dear with Vividha.I’M 1000%sure that Vividha will accept Atharv.Ravish is good so he should also get his perfect life partner ?

    1. Sorry, hosakta hai ki vividha finally atharv ko hi chunle per ravish vividha ki dil main aisa jaga bana lia hai ki atharv wo jagah kabhi nehi lepayega. Or vitharv ek ho bhi jayee lekin vividha ki andar wo ek gultyness hamesa rahega…. Pata nehi aisi guiltyness ke saath wo kaise apne or atharv ke riste ko aage badhaagi….

  30. Happppyyyy fan

    For all the ravish fans-please stop expecting something that will never happen and that is ravidha reunion even though vividha married him he told ravish that she accepted atharva as her body and soul.and if u guys remember vividha told guddi that he loves only atharva till her death.so the end game will be vitharv.right now the director and the writers are just trying to do some justice to ravishs character.so I request all the ravish fans to start watching the show from episode one.then you will understand what vividha is talking about.and I think they will introduce a new female lead soon for ravish.and finally vitharv will be united.

    1. Agree with u….?

  31. Vividha said dat dialog seeing in to eyes of atharv. Dat dialog is for vitharv. Even if she says I love atharv n want to be with him also, some may say she is not realizing her love for ravish. She realizes it only wn they get separated from each other. ?. Only Vitharv. No doubt. Some people said before atharv remembered only vividha, wt a son he is. Now if he becomes normal for his mother, saying he loves only his mother not vividha. He considers vividha n sujatha as his family. Plz makers first clear vitharv or ra….. Vidha.

  32. @nazneen u r absoultely correct.vivida will accept atharv only.
    Even ravish will wont accept vivida bcoz he knows about vitharv love

  33. Gm frnds

  34. ya.i agree.ravish wodnt accept vividha as he knows atharva loves vividha.ravish is the selfless man.love u ravish.

  35. Mr writter plz unite vitharv…
    Not for i like that couple…
    Actually vividha ravish ke layak hi nehi… Ravish deserves more batter than vividha….
    Show faltu hojaae per vitharv ke friends khus ho jayenge… ????

    1. @nidha don’t mind there was” vividha ka marriage is an adjustment” ye galat hai yaar adjustment kehena correct nehi fir bhi kehena hai to SAMJHOTA Kaho lekin ye bhi to dono ke beech hona chahia jab ki ravish ko kuch pata nehi tha iss bare main…. Sorry ??

      1. Its ok…dear…?….ravish deserves better girl…lets vitharve unite

  36. Jana na dil se door is a show whose main element is ’empowerment through love’. And if we look back at the beginning you can see what they meant. And atharv was the one to set vividha free and let her live her life to her will. I think the show should stick to its initial message and carry on with that. This terrorist drama doesnt suit the show at all..

  37. Vitharv upcoming scene in temple ?. I am sure It will clear vitharv or ra…. Vidha. She may confess her love for atharv or may happen other way also to give a twist. Hope vividha chooses soulmate over the forced marriage. Waiting for dat scene. Atharv is in baby atharv dress still. What happens next.

  38. Sachin i am always here(oon this serial’s page) for u just comment whenever u r free and had proper wifi waiting for u

  39. You’re right. Nazneen because she can’t but what if atharve stays like this and tells vivivdah to Stay with ravish because they are marries

  40. You’re right. Nazneen because she can’t but what if atharve stays like this and tells vivivdah to Stay with ravish because they are married and if the other find out so stay

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