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The Episode starts with Uma going to Kailash. She recalls Ankit’s words and asks Kailash did you say Ankit to do all this. Kailash says yes, I told him, what is right, I should have controlled. Atharv and Vividha come out and see each other. He recalls their argument, and she recalls Guddi’s words. She goes to Atharv. Uma shuts the door and says atleast think once what you are doing, I know you are much angry, but just listen to me once. She says you hate Atharv, fine but he will keep Vividha well, he loves Vividha a lot, he taught many things to Vividha.

Vividha tells Atharv that he is wounded and he would not go out. Atharv says I can say this to you too, and hugs her. Uma asks Kailash not to create hurdle in Atharv and Vividha’s love. Kailash angrily holds her neck. Atharv

says you don’t know how much I was afraid, I did not know where you were, I could not connect to you, I did not know where to find you, I saw you at the cliff end, I could not get breath, I realized my connection with you can’t break so soon, I can’t live without you, I know you are annoyed with me, so… She says that’s why I left you, do you trust me and your love? he says it was my mistake, I broke my promise to be always with you, forgive me. she says its fine, you were angry and frustrated, I also have to say sorry, Papa blamed you and got you arrested. he says it was my mistake, I should have not said that, I left and did not see you, I started hating myself for that, please forgive me. They hug. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays………….

Uma says you can suffocate my neck, but don’t come in between Vividha and Atharv’s love, Vividha has gone too far and its impossible for her to return. Kailash says she will come back home, you know why, I will make that possible, she is my daughter, I will not her play with my respect, I will make her marry anyone I like. He leaves Uma.

Atharv asks Vividha the fourth promise of marriage. she says it means you were free of house duties till now, when you are going to marry, you will have duty to fulfill house needs, if you promise to take this duty, then I m ready to sit on your right side. he says our promise will be different, it won’t be one’s duty, if we have a fight for anything, we will end this fight before sunset, this is a promise. She holds his hand. Uma feels unwell. Kailash does not give her asthma inhaler and says Vividha loves you more than she loves me, lets see does her love get her here or not. He throws the inhaler outside. The inhaler falls in the grass. The cow munmun sees that. He breaks a vase. Vividha says it was sound of something breaking. Kailash shouts to everyone to see what happened to Uma. Vividha and Atharv rush. Sujata looks on worried.

Dadi asks what happened to Uma. Vividha asks what happened. Atharv says she got asthma attack, where is here inhaler. Atharv looks for inhaler. Ankit says its not here. Atharv says we will take her to hospital. Kailash acts. Atharv hears the cows calling and goes to balcony to see. The cow makes the grass fall. Atharv sees the inhaler in it. Atharv jumps from balcony and gets the inhaler. He calls out Vividha and shows her inhaler. He throws inhaler to her and runs inside home. Kailash sends Ankit to call doctor. Vividha gives inhaler to Uma. Uma feels better. Kailash looks on shocked. Atharv comes. Vividha asks where did you get this inhaler. Atharv says it was in stable, munmun was shouting aloud, when I went to see, inhaler was in the grass. Sujata asks how did this medicine reach stable.

Vividha asks Kailash how did this happen, you were with Uma, how did she get asthma attack suddenly. Kailash asks what do you mean, if I ask you the same, where were you, is this not your duty to see Uma, if you were here, Uma’s state would have not been so bad. Sujata says yes, this is right. Vividha you should spend time with your mum, if Uma is alone, she either gets hurt or she gets unwell. Sujata asks Uma what happened to you, this was not an ordinary attack, tell me. Kailash looks at Uma.

Vividha calls Atharv and cries. She says I spoke to Maa, she told me something serious about Papa. Je says stay there, I will reach. She says don’t come home, meet me at temple.

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