Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha thinking its like Ajmer’s temple. She wonders who made this card, did ….. Ravish comes there and sees the greeting. Sujata asks Atharv to sit, don’t get violent, I will get new medicine. She checks prescription and asks Situram is this 3 written. Situram holds Atharv and says yes 3. Sujata gives 3 tablets instead 1 by following wrong dose, which Atharv changed. Atharv takes medicines and gets dizzy.

Ravish asks what happened. Vividha asks from where did this card come. Ravish says maybe from gifts, whats the matter to get tension. Vividha recalls Atharv and temple moment. She thinks this can’t be coincident, so many things are happening.

Ravish asks Vividha are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, I just thought of my home. He says okay,

I understand. She excuses herself and goes. Atharv gets violent and throws things. Atharv gets glimpses how the goons have beaten him. Situram holds Atharv. Atharv pushes him.

Sujata asks Atharv to listen. Ravish comes there. Atharv takes a vase. Vividha is in bathroom. Atharv gets dizzy and his vision blurs. He drops the vase. Vividha hears the sound of vase dropping. Atharv takes his Rudraksh mala and holds it to beat Ravish. He attacks Ravish, while Ravish holds him. Vividha hears the sounds again and rushes to see.

Situram passes injection to Ravish. Ravish injects Atharv and controls him. Vividha gets restless in her room and says whats happening to me, I hear sound, this card. She recalls what happened till now. She sees Ravish’s car parked and says he said he is going out for some work. Ravish makes Atharv lie on the bed. Sujata says there is something wrong, Atharv never gets so violent, we will take him to hospital. Ravish says no need, I called doctor here. She says we have to take him out of here, we will take him once. Ravish shouts will you make me work, he is fine, see I know what I m doing, Atharv will stay here, its not good if he goes out.

Vividha comes to that cupboard room. The power goes. Atharv is awake. Ravish says Atharv is fine, I spoke to doctor, he is on the way, I was told this to do before, I did not do as my heart did not agree, but whatever happened today, I m helpless. Sujata asks what helplessness. Situram gets chains. Sujata asks whats this, what are you doing. Ravish says I have no way, I can’t put your life in risk. Sujata says don’t worry for me, I will take care of Atharv, you can’t tie my son by chains. Ravish says if he hurts himself, what will you do, problems will increase, try to understand. Sujata cries. Situram chains Atharv.

Sujata recalls Atharv telling her that he will not let Vividha bear Kailash’s torture. He says I want independence, no one can chain me. FB ends. She cries. Ravish hugs her and consoles.

Vipul comes near Vividha. He holds her in darkness. She takes a vase to hit, and he disappears. She switches on the lights and leaves. Vipul smiles. She rushes to her room and shuts the door. Vipul says she does not come in hand easily, its fine to get her by difficulty. Ravish talks to Situram. Sujata cries and sees Lord idol. Vividha calls Ravish. She asks where are you, there was someone in corridor, come fast. Ravish says I m coming, don’t worry. He asks Situram to stay here. Ravish goes to Vividha and asks her to open door. He asks why did you get scared. She says there was someone in the corridor, he held me by my waist, he has touched me. Ravish says impossible, I know you are tensed, this house is safe, relax, no one can come from outside. She asks were you close, you came soon after I called you.

Sujata asks doctor will Atharv get fine. Doctor says its medicine overdose, and says I have written just 1 tablet. Sujata thinks Ravish gave me this prescription, no one touched it, did Ravish did this….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m sorry but this is total disaster

    1. Not only disaster, I am surprised to see this show is still on!what weak story line and bunch crap that is shown here!! I think the writers are paying SP to continue this garbage same as KKB

  2. Vividha not trying to move on her life.. and don’t want start new life with Ravish… she was waiting for Atharv.. becuase of Atharv promised to vividha That he would come for her when goons was beating him.. But unfortunatly Atharv get memory loss.. now what the next step of Vividha and Atharv..

  3. I think Vividha missundrstand to Raviah that he was touched her in bad way in Dark.. and Also Sujata misunderstan to Ravish that he gived Wrong presciption to Atharv.. don’t know what next going on..

  4. Guys I read in spoilers that sujata nd atharv r get away from ravish house. Sujata doubted on ravish that he is giving more doses of medicines for atharv. If she goes 2 ajmer then vivida easily meet atharv. Hope soo it have 2 be

    I am very angry on vipul idiot. How can he behave with his babi like that
    Anyhave atharv got some strike of his past of his fighting. His drawing gift 2 vivida is the best proof for her that atharv is near by her. Why vivida is not able 2 find that the rudraksh beads r belonging 2 atharv even she is sensing that she is dreaming that. How can directors missed this simple logic.
    Tq amena di for update

  5. I think now it s high time Vividha used her brain little bit & find Atharv. Otherwise it will get worse day by day. It will create so many misunderstandings….. At least now she should understand Atharv’s wrist band beads, bite mark on her hand & birthday card cannot be just her illusions. She should know Atharv’s condition, she should know that he kept his promises for her even in this mental situation….

  6. Thank you Amena for fast updates….!

  7. I Don’t want to talk abt such a stupid down fall track. .
    Just have a question in mind. How many days did this army man got leave from his work? ????

    1. Yes the whole nation wants to know the person who is firstly and mostly dedicated towards his army work.. he didn’t had the time to attend his father’s last rituals…his marriage preparations..his uniform is his 1st wife(as said by ravish in an episode)..but got too much time to do illogical things in his own house.. hiding a mental a patient,and least interested in knowing why atharav has gone mad,why he was beaten so badly…i mean in reality a person who is taking care of some1 would definitely try to find out the reason…and will try to take police help to find who beaten him instead of hiding him…and till when he will hide atharav ,don’t he have any army work or what… writers i think showing ravish as an army officer was not a good decision.bcoz army officers don’t hav so much free time to do stupid things and that also without using their brain..

  8. Sruthi

    as per last meet of atharv and vividha….she is married to atharv….when he fought with goon and when kailash forcily taken her he was touched his maang with his blooded hand it was also zoomed scene….aft that only his rudhrakash broken….so vividha is already married….

  9. So far no spoiler has come true yet, suman or vividha have no idea that sujata and atharv are in the house as per the recent spoilers, what are the writers trying to do with the viewers?

  10. Wat the helllll how many episodes will this stupid director drag vividha from meeting atharv. ..
    Till now how good is this serial..after entering Ravish family. .so much abusing things going in the show. ..how can they show vividha as a doll..
    In this gr8 show no need of a character like vipul

  11. please unite vividha and atharv as soon as possible please

  12. As per spoiler news vividha and atharv will never meet again.
    Sujatha doubts on Ravish will take atharv out of Ravish house. ..then it not possible for vithrav to meet again right. .guys!!

  13. Stop it 143 u r wrong

  14. I just stoped to watch this bloddy idiotic serial nd meaning less serial nthg new nthg new msg to viewers .how can a writer nd director make same version of hum dil de chucke as am nd dhadkan we have already seen these type of stories ho writers nd directors plz don’t say It as new story in what case it is a new story have u people have mind or not ……

  15. I stopped to watch this serial there is nthg new in this serial the serial track is like hum dil de chuke sanam nd dhadkan then what is new thing in this serial . How writers nd directors make these type of shows nd say new story chi its worst nd waste . I hate to watch ravish nd vividha also i just like atharv nd vivi i just c the show bcz of atharv nd his thoughts but nw its waste to watch also gud bye jana na dil se door

  16. Iss hindi serials mena kisi ka bi shaadi thikse nhi hota.. pahile shadi kisi ek se pakki hogi.. aur shaadi kisi our se hogi.. Aajkal fashion hogaya.. sab serials me aise hi kar rhe hai..
    Tapki pyar ki
    Chakravarti Ashoka
    Aur bohot serials me bakwaaj hua hai.. Shaadi thikse nhi hoga.. ghadbad jaroor hoti hai.. kabi groom badalta hai kabi bride badalti hai.. bakwaaz bakwaaz.. real life me aisa kabi nhi hate..

  17. Ravish vividha made for each other

    1. Deepika… how can you say that Vivi and Ravi made for each other.. noway.. it’s irritating.. Vividha made only for Atharv… Vitharv. Vitharv..

    2. Then what will happen to Atharv and Vividha’s love? I just can’t imagine how can people say wow to Ravish and Vividha? Where is true love then? Atharv & Vividha are already married. Just look at Atharv’s condition. He had to bear all these for his love, so Vitharv’s love should be successful. It is not fair to unite Ravish & Vividha.

  18. Are any of the spoilers for any serial ever true, previous spoilers not telecast and now this one, although it does say in spoiler that the scene has been shot and will be shown next week. Let’s see.

  19. I would be very happy if both Sujata & Atharv both go far away from both Ravish & Vividha.

  20. It’s almost like Ravish knows about Vividha and Artharv and wants to keep them apart. I mean really …who messed up on the prescription dosage? That would be really crazy if Ravish takes Vividha for himself. I need to see justice in this show.

  21. I wish Ravish and Vividha get together in the end and atharv’s chapter gets closed.

  22. Latha,Anisha how do you Support Ravish Vividha… What do you know about Atharv’s love.. I think you guys don’t knew About Vitharv Love… and plz don’t support Ravish love… you guys know that Jndsd only for Vitharv.. Ravish was onlg supporting charecter..
    Atharv and Vividha lead acters hai.. don’t think That Ravish will be Hero.. never.. it’s not heppenging.. becuase of Jndsd was Hit becuase of Atharv.. not Vividha and Ravish…

    1. Yes you are right Havilah…. Don’t understand why & how people even support Ravish & Vividha?? Can people fall in love again and again when they come across with more rich, more handsome & may be mentally stable guys than previous ones. Isse ‘Pyaar’ nahi ‘Bewafay’ kehethe hai…. What happened to these viwers? They support betrayal instead of love. I think they may not have watched the series form the beginning.

  23. I am in Canada and last week I stopped subscribing to ATN and Zee TV . It is nonsense. I have no time for this crap. All Hindi serials on these channels are waste of time and money.

  24. Sujata soon finds that Vividha is Ravish’s wife and had been forcefully married to Ravish.

    Sujata doubt’s Ravish’s intentions towards Atharva for keeping him away from Vividha.

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