Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Guddi recalling Ravish and hugging his shirt. Vividha comes and gets shocked. Vividha asks her what are you doing. Guddi says I was arranging clothes. Vividha says its dirty clothes. Guddi says I will wash it, and help you. Vividha says I will do it, you don’t worry for this. Guddi sees Ravish and Vividha’s pic and takes it. She goes to room and throws the pic frame angrily. She says how can Vividha do this with me, I was just taking a shirt, can’t I take it, I love Ravish. She burns Vividha’s pic and cries. Atharv comes and gets shocked seeing it.

He asks Guddi why are you burning this. Guddi asks him to get away. He blows off the fire by his hand and sees Vividha’s pic. He asks why did you burn this. She asks who have let you come inside, just

get lost Atharv. She takes pic from him and sends him. She sits tensed. Vividha sees Atharv coming. She asks what happened. He shows his hand burn. She asks how did this happen. She takes him and does the aid. Ravish comes and looks on.

Atharv says its paining and makes face. Ravish stops. Jaana na dil se door….plays……. Vividha says Atharv is a brave kid and you will fell better now. Ravish goes. Vividha asks Atharv how did his hand burn. Atharv says I have blown off fire when you were burning. She asks what do you mean. He says Guddi is very bad, he was burning you, so I stopped the fire. She cries. He wipes her tears and says why are you crying, I will not let you burn.

Vividha goes to Guddi. Guddi takes scissor to cut the pic. Vividha calls out Guddi. Guddi hides the pic. Vividha asks what is she doing. Guddi says this pic burnt, so I was just trimming it. Vividha says you are my sister, and I know you very well, what you are thinking can’t happen ever. Guddi asks why, you said you and Ravish don’t have any relation, what’s the problem, you both don’t sleep in one room, I m not coming between lovers, your relation is a drama. Vividha says try to understand, we should not complicate relations, else this family can get hurt.

Guddi says I m solving this and making your way clear, if Ravish and I get together, you and Atharv will get together. Vividha says how to explain you, you should love such man who loves you, Ravish does not love you. Guddi says Atharv used to love you when you did not love him, but he convinced you, same way I will make Ravish agree, I know Ravish and I are made for each other. Vividha says you don’t know Ravish, you met him 2 days back. Guddi says one moment was enough, you got two lovers, and one I loved tried to rape me. Vividha says no, you did not love him. Guddi says Chintu tried to kill me, I love Ravish.

Vividha says you are young and does not understand. Guddi shouts I m not young, I always heard Vividha is perfect and I m bad, I did not complain and thought good for your happiness, why did you not think for me. Vividha says I did not know you think so about me. Guddi argues when Vividha explains her. Guddi says love is never wrong, I learnt this from you and Atharv, I strongly feel for Ravish, I love him and want to live with him. Vividha says enough, you will leave from here tomorrow morning.

Guddi calls out Vividha. She says you can’t even think to make me leave from here, else you will regret a lot. Vividha slaps her. She says your mind is not in your control, I m your elder sister and showing you right thing. She goes. Guddi cries. Vividha collides with Vipul in hurry and says sorry. He asks why do you look worried. She says yes, my mood was upset. He says I can help you in making your mood better. She says no, Guddi is going home tomorrow, so I m upset. She goes. Vipul thinks to meet Guddi.

Guddi says I will not let Vividha snatch my love, I m sure he is made for me, Vividha can’t stop me, if she comes in my way, then I will not leave anyone, I will forget I have any sister. Vipul hears her and smiles. Guddi sees him. He says I heard you are going tomorrow, why so soon. She says there is a night between today and tomorrow, and much can happen in one night, who has seen tomorrow. She thinks to move Vividha off her way.

Guddi gets Vividha and Atharv’s pic in laptop and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. guddi is turning evil ????? and how can she shout at athrav ?????

  2. So the next vamp in the serial is guddi.

  3. About today’s episode,Vividha doesn’t have any feeling for Ravish nd still loves Atharva…about Guddi…disgusting…

  4. I feel so pity for vividha be coz her every enemy is from her own family 1st father Kailash, then brother Ankit and now it’s her sister guddi.

    1. Amalina

      ya di. atharv-vividha-ravish r the limelight of this show!

  5. Haiiiii……I am new here.I like vivdha and ravish….I never think that guddi reaction like that….solo guddi is villi..

  6. Guddi decision is gud 2 love nd marry ravish, but the way Guddi talked 2 vivida is not gud. How can . she behave like that 2 her sister.
    Wt the Guddi is dng in precap? ????????

  7. This is a story less crap. It IS full of bull shit!

  8. This moov (guddi character) one of the steps unite ravidha. May be i think last few epis director said that ravidha’s unexpresse love. I love u ravidha.

  9. Ravishhh in today’s episode really upset seeing vividha and athrav ….so sad and guddi became evil for vividha …really confusing what she will do will with athrav vividha pic..want ravidha to unite

  10. Bull shiiit , i think the writer has gone mad .He is using all sort of useless things in his writing to increase the TRP.

  11. I knew it vividha never have such jealous feel for ravish. Hope all understand. But feeling very bad for guddi character turning to negative.

  12. Kailas ki 3 spoiled beta,beti.GOD! 2 good boy bro ko bachaeyeeee.in dono ke liye koi acchhi ladki le aye.next will be join maybe ankit,uma n dadi! Is gharme ek Dada ji hai! Beautiful Aditi vi hai.Kyabata iss family ki koi varosa nehi.Ek beautiful love story kaha gaya? Director ji kya hai? Kabi HDDCS,kabi
    Darr phir kya?

  13. Wt rubbish yaar…boring episode..ye atharv kab teek hoga…ye paagal writer kya chaatha hai..kuch samaj nahi aara ha hei….pleeeeee vitharv ko ek karo yaaaaa……

  14. Sab galti vividha ke low IQ ki hai .vo faltu ka decisions to kar leti ha I par unhe nibha nahi pati .uski life ke saare important decisions high iq wale log karate hain jaise ki uske papa atharv aur ab ravish .aur starplus wale ise kehte hain nayi soch.

  15. indera sanichara

    Oh God writers we don’t need another evil sisters please Guddi deserve true love. too many serial has the same story. Directors start using your brains before everyone stop watching JNDSD.

  16. Yes I knew it.guddi is not for ravish

  17. this writer have no story, he gets all the ideas from us and make show work. the minute we stop giving ideas the writer might wake up and give us better show.

  18. i think vivida fall fr that ravish..pehele is show kithma acha tha aaj kal oo maza nahi atha hain..i really hope atharv nd vvi bth r together..plz makers our vitharv ko dur math karna..

  19. guddy u may be ra8 fr ur decision!…bt u showed tht u have kailash’s blood…becz
    thr r 2 things tht love cn do to us…

    1)cn make us fell strong and empowered
    2)cn worst our life by making us evilish!

    and viv had the frst case…wn she started loving atharva,she didn’t behaved with her family like ths,even after her dad’s bad deeds she treated him and all who were against her love nicely……bt here guddi’s love made her evil as she gives her love the frst priority and all othrs even her sister the worst impact.she forgot her relationship and careness towards her family and is totally blind to achive her love!

    so dear guddi stop comparing urself with viv as she is far far and far more superior thn u in all fields even in love who dosent forget her near and dear ones just to achieve “love”…..

    i didnt knew guddi will turn out like ths…viv is absolutely ra8…and hw cn guddi compare atharva and ravish…

    tht time ahtarva wasent a married guy therefore viv realization(love) cn matter fr making relationship,bt here in the case of ravish, he is married…so its nt the ra8 thing to marry with ravish and also if she does it would be a grt insult to vashist’s …
    any way lets see ths interesting track of sis vs sis… 🙂
    ‘and m sure guddi is planning to expose vitharv’s past to vashist’s nw….

    guys share ur opinions(may be against me/fr me) as all may nt have the same point of view!

  20. Wait I thought Vividha only loved Atharv but why is getting jealous of Guddi. Who’s there in her heart actually. I don’t want Guddi to become the next vamp. Vipul and his mother is there as vamps. I really felt bad for Atharv. Superb acting.

  21. Guddi feelings towards Ravish are true…but her behaviour towards vividha doesn’t look good

  22. Sachin well said. Each n every line is true. N wn vividha felt jealous on guddi. She is trying to explain, dat her decision is wrong. As Sachin said it will be Great insult for vashists. She promised ravish she will take responsibility as a bahu. N now she is fulfilling her promise. As a elder sister n as a bahu she knows guddi is wrong. So she is trying to correct it. Now I am very confident about vividha. She never ever fall for ravish for sure. She is very clear in her decisions. N the only one she loves is atharv. No confusions in it. It’s time to think how vitharv r reunited. Her beats only for atharv.

  23. Her heart beats only for atharv.

  24. Guddi is out of her mind.
    Just because Ravish saved her, she is madly in love with him but when Atharv saved her, why didnt she fall in love with him?

  25. I don’t like guddi….

  26. Pls makers bring vitharv close on upcoming episode.

  27. I like vividha &Ravish together….not guddi and Ravish

  28. Ye kya mazak bana diya ravishko ….. pls finish guddi track. I hate her.ravish is decent man he deserves much more better woman than stupid vivida or vamp .

  29. characterless guddi hate u

  30. Gudi is Ugly and a Phsyco I’m sure she isn’t that Innocent, she loves Man, since her father loved only Vividha, am sure she already must have slept around!!!

  31. The story is going very nad

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