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The Episode starts with Kailash shouting on Vividha and asking her from where is she coming. She says Pushkar. He asks why did you go there, answer me and holds her angrily. She starts crying. Atharv looks on and comes in between. He says I will tell you Sir….. everyone look on tensed. Kailash asks how dare you come between me and my daughter, who are you. Atharv says Atharv Sujata…. Kailash recalls Sujata’s words. Atharv says Vividha went to Pushkar to help me. Vividha asks him to stop.

Atharv says Vividha helped me as my calf came to your house for puja, calf got stolen, Vividha was adamant to come to Pushkar to find the calf, as she was regarding herself responsible. Kailash asks so are you Sujata’s son. Atharv says yes. Kailash angrily drags Vividha and asks did you go Pushkar

with this guy. She nods and cries. Kailash asks Atharv do you know whose daughter is she, Kailash Kashyap, my daughter lied to me because of you, this happened for the first time, because of you. Vividha shouts Papa and runs to them. She asks him to leave Atharv.

Uma and Guddi get worried. Vividha says Atharv did not ask me to come along, he wanted me to go back home, but how would I come back, your respect was linked with this incident, Sujata has sent calf to us, we preached calf as Lord and did puja, calf got stolen, how could I lose our Lord and forget the incident, when the goons kidnapped me, Atharv saved my life. Kailash asks goons? She says yes and tells everything what happened in Pushkar. She says Atharv has risked his life and saved my life, I really did not know you were in fair, else I would have come to you to take help. Atharv says Vividha wanted to tell you but….. Kailash stares at Uma.

Kailash says the daughter who says there is nothing bigger than father’s pride, she went with a strange guy to Pushkar, did I give these values to you Vividha, you lied to me, you used our love and trust, you lied to us. He asks her to answer. Uma asks him not to say anything to Vividha, its my mistake, I asked her not to tell you anything, punish me, not Vividha. They cry. Dadi tells Uma that you made Guddi like you, now you are spoiling Vividha. Uma says Vividha has Kailash’s values, she did mistake to go with Pushkar without telling Kailash. He asks her not to say a word now. He says I will talk to you later, and looks at Atharv. He says what you did today, I m thankful. He holds Atharv and hugs him, surprisingly.

Kailash tells Atharv that you took care of my daughter in my absence, thanks for this, whatever you did and why, I don’t want to know, I just understood the reason is one, thank you on behalf of my family, I will gift this ring to you as my thankfulness. Atharv says your heart is very big, but I don’t want this ring, I saved Vividha’s life, she saved calf’s life, its equal, I will leave now. You are elder, but I will say something, you got worried today, but I understood your daughter’s life is around your happiness and respect, even if you doubt on her, then understand that your doubt is wrong. Vividha smiles. A

tharv says I felt my mother is the only courageous woman in this world, but even your daughter is very strong, she saved the calf coming Pushkar, but also has courage to tell you the truth, if you feel bad of my words, I m sorry. Atharv folds hands. Kailash smiles and holds his hands. He leaves. Kailash’s expressions turn angry again.

Sujata and uncle have a talk. Atharv comes home. Sujata asks him did you drop Vividha home, did Kailash know about it. He tells her that Kailash and we reached soon, he got angry and scolded. He meets Payal. She sees the wound on Atharv’s hand and worries. He says Kailash got angry, then forgot everything, he hugged me. She asks what, he hugged you? He says yes, why are you surprised, he was giving me his gold ring, I refused him. She says Vividha lied to Kailash because of you and he hugged you, try to understand.

Uma cries and apologizes. Kailash scolds her and asks her not to cry aloud, children are sleeping. She apologizes. He says you are mad, you have sent Vividha to stable to get cow dung. He hurts her. He says if Vividha lies to me again, I will not leave you. She cries. He says your voice should not go outside. He goes. She sees the marks on her hands and cries.

Guddi teases Vividha and asks her to say what happened in Pushkar, how is Atharv? Sujata asks how is Vividha, she is rich girl, did she talk to you well and showed attitude. He says no, she is mad, her name should be Duvidha, not Vividha, she tells about her dad always, its irritating. Vividha says Atharv is irritating, I did not see more Sadu person than him.

Atharv says I did not see any rigid person than her. Sujata says Payal got back because of her. Atharv says yes, that girl is iron lady, she fought with goons and hanged to the tempo, the lady tried to make her fall but she did not leave the tempo. Vividha says he has temper, but he is caring too, he made me break my fast, he is like Papa, strict from outside and soft hearted. She smiles.

Vividha tells Sujata that Kailash was happy when he new Atharv has helped me, he loves me a lot. Kailash walks barefoot on the glass pieces and is

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why are the directors showing such good chemistry between th lead pair?

    As per the story if Vividha is gonna marry Atharvs step brother.

    Then the show will definetely lose viewers.

    Coz every time the lead pair is shown together , it is like a visual treat for eyes.

    More over some where else it us written that Atharv will go mad post vividas marrige with his step brother.

    Pleasr enough of shows where the villans keep torturing good ppl and the good ppl sgoen as helpless and crying with the villans torture.

    If the directors wish to seperate lead pair, then they should atleast shoe Athav as a strong guy..who can still lead his life after losing his love.

    After all he has an aim in life to become a great business man and take care of his

    If the story line would be like..
    Atharv still remaining strong post vividhas Becoming a great business man .
    Make his mom feel proud of him
    Ppl praising Sujatha for having such good successful son
    Atharv proving the world that his mother is a very pure woman and remove the bad namr society has given.

    Atleast if that would br the story..then the show might sustain viwers.

  2. chiiiiii.. chiii… chiii… chiiii dizzz kailash s.. reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy disgusting yaaarr.. he s such a two faced mann… i hateee him

    and the precap wass annoying…

    the last scenee was such an awesome oneeeeee… wowwww deir eyes clearlyyyyyy shows the interest towardssss each oderr…

    oh…. gawdddddddddddd…. heeee s soooo handsomeeeeeeeee nd the way he protects her was realyyy commendable…i wish soon vividhaa knows her dad double face personality…

  3. bt if the separation gonnnaaa… hapen thn i wil realy quit dizzz serial…

    i jst cant digestt…..

    loving sum1 nd getting married to sumonee….

    itzz realy disgusting both in real nd reel lykk…

    if they cant b togethr.. dnt fal in luv or eithr be single towards ur lyf…

    i knww.. in dizzz 21st centuryy diz type of luv doesn’t existt… bt dey are also sum ppl.. who believes as lyk me…

    plzzzzzz dnt show… as adhaar so week.. he s such an strong mannnnnnnnn… i dnt want him to fal week aftr vividhaa marge…

  4. sry tat was life*

  5. I dnt want Ravish’s(Shashank) entry yaar…the present track which is going on is so awesome…they can show complicatns in the relationship of atharv and vividha bt nt separation… no offence to Shashank’s fan.
    Like the writers of tashan e ishq showed twinkle and yuvraj as lead pairs initially and later gave the lead hero to kunj I dnt want the same in JNDSD by switching the lead pairs from atharv and vividha to vividha and ravish
    coz vividha and Atharv’s chemistry is jst superb…

    1. agree wid u trishikaa… becoz of kunj they showed yuvi as a villannn.. tattt wass soo meannnnnn

      actualy i dnt watch tat show.. i hav red updates.. sumtymes…

      bt dizz zzzzz hapening in al the showss yaarr… girl il luv sum one nd mary sumonee… eventually she fal in luv wid d mrged guy.. nd tat luvr boy il become villain.. nd makes huddles in their married lifee..

      wattt theeee helllllllll…

      i thnk in SP… they hav showed tat same type of typicallllllllllllll seriall… before SSPK @ 8. 30 tym slot.. bt i forgot tat series namee…???????

      1. Same hre priya I also dnt watch the serial…jst read the written updates aftr they made the lead hero as villain…I hope they dnt do the same in JNDSD…they can make shashank as villain if they want his entry ?and den vividha and Atharv can fight with him…??
        Is the show which u r talking abt in 8:30 slot Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyan ?

  6. I dnt want Ravish’s(Shashank) entry yaar…the present track which is going on is so awesome…they can show complicatns in the relationship of atharv and vividha bt nt separation… no offence to Shashank’s fan.
    Like the writers of tashan e ishq showed twinkle and yuvraj as lead pairs initially and later gave the lead hero to kunj I dnt want the same in JNDSD by switching the lead pairs from atharv and vividha to vividha and ravish
    coz vividha and Atharv’s chemistry is jst superb…
    I loved how both Atharv and Vividha took stand for each other in today’s episode?

  7. What was precap. No full precap.

  8. Soon I will not watch this show anymore because i heard vividha and arthav will be seperatad. I dont know why the producer is doing this. I am sure nobody will watch this show anymore after vividha has married the stepbrother of arthav

  9. i want athrv as a lead role dts it… i dnt want sme1 other to enter in athrv n vivihas life

  10. What nonsense this us. Does the writter have brain?? Always separating loveable pairs. Ediots… let them go to hell fools.. i will quit this serial if so

  11. pls don’t separate vividha and atharv. Their love story should not end even after her marriage with Him

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