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The Episode starts with Vividha asking Uma what do I want, shall I follow my heart or agree to Papa. Uma asks her to choose the selfless heart. Vividha says Atharv and Papa are same. Uma says Atharv has everything, he respects you and gives you equal rights, he gives you importance of a true life partner, he has everything, except his father’s name.

Atharv says now that man realizes he has a son, why, whats his need, did my father not tell you. Sujata asks him to meet and ask him. Atharv asks what shall I know, and cries angrily. He says that man is greediest, he may have some work, so he came back. She says think this is my command, you have to meet him. Sujata cries. Atharv lifts table and throws. She asks him to stop. He throws the things in anger. He says you want me to meet that

man, if he comes infront of me, I will kill him. she shouts Atharv and her imagination ends.

Atharv is eating food and asks what happened to you Maa, are you fine. She looks around and sees things set well as usual. He asks what are you hiding from me. She says nothing, but you have to forgive your father someday. He says this can’t happen ever, forgiving him will be like unseeing your tears, I have seen your pain, I can’t forgive him, why are we talking this, I m worried for Vividha, Kailash won’t accept me and she won’t leave Kailash.

Uma says Atharv said right, you have to choose between Kailash and him, I want your happiness, make a right decision, I want you to be happy and there is no fear and troubles in your life, fulfill every dream, I wish you don’t face any problem. Vividha hugs her and says one day, Papa will forget that Atharv does not have his father’s name, because I completely trust Atharv, stay here, I will get rickshaw. She goes.

Uma cries and says how should I explain you Vividha, Atharv is right for you, choose him, you can’t get a better life partner, break all bounds and go with Atharv, stay free, I can’t cheat Kailash, I can’t tell you to leave Kailash, but this is the chance, you leave everything and go to Atharv. Everyone is worried as Ankit did not come home. Vividha asks Guddi not to worry, we will convince Ankit. Dadi asks how can we convince Kailash.

Vividha says we will convince him, don’t worry. Ankit comes and acts rude. Vividha asks where was he, how is his wound. He asks does it matter to them, stop doing this drama. Guddi apologizes to Ankit, and says Kailash has got anger on you because of me, forgive me. Ankit says this is not new thing, you both do mistake and I get beaten, am I stepson, I get beaten up by Papa and then my friends joke on me. Guddi holds ears and asks him to forgive her. Ankit says I have got beaten up by belt, not you. He goes.

Guddi tells Vividha that Ankit is annoyed with me, its all because of me. Uma says you did not do anything, and hugs her and Vividha.

Vividha stands in her balcony. Atharv comes on his bike and sees her. He signs her and asks her what happened. She signs him that she is waiting for Kailash. He asks her to wait and calls her. He says you don’t know talking in sign language, why are you upset, did Kailash say anything. She says no, he did not say anything, that’s the problem, I m trying to talk to him. He says oh, so you are waiting for your Papa, I was mistaken that you are waiting for me.

She says I was waiting for both of you. He asks who is more important. She asks him not to start again, I m convincing both of you. He says I m afraid to think of living without you. He says Atharv Sujata and fear is not a good combo. He says Sujata and you are very important to me, I love both of you, and you two love me, so its equal. She says yes, don’t have hope that I will take care of you like Sujata. He ends call and goes. She gets puzzled and looks at him. She says he felt bad, I was just joking. She calls him again and he disconnects. He signs her to see Kailash’s car coming. She sees Kailash and goes. Atharv wonders what will happen now.

Vividha asks Kailash to talk to her. He asks what’s remaining now, stay out of my room. Vividha cries and asks Kailash to come with him. He asks her to leave his hand. She drags Kailash. Everyone ask Vividha to stop, Kailash will turn more angry. Vividha takes Kailash to her room and asks him to wait. She shows him a groom doll and reminds him, when she was six year old and wanted a doll, he had no money and she cried a lot, he could not see her pain, he made this by his own hands. He nods and cries.

She says whatever I asked, you have always fulfilled my every wish without any question, why this today Papa, you are saying no for my life’s biggest happiness, my happiness is in Atharv. She asks him to accept Atharv, and cries. Everyone look on and cry.

Vividha asks Kailash why is he angry on others. Atharv sits in Kailash’s feet and holds his leg, saying I want to become part of your family, punish me, but not your family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Keep it up jana na dil se door

  7. this vividha acts like she skipped some classes in school, cant remember the last time i saw someone this naive. Her mother is trying to explain to her and she still cant understand, her younger sister is sharper than her, sigh

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