Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman beating the man. Suman and Vividha tie the man’s hands. Vividha hugs Suman. Suman asks are you fine. Vividha says yes. Ravish is finding entry in home. He climbs the wall. Suman and Vividha hear Zeenat coming and hide. Zeenat is called by the man. She asks the men to come downstairs and goes. The media shows how brave army man is entering the house to save his family. They all see Ravish on the screen. Atharv says now captain will not leave anyone. Zeenat says Ravish is coming here to die.

The army officer scolds the reporter for risking Ravish’s life by failing their plan. The officers worry that terrorists’ given time is over. The man says Ravish will manage everything. Zeenat asks the men to take positions and not leave any corner of this house.

She says I thought Ravish is smart, but he is also a fool like his family. The common people see news of Ravish’s bravery and support Ravish in his attempt and fight against the terrorists.

They all pray and bless Ravish. Ravish enters the house. Atharv sees news and says I m also with Ravish, I m not feeling good, you all will get beaten up now. Sujata asks Atharv to be quiet. Ravish checks doors and windows. Everyone sit tensed.

A man aims gun at Ravish. Zeenat asks them to be alert, captain should not go alive from here, he wants to kill us by fooling of talks. Zeenat stares at them. Vividha and Suman come out of the room. The man takes them downstairs. The man shoots. Ravish moves. He aims the gun at the man. The other man comes and sees Ravish. He shoots at Ravish. Ravish gets shot on his shoulder. Ravish falls back. The family gets shocked hearing the bullet sound. Even army officers see Ravish falling down and hold him.

The man informs Zeenat. Zeenat starts laughing and says Ravish is brave, he failed to save family, but he is dead. They all get shocked and cry for Ravish. Zeenat prays Ravish gets soul peace. The army man tells Ravish that media gathered outside, they want to talk to you. Ravish is given medical wound. He tells officer that wound is fresh, but I will be fine. Officer says the time is over, I know your family is captive, but you have to decide, I will make the decision official, we will do anything to save your family, tell me what’s your decision.

The news say Ravish is fine, he got shot on shoulder, he is coming out to give statement to us. The family gets relieved and thank Lord. Sujata says nothing happened to Suman. The reporter says Ravish will tell his decision, will he leave Wasim or not. Zeenat says we will celebrate Wasim’s release now. Ravish comes to media. Everyone see Ravish on tv. The media asks Ravish what will he decide now, his family is captive. Zeenat gets eager to hear. Ravish says my family is in danger, but Indian army will never bow down to anyone, we will not release Wasim on any price. Daddy ji smiles. Zeenat gets shocked.

The reporter asks will you not leave Wasim. Zeenat gets angry and sees Daddy ji. Ravish says my family is not just inside that house, all indians are my family, I can’t risk millions of lives, releasing Wasim is like a threat, even the people in that house will expect this from me, they will not bow down to terrorists, I came here to sacrifice my family, because I can’t give sacrifice of my country, Jai hind. The family feels proud seeing Ravish. The people praise Ravish, and call Ravish’s family their family. Daddy ji says I m proud of you my son. Zeenat fumes. She says you all are smiling, come here. She makes the family stand at gun point.

Daddy ji says I would have hurt if Ravish did not do this, I would have said he is not my blood. Suman says he is my son, did you think he will cheat country for family, no way, you thought our eyes will have fear, look in our eyes, you will not find any fear. Vividha says great warriors are born in this land, even if children are not given training in fight, they are born warriors. Sujata says you have to wait forever to see fear in our eyes. Dadi Bua says do anything, but party to celebrate with Wasim is cancelled. Atharv says yes. Kalindi asks Zeenat for what is she waiting, shoot us if you have courage. They all smile. Zeenat stares at them. They all hold hands.

Atharv asks is this game aunty. Zeenat says yes, game of death. She aims the gun at Vividha. Atharv points that gun at his forehead and says no aunty, don’t kill Vividha, kill me, I m very strong.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunanda

    Very sad of ravish when he got bullet wounded😔😔😔😔😔😔
    Ravish words r super today.
    Precap is quite interesting.i think atharv will definetly do some trick in precap
    Very very …………………….interesting 2 nxt episide

  2. Kavya

    Wowww!! Very interesting episodes & veryyy exitingggg precapppp….come soon atharv sujatha..we all are waitinggg….

  3. Karan

    Ravish, good show and thank u 4 standing up 4 ur country and keeping up to that tag line of ‘ desh pehela pyar’. CVS good job today, Ravish ko desh ka hero aur Atharva ko Vividha ka hero…..super

    Guys, now it’s all looking forward to Atharva Sujata……in action. Mei bhi Jawan huu !!! Mei bhi bahut strong huu!!

    Tomm…..climax…..spot light on Atharva!!!
    Jawan hone ke leye uniform mei hona jaroore nahi hai!!

  4. Vitharv Always

    Uffffff… Sssh pppah…..
    Disgusted to see writers praising ravish too too much, sterday characters and terrorist were portrayed as praising bahaduri captain.

    Today ravish’s colleagues, media person, haha finally even they showed like public praising ravish captain…

    The dialogue, ” we are with ravish “…
    Uffff… Dear dear writers only u can portray dialogues as people saying we are with ravish.. But as fans who r watching JNDSD from day 1,we are with vitharv..

    Also bye bye writers..
    Today episode was full of ravish’s praise and when vividha was crying (even suman didn’t cry like that) on hearing ravish dead, OMG.. It’s OK if she cries, but here her rona dhona was truly like lover of ravish.

    So unless vitharv unites, bye bye. To the show.

    Only by boycotting the show ,u writers will get sense. Not to remind u that it was after atharv’s re-entry show got trp again, it’s only just to see our vitharv together.

    So stop ravish’s praise. Senseless writers .

  5. harsha

    Wonderful its better that atharv dying….because now myself fed up with ravish Mahan drama then this new ravish and vividha pair…i hate this and bye forever.

  6. Anam

    Now I don’t understand who the hero is ravish or atharve.By the way I’m proud of ravish and his courage .My question is who is the hero?

  7. Kavya

    Wowww!!! Nice episode and very interesting precapp…..artharv sujathaaa come back soon with ur attitude..we all are waitinggg….

  8. Joe

    Makers unite only ravida thats y they are showing much imp to ravish nd vivida nd our atharv ko side track bana diya..

    • Suman

      No yar only Vitharv. Just check article shashank vyas entry delayed in Jana na dil se door by toi. In dat they clearly mentioned lead pair for vitharv n ravish as part of show n one of powerful character. No ravidha. Trust it’s a story of vitharv

  9. sudheer

    Nice epi, whole vasist family is very Strong. So present total vasist family responsibility depends on atharv. Let’s wait & see who saves vasist family? Adharv r ravish r both?

  10. Anam

    1❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love ravish and vividah Jori

  11. Nazneen Syed

    Today’s episode was superb 👌.The precap was awesome waiting for tomorrow.Wow 😲 Atharv sujata is back.Ravish you were superb today.Thanks for standing for the country.

  12. nidha

    Hello….,….today the “MATHS DAY”, our maths exhibition was superb..it was an unexpected victory ✌..
    Coming to serial..again praising ravish
    Waiting for tomorrow,…precap was superb, my atharve is standing for vividha…he is putting his life in to danger for vividhaaaa😍😍😍😍😍😍
    How sweet is ma atharve

  13. Suman

    Just check article by toi shashank vyas finally enters Jana na dil se door. In dat, they mentioned dat shashank going to enter into show as step brother of male lead. 🤔

  14. amrutha

    There r equal no of fans for both vithrav and ravida.people will accept any of them .and in tomorrow episode athrav going to say Na do nt shoot vividha instead shoot me he will say this not only for vividha even if suman in her place Na he will say so for sure.

  15. Shani

    Athrv is vividhas real hero . im fed up to see mahanta of ravish . Ravish hs become country’s hero bt nt vividhas . Atharv vl save his love vividha from zeenat . Come back atharv sujata . Vitharv vitharv vitharv and vitharv always

  16. Suman

    Last week trp is 1. Before dat 1.3 n before it was 1.5(at dat time more of vitharvs screen presence).hence proved content is more important than bhajans

    • sudheer

      Yes One main lead always says that captainsab bhajan. Thats way trp is increased not vidharv screen presence. This show Main content is ravidha unite & adharv’s peacefull life. Not vidharv unite.

      • Suman

        Oh really. Thanks a lot for replying. Last before before week rabida was having more screen presence 👍😂.

  17. Kk

    Actually fans if u don’t mind I would like to say one thing…. U all Vitharv fans are over reacting…. why u all taking this so personally. It ‘s only a show…. Ha.. Ha.. Ha😆😆😆

  18. saranjit

    This terrorist entry is so stupid. It needs more substance. It’s dragging. Why is Artharv not coming to his senses. Like really ….Vividha gets in room with two guys and it doesn’t make Artharv want to spring into action. Right there and then he should have done something heroic.

    Ravish….ravish …ravish….omg . we get it he’s a good guy but what does that have to do with this story. So is Vividha getting heart broken for Ravish??? So disappointing seeing her close to Suman instead of Sujata. Disliking this Vividha.
    Also what happened to her sisters murderer? unsolved and now writers getting into terrorism???

    You guys need to fill in the gaps and bring something positive out of this show.

  19. sudheer

    Ravish sacrifice his family for his country. In the same way adharv sacrifice his love for his family. Then both are main leads in the show. Els ravish is main lead in d show.
    Adharv always tells that he has don’t take any help from others directly r indirectly. Previously&presently adharv takes help from vasist family(indirectly). How will repay for help?

    • Suman

      For repay u r expecting his girl. Ha ha. In between vividha is a individual not thing to donate. She is having every right to decide about future n life. It’s neither atharv nor ravish. Just wait until she opens up n let her decide forced marriage or soulmate

    • 143

      Hello my dear sudheer, u saying Atharv to repay, how funny u r??? Ha ha aha ah….u got memory loss like Atharv. So I will recall u, do u remember Sujatha scolding suman. Can u pl watch it again.. then u will understand who has to repay.
      Atharv never took any help from vashista’s. Even u feel its help,its not help my dear frnd its was Atharv Sujatha’s right on vashista’s house.

  20. harshiya anjum

    U r right kk all of vithrav fans are really overreacting so jealous of ravish they r feeling that most of them want only vithrav .if vithrav will not be endgame this show will be flopped.its not all true y they r blackmailing directors .it seems vithrav fans forcing vividha to be with athrav , y r u compelling her to go back to athrav.its her life she can take decision of her life by her own.if athrav does not have of any problem with ravidha union wts ur problem.let them lead their life a/c to their terms.dont mind guys and sry to say that u most of athrav fans r really over reacting unnecessarily if same thing wt ravish dng in current episodes is done by athrav u will say hero no where u feel he is dng overacting.stop passing mockeries on ravish character.

    • 143

      Ha ha ha ha..u two@(kk and harshiya anjum) r feeling we r overreacting. But I feel u two guys overreacted by our casual comments. Sharing views r not like overreacting.
      Y r u worried if we say show will be flopped if end game was not vitharv. How can u feel its blackmailing director/writer’s. Even if we say like so, it won’t matter to writers. They have there own story. But we r trying to get director attention towards viewers views abt d show. NOT OVERREACTING.

      • Kk

        Hello friend again u did over react… Oooooof.
        Ab tum se idea lekar writer , director kaam karenge…. Kya baat hai yaar….!! Ha ha😆😆😆

  21. Ramya

    We(vitharv fans) not over reacting.our reaction is reasonble.and who are watching the jndsd from ep1 they knows what is vitharva love.we are not against ravish.and finally end game will be vitharv.

  22. 143

    Good morning frnds.
    Have a nice day.

    Nice episode. Feeling good and sad.episode was so good going with ravish as a army man. But its bad to see Atharv still a kid. We want Atharv Sujatha back….😰😰😱😱😍😍😭😭

  23. Shani

    Ravish is good I like him bt i dnt wnt ravidha . I want to see our old jodi vitharv 😘😘 back . writer pls introduce new girl for ravish .

  24. Karan

    Vitharav fans have no need to over react. Unfortunately Ravish (SV) character has been hyped to the tilt to create compassion. His role is against Atharva who is currently playing the role of a mentally disfunctional kid and he still steals the show ( hands down)

    As views of this show from the beginning Atharva has played the role of a awesome romantic, furious young man, dotting son, an obsessive molester, a mentally ill man all in a span of 1 year in the same show. That’s a challenge he has covered like silk. SV (Ravish) has fans as an established actor and that why ppl support his role here without reasoning in reference to the context of this show. Pls guys we just want wants right in the show to happen. The is no favouritism. Ravish is doing his jon and it’s no big deal for him as it’s a role any ametuer can play.

    Coming to who should get Vividha, it’s obviously the man she loves and the man she sacrifles everything for. ….we all know who that is …..don’t we.

    So by yelling Ravidha or Ravish nothing is gonna change. The writers opinion or the story line has already been decided, if they follow the other stupid shows like Tere Seher mein ….we all know whr they r gonna land.

    Sit back and enjoy the wait for the man who can make it interesting!!

  25. Piya

    I don’t think atharv gonna help all.
    I think ravish had a plan, he might come along with his team to help his family.
    Anyways will be knowing today’s episode
    I am fan of Vitharv, I really wish atharv save all people.

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