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The Episode starts with Kailash telling Vividha that her life will be full of happiness and then she will not miss them, Delhi is not away, I will keep coming. He makes her wear jewelry and says I know after you leave, your old father will fall weak. Ankit comes there. Kailash asks him to come and make his sister ready. Kailash gives bangles to Ankit and smiles. Ankit and Kailash make Vividha wear the bangles.

Kalindi says its not easy, you have put marriage decision burden on Ravish, you knew he did not wish to marry. Suman says where was nothing to ask him, this is his father’s last wish. Kalindi says I know obeying father is tradition here, but Ravish is new generation guy, if Ramakant married you by obeying his father, it does not mean Ravish will marry Vividha. Suman says

he is my son, he will come and marry this girl. Daddy ji asks her to call Ravish and find out whether he left from there.

Ravish is shown dancing with his group. Havan kund maston ka jhund…..plays…….. The soldiers praise Ravish for fighting well and killing enemies, but now time has come that he becomes Shaheed by marrying. They all pull his leg as he is going to marry. Ravish smiles. Ravish says I have to do second marriage to obey my mum. They ask second marriage. Ravish says a soldier is married to his uniform first, and now I m going to meet my second wife.

Kailash says when your groom sees you, his heart will be very happy. He asks Ankit to come and arrange the car. He asks Uma to get the bride. Dadi cries and says Kailash got mad, why does he not understand he is going to ruin Vividha’s life. Uma asks Vividha does she know what she is doing, Kailash can’t do more, I won’t let anything happen to Atharv, don’t do this for which you are not ready, refuse for marriage, don’t ruin your life. Vividha says I did deal for Atharv’s marriage, every deal is cheaper when it comes to save Atharv’s life, I will keep my promise to Kailash.

Suman calls Ravish. He asks is everything fine. She asks him the same, and whether is he leaving for home. He says yes, my leave is sanctioned, I was meeting soldiers and leaving for home. He hears the siren. The soldier run to the base. She asks about siren. He says everything is fine, don’t know the reason for the siren. A soldier tells him about enemies coming to this area, we have order to shoot them. Suman hears this on phone.

Suman says I heard it, but your leave is sanctioned, are you coming. He say you are brigadier’s bahu, Colonel’s wife and soldier’s mum, you know army officer is never off duty, I will surely come, I will come by saluting the flag or wrapped in the flag, but I will come, you can count my wounds, it will be on my chest, not my back. She says I know, you have an army officer’s blood. He says Jai hind and ends call. He runs for his duty.

Kailash takes Vividha in the car. Everyone sit in the car unhappily. Atharv and Sujata’s cows come in the middle of the road, and block the way. Kailash asks Dubey to move the cows. Ankit stops Dubey and gets a stick to beat the cows. Vividha stops Ankit from beating the cows. Ravish runs in the fields and reaches the base. Soldier says your leave is sanctioned, you can go, we will manage. Ravish says can I leave my duty and go home, I will lead this operation, any doubt. The soldiers say no. He asks them to come.

Vividha takes the cow and calf aside. She recalls Atharv’s words and cries. She looks at the stable. Hamesha tumko chaha………….plays…………….. She thinks of their moments and cries holding his shirt and belongings. She cares for the calf Payal and recalls Atharv and her initial meetings. She sees Payal wearing the anklet and thinks of those moments. She sees his bike and recalls their ride on his bike. She holds his helmet and cries. She promises to Atharv that no one can take his place in her life. Ravish wears war safety gear and gets ready.

Vividha comes to Suman’s house and power goes. A lady says new bahu came and its abshagun. Ravish salutes the flag. He gets shot by the enemy and shoots the enemy before falling down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The recallment of viv about atharv is sooo emotional
    Ravish entry is gud
    Today atharv situation is not shown
    Wt happen 2 atharv


  2. So sad vitharv separation

  3. I think the wedding will get postponed. Wonder what kailash will do then? Vividha doesn’t even know that ankit is also involved in beating atharv.

    1. Keep dreaming! Viv will marry ravish and atharva will go mad. People don’t fool yourselves, stp watching this horse craps.

    2. No postpone and no one will stop Vividha-Ravish marriage
      See this link——->>> if any doubts

      finally its time to end watching ….bye bye JNDSD………

  4. Saddddddd wats happening .don’t separate atharv and vividhaaaa plsss

  5. Guys I read the spoilers that ravish nd viv get married
    I am really tensed that the spoilers become true? ????????

  6. After reading this episode………….i just hate that blo*dy word ” Promise ” from Vividha mouth……
    entire show made the word “Promise” as a use less word to be used from any one
    such an….

    1. Pls stop this show, it is a piece of garbage.

  7. Guys I watched a video of ravish nd vivida marring in YouTube.
    I am really worries about the video. Where is atharv? ???????

  8. Its same yesterday

  9. Hii All…… Vitharv separation is pakka…. I saw it in YouTube….. Nd JNDSD official website……. So sad about atharv……. Is dis necessary too much of cruelty to atharv…… It’s disgusting…….. I’ll quit dis show bcoz the director shows very bad nd cruel…. Heart broken version…..

    It’s better to watch Sony serials……. They don’t dragg d shows…… Nd not like dis cruelty……

    Sony’s serials. —-Ek rishta sajhedari ka
    …………………….kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi………. Ek dujhe ke vaaste…… Feel good shows………

    JNDSD also written by d same writer of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…….. Y Mamatha yash patnaik mam…..Wat d he’ll is dis with Vitharv……

    Sorry if anyone of Vitharv fans hurt with my comment……

    1. Hi ji…u r right…sony serial is better…
      I love ersk…
      But love vitharv too…but the video in utube is just disgusting..finally all hopes brokened…vividha marries ravish..and atharv became ghajini..

      1. I am also love Vitharv….. But atharv ko aisa dekh kar Mera dil took gaya…… ???

    2. I completly agree with u…..even i also feel bad knowing Mamtha maam making such a waste story…. Im not so familiar with serials in sony but i watch kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…..
      I just hope the writers change the storyline lyk Ravish as a +ve character nd he himself support vividha….

      Any way may i know ur name plzz….

      1. Yes….. Ofcourse my name Ganga

  10. People watch serial for entertainment… For good feel…after a hectic day of work…seeing this piece of crap is totally upsetting…loved this show earlier ?

  11. I hate vividha in this story.. She could have easily set things rights by just making a call to the police ..why did she not do that.. And by marrying another man she has falsifiedher strong character and whatever she has stood for till now.. Dumbasss vividha

  12. indera sanichara

    Come on viewers lets go watch Ishqbaaz it so refeshing to that serial. I will quit JNDSD because from now on it a only suffering you will see. So bye bye.

  13. plz dont separate atharv n vividha…im missing atharv a lot where is he

  14. D.Dashni

    Seriously the seven promises and romance between Vitharv indicating true love all just ended by Kailash so easily …Vividha wants to keep the promise with her father then what about the promises she made to Atharv???All just words is it????? …Atharv is suffering there and we had no clue about our lead character’s life…R u kidding me usseless writers????Seriously why everytime most of the love story’s shows have such a cheap thought . .Love a guy and then marry other one….Then fall in love again after marriage with the guy you married . ..what bull shit is this?? Vividha always stand up for everything and now she is showed as a weak girl ….I swear I never wanna watch the crap if she is married to Ravish..Hell pissed off with the writers ….

  15. Whats happening to Atharv……..No Atharv today…….so nxt we hav to watch vividha ravish scenes……oooffff really bad……..

    Hey malayali frndz…..how r u all…

  16. After suffering there will be happiness.soo i dont stop of watching jndsd

    1. Yeah same to u dear…For some days i stopped watching jndsd i had a tendency to change channel @ 5.30…. So i again started watching the show…. I know love will win but it takes time….im ready to wai8 for vitharv reunion….so im not going to say bye bye……

      Oops sorry for late reply u asked my name ri8…..well im Ardra from kerala…..

      1. And if vitharv separates forever then what abt Vivira???

  17. Where is my bangaram ……..my atharv
    I wamt to see vitharv marriage but it is not possible right now

    1. Hii arshitha….. R u telugu…..?????

  18. JNDSD: Kailash marry off Vividha-Ravish aptly to satisfy male ego .

    Kalilash make Vividha (Shivani Surve) marry off Ravish successfully and forget Atharv (Vikram Chauhan) to satisfy male ego in Jana Na Dil Se Door .

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage drama seen amid Kailash and Vividha in the daily soap.

    Inspite of seeing that Vividha have just lost Atharv who was the love of Vividha’s life, Kailash don’t have any feelings for Vividha.

    Kailash shamefully without any hesitation make Vividha marry off Ravish just in order to satisfy Kailash’s male ego.

    Vividha still is in the mourning state of Atharv and does not know as to where is Vividha heading towards.

    Ravish gets shot on the border and the marriage gets postporned .

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedical situations seen amid Ravish and Kailash in the ongoing serial.

    Ravish is in army and would get shot upon on the border by the enemies and thus the marriage gets post porned.

    It would be intresting to watch as to how would Kailash react upon listening to this news of Ravish?


  19. Mr&mrs obod u miss the another beautiful serial in Sony bade baiya ki dulhaniya…. Wt u r told it’s really true..i quite to watch this show

    1. Oops…. Sorry yar I forget it…. ??
      Today’s sbs segment nahi dekha tu ne….Vividha nd ravish ka shadi hogayi……… Dat’s way I’m quitting dis show…

      Bade bhaiya also superb show……. And also kapil Sharma nd super dance also…… Am die hard fan on Sony shows……

  20. Okay……. Tq for replying me in good way……… Bye bye guys ????

  21. So, Vividha n Ravish r getting married n we’ve still no news on how Atharv is. Where I used to look forward to Atharva’s antics, his humour, his laughter, his smile n the way he would always impart his words of wisdom to his lady love, now all we get is sadness, tears n what ifs…. Vividha n Atharva’s joree is just too special for it to all disappear in a heartbeat! Come on writers, directors, give us ur loyal fans, just a little glimmer of hope. Just something, anything… N wot Wil happen to poor Gungun n Payal, the stables… How can we lose one major character! Ravish may be good but (no offence) but he isn’t Atharv. There’s just someat about Atharv, hes a real hero he may not be a soldier or anything, he may just be a business person, but he had dreams, he was down to earth, n all that mattered to him was his mum n Vividha n his business. Everyone that he met fell for him, listened to him, embraced him. Ravish, unfortunately no matter wot he does Wil never fill Atharva’s shoes. How sad seeing Vividha recollecting her happiest moments wit Atharva n then caring for the cows.

    Their pachpanna was wot we viewers loved n that has now gone. Please let us see Vividha fight n in turn Atharva fight too! We know it Wil b difficult but it isn’t impossible. Come on writers/directors, listen to ur viewers, giv us hope that u Wil fulfil our dreams for these two loveable characters plzzzzzzzzz, Thanku ?

  22. Nice episode.

  23. Forgot to include we miss u Vividha n Atharv!!! (After a long n hard day at work u put a smile on our faces, now we will Hav to watch earlier episodes to make us feel better)….

  24. I truly feel sorry for indian women, all the shows are like th real crime show savthaan india it is always shaadhi and the women are tossed like objects, doesnt anyone sensor these shows, i guess it is a mans world there so why not teach our children that women are objects for men to do whatever they want with them and discard or kill when they are done, be it a father, brother, uncle or grandfather. so pathetic i will never watch this show again, just like i stopped watching krishnadasi, suhani, kum kum , kalash, swaragini and name it all now i even stopped watching Siya Ki Ram what the hell is going on in India? India is one of the countries wiith highest rate of domestic violence, rape child molestation, kidnapping name it anything that degrades and humiliates a women, oh my this is absurd. indian women need to get up and let their voices heard.

  25. Empowerment in love to tabhi hoga agar vividha vapas ake Atharv k business ko bohot aage badhaye. Kailash ko bhikari bana de aur Atharv ka intezar kare.
    Itne brands launch kare k sheher/desh mein har jagah kailash ko sujata aur Atharv ka hi naam dikhe aur vo chah kr b Atharv ka naam lene pe majboor ho jaye.

    Kya koi ladki pyar mein itna nahi kar sakti? Kaise dikhaya h aurton ko itna majboor? Mujhe bula lo script mein theek kr deti hu ?

    1. Yes my guess is right….???? Wr r u frm….?????

  26. Seriously ple .both art have rav gonna end up in t hospital and he will get art have heart …only in India tat will happen. Indian ple donr believe in happy ending struggle t get there

  27. Yes iam from telugu

  28. Gud afternoon guys

  29. The same scene is happening with almost 95 % of Indian girls…
    who lost their love one cause of their rude family. .so sad for vithrv.

  30. Once the marriage happens Vividha and Ravish will not separate. It happens in all the soapies. Is this an Ekta soapie? She usually lets the bad guys win

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