Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv changing dose in the prescription. He sees Sujata sleeping. He opens the door and goes. Vividha comes out of her room. She asks who is it and looks around. She sees the arrows guiding her the way and walks following it. She goes out and sees decorations. She sees Ravish standing behind the pillar. Ravish comes infront of her.

Ravish says sorry, I could not take you outside anywhere. She thinks to tell everything to Ravish. He asks did she like decorations. She says yes and thinks not to tell him now as he looks happy. He asks her to please come. Atharv comes out of the room from the back door. Ravish shows the different variety of food. She says this was not needed. He says some things are done by intention, not need. He shows her sweets. He asks her

to start having food. He serves the food.

They eat food. He looks at her. Khoya hai paake tumko…..plays………… He asks her to say something about her on her birthday. She says I stay in Ajmer, I have a small family in the small city. Jaana na dil se door……pays………… Atharv comes towards them. Ravish asks her why did she not have anything. She says I had it. He says fine. Atharv falls down by colliding with a flower pot.

Atharv looks for the greeting. Ravish serves red wine to Vividha. She refuses for it. Ravish gets juice for her. They smile and drink mango juice instead wine. They sit on the grass. Ravish asks her to see sky well by lying down. She says fine, let me try. He says whenever I got break from duty on border, we used to lie down and see the stars, then a star used to pity on us and break, we used to make a wish. She says I read the star who is with other star shines and lonely star breaks, as there is no one to hold the star.

Ravish says then we don’t need to worry, we are together. She says many times I forwarded hand to touch the stars, then I understood my hands are smaller than the desires. Ravish says fine, lets make the hands and desires size equal. Ravish goes and catches a lightning bug from a bush. She smiles.

Ravish gets the bug and hands over to her. She smiles. Jaana na dil se door plays……. He says now your hand and desires size got equal. He says everything is possible. Atharv finally gets the greeting paper and looks for them. He sees Ravish and Vividha gone.

Ravish and Vividha come home and see power gone. She asks did power go, where is everyone. Everyone come and shout surprise. The lights come. Vividha gets surprised and smiles. Atharv hears them. Vividha thanks them. Suman gets cake and says Ravish planned to celebrate your birthday, we also wanted to celebrate. Vipul asks Vividha to come and cut cake. He fixes the candle and says we will set the mood. He switches off lights, and the decorations glitter.

Vividha cuts the cake. Everyone smile. Atharv comes there and smiles. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….. Suman asks Vividha to feed cake to Ravish first. Vividha feeds cake to Ravish and then everyone. Suman says I want to tell you, that I got a bets gift from Lord, that’s you. Daddy ji blesses Vividha. They all smile. Everyone give gifts to Vividha.

Atharv forwards greeting. Sujata comes there and takes away Atharv. Situram shuts Atharv’s mouth. Sujata asks Atharv to come with her. Situram takes Atharv. The greeting galls there. Vipul feeds cake to Vividha and stares at her. Sujata does not see Vividha and asks Situram is that girl Ravish’s wife. He says yes. Sujata waits to see her face and could not see. Suman asks Bhoomi and Aditi to let Vividha rest and spend time with Ravish.

Ravish and Vividha come to room. Vividha thanks her for making her birthday so special and says I did not think this could happen. He says birthday did not end, check the gifts, I will go and change. She checks gifts.

She gets shocked seeing Atharv’s greeting, where he has drawn Atharv and Vividha praying to Shiv ji.

Situram tries to control Atharv. Atharv gets violent. Ravish comes there. Atharv fights with Ravish. Ravish controls him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunanda

    The surprise that ravish planned for vivida is superrrrrrrr
    Atharv acting is awesome,.
    What’s that horrible precap
    The envelope for viv is given by atharv? ?????????

  2. Catherine

    Hey it is so rude how can they play jaana Na dil SE door title track for ravish and vivida.Can someone say the story of ek dujhe ke vaste I am just confused with its Tamil version

    • navz

      Yaa ek duje ke vaaste is a cute romantic serial. It’s all abt 2 best frnds frm childhood who depart and find each other with different personalities after 10 yrs . from dthere they will fight .their ego n self respect comein between n increase d gap in d journey they will discover their love n shraman lived happily thereafter.

  3. priya

    Nice episode,after long time they showed smtng good.i liked the scenes of [email protected]

  4. Sunanda

    The new song of jndsd song is gud.
    First jndsd song for vivida nd atharv
    Second jndsd song for vivida nd ravish

  5. Angle

    Bakwas hai yeh…. Thought this would be a better story, a different & an awesome story. But there is nothing special in this. It s seems to be this would end up being another version of “Hum dil de chuke sanam”…… or may be “Dhadkan”. Same common story again…..

  6. Sri

    Wt rubbish jndsd song for ravish……jndsd song only made for vitharv not for ravish…. Pls don’t irritate us

  7. navz

    Yaa ek duje ke vaaste is a cute romantic serial. It’s all abt 2 best frnds frm childhood who depart and find each other with different personalities after 10 yrs . from dthere they will fight .their ego n self respect comein between n increase d gap in d journey they will discover their love n shraman lived happily thereafter.

  8. Havilah

    I am very upset.. Now.. I don’t watch thiss Serial. I am always see this serial only for Atharv and Vividha.. But now they are seperated.. GOOD BYE JAANA NA DIL SE DOOR..

  9. Mr.White

    Plz some one answer my question. .
    In secret room From which door Atharv was was getting out all the time.????

  10. Sss

    I got d latest news that ravish will turn negative nd also suman will tirn negative at last vividha fights for atharva nd both gets united

  11. TUFFY

    What’s happened to all the spoilers of atharv and sujata being seen by vividha and suman getting to know that sujata is in her house? When are they going to be shown? When will the story move forward?
    @Angle – maybe you are right. Maybe this will go like HDDCS and dhadkan.

    • Angle

      May be yaar….. But, don’t want to watch another common version of HDDCS or Dhadkan. If it is so, then the evil Kailadh will win…. Then the show will going to support nothing else, only evilness…. Poor Atharv…..

  12. Havilah

    Friends Tell me… how many member want atharv and Vivdha’s love
    … and how many member want Ravish and Vividha’s love..
    Vitharv vs Vivish

  13. Kiran

    Really writers are stupids.what is this nonsense b/w ravish and vividha.vividha behaving like b*t*h. Stupid lady.how she wl do like this.she is not traditional house wife. change het dressing looking very ugly and ptodtitute. She don’t know the value of love.don’t like see this stupid serial

  14. Kaarunya

    Don’t keep cloths inside vividha’s saree…she is looking very awkward and ugly. Her character is also very bad.not getting interest to see her and serial..cheee

  15. ula

    and edkv was ozm story with new storyline….thoda hatke type………totally different from saas bahu drama

  16. Angle

    Jaana na dil se door for Atharv and Vividha….. & Jaana na dil se door for Ravish and Vividha….. Then who is Vividha’s true love??? Writter is going to make Vividha’s character as spineless, capricious, shameless & cranky girl who betrayed to her love, betrayed to the man who taught to follow her heart, who encouraged her to stand by her own feet, who brought empowerment through his true love. Please don’t do that. We want to see Vitharv together.

    • Natalya

      Looking at the comments some viewers are swaying towards the good looking ravish and his status. Could the writers just be portraying what the average Indian female thinks thru the change in Vividha.

  17. RV

    The story is losing its goodness, I used to look so forward to it each day n now I don’t, oh well maybe a different serial Wil begin soon….

  18. Latha

    Wowwww. Today’s episode was heart touching. Each and every second my heart melted like anything. I wish Vicidha should fall in love with Ravish and should start their life together. Ravis is so handsome… Love him a lot.

  19. Latha

    Wowwwwwwww.what a heart touching episode. Each and every second my heart melted so much that I don’t have words to say. I wish if Vividha should fall in Ravish’s love and start their lives together. Ravish is so handsome. What a man yar….. Muahhhhh. Simply love him

    • Kaarunya

      See now a days how the girls are behaving..i m really felt bad about their replies and thinking.these girls wl fall in love with more boys if they get better boy than petvious one in beauty and richness.this is the girls situation of indian girls now.

  20. Saranjit

    Is anyone upset watching this show? Look at vividha and how she’s enjoying her birthday surprise from. ravish. why is this marriage still going on? Poor artharv. They need to make him 100% again so he gets some justice. Truthfully, I rather have artharv than ravish. Artharv shouldn’t have to suffer for her. First her insulting father, brother hitting him, and now her ?It’s getting annoying.

  21. Havilah

    Kiran.. Vividha must be Modern house wife.. Becuase of any treditional house wife not getting 2nd marriage.. But Vividha must getting 2nd marriage to Atharv.. so that’s why Vividha charcter was turn on like modren house wife.. And her derssing style also soo modren.. she must married to Atharv..

  22. Kaarunya

    I really hate the girls who are supporting vividha n ravish jodi..that means you din’t know the value of love. In ur mind love means beauty n caring. In love there is no chance to expectation. If you really love a person love or die for them. I m really surprising by seeing girls comments on this

  23. Kaarunya

    I really hate the girls who are supporting vividha n ravish jodi..that means you din’t know the value of love. In ur mind love means beauty n caring. In love there is no chance to expectation. If you really love a person live or die for them. I m really surprising by seeing girls comments on this. Really atharv acting is ultimate
    He reached mountains in his acting.

  24. Sssss

    Vividha loved one guy, married another guy and she will go for first night with some other guy who will take care more than ravish and atharv..correct writers?

  25. Ruma

    Vividha is coward and selfish.so easily she forgot Atharvs love.she dosnt deserve Atharvs love.shame 2.

  26. manju

    where is vitharv love story,the story is really disgusting, what the writers think viewers r mad to see such idiotic shows no value for true love, promises. forgetting true lover accepting new life ,succes for wrong people(kailash and ankit) always sufferer will be who is in true love,find for justice ,failure in life for atharv and sujatha.always loser main lead.vivi enjoying gifts surprises ,meanwhile atharv getting mad ,pathetically affected . what crap track .atharv acting was nice.

  27. Kaarunya

    Thanq Havilah…really i hate such kind of girls like vividha.now a days most of the girls are behaving like vividha..they wl love guy for time pass and enjoyment before marriage and after they wl marry rich and handdome guy as per their parents wish.then they forget first love and say jaana dil se door bcoz now they want to continue with rich and handsome guy..bcoz of film industry everybody is showing interest in living together relationship..love n marriage became physical relation b/w boy n girl. If they got bore they el go for other.this is the situation of human beings..they became like animals..thanx for ur support Havilah

  28. kiran

    yes you are right kaarunya…vividha is exposing so much.i really shame to say this, i think they made something to expose her chest and hips, hahahahahahaha. bcoz she needs to attract boys na, but unfortunately she is looking seriously ugly and shameless girl in that modern style. how easily she forget atharv and enjoying with ravish. really ravish very innocent and truthful guy. she is playing games with atharv and ravish. i don’t know why the directors and writers made that girl ugly looks wise and characterless. plz girls don’t fallow vividha..i am sure boys don’t like that type of girls. boys always like natural beauty and good characters.

  29. Xyz

    people have such mentality just because she is wearing a stylish saree means she is exposing ooo god.u call urself atharv fans ? He said in 1 episode dat its a free country and u can wear wateva u want.Moreover vividha was not romancing with any1 she was hvng a good time on birthday like 2 friends have.Now ppl vl say its wrong to have a friend who is guy.Shame on such naroow mindes people.

  30. Xyz

    she is not flirting around with any1.Those girls who are shouting have not heard yhe proverb that time heals every pain.She believes atharv is safe and has started new life and she is trying to move on.What is so wrong it?

  31. Anjana

    Hate vividha…she made herself as an idiot .im stopped watching this srl.no words to say anymore ..director n script writer spoiling the meaning of love..lv u atharv will miss u..n vivida dnt deserve atharv bcz shs is a stupid girl..hate..chi…

  32. Havilah

    No… vividha not tdying to move on her life.. and don’t want start new life with atharv.. she was waiting for Atharv.. becuase of Atharv promised to vividha when goons was beating him that he would come for her..

  33. Anjana

    No.. She changed a lot aftr her marriage ..cant see vivi with ravish so irritating ..srl getting bore day by day..

  34. NS4

    O my God. ..I was happy to see many comments. .
    But u guys made a debate on girl.., Vividha dressing. .her character. .. don’t get crazy guys.
    It’s not a fault of a girl or the one who doing vividha role (shivani)..she is an actress. ..she has to do according to her role. . Its her duty.
    Don’t judge any one with outside looks. . I mean by the way they dress. ..or pleasing someone

    Here clean heart vividha is not a such a cheap girl. .she was unable to forget atharv and here vividha feels she was doing wrong with Ravish. So it’s quiet natural for any girl. …vividha can’t forget atharv in the same way she can’t accept Ravish..
    just respect inner feeling not external looks…like dressing, together with Ravish

  35. Kaniz

    Hey can anyone please give me the link of new jaana na dil se dur song that was played in this episode

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