Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash taunting Uma and threatening her indirectly. Uma and Vividha leave. Kailash says Atharv wants to become big, I have to stop him. He calls Dubey and asks him to keep an eye on Atharv, keep me informed, what Atharv does, and tell me what Atharv he is unable to do and he wants to do. Vividha tells Uma that she did not do this intentionally. Uma says I know, its not your mistake. Vividha cries and hugs her, asking why are you worried then. Uma says I m not worried. Guddi and Dadi come and ask about Kailash’s anger. They all have a group hug. Sujata blows air to get the smoke fire. Uncle kneads the floor and asks how will you do on this stove. Sujata coughs by the smoke and says its fine, Atharv will arrange the gas.

Vividha sees this and gets shocked. Guddi

and Ankit fight for the room. Dadi says this room will be of Guddi and Vividha. Ankit asks why. Guddi says whats the need to take this room, you can take any room, and I also want my own private space. Dadi says if we give you private space, you will ruin our respect, girls won’t get a room alone, you both can take care of you, and why does Guddi need a room for her. Guddi argues with Dadi and says now I have grown up, I will do the things as per my age, not like you. Dadi says I m Indumati, and scolds Guddi. She asks Vividha to keep an eye on Guddi. Guddi asks them to put her in hostel. Vividha sees Sujata cooking on the traditional stove.

Uncle says I will get food from outside. Sujata says how many days will we have food from outside, Atharv does not like hotel food, I will ignite the stove by adding more wood. Uncle says Atharv will get gas stove soon and goes to get some wood. Vividha looks on. Guddi sees her at the window and says you are keeping an eye on neighbors, you can stare at Atharv any time. Vividha says I can’t see Sujata in trouble. Guddi asks her to go and give food to her.

Vividha takes food for Sujata and keeps the plate there, she runs from there, before anyone sees her. She sees the diya near the tulsi plant. Sujata smiles seeing Vividha, and how she kept the food. Vividha recalls Sujata’s words. Vividha takes a flower and thinks Kailash’s anger is on Atharv, why is he creating hurdle in Sujata’s devotion, he will get sin, forgive him Kanha ji. She places the flower in the temple. Sujata smiles and says Atharv’s named flowers had to reach the Kanha’s idol, it does not matter I keep the flowers or Vividha, Atharv will succeed as Lord will bless him.

Atharv shows the presentation, and his meeting goes well. He calls Sujata. Sujata says I know you called to give me good news. He asks how do you know I m going to give good news. She says I can see that, Vividha kept your name flower at Lord’s idol’s feet. He says many things happened in past few days, think again, do you see your bahu in Vividha. Sujata sees Vividha praying and smiles. Vividha goes. Sujata says eyes can get cheated, not soul, I have accepted Vividha my bahu by my soul, you don’t have any choice. He says I don’t want any choice, start preparations for marriage, I will win challenge and get your bahu at our home, by making her Vividha Sujata, even your bahu will be known by your name. He kisses the flower and smiles. Jaana na dil se door……………..plays………….

Atharv comes home and gets a cylinder too. He gives the cylinder and stove. Sujata asks how did you get this so soon. He asks her to ask Lord, my work was to try, he did the best, maybe your Lord can’t see you blowing the stove like me. She says I did not had to blow at the stove. He asks why. She serves him the food plate. He makes her eat food. She says its not right first too. He says this is not made by you, its also tasty. She asks him to identify who made it. He says Vividha. She smiles and says yes, who will take care of me in your absence. She feeds the food to him, and tells him what Vividha did today. He smiles.

He says great, you made her do household work before making her bahu, its good if saas bahu has setting, don’t know when will she forgive me. Sujata says she would have forgiven you. He asks did she say this, pity and forgiving has difference. Uncle comes home. A van enters the house and gets many things. Sujata says Kailash is getting all that stuff. Atharv says maybe they are keeping new things for them, they are new here. Uncle says they are a family of six people, the items are like serving people in marriage function.

Uma asks Dubey about gifts for guests. Dubey says don’t worry, shopkeeper will get it tomorrow. Vividha comes home and asks Uma whats happening. Atharv coughs. Guddi tells Vividha that he is coming for whom you were waiting since years. Vividha asks really, and gets happy. Atharv gets shocked.

Atharv gets Vividha and asks her to forgive him. She says leave me, Papa can see. He says he should see us, then he will know how much his son in law loves his daughter, infact I will tell him. He calls out Sasur ji…. She stops him keeping her hand on his mouth, and smiles. Jaana na dil se door………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshdeep

    Thank you amena di for the update

  2. Superb epi..and lovely precap…anyone plz tell me…will this be vivitha’s marriage function arrangements..?

  3. Mohd. Asif Khan

    Who is coming????
    I think that this is the entry of shashank vyas who is the 2nd lead role in jndsd
    Now there will be twist in story

  4. Mohd. Asif Khan

    precap was nice!!!!

  5. Thanks amena for a fast episode. Episode looking gud. When atharv kisses the flower I think such a beautiful scene. what a romantic precap. I am egarly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. luv u atharv

  6. Arshdeep

    Episode was very nice..

    Vividha helping her saas(sujata) befire marriage..woww.. Love to see the care.. 🙂

    Atharv-sujata conversations are always wonderful..
    Uncle is sweet too..!!

    Was vividha waiting for atharv’s step brother??? She knows him already?? Or any other entry??

    Anyways precap is superb <3

  7. ooohhhh mmmyyyyy ggggooooddddd.!!!!!
    Wat a PRECAP……..
    Thanks a lot Amena di for such a fast update….
    I couldn’t watch todays epi 🙁 so i was mad from 5.30 — 6.00 to know wat happnd…
    Update seems really nice nd precap…
    exited …… really exited for nxt episode

    KaMnA hO eK pAl pYaAr Ka Ae sUrOor
    JaNa nA DiL sE dOoR…….jAnA Na dIl Se DoOr…..

    Luv the song very much especially the emotional track……..

  8. Nice episode… Precap is superb n guys on coming episode someone new entry aa tall guy but he is not shashank vyas ……..

  9. As per updates …now vitharv love story begins and it is not engagement function they arrange party for shifting their house itseems

  10. Hey guys im commenting on jndsd page for first time.I am great fan of vitharv.

    Wow precap was awesome…………eagerly waiting for 2morrows episode.

    1. nishta welcome to this site and also to vitharv fan club keep commenting and u commented the same first line yesterday too and we also replied u

  11. Now villan no. 2 Already kailash was irritating now someone comes to irritate bt show was going really good

  12. welcome Nishtha……. keep commenting n keep loving Vitharv.:-)
    And i too think its party for shifting home….. but who is that new entry….
    NO IDEA…. fingers crossed….. just wa8 n watch

  13. I 2 think so the entry of a shashanyak vyas is coming tomorrow. Let’s see

  14. ArShi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    Hey Guys ….I am new here and IAM a gr8 fan of ViTharv and JNDSD…..I FEEL A FF must b started on this beautiful jodi…..BTW jana na dil se door is replacing dahleez on the 10:30pm slot…..dahleez will goal off air on June 26 and by 1st July JNDSD can b seen everyday 10:30

    1. ArShi IshRa ViTharv Forever

      Shashank Vyas’ name in this serial is Ravish Agnihotri and the girl who’s is coming a his sister, Rashmi Agnihotri will b the main villain

      1. Arshdeep

        Omg was kailash not enough
        More villains on the way?

    2. welcome to this site and also to vitharv fan club keep if u want to be a member of it commenting

  15. ArShi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    Can’t wait for 2 morrow! !!!!!!!

  16. Atharv u r killing d viewers with u r eyes nd voice…nice episode…Thank god vivtharv romantic scene has bigen…pre cap was too ooo much good…anxiously waiting for 2maros episode…..We don’t want shashank entry so soon as we r njoying vivtharv romantic scene….

  17. Haiii,i am a great great fan of vitharv. They r a jodi 4 being together, not to be broken. God the romantic scenes have started. Gud 2 see them together

  18. Thanku very much for these informations dear but may i know ur name….
    Its a happy news for all watchers of JNDSD as 10.30 pm is a nyc idea…..
    Meghana hope this will help u n also to many viewers who will miss epis due to class including me…….

  19. Omggggg…wt a precap..I’m waiting fr tmrw episode…..

  20. .wt a precap..I’m waiting fr tmrw episode…..

  21. Guys there will be a marriage sequence…not shashank’s entry…I hv seen a video I guess it will be of kailash’s frnd’s daughter/son…

  22. Kailash will arrange some party or some marriage rituals in his house or it can also be like this that he will make his friends / guests stay in his haveli till all the functns gets over

    1. Arshdeep

      Gosh! Thanks chavi for this news. Thanks a lot

  23. Jaana Na Dil Se Door: Vividha (Shivani Surve) finds about Kailash-Uma’s relationship truth

    The upcoming episode will show more drama for its audiences where Vividha will be seen favoring Sujata.

    Vividha is hiddenly helping Sujata and Atharva over her father, tries to sort things amid her father and Atharva.

    Vividha stops her father from breaking Sujata ‘s temple and helps Sujata, Atharva is happy seeing all this.

    While Kailash is an evil man and blames Vividha’s mother Uma for all this, Kailash tortures Uma to show his anger.

    Vividha finds truth

    Kailash’s hides his evil side from his family and especially Vividha as he don’t want Vividha to know truth.

    Vividha will soon find Kailash’s evil side and will see Kailash torturing her mother.

    Vividha will not speak out and keep it secret to herself, Vividha is shattered seeing evil side of her father.

    1. Arshdeep

      Where you got this vishaka?
      Is it from serialgossip?

      1. No Arshdeep I have got in Facebook in one of Jndsd page

      2. Arshdeep

        Okay thanks?

  24. At last vividha will get to knw half of the kailash’s character …I hope she gets to knw the whole of kailash…what he did to sujata Atharv n ol his game plans to separate her from Atharv …and then with the help of Atharv’s love and support she will fight for her mother and also for her love …aftr ol this show is based on how the guy’s love n support makes the girl strong and also the show’s main tagline”Atharv Vividha ki mohabbat ka taaqat ka yeh fitoor kya duniya ko hoga manjoor ” …looking forward to watch the strong Vividha fighting

    1. hoping the same vishaka

  25. episode was good precap is too good waiting for vividha to accept her love for atharv abd face off of kailash to her

  26. Oo god cant wait for the precao….

  27. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and good morning to all members of vitharv fan club

    1. Arshdeep

      Good morning?

  28. RANdomfANCreationz

    i see this show promo but never got to see the episodes i want to see but when i hear that vitharv is gonna get seperated i dont feel like watching it anymore, but i had some glances on this show and vitharv share excellent chemistry i hope cvs change their mind

  29. Arshdeep

    This sunday 26th june will be the 50th episode of jndsd !! ?❤

    1. Yah Arshdeep…very happy…we should celebrate it…I hope on Sunday we also cross 50 comments

      1. Arshdeep

        Yes we will try our best?

  30. hey guys yesterday’s epi was grt and the precap was even more awesome ….bt i hv a feeling tht while both of thm were looking at each othr,vivdha’s father will come thr and shout..plz dont think tht m saying bad things abt vitharv its my feelings tht i wanted to share…hope it doesent happens like tht 🙁

  31. Guys that every one accept 2 the replacement timings of jndsd. I will won’t agree for this. Plsssss don’t change the timings

  32. No sunanda they are not changing the timings…new episode will be telecasted only at 5:30pm but yes they will agn repeat the episode at 10:30 PM

    1. ArShi IshRa ViTharv Forever

      Hey Vishaka….the new episode will b on 5 30 …..shivani herself told it in a interview

  33. R u sure vishka.

  34. If this is true I am the most happiest girl today. Really

  35. sujata atharv bond is so natural n their conversation was fantastic….precap was WOOOWW….luv u vitharv

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