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The Episode starts with Vividha saying I should leave now. He asks shall we go home together. She says we are together, but it will take some time for us to walk together. He holds her hand and stops her. They both cry. He signs her not to go. Mujhse mai rutha……plays…………. They hug. They look at each other and she leaves. He sits crying and thinks how to tell you, how tough it is for me to live without you, you flow in my veins instead blood, you are my breath, how will I live. She goes out crying. She sees Dadi and wipes her tears. Saware……plays………….. Saiyyan…..plays…………. Atharv comes and sees Vividha leaving with tearful eyes. Atharv gives a flying kiss, and Dadi turns shy. Dadi and Vividha leave.

Dadi and Guddi talk. Dadi asks Guddi to see her from

Atharv’s eyes, he always praises me. Vividha asks Kailash to have breakfast. He leaves. Uma asks Vividha to come with her, and tells Dadi that they have to go to market. Dadi wonders why did they go to market now. Sujata thinks of her husband. Atharv comes to her. Sujata sings Jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji…… She smiles and asks why is he upset, you convinced Vividha infront of Kailash, I had to see this.

Atharv says I don’t have to say anything. She says he should give chance to everyone again. Uma takes Vividha to an old house. Vividha says this is your mum’s house. Uma says yes, I have many memories with this, this door, swing, I have lived my childhood here. Vividha says it will be special as its parents’ house. Uma says you did not see life yet, it will begin now. Vividha asks why did you get me here, do you want to tell me anything. Uma says I have given you birth, I have seen you growing into a beautiful and mature girl, can we talk like friends, instead mother and daughter. Vividha says yes. Uma says you are in love now, you will understand love’s meaning, we can’t cut the love by its roots, love is in our breath, and soul, do you feel this. Vividha nods.

Uma says I want to tell you something about my past, which is big part of my life, I could not do it, I was helpless, I want to explain you that you have pity on me, I can’t fall in your eyes. Vividha asks how can you think so, this won’t happen, tell me what is the matter.

Uma says this is my house, and that opposite house was of that guy whom I loved a lot. Vividha gets shocked. Vividha asks does it mean you love someone else than Papa. Uma says I loved him a lot. Vividha says you did not tell me. Uma says that time did not come before, but now I have to tell you, I loved that guy, but our families did not agree, I was asked to choose between family and love, I chose my parents. Uma cries and says then my life changed.

Atharv says nothing will change Maa, Vividha can’t leave her dad, why does father take price of being a father, for some men, women are like private property, they think their emotions is like furniture, they crush women till their thinking ends, they can use the women and leave them, this happens, whether its wife and daughter, Kailash did this with Vividha, and your husband did this with you, all are creeps… Sujata gets angry and slaps him, shouting Atharv. Atharv gets shocked.

Vividha says I did not understand. Uma says we can’t check the environment around her and don’t realize good and bad, so we get linked to wrong, then we feel its very late to rectify it, we make bonds of heart then we tie our feet, which we can’t get free of. Vividha says love is never wrong even if it happens with wrong person, that person is wrong who could not keep your love, I will not misunderstand you, that was your past, we know you love Papa and us. Uma asks her not to choose wrong. Vividha asks shall I do what Papa wants, or shall I listen to my heart.

Atharv says you slapped me for that man who left you many years ago. Sujata says whatever happened, he is still your father. Atharv asks where is he, you raised me alone, where was he, its 27 years now, we have paid the price of his leaving, he ruined our lives and you are still loving him, how, you and Vividha are same, both are blindfolded of husband and father’s name, your husband did not come back ever. She says he has come back, he wants to meet you, see you….. Atharv gets shocked and cries.

Atharv says he is most selfish man, he may have some work. Sujata says you have to meet him, think this is my command. He throws things and asks are you sure I should meet him, if he comes infront of me, I will just kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vividha will choose heart ♥ ? ❤ ? ♥ ? ❤ ♥ ? ❤ ? ❤?

  2. Shivik fan ?❤?

    Gud epsd..m soo excited for the upcoming epsd where atharv will come to pick up vividha frm her college n ask her to go for a date ???

  3. nice episode……

  4. Vividha is going to get married to atharv step brother so no point thinking about them 2 together anymore. They ruined the drama

    1. due to all these reasons i had left this drama from 5 july and today only open this page to watch comments because before leaving the serial i had some frnds and family on this page but can’t keep in touch with them and can’t be because i had another family too more dear to me so sorry Mohi,Arshdeep,Sachin and all other members any ways where r u all guys i can’t see my old frnds where r u?

      1. hey we all are here only oshi di …nice to see u after a long time i even searched fr u in vishkanya bt i could nt find u….yea if the drama goes towards ravish i will quit watching the show…

      2. I was gone to a hill station and came back on 15 July then our evo’s pkg was not operating and it got operated on 20 July I left this serial early because how much I watch this serial my expectations and wishes will increase and it will not easy for me to tolerate all bad happenings I will miss u guys but can’t be the part of this family as I had one already so sorry and bye /Allah Hafiz

  5. Right Ali,all their luv scenes are gone in vain..like whatever they do,nothing will get(ha ha ha)

  6. Is it???? OMG…he come u know??

  7. Such a gud show ruined by chnl.now its going to be same old trak, a girl bro vs step-bro.then athrv will goto stay in his step bro home.their again full old style drama.isqbaaz much better

  8. OMG. Pls DO NOT SEPARATE Atharv & Vividha..Although i dun understand hindi, i jus love watching tis serial mainly because of Vickram’s & Shivani’s acting..they ar so cute 2gether?

  9. Loved today’s epi vitharv scenes…???
    But pple I heard in interview of shilpa mam dat at the end dis story will be only vivdha and atharv love???…
    I wish it happens…
    Let us w8…
    Waiting for the upcoming epi?????

  10. Loved today’s epi vitharv scenes…??I heard in interview of shilpa mam dat at the end dis story will be only vivdha and atharv love???…
    I wish it happens…
    Let us w8…
    Waiting for the upcoming epi?????

  11. Soory bimistakely added twice☺

  12. Nice episode

  13. Who is the step brother of whom? Any spoiler? Plus share the link

  14. Who is the step brother of whom? Pls tell? Any spoiler? Share
    the link pls?

  15. I just hope it’s not gng to b other saraswatixhandra kind of serial….. Vividly getting married atharv gng crazy 4 her… Den divorse 4m bad marriage… N den up together….. It would b boring to see emotional drama
    Also donot want it to b like hum dil De chuke sanam style….. Vivdha getting married n den forgetting atharv….. N accepting his step brother……
    Plz makers n written donot spoil the jist of show….. V just want vitharav to b together…..

  16. Good episode

  17. i would say hundred times better it turns out like saraswatichandra than hum dil de chuke sanam or tere sheher mein

  18. I hope Vividha listen to her heart….Or else I will marry Arthur lol, They make a cute onscreen couple, I thought Vividha mom will support Vividha and Arthur love story because her husband treat her like crap, Why would she want her daughter to be in the same situation like her……Vividha please choose Arthur…..#Fingercross.

  19. Guy’s jndsd is coming soon in telugu with the title ‘ye maya chesavae’

    It means what magic u did

    1. Ohh thank u somuch sunanda .i am also from andhra.i will watch it.i missed few episodes.can you tell me which channel It is going 2 air on?

  20. Nice episode

  21. vk it coming soon in maa tv.

    even ishqbazz is coming soon in maa tv by the title “prema yudam”

  22. ameena …waiting for today’s update….:(

  23. Please update todays episode..i missed it..no electricity

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