Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vashisht family seeing the news. Atharv says are we inside tv, our house is inside tv. Zeenat says great, they made this a circus, they will know who is ring master, there are many animals and jokers at home, it will be fun to play with them, there is some time left. She asks Vipul to get up. She asks Vipul why is he not seeing her now, what can he do for her. Vipul gets tensed. Ravish instructs the team to control house rom four directions. The man asks why are you going alone, we are ready to die for you, why are you taking risk. Other man says Ravish is one but equal to many, and we all are after you, we will not get scared and come with you. Ravish says I m proud of you all, I need prayers too, its about my family and also out country, Jai hind. Zeenat asks Vipul

to dance. He refuses. Zeenat says you are in dilemma, we will make Kalindi dance.

Vipul dances. The family feels bad. Vividha silently goes. Bhoomi and Suman look on. Kalindi cries seeing Vipul dancing. Bhoomi also goes. Ravish is outside the house. Vividha recalls Ravish hiding the guns in the boxes. He asks her to use the guns if there is any attack on the house. Vividha says fine. Vividha comes there and checks the boxes. She wonders where did the guns go. Zeenat says weapons are here where they should be, anyways you have hidden weapons which is good for us, we will use it. She aims gun at Vividha.

She asks did you fool you will get all the hidden weapons on place, since I came in this house, I kept my eyes and ears open, there is no place which I don’t know, I knew the guns are here, I was prepared when Ravish doubted on me. Vividha says I did mistake to believe a cheap woman like you. Zeenat says it needs courage to kill someone. Vividha asks what will you do by killing innocent, courage is to risk our life and save others, you can never understand this, remember one thing, if my husband was terrorist, I would have shot him. Zeenat says my husband is my hero, when he comes back, he will ruin everything, you all will die by fear. Vividha says you can scare me, but you can never win, as your fate has failure written, and we have indians’ prayers with us. Zeenat slaps her and holds her hair. Bhoomi shouts leave me. Vipul shouts Bhoomi, where is my wife. Kalindi asks where is my bahu.

Ravish is still outside. The terrorist is close. Ravish goes ahead. The man tells Zeenat that Bhoomi was roaming here and there, if you permit, can we spend time with her. Vividha says please leave her. Zeenat asks the men to do anything, but come back on time, as we have much work. Vividha scolds Zeenat to do this being a woman. Zeenat says I know the men can die in this mission, if they want some good time, why shall I stop them. Vividha says leave Bhoomi, I will come with you. Bhoomi gets shocked. Zeenat says wow, you are risking your life to save her respect, you like to give sacrifice for others, fine go. The men laugh and say they got beautiful girl today. Bhoomi and Vividha cry. The man does not allow Sumran to go bathroom. The other man allows her to go. Zeenat brings Bhoomi downstairs. Zeenat asks Suman to come soon. Kalindi asks Bhoomi why did she shout. Vipul asks are you fine.

Zeenat says nothing happened to Bhoomi, Bhoomi should be happy that Vividha has risked her respect to save Bhoomi’s respect. They all get shocked. Atharv asks Sujata what did she mean to say, where is Vividha. Zeenat says sit quiet you mad. Sujata apologizes. Atharv says captain will come and shoot you. Sujata says leave Vividha, I beg you. Atharv says I m telling you beforehand, captain will beat you.

The men take Vividha to the room and shut the door. Vividha cries. The man sees Ravish and Vividha’s pic and praises their jodi. The man asks Vividha to think he is captain Ravish. The other man says you got two captains now. She cries. She recalls Atharv’s encouraging words. She thinks of Ravish’s words about using tactics and being fearless when fighting with enemies. Sujata cries and prays for Vividha. Daddy ji sits worried. Kalindi, Sujata and Bhoomi cry. Vividha recalls the training given to them by army officers. The men ask Vividha to agree now, there is no way she can get saved. Vividha beats the man. The other man says you don’t understand love language. She slaps him and beats him with vase. The man catches her. Suman goes to her room. The man follows. She hits the man. She hears Vividha and rushes. Vividha bears the man. He aims gun at her. Suman hits on the man’s head and saves Vividha.

Atharv asks captain to come. Zeenat insults them. Atharv says Ravish will come and beat everyone. A man aims gun at Ravish and shoots. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @Amrutha I agree that Ravish gave new life to Atharv.I’M not against Ravish.I like both Atharv &Ravish.

  2. Wow……what a woman was zeenat?? the way she answered vividha, that how can I stop men from their wish.How sweet hearted women she was …..So now i feel y can’t vipul ask zeenat to spend her with him???? Such a woman….?????????

  3. @143.Hahaha .Really 143 what you said is absolutely correct.I hate that stupid Zeenat a lot.

    1. Don’t say it loud yar. There r people who loved jeenat character as she was speaking facts about captain ravish n pagal atharv. Plz respect her for making viewers to realize mahanta of ravish.

  4. Captain thanks for your kindness by the way the reel drama will begin when they find out about atharv and vividah

  5. Janana ravishe sa door is a good title

  6. Ravish is so cool and his role suits him???????ravish and atharv are heroes

  7. Yar mooja ravish hot vividah kee Jody achi lag ti ha

  8. I agree with every one and Suman can’t we be friends on telly updated.i❤️Ravish and atharve. I felt so bad for guddi you know

    1. S y can’t we friends. ?friends. Ya I watch only one show jndsd dat too only for vitharv ?

  9. Kone sa hot drama soaps ache lag ta hai.

  10. Yar what if ravish and vividah fall in ❤️.that would be so cooooooolll. I predict vividah will be pregnent with ravish child.

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