Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vividha breaking her bangles on the floor. Uma, Dadi and Guddi cry and get shocked. Uma asks Vividha to stop it, did out go mad. Dadi asks where is Atharv, is he fine. She asks Kailash to answer. Uma asks Vividha to tell her what happened. Vividha says I have become widow before my marriage. They get shocked. Vividha says Kailash has made me away from my Atharv. Sujata holds Atharv in her lap and cries. Vividha says Atharv Sujata, the man I loved, he taught me to love, who has shown way to my suppressed courage, who made me meet myself. Sujata goes to get help again and shouts someone help me. Vividha says Atharv who always loved me madly, and the one who loved Atharv, he did not leave supporting them. She cries.

Vividha says he has risked everything for

me, went to jail, got beaten up, lost his house, but he never left supporting me. She thinks of Atharv. Jaana na dil se door…………plays…….. She says for one who respected everyone and took care of others, he became son of my Maa too, Atharv Sujata, he was a man in real sense, but he did not let his inner child die ever. She thinks of him and keeps on saying about him. She says his eyes, his words, his smile, his cry, his fear, his passion, togetherness, love…. All the moments of Atharv and Vividha are shown. Vividha says everything burnt in the fire of your hatred, today my Atharv got away from me. Sujata shouts for help and cries holding Atharv. Atharv closes his eyes.

Uma asks Vividha what are you saying. Vividha says I have loved Atharv by my heart and soul, I felt no one can separate two souls, but a man named Kailash Kashyap….. no, Kailash can’t be a human. Kailash smiles. Vividha says Kailash succeeded in separating us. Uma asks where is Atharv, tell me.

Vividha gets up and goes to Kailash. She says I did not lose to you today, I did a deal for Atharv’s life, my love did not get less, it became a shield, I know I can become reason for his death, Kailash’s goons have beaten Atharv so much that his blood was flowing on the road. Dadi, Uma and Guddi cry. Vividha says enough, I took the decision, my relation with Atharv got over, I left him dying on the road, I did not see him by turning twice, When Sati Mata’s father insulted her husband Shiv ji, she has burnt in fire, same way my father made my husband away from me, I also got burnt today by heart and turned widow by body, but if Atharv does not survive, then it will be similar disaster, the difference will be that time Shiv ji ruined everything and this time, I will do tandav.

Dadi cries and asks Kailash what did you do…. how much will you ruin this house, you have become Jallad, you have cursed my womb today. She curses Kailash. Uma says even stone would have melt instead Kailash, he is devil who will eat up his own daughter. Kailash asks them to shut up. He says Vividha is ready for marriage, make her wear bridal dress and get her ready, marriage will happen today itself. Vividha goes upstairs. She thinks of Atharv…..

Kalindi says we have done all arrangements, is groom coming. Suman says yes, why won’t he come. Kalindi says enemies don’t take appointment to attack on border, that’s why. Suman says Vividha is getting ready to marry Ravish, she is happy, she will give so much love to Ravish that he will forget that he did not wish to marry, I know she will keep him happy, his duty can get him late, but not stop him from getting his love, I m sure Ravish will surely come for Vividha’s love.

Vividha gets ready in another bridal dress. Uma says there is still time, refuse for this marriage, I m with you. Kailash comes and asks Vividha to get ready fast. He asks Guddi and Uma to make her ready fast. He says great, my lovely doll looks a fairy in this bridal dress, when your would be husband sees you, he will be stunned, I will make you ready today. He makes her wear the big necklace. He says our marriage time is close now, this house will get lonely without you, you have to cross this big distance between Maayka and Sasural carefully. Vividha recalls her words to Uma.

Kailash takes Vividha in the car, and they leave. Ravish is shown with his army batch. An enemy shoots at him, while Ravish was saluting the flag. Ravish gets shot, and shoots the enemy guy. Ravish falls down on the ground wounded.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So sad vividha

    1. No one wants to watch this garbage any more. Star plus stop this nonsense

  2. Omgggg! My atharv
    Wt about precap will ravish die? ????
    He will be taken 2 hsptl.tq amena di for update

  3. Vividha’s acting was excellent…will surely quit watching this serial once she is married to that ravish…

    1. Wasting time! She will and atharva in pagan khana

    2. Me too it is very sad n depressing

  4. How unrealistic . Why no cops to arrest kailash..hes almost killed a guy.. total crap if he goes unpunished… r they showing today’s india ?

    1. Yep, that is backward India so glad my ancestors left that wasteland of filth behind

      1. where do u belong dude??

  5. What a bunch of garbage!

  6. wow very nice serial soooo interesting waiting for the next blast

  7. Ninga pwolikku muthee namma undu koode

  8. Damn boring episode…according to vividha atharav is dead,then why is she marrying ravish..coz she promised kailash she will marry ravish only if they will not harm atharav…but now she is saying main shaadi se pehle vidhava ho gyi..and is getting ready for marriage..what the hell??

  9. Alfiya Sulthana

    Govind r u a malayalee

  10. yes of course

  11. OMG… What is that man Kailash… such a Cruel mad evil mentally sick bastard…how can he laugh..when his own daughter heart broken…and dadi conforting him…such a devil… how can enjoy his own daughters pain………..such a bastard….Bad win on Good..now who will punish such a devil…

  12. Aiswarya sarangi

    If vivitha marry ravish then I stop watching this serial

  13. This is d most disaster show of all channels.Extremely sad to quit d show but can not help it.How could writters seperate Vik n Shiv.They r made for eachother.Iam not impressed with any couple like Vik n Shiv.Thank u so much for entertaining us with wonderful chemistry.Enjoyed a lot all these days.Now evening timepass ke liyae kuch aur kaam doondna padega.I think off screen also Vik aur Shiv jyada space bhad gaya,isee liyae pics with Shivani r so dull now a days.Vik that Nidhi Shah does suit u.Becareful.Character artistxs will always be behind d hero of d shows n finally pasa ke marry kar laengae kyo us ki life big shot se settle ho jayaga na.Like Avinash n Shalmalee.All d best Shivik.Vik concentrate on acting yaar.U have that stuff in u.Dont spoil ur serial n career as Avinash Sachdev like he spoiled IPKKND n acting career.

  14. Sorry,correction in my comment.Nidhi Shah does not suit u in any angle.

  15. Oh vividha is thinking of atharv and i cant see both of them in sad situation.

  16. Even in today’s episode kailash had no remorse for what he did, just stood there with a grin on his face. Also like yesterday even today there was no one to help atharv or sujata. Is this right? Surely someone comes to the temple, what happened to his Chacha? You are showing wrong and evil winning to the viewers writers. please at least make 1 serial different.

  17. Would be good if ravish didn’t turn up for the wedding and his family got news that he got shot. Maybe then kailash would realise that his plan failed and eavidh’s family probably would accept vividha calling her abshugan that she came and their son got shot.

  18. Really sad for dis serial.I can not say how nice d show was with lot of Vitharv scenes.If we watch this serial any more Atharv ke pahle hum pagal kana jaayaengae.Vikram ko tho paise milae ga humae laene ke bajaay dena padega us pagalpan chudvaane ke liyae.Anyways acche serial ko ithna bhi bura dika sakthe hai,ye tho ye serial dekne ke baad hi patha chala.Going to be d most Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst serial on Star plus.Verrrrrrrrrrrrry Sooooooooooooooooooooooooon off air hoga.Badayi ho writter saaaaaab.By the time u change d story line many serials would have launched on many channels n viewers ka dhyaan Meenu mausi,chandranandini etc etc serials pe hoga.So bye bye stupid writter.

  19. Like everyone an avid Atharva n Vividha fan… N like everyone, it’s their joree that everyone is missing at the mo. We have seen Vividha grow, in strength, in character, learning to fight every obstacle but she always had her love, her support, her everything. These past few eppys Hav been hard to watch, tearful, n very emotional. But I’m not going to giv up on this serial just yet. I don’t want Vividha n Ravish, but this is wot is happening. But wot Hav the directors got in mind for Atharva? He’s a fab actor to just be a sidekick, I Hav faith, Atharva loht kar aygha, Vividha koh ley jai inghay….


  21. indera sanichara

    Kalika you said right I am glad too my ancestors left India a long time ago. We are showing the world the minds of people in India can kill someone and well free. What a disgrace the show has become I am so sad.

  22. I love this serial…vividha is not going to marry Ravish…because he got injured while shooting the enemy…so…my conclusion is vividha will be wait for atharv…any way…I.like to watch it..but if vividha marry Ravish…definitely I stop watching…
    Both actors looks cute..I like them in casual dress…more than bridal.

  23. I wonder why the writers are this way? Does it mean that anybody can get away with murder in India? Are Indians this wicked? How can a man abuse his wife and daughter and still walk freely?

  24. All you guys are mad… Please if you don’t like this show please don’t watch it. But you have no right to insult a serial like this.You guys are just not understanding the story line.And most importantly vividha said that she is vidva that doesn’t mean that atharv is dead. Rather it means that she has been separated from his atharv’s love.Is that clear Miss Sneha who ever you are….

  25. Wow vivi was luking so luvly in dat dess whch she wore for her secnd mrg too gud….i rly hope diz ravish gets seriously injured n vivi concentrates on atharv donno wat d story has in store fr us but v intresting to watch n by now we all must b used to such types of stories coz its hpng in evry other show swapping of brides/grooms

  26. In today’s times who would continue to listen to their father after all that he has done.

  27. Hopefully the writers are doing all this because they have prepared something even better in the future for us, and there’s more of Vitharv on the way .I just hope the won’t disappoint me/us.

  28. And I want to see how are they going to justify all of the disgustingness they have made us watch

  29. This show was about empowerment. Atharv empowered Vividha with his unconditional love and treating her as an equal. The premise of the misunderstanding of a Father’s last wish before death gave this serial a twist. One son dying to be married to his love and another son who wants to be married to his country but will follow his duty.
    Good premise…good plot…
    Unfortunately we all fell head over heels in love with this jodi and the separation is unbearable. I cried at what happened yesterday Kailash is a MONSTER/ RAKSHAS and judges people due to what “he considers” class. He is NOT a good Father. A Father loves his child unconditionally…you do NOT judge people because of status/job or color of their skin but by their heart.
    I am truly sad at the turn of events…my heart is broken for this couple but I see the strength that Vividha will endure by the lessons Atharv taught her.

  30. Thls ls utter insanity. How can Vividha leave Atharva on the street to die while she goes home to fulfill her contract with her murderer father? This story is beyond bizarre! It is becoming impossible to watch this anymore.

  31. according to the title of serial,athrav will die and on the other hand ravish will also got bullet injury and his heart will damage ,and finally doctors will go for hear transplant surgery they will change ravish heart by atrav heart.. *jana na dil se door*

  32. kailash is not a man!he is a evil

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