Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vividha asking Ravish to take her out anywhere for a change. Ravish says I m sorry, I have some work. She says that’s okay, no problem. He looks on. Suman asks Situram does he not understand. Ravish comes. She tells Ravish that she got utensils with dust, its like storeroom did not get clean since years, he is not letting me go there and clean the utensils. Ravish says Situram will manage. She says he is helper, not a servant, I will clean the things. Ravish asks how will you do alone. Vividha comes and says I will help Suman and work will get done easily. Suman says we both will finish it well. Ravish asks them to go out, Situram will do. Vividha says no, we both will do it. Suman and Vividha leave. Situram says there is thin wall between secret room and storeroom,

sounds can be heard. Ravish says I know, I need to leave for cantonment urgently, you keep an eye there.

Vividha says there is much dust here. Suman asks shall we start. They both clean the storeroom. Vividha hears someone and tries to hear. Atharv is in the secret room beside the storeroom. Sujata asks Atharv what is he doing, his hand will get cut. He asks her to be quiet. He cuts some papers. Vividha hears the sound. Suman says this utensil fell from my hand. Sujata asks Atharv to give scissors to her. Atharv gives her. She asks him to sit, what will he have. She goes to get food. Suman tells Vividha that there is something on her nose. She laughs and shows Vividha to see in mirror. They laugh. Atharv hears them by the wall and the photo frame falls. He gets to see Vividha from the wall opening. He laughs seeing her laughing. Sujata comes and Atharv asks Sujata to see.

Ravish comes home and asks Aditi whats this. Aditi says a man came and gave this parcel. He asks did you let any stranger keep this parcel and leave, there can be anything in it. She says sorry. He asks them to get away and checks the parcel. They get many sweets. Suman says why did anyone send sweets. Vividha comes and says maybe Papa has sent this.

Suman says why did Kailash send many sweets. Vividha says its my birthday today, Papa used to get sweets every year on my birthday. Suman says birthday, is it your birthday, I made you do cleaning, sorry. Vipul says you did not tell us. Kalindi wishes her happy birthday. Daddy ji jokes Suman made Vividha work and did saas thing. Ravish recalls Vividha’s words. Suman says I m feeling bad, we did not know 16th October is your birthday. Ravish gets shocked and recalls Atharv. Suman says we should invite everyone, and caterers will get food…. Vividha says no, its enough we are together. Ravish thinks was Atharv talking about Vividha’s birthday.

Uma says its first time that Kailash did not wish Vividha on her birthday. She sees Kailash and Vividha’s pic. She says a father has ruined his daughter’s happiness for his pride and now he disappeared. Guddi says I wanted to wish Vividha at night, can we call her now, please.

Vipul says its happy thing that Vividha wants to celebrate with us, like we are special to her, she is special for us, we should party. Vividha gets Uma’s call and goes. Suman says Ravish you should have known its her birthday, you did not even wish her. Guddi and Uma wish happy birthday to Vividha. Uma says your Papa…. Vividha says I got his wishes and sweets, he ruined my life, he is sprinkling sweets on my wounds, tell him I broke this relation. Uma says but Kailash is not here. Vividha says he will be happy, he can never harm anyone, he can put others in bad situation, I will call you later. Ravish comes to Vividha. She says it was Maa’s call. He wishes her happy birthday. She thanks him.

He says I think you are very popular and everyone celebrate birthday together, family, friends and neighbours. She looks at him. He asks right? She recalls Atharv and says no, my birthday is not known by many people, but whoever knows values it a lot that it becomes special, one of them is…. He says your Papa, he has send many sweets, lovely surprise. She says no actually…. She starts sneezing. He says I think you got dust allergy, you should take medicine and rest. She says I m fine. He gives her medicine and asks her to rest. He leaves. She thinks to tell Ravish everything about Atharv and wishes he had let her say today.

Atharv makes a card. Ravish comes. Sujata says Atharv is cutting papers and coloring, don’t know what is he doing. Ravish says I got new medicines for him, you check this, lets see response. Atharv recalls Vividha. Ravish asks Atharv is he making this for him. Atharv hides it and says no, its for her. Ravish asks who. Atharv smiles and says I will make it when your birthday comes. Ravish asks Sujata whose birthday is it. She says Atharv was seeing birthday scene in laptop and maybe he is saying that. Ravish says fine. Ravish asks Atharv asks have special handshake. Atharv laughs and gets up. He shakes hand with Ravish.

Ravish says good, I think soldier is practicing. Atharv says soldier does not forget anything, soldier’s mind is very strong. Ravish goes. Sujata helps Atharv and prescription falls. She asks Atharv not to go anywhere. Atharv sees the prescription and changes the dose while playing.

Atharv sees Sujata sleeping and leaves. Vividha goes following the arrow marks pasted on the floor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. the show is getting worse day by day.
    want to see vitharva together fast.

    1. making fool…. precap me kuch batate hain..n episode me kuch aur..if we stop to see, whether director will value it

  2. So as of pre cap they won’t meet again, how many times will they miss each other while walking around

  3. Friends… Atharw aur Vividha daffenatly reunite.. Becuase of That is Lost wish of Ramakant.. And Ravish obsolutly fulfill his father’s wish… so Ravish can reunite Vitharv..

  4. I stopped watching the show…started off as a great show but now they have added so many new characters and the story is going no where…..its really boring .

  5. The writer is dragging the show, come on now show some good stuff, kalash and his son going in jail, Atarav finding his love and may be goddhi and ravish together to make it more interesting.

  6. that arrow must be done by vashists for vividha’s bday.

  7. That arrow marks pasted on floor leads to ravish???

  8. Rly boaring …tooo bad

  9. i know every time they are not meeting each other and they take too long doing the same thing over

  10. I agree wit Anand! But that won’t happen…. ?

  11. What hell is gng on……
    Any have I think atharv is acting like an mental guy even he did not have mad. His expressions r saying that

  12. Boring boring.

  13. sooo boringggg….

  14. Yes… Sunanda.. I am also thinking that Atharv acting as mad.. he didn’t lost his memory.. whatever it maybe let’s see whats going on ???

  15. I think when Ravish family celebreting vivi bday party Atharv will came on.. and Vividha will get Shock to see Atharv.. Even she hugs him infront of Ravish.

  16. indera sanichara

    So sad what the writers did with such a beautiful love story. I feel like screaming at the top of my voice every time I see Artharv but the writers will not here me or change the story line back. So I’ll set goodbye.

  17. Watch after 10 days

  18. Wah…. Ab ithni achche kahani ko bakwas banadiya…… Story getting bored day by day. How s Vividha be so calm and rest without knowing what exactly happened to Atharv? He was brutally beaten infront of her. Although Uma misleads Vividha saying that he is in Himachal, she has seen him there. Even she got those beads of his wrist band & bitten mark on her hand. She should use her brain little bit and find Atharv. I’m damn sure that she is the best medicine for him.

  19. This show was awesome from the start…. But now it has lost its spark, I hope it doesn’t end up like saatini bana saatiya

  20. Just need to stop watching dis prog. Piss out

  21. I think the character of Ravish shld be killed and atharav shld replace him by plastic surgery.This truth shall be known only to sujata and vividha and the love story continues and one fine day d entire family of suman shld known the truth that Ravish is dead and its atharav who is acting in his place to make them happy and make them belive that he is still alive

  22. yes havilah we have 2 see

  23. obiviously yuk now this show, anyhow as usual vivi will miss meeting atharv,leading to ravish,and he take over dose medicine as he over write in prescription and become violent after intake of medicine,writers r trying to make atharv villainic nature thus they r trying to make some idiotic track and spoiling the story trying to lose viewers not try to make ramkant wishes and the true love promises

  24. nice episode…atharva ur sooo hot ur eyes n smile killed me…oh god y ur so hndsm…atharv ravish bonding is nice afraid of hurting ravish by vitharv story….y dis viv not finding any clue 4 atharv so mean viv…n u called dis love i dont think so…atharv kya acting he ur so multitalented cute 2 see u acting lyk a kid…luv jndsd

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