Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guddi looking at Ravish. Vividha looks for Guddi and calls her. Ravish says now this man can never harm you. He answers Vividha’s call on Guddi’s phone. Vividha asks where are you Ravish, how did you get her phone. Ravish says Guddi was attacked by Chintu, she is fine now, I will not let anything happen to her. Guddi smiles. Ravish asks Vividha to open the door, he is getting Guddi inside. Police comes and arrests Guddi. Ravish holds Guddi and takes her. Guddi cries and hugs Vividha. Vividha asks are you fine. Ravish says we will go to room and talk, come Guddi. She stumbles. Ravish holds her and takes her to room.

Guddi tells Vividha that Chintu was kidnapping her, if Ravish did not stop him, he would have killed me, Ravish saved me. Ravish holds her

feet and cleans the wound. Guddi smiles seeing him and thanks him. He says its okay. He applies ointment to her foot and goes.

Guddi tells Vividha that Chintu was following her. FB shows Chintu meeting Guddi outside her college. She goes being worried. He follows her. Guddi comes home and hugs Uma. FB ends. Guddi says Maa decided to send me here for safety, Papa is missing. She tells everything about Kailash. Guddi says don’t know how did Chintu come here. Vividha says don’t think anything about it, we all are with you, if anything such happens again, you will come to me and tell me, I will always stand with you, don’t think now. Ravish gets milk and asks Guddi to have it, she will feel better. Vividha takes the milk from him. Guddi looks on. Ravish asks Guddi to sleep well, and goes. Vividha says I m close to you, call me if you need anything. Guddi thanks her. Vividha goes.

Guddi says what happened to me, did I go mad, how can I think so about Ravish. Suman asks Guddi to cut onions and jokes. Vividha signs Guddi and goes. Atharv comes and asks for sweets. Suman says I will make suji halwa. Atharv says I want it now. Vividha says I will make it now. Sujata comes and says why to trouble her, I will make it. Suman stops Sujata from entering the kitchen.

Suman asks Sujata to ask anything she wants, but not enter the kitchen. Daddy ji comes. Suman says kitchen is of house’s woman and this is my house, I hope you understand this. Daddy ji says Suman is right, you can stay here Sujata, but don’t think this house is your home, this is Vashisht’s family house. Suman says some people don’t have habit to show tears, it does not mean we don’t have any pain, you have shared even my pain, leave something for me. Sujata takes Atharv and goes.

Ravish looks on. Suman says this woman is trying to get rights on everything. Vividha says I can understand its tough for you, just think about Sujata once, she got just one room in this house, she would be feeling like she is in jail. Suman goes and does not listen to Ravish also. Guddi asks why was Suman talking to Sujata like this. Vividha says come with me, I will tell you everything.

Ravish asks Suman will she not listen to me. Suman says no, I have shared the roof, what else will I have to share. Guddi says what, Atharv and Ravish are half brothers. Ravish says life gets easy when bitterness ends. Suman says life was never easy, so bitterness filled. Guddi says Ravish will have so much pressure on him. Suman says I m a human, whenever Sujata comes infront of me, I think of Ramakant, whose eyes had love for her, he stayed with me but could not become mine, he used to love only Sujata. Ravish recalls Vividha.

Suman asks is it easy to live seeing love in life partner’s eyes for someone else, its tough, you can’t understand, can you see love in Vividha’s love for someone else. She says sorry, I should have not told this. He says its okay, if I did not apologize to Dada ji for speaking truth, why will you say sorry, I know its tough. Suman says I just got cheat, nothing else. Ravish says Sujata was part of Ramakant’s life, trust me, she does not want to hurt you, she just loved, no one got anything, everyone just lost. She hugs her and says you are soldier’s wife and mum, you know never to lose and face situation.

Vividha says I m just see the turning in life, not the way. Suman says what shall I do. She blesses him. He says nothing will happen. Guddi asks Vividha why is she taking Atharv and Sujata’s side, if Suman hates them, there will be many problems. Vividha says Atharv is in my life, and will always be there. Guddi asks what are you saying, if you have same feelings and love him, what is your and Ravish’s relation. Vividha says Ravish is a great man, he has a big heart, I could not do anything for him and his family, Kailash got me married to Ravish, but could not make me away from Atharv, my love with Atharv did not break, I know I did much wrong, I want to tell everyone, but its not right time to tell you, I have to solve all relations, when Kailash planned to separate me from Atharv, I did not know he is preparing me to meet Atharv. Guddi asks what do you mean. Vividha goes. Guddi recalls Ravish.

Guddi tells Atharv that I got that man, I m in love, Vividha has no feelings for Ravish, I really love him, I love Ravish. Atharv looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. pooja

    Awwww I love the precap hope it comes true. Guddi is intelligent than vividha in realising her love so quick. My hope for vitharv has increased many times today😍

  2. simmy😍

    noo guddi u cant do this 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 and now vividha is gonna go jealous 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Deepika

    Guys icant see anymore this guddi pairing with ravish…..how can she lovee ravish hating seriall day by dayyyy

  4. Deepa

    Yakk guddi u don’t deserve ravish. He deserves much more better girl than vividha .. u stupid cheap sisters get lost from that house

  5. Suman

    No jealous ha ha. She is vividha. Maine mann se atharv ka pathni aur aap ka bahu mana hun. Love u babies

    • Mr.White

      Exactly..what u said is right.. its true love and relation from heart.
      not need any certificate of marriage as vividha said right!!!!!!

  6. jasmine dear

    hope for the best wnd for vividha and atharva union I am seeing this episode from starting but after vividha and ravish marriage I am upset and I was thinking to stop watching the show but the live of atharva and vividha stopped me to do this and now I started commenting

  7. TUFFY

    Thanks for the update. But whilst reading the wording didn’t seem clear, for example when ravish and Suman are talking – “she hugs her and says you are a soldiers wife and mum”

  8. Mr.White

    Actually its not look good with guddi… guddi cann’t look like a pair to Ravish…she still looks like a child beside male lead. its better to get new girl or should replace guddi with a new girls

  9. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    Guys, what’s happening? How can Guddi fall for Ravish in a span of 1 day, just because he saved her from her so-called violent “ex-boyfriend”? By the way, in the pre-cap Guddi is telling Atharv that she loves Ravish, so did Atharv regain his mental stability?

  10. Shivani

    I just hope ravish too start liking guddi.It would be really interesting to watch vitharav scenes and gudvish scenes…plz writers show such scenes…we would luv to watch them..and don’t separate vitharav and gudvish🙋🙌😀😁😉

  11. cat

    Lfffffff…..ab mei kush hun…..thanx guddi iss ghar me aane keliye…nd xpres ur lv soon…vitharv luv youuuuuuuuiu….

  12. Pinky

    No guddi no ,u can’t this .This is wrong.U know that ravish is very good person WO sabka care karta hai iska MATLAB pyar nehi hai,u have to understand. Uska bhi pehela pyar vividha hai so u have to quite

  13. Ameesha

    Guddi and Ravish make nice pair… Athrav loves guddi like a sister they cant be lovers.. Please bring back Vithrav.. missing their fantastic love scenes.. :* :*

  14. Laya

    Pls dont make raveesh a characterless person. Have u seen such a nonsense . Vividha values her marriage nothing. Is marriage only a simple relation tied by a mangalsutra. This serial is giving bad message to community.

  15. aishah

    Mstww..lets be realistic..its total nonsense and i dont know what this writer is trying to prove…nonsense a sister leaving her husband to marry her lover who is his brother and her sister falling for her heartbroken husband…its total nonsense,…they are just shitting…they had better mend this thing look at the immature person they want to hang on ravish.

  16. Suman

    If you can see love in taking glass also, den tomorrow episode vividha makes atharv to sleep…… In her lap. Dis is love.

  17. ammu

    👫 VITHARV…..😘😘vitharv ki jay.. 💏… Pls get lost ravitha fans…r u mad ? Go to hell..thts better for all ravitha fans..who never know n feel the value of true love such people stop watching this show…pls its a rqst .and don’t irritate us by making stupid comments here..this serial and update only for vitharv fans…love u so much vitharv ..writers our expectation is very high n it increasing day by day by watching nowadays episode .so at last don’t cheat us ..don’t break our expectations .reunite vitharv fast..am waiting for that day ..all who rly love this serial eagrly waiting for vitharv union..hope our trust will come true.. ☺ love u so much VITHARV…💝👍👌also unite gudi n ravish very fast..😃👍

    • anshika

      First of all ..u cant force ur opinion on anyon else…if u are a vitharva fan tht doesnt mean tht ull dominate Ravidha fans…Its evryone’s personal opinion u dun need to tell them where to go…..


  18. joe

    yes ammu waiting fr our vitharv union..ravish fans plz watching jndsd phase1..nd vitharv fans fst epi se is show dek rahi hain..

  19. kitty

    I somehow feel that guddi has started to look much better then vividha?????? do u all feel the same I guess I may be wrong

  20. Nb

    Guddi is a flighty girl. She falls easily in love, and is too immature for ravish, a complete mismatch. But everything is possible in these soaps

  21. cat

    What rubbish atharv suman ka beta., ravish sujatha ka beta……eisa kuch nahi hai…atharv sirf our sirf sujatha ka hi beta hai….nd sudeer plz write cmnt in english or hindi..i don kne dat lnguage so…

  22. Suman

    Ha ha ravish fans crying like any thing, as some of vitharv fans forcing ravish n guddi. Just because ravish is not having any feelings for guddi. Even guddi is nice n innocent girl y can’t he move on with guddi. It is not just because ravish is married,he is not having any feelings for guddi. Same with vividha. Y ravish fans forcing vividha to move on with ravish, where she don’t have any feelings for ravish. This Is just because they both r married. Marriage without love is hell. Y u all supporting forced marriage, if dis is d case y u can’t support guddis love. Personally I don’t like ravish guddi jodi. May be writers intention is to make viewers just to realize compromising in forced relationship,what ever may b d case marriage or love.

  23. NS4

    Well said @Suman.. i totally agree with u..

    wat if marriage happened??? its not any arranged or love marriage for vividha.. she was forced to get married to save Atharv life.. can’t u guys(Ravidha fans) see her love towards Atharv.. but u guys nly feel marriage marriage.. wat marriage? its not marriage for vividha its just a deal for vividha to save atharv..

    For example if a person(he/she) meet with road accident and a unknown person(he/she) took that victim to hospital in emergency condition.. there he/she signed in a document for medical treatment as wife/husband means.. he/she really become wife/husband to that victim???? its a medical need to save a life ..
    so in the same way, vividha did marriage as deal to save her love(Atharv).

  24. 143

    Still people who feel ravidha…they have to watch this episode last 3 to 5 minutes scenes repeatedly.. or u should read last paragraph in written update for. what vividha said abt Atharv. Ok!! read and enjoy

    And u guys don’t cry …guddi is there for ravish.

  25. Aam2000


    |Registered Member

    Guyzzz….. I am writing an ff on vitharv named Main Adhoora Tere Bina. please read and comment. plzzzz. its a humble request.

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