Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ravish requesting everyone to trust him and accept Kangana. He says I miss my mum today, she always believed in my decisions, she regarded me a good army man, she did not take much time to know whether I m right or wrong, I wish she was alive today, she would have understood my decision, she would have accepted us heartily, any person can take mum’s place, but can’t become mum. Sujata goes. Ravish says you all have right to get annoyed, but we two are at the target of your hatred, I did not expect anything, I just have expect from myself.

Ravish and Kangana turn to go. Sujata stops them. She comes with aarti plate and kalash. She reminds Ravish that she has regarded him a son, she does not want to turn away from responsibilities. Guddi cries. Sujata says I promised

myself I will never let you miss your mum, not even today. She does their grahpravesh. Vividha stops them. She says when bad sight catches house’s happiness, then lightning diya is not needed to do aarti of bad fate, Ravish wants us to welcome Kangana, then fine, we will welcome her by blowing off the diya, a big abshagun is going to happen, so we will welcome an abshagun by an abshagun. She blows off the diya. Ravish says I did not wish to hurt Guddi ever.

Kangana is about to hit kalash. Guddi says you are much wrong, I have explained you many times, you said you gave me promise. She shows the ring and says Kangana and Ravish have crushed my happiness under their feet, they can celebrate it, no need to hesitate. She puts her ring in the kalash. She asks Kangana to kick her relation else this celebration and rasam will not get completed. She cries and runs.

Kangana walks in home. She goes upstairs with Ravish. Everyone look on. Vividha comes and taunts Ravish asking did he throw his uniform and courage as well, why did he do this, does he have answers, he promised Guddi of marriage, when she asked him if he is serious, he said yes, where did he throw her happiness, what does he think, Kangana loves him, she needs a husband to win the custody case, so she trapped you. Ravish asks her to stop it. She says you have cheated us, you killed your trust, you were example of sensibility and loyalty. He asks her to stop it, what does she want, I will answer it, you just want me to bear everything silently, its as if I m a puppet, not any Ravish, whatever you did and said, I always stood with you, never asked anything, but today when I took a decision, you are behaving this way with me, life snatched everything from me, I lost my dad, mum, and family members, just for you, I never asked anything, did you ask what am I feeling, if I m lonely, what I need, I m your servant, I will do what you say, did anyone think what I want to do.

Atharv comes and sees them. He takes Vividha along. Kangana says everyone is getting away from you, they all are misunderstanding you, you should have not done this, I did not wish to go through this. He asks her to rest, he will get her bags. He leaves.

Vividha thinks of Ravish’s words. Atharv asks her why is she silent. She asks what shall I say or do, Ravish has done this, was he left to cheat us, I thought Ravish loves Madhav a lot, but I was wrong, such long relation and friendship, he has forgotten everything, he wants me to welcome his new wife happily, I can’t do this, she is like a black spirit on our family.

Ravish passes by in corridor. She says Ravish ruined everything, we have tolerated a lot in these years, so much passed. Ravish hears her and leaves. Atharv says we have to have patience, we can’t get emotional. She says its not about winning or losing case in court, Madhav is our biggest responsibility, we lost someone who was close to our heart, whatever Ravish did, did you not get angry, we trusted him the most. He says it does not matter to me, but Ravish has given me deepest wound, since this case started, we can’t take any wrong move, we have to win this case, one wrong decision can make us regret, just think of Madhav, we can’t lose him. She says Ravish was ready to do anything, he could not do this for you, where did his loyalty go. Guddi comes and asks who is talking about loyalty between brothers, shall we talk about loyalty between sisters, did you stand for me, you knew I love Ravish since long, you knew his feelings for Kangana, who got her home, you got her after knowing everything, you did not think what effect will fall on my relation, you gave her a chance to make place in Ravish’s heart again, everything was fine till she came, but you had to get her here, Kangana has snatched Ravish from me.

Vividha stops Kangana and asks her to remember, that she has donated the roof to her. She asks Kangana not to talk to Madhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Have a great day??☺

    Today.. My sisters son 6th birthday..
    Many many happy returns of the day..”Manoj kumar”.??????????
    God bless you.. Always be happy..

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  2. Seen jndsd after a long time and honestly it made me hate vividha more instead of feeling sympathy towards her she is one woman who cannot think beyond herself. She does not respect even her mother in law when Sujatha has taken a decision to welcome Ravish and Kangana who was she to extinguish the Divya it clearly showed lack of respect and later when Ravish said that without asking any questions if he stood by her and requested for once to understand him, no the queen was treating him as if he is her pet, wafadari my foot What does she expect from Ravish life long slavery Have any time vividha Atharva or Sujatha thought for him the more he was giving their have taken it as if it is their right, not once they have introspected what have their given him Vividha appeared like some blood sucking parasite Agreed she loves Madhav but if she genuinely loved him she would keep in mind his happiness and would not have neglected him right now she only wants to possess him that’s all and in real love life unlike serial world Vividha type ladies would suffer

  3. I also want vikram double role news to be fake. At first I hated serials a lot. But my sister used to see serials. My sis compelled me to watch jndsd. But I didn’t . Because I thought every serial will be same. One day my sister bribed me with lot of chocolates.
    So I just sat for her satisfaction. My first scene was atharv bringing guddi bashing
    Kk for not caring for her daughter because of the fear of samaj. That one scene gave me goosebumps. And I started watching jndsd. With the help of hotstar I watched the episodes that I have missed. I liked both atharv and vividha but due to many reasons I started hating vividha. Now also she is acting too selfish and arrogant. I am never supporting kangana but she has the right to shower love on madhav. How can that vividha can say that kangana should not speak to madhav. Vividha could have led happy life by giving equal right on madhav as her. For her guddi’s pain is only secondary. Only giving importance to madhav. Sorry vividha fans if I have hurt you.
    xyz i live in Mumbai . When I went to hotel Taj with my friends. There I saw vikku,shivik,Sara,priyanka and shashank.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes by seeing shivik.
    Respective fans went to their fans for autograph. I went to vikram first as shivani was with shashank. He was giving autograph to every fans and I also got. He was so humble and down to earth person.
    He was not tired in giving it. Similarly priyanka also but attitude of shivani made me very sad.I loved her so much. I never care about shashank and sara but they was also giving the same attitude. Three told that they want to do many shopping and there is lack of time. Three only signed just for few but they were in hurry. I hated priyanka a lot but that was not true. She was so like vikram. From that day onwards I started hating shivani a lot. I think 99%
    Shivank is dating. xyz dear shivani is not the right person for our vikku.

    Coming to the serial ravish said he didn’t expect anything but he said to vividha that nobody asked him what he want. Great hypocrite.???? . Everyone ravish fans blamed atharv for leaving vividha in mandap but what ravish did was great bravery thing according to their fans.
    Giving vachan to one girl and marrying other. Great.
    xyz I like your big comments very much. It is so informative. I also like hidden sarcasm in it. Mostly you and aaliya’s malayalam comment is fabolous. I can understand malayalam as my best friend is a malayali. She teaching me malayalam for last five years . By the way aaliya evidey. missing her comments.

  4. Sunanda12345

    Hii guys…how r u all…
    Not seeing episode..from 2 days reading only update..bcoz in srisailam there is no tv..even not network 2 watch at hotstar

  5. Now director is giving more screen phase to shivani and shashank. Atharv is keeping mum. Greatly disappointed by this. And Beyond dreams is also promoting bhabhi devar couple. Fed up of this.

    Vikram is not getting screen space as his acting skills.

  6. Dear 143 please convey my regards to cutiepie manoj.

  7. @hb

    cvs completely runied empowerment concept. I mean there is no single monologue from vivi side on forced marriage. I mean how she felt at that when she was forced to get married to an unknown guy becoz of a man ego. Instead cvs made vivi apologies a lot to R as,if she purposely did that to R. Yes saying sorry for one time is correct as R is victim too. But cvs forget that vivi is victim too in every situation.

    Second time marriage is R fault too. No bias vivi is there too. Yes vivi asked him to marry her again but where R senses gone. Vitharv, sujatha and R suffered becoz of kk,suman,dadaji and kalindi. but R said he lost and suffered becoz of vivi. That dialogue seems like as vivi life is with bed of roses and she did all becoz of selfishness.yes He supported them yes he is always stand for right yes he is always great for his sacrifies. sacrifice is done becoz u r ready for it not becoz some one asked for it. If it is the second one the person who made sacrifice seems like foolish and the person who asked for sacrifice seems like selfish.

    If vivi is selfish then R is turned as foolish. Then y the blame game is only on vivi.

    after so much vivi did to atharv, he left her at mandap. even after facing betrayal vivi need to think about y my atharv left me. Ok now I need to search for him. She cannot enter into atharvs mind and find out the reason for his leaving. This women went through mental torture, guilty torture. So she cannot think straight.

    Likewise R said he loves and want to marry guddi. He said he is on vitharv side. But suddenly he took this big step. So no one can enter into his mind and find the reason behind marriage.

    All iam asking is speak up ur thoughts R. Suffering inside is not gud for health also not for futher. I like him in phase 2 for understanding vitharv.

    1. Sandy17

      I totally agree with ur first para..she came out of forced marriage inspite of all the hurdles but I wished yesterday when ravish was saying about his sacrifices she also should have told her stand that its not her mistake for losing his father, mother, family members… When he lost his father she don’t know about ravish and he lost his mom due to his mom’s deeds and he lost other family members because of his wife,kangana then how came he blame vivi for his lose.

  8. Where is my comments? Typed with lot difficulty.???

  9. Please TU page publish my comments. Genuine fans many comments are not published but that virus anju’s comment is published. How is that?

  10. I just stated my opinion. I respect everyone opinion here. Actually I like healthy conversions. In analysing a situation one can judge other wrongly just becoz they like other. So i tried my best to not be biased towards vitharv as iam vitharv fan. @hb I just place myself in vivi place. And I found vivi has little short tempered. she need to control it.

    1. No worries hima , even I am looking for healthy discussion, that’s exactly I am saying , when ppl can accept vividha ‘a mistakes as her nature and also she suffered so much and accept her , my question is why not ravish’s, his only mistake is he felt guilty for what ever happened to vitharv and always helped without asking , so it becomes value less.

      I would rather call his past acts a help then sacrifice!

  11. Good afternoon friends. ?.
    @Suman di. Nice to see you back di. How are you?.
    I think that Ravish is hiding something. That Kangana said that because of me you are getting away from your family.It means that she blackmailed Ravish to marry her.
    Vitharv scenes are missing and Madhav and Kushi scenes are also missing. I’m fed up with this current track now.

    1. Sandy17

      ? gud afternoon dear

    2. Gud afton nazeen????

    3. Gud afternoon Nazneen

    4. Sumank

      Gd evening nazneen

  12. xyz whether you and aailya is relative.

    1. Sorry .I don’t know who r u actually. Whoever u r sorry I can’t digest whatever u said about actors personal life. And pls u have no need to convince me about shivani, vikram, shashank and other actor’s personal lives and what r they doing in their personal lives. I m nt interested to hear who r dating or not dating.
      And thanks for ur compliments for me
      If u want to know about the reln of me &Aailya then OK. Me &Aailya have no
      blood reln. But we r related with our thoughts, views and opinions. We r sisters.
      For me Aailya is my younger sister.
      Hope u got it.

  13. Ooh. GoD comments where are you? If anyone found my comment please inform me.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yes u r comment published

  14. My so comments are still missing.

  15. Ponnu

    Wht happen to ravishh…is he madd…??…blooody kangana spoiled guddis life…
    Feeling sad 4 guddiii?…

    Missing madav kushi vitharvs cutee scenes…late 2 cmnt…just watched the epi

  16. How could they married ravish to a murderer like kangana ridiculous???

  17. wow ravish very good decision
    love you

  18. now there is black saya of vividha on ravish… ab se uski life superb rahega..
    jab se ravish ki shadi huyi he tab se and after saparation ke bad bhi usko life barbad ho gayi he…frm now all happg days in ravish life…
    vividha is so so soooo selfish
    chi vividha i hate you..

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