Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Atharv pacifying Sujata. He takes her blessings and says I have taken blessings from my Lord, and your devotion is so true then Lord will bless you from anywhere. Kailash taunts Atharv. Atharv replies that if Kailash does not believe in Maa’s blessings, then how can he pray to Mata Rani. Sujata keeps the flower plate and asks Lord to accept her prayers.

Later, Vividha sings the bhajan Mann basiya o kanha…. Atharv comes hears her. Everyone attend the prayers and smile. Vividha ends the prayers. Kailash smiles. Uma gives aarti to everyone. Her hand is hurt and she hides it from Sujata. Uma does not give aarti to Sujata, seeing Kailash. Sujata takes aarti from far. Kailash asks Vividha to come. Vividha takes the flowers plate and slips. Ankit holds her. The

flowers fall over Sujata and Atharv.

Sujata smiles seeing flower in her hand. Athyarv smiles getting the flower over his files. Sujata tells Lord that her devotion is proved today, I may be away from you, but you are not away from you, me and my son accept this flower blessings by our soul. Vividha tells Kailash that her dupatta got stuck in her feet, she did not do this intentionally. Kailash goes to his room. Vividha asks Uma to see Papa, he is not listening. Uma says wait I will talk to him. Vividha cries. Ankit taunts her for always doing mistakes. Dadi defends Vividha and consoles her. Ankit gets annoyed and leaves.

Uma tells Kailash that Vividha did mistakes, but it was unintentional. Kailash says I know, sometimes she gets Atharv’s name in hand and hugs him publicly, her mistakes prove everything. He scolds her.

Kailash says I m thinking how is this happening. Uma moves back. Kailash taunts her that she gave such bad values to Vividha and twists her hand. She cries. He says this is happening just because of you and your values, I worked hard to give my values to Vividha, but I forgot she has your blood too, today your blood has won over my upbringing.

Dadi asks Guddi to get ironed clothes from the man. She says I don’t trust Guddi, I will also go along. Vividha hoes upstairs to Uma. Kailash scares Uma and says I have a disease to remember everything, I don’t forget anything, I remember even your past. When your proposal came for me, your parents said you have friendship with that guy, not anything else, why did they say it. Uma says I have told you truth and did not hide anything, I swear. He hurts her hand and you think you did favor on me saying your bad deeds. Vividha comes there and thinks to knock the door. Kailash tells Uma that you are innocent, you are Devi, I did not marry you thinking this, or you are beautiful, I married you as I just had pity on you. Uma cries. Kailash says you were an bad character guy. Uma screams. Vividha hears this and asks Uma and Kailash are they fine.

Kailash leaves Uma and says now you will answer Vividha, not me. Uma says I m fine. Vividha says but your voice. Kailash tells Uma that he won’t let Vividha walk on her path, no one will marry Vividha by pitying on her. Uma says Vividha won’t divert the path, like I got a good husband, she will also ….. Kailash says I will choose Vividha’s husband. Uma cries as he hurts her. Kailash says you have to explain Vividha, else I will stop pitying on you. Uma screams. Vividha cries and knocks the door, asking is everything fine. Vividha opens the door by pushing it hard, and gets inside the room. She gets shocked seeing Uma crying and Kailash consoling her.

Vividha asks what happened Maa. Kailash makes an upset face. Uma wipes her tears and turns. Vividha cries. Kailash says your mum is crying because of you, she has big problem with whatever happened, I m tired of explaining her, you and Uma sit and decide. Vividha holds ears and apologizes to them. Kailash says fine, leave it, forget it now. Vividha hugs Uma and they cry.

Uma says everything is fine, come with me. Kailash asks Uma to get house floor cleaned, else if anyone slips, there will be many wounds.

Sujata tells Atharv that I know you called to give good news. Atharv asks her how do you know, do you still see Vividha as your bahu. Vividha smiles seeing Sujata. Sujata says yes. Atharv says I will get Vividha as your bahu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That was a short updates

  2. Starting bit is gud

  3. Thank you Vikram. You have again made my day with your eyes and smile.

    It seriously works as a reliever after getting disgusted looking at Vividhas cry all the time.

    Madam Vividha..from today onwards you make a habit of telling eacj n everything to your father. From your breathing also. Papa I have now inhaled..now exhaling… And only if you father approves yiu..go ahead with yout breathing.

    Else your mom will have to endurre your dads torture.

  4. Arshdeep

    A good starting with a bad ending..
    Loved sujata and atharv smiling faces when flowers fell on them

    This kailash should be arrested in charge of treating his wife this way.. Poor uma.. You got the worst husband ever..
    Now its dragging.. Vividha did not see anything.. Cmmon move a bit forward now please..

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      I agree with u…I just hope that soon kailash be exposed infront of vividha…

  5. Arshdeep

    Thank you for the update

  6. Nice episode pls give better slot

  7. it was a nice epi… but last part I thought vividha will get to know something abt Kailash’s character but it didn’t happened… Precap is gud… waiting for tomorrow’s epi….

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      this kailash always escape from getting exposed infront of vividha…

      1. agreed

  8. God is great!!!!He understnd de value of each ones heart..:)
    I guess Vividha wuld realize de real avatar of kailash real.soon..waiting for tht moment eagerly.!!!!!
    Nice epi…
    Keep going ♥Vitharv♥
    god blessssss JNDSD♥

  9. Guys is thr a YouTube link of jndsd….as m nt able to watch it as m out of station…and hotstar dosent work in my phone…if its thr plz help nd if its nt there thn np…???

    1. if u open the serial by date it will give u many options the two best are badtameezdil.net and desiserials.tv try it this will surely work as i also watches the serial trough these two options try yhen tell me did this work

      1. sorry typing mistakes it’s through and then

  10. Nice epi.with a little problem. Flowers falling on Atharv &Sujata was nice. Heii frndz, do u know the secret story behind Uma – Vividha’s mother?

    Frndz..I have missed yesterday’s episode but read the updates. It seems nice.

    Hai Ardra.. Iam from Kollam district. I feel great pleasure by chatting with u.

  11. Thanku Amena di for updates… but its short?? Vivi’s bajan was little long…
    Hey Aishwarya r u from Kerala ?? And Sreelakshmi u didn’t replied to me last day….. plz tell ur correct place in Kerala…

  12. Thanku Amena di for updates… but its short?? Vivi’s bajan was little long…
    Hai Tia, Sunanda,Swapna, Darshi n evry1 in vitharv fan club….
    Hey Aishwarya r u from Kerala ?? And Sreelakshmi u didn’t replied to me last day….. plz tell ur correct place in Kerala…

  13. Arshdeep

    Precap is good <3

    The cast of jndsd is really superb.. Each and every actor performs very very well

  14. Who is the boss of vivatharv fan club? ????

    1. can’t say this correctly

    2. Arshdeep

      This isnt a office which needs a boss??

      1. Ok g we will remember it but who is the owner or founder of this fan club

      2. Arshdeep

        I think she was mohi

  15. Mee tooo Sreelu (Sreelekshmi). I also feel pleasure to chat with u as we r keralites…..

  16. Nice episode… love ViTharv ??
    Vikram Singh Chauhan your smile is worth dying for ???

  17. Jndsd episodes are getting better and better each day
    Keep it up ??

  18. nice episode…luv u vitharv….waiting for next epi

  19. Hi guys im commenting on jndsd page for first time.Nice episode

    1. we are happy that u comment welcome to this page and may be in vitharv fan club too

    2. Arshdeep

      Hey nishtha..welcome..
      And keep commenting?

  20. Hey guys i m commenting on jndsd page for d first time.Episode was nice.

  21. Jndsd is the best show of all the other daily soaps…different storyline…cute love story
    All the actors of this show are jst superb…performances and episodes are getting better and better with every new episodes specially Vikram , Shivani, Shilpa Ma’am and Vineet Sir

  22. Jndsd is the best show of all the other daily soaps…different storyline…cute love story
    All the actors of this show are jst superb…performances and episodes are getting better and better with every new episodes specially Vikram , Shivani, Shilpa Ma’am and Vineet Sir
    Love Jndsd????

  23. Those flowers falling on atharv and sujata chaachi was fabulous. Kailash can make vividha under the control of him, but he can’t do the same thing with the all mighty.God will always be with poor and innocent people.Poor vividha’s ma always get humiliated by that arrogant kailash. Guys… I hope that uma’s ex-boyfriend also has a role in the upcoming episodes since it’s highlighted ‘i told about all the relation of me with that guy’. Ravish ,atharv’s stepbrother will come soon for destroying vidharv’s innocent love.Hi nishtha!!!! I am also a new one . Who ever watching jndsd will wish to give comments.I am sure……

    1. welcome to this page aiswarya keep commenting but don’t talk about atharv’s step brother entry as we tolerate kailash the first big obstacle very hardly and atharv’s step brother is going to be the wall what we will do then let’s pray god gave all fans of vitharv the strength to tolerate these villains in the love story Ameen

  24. only some scenes were good when during pooja atharv was looking vividha and remembring their moments and smiling AND falling of flowers on sujata and atharv
    precap is nice writers please don’t bring atharv step brother between vitharv at least

  25. Arshdeep

    Good morning everyone?

  26. Very gud mrg

    1. Good morning to u too wish u have a very good day

  27. Nice episode

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