Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Atharv saying I have seen love for Ravish in your eyes. He stops himself from holding her. He says for my misunderstanding and vows, don’t break relation with Ravish, think of him, you will see your and Ravish’s love, you love Ravish. Vividha shouts get out from here right now. He tries to explain. She pushes him away. Ravish says he will not agree this way, give me a chance to explain. He asks Atharv to come with him. He holds Atharv and takes him out. The vases fall down. Vividha hears the sound. Ravish scolds Atharv and asks him how many times should I explain.

Atharv asks what happened. Everyone look on. Ravish asks do I need to explain from initial point, till when will you ruin my life, my life was ruined when I know about your existence, I have left

it as your birth was not your mistake, then after that, the girl I love, I got to know she loves you, till you came in my life, everything was fine, I had hope that Vividha will love me, you ruined my life, I moved back so that you both can stay happily, you did not bear that, I think you decided to hurt me, you say you don’t want to marry and give Vividha to me, right. Atharv says you love Vividha…. Ravish says yes I love Vividha, but does she love me, she does not love me, till when will you sprinkle salt on my wounds, you think you are helping me doing this, you are finding a place in my heart where you can give me new wounds, I will tell you one thing, I don’t express, but it hurts a lot. Vividha looks on.

Ravish says you won’t marry but send problems my home. Vividha asks Ravish not to say anything. Atharv says if you have so much pain, why are you getting us married, why are you becoming Lord. Ravish slaps Atharv and holds his collar. Ravish says I m not Lord, you are not letting me become human, what do you think of yourself. Vviidha asks Ravish to leave Atharv.

Vividha pulls Ravish away and slaps him. Everyone get shocked. Vividha asks how dare you touch my Atharv in front of me. Ravish says don’t misbehave with me else I don’t know what I will do in anger, you are not good, all this is happening with my family because of you, you are equally responsible in ruining my life, when you did not love me and could not love me, when you loved just Atharv, why did you ruin my life by marrying me. Atharv says Vividha did not do this intentionally, he was helpless, her father…. Ravish says what shall I do, what to do if her father did this, did I do anything to you and Vividha, why should I pay for this, I don’t have anything to do with this, Vividha intentionally married me and could not become my wife, her one decision ruined everything.

He hurts her hand in front of Atharv. He says its not your mistake, its fault of your upbringing, the small people like you stay under parents’ pressure all life, you keep mind and thinking mortgaged to parents, you people head anywhere they say like goats and sheeps, even you are like you, I gave you respect and freedom, what did you give me in return, I can’t count how much you have hurt me and Suman, you don’t have any regret on face. You know why, I did not see anyone selfish like you, you just see your happiness, its good you did not love me, you are selfish girl who can give happiness to just yourself, not anyone else, I did not see such selfish and foolish girl in my life, I don’t want to see anyone in future. Atharv shouts enough Ravish and slaps him.

Ravish smiles and says did you see or not understand anything even now. Ravish gets tearful eyes, after doing all this intentionally to make them realize each other’s love. He says you both can’t hear a word against each other, if I beat Atharv, Vividha gets hurt, if I insult Vividha, Atharv gets angry, if this is not love, I would like to say that I don’t know meaning of love, Vividha does not want to see Atharv’s face and Atharv does not love her, but the thing is you both are made for each other, accept this, till now you both thought by mind, I had to do all this to make you feel by heart.

He folds hands and apologizes to Vividha and Atharv for insulting her and slapping Atharv. He says we get words for free, but after using it, we get to know we get value for it, and do we have to pay value, don’t get annoyed with Atharv, he is my elder brother, he loves you a lot, we did not know each other since many years, so he tried to give me all that love wrapping in his sacrifice, it was his foolishness but also his love, he does not know he can live without breath but not without you, don’t get your ego between, you said you can’t live with Atharv, did you think will you live without Atharv. Vividha cries and hugs Atharv.

Everyone look on. Sujata holds Atharv. Suman cries. Atharv gets in dilemma and does not hold Vividha. Sujata recalls Atharv’s words. Uma and Dadi make Vividha ready. Dadi says your eyes got swollen after crying so much, we will make you princess today. She asks Vividha to say truth, will you run from mandap again. Vividha says this time, I won’t let Atharv go anywhere. Uma says my life will be blessed if I see you and Atharv happy.

Atharv gets thinking. Sujata comes and asks what’s this bag. Atharv says I m leaving, you would have cursed me if I did not tell you. She says you won’t go anywhere. He says you know the truth, I have few breaths to spend, I can’t marry Vividha, how to give her widow clothes along with bridal dress. Vividha thinks of Atharv and smiles. Apna laal dupatta……plays…………… Atharv thinks of her.

Vividha comes in mandap and says our new start is infront of us Atharv. Atharv says I will inform you to come before my death, you have to do my last rites. Sujata says if that’s the case, I wish I never get your news. Ravish plays dhol. Vividha asks Sujata where is Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What tbe hell wrong with this directors of jndsd….why they are doing this to ravidha fans……they just spoil our precious time by fooling with our minds.we want ravidha.that is is

  2. The tragic twist in the story about Atharv’s fatal brain condition throws out the possibility of any kind of happy ending; now, all three lives – Ravish, Vividha, Atharv – will be destroyed. It will be unimaginable for Ravish and Vividha to marry if Atharv dies. So sad, so sad !

  3. What a terrible thing to hurt the Artharv and Vividha fans. Artharv been through so much ……now they r getting rid of him?

    I think this is too hurtful for all of us. Writers you should have get rid of him when he fell in the river. At least that wasn’t s hurtful. To kill off his character is a pity. I love this couple and hope us viewers can sway you guys to change the direction of which you are going.

    Please let them get married and have kids. Poor artharv. You deserve better. Please stay.

  4. Hanshu

    I think this is all planned by Daddy ji and suman….
    If anything happens to atharv then it is better to say bye bye to Jndsd..


    1. @Yes Hanshu I also feel the same.

    2. [email protected]
      i too agree.. without logic it can possible.
      but.. if we remember that what atharv said.. he got to know abt his ill condition only after back from pak.. but suman meet daddy ji.. when atharv started acting like baby atharv..

      Anyways..its a daily soap anything can happen..with/without logics..

  5. Now vividha vl marry ravish…I think if sujata vl not not tell the truth to all then vivi may get angry on atharv and then marry ravish
    Anyways new look of vikram after leap is awesome but vividha is with sindur

  6. Good morning Suman di, Joe di, Karan bhayya,Naveen bhayya,Xyz di,Aailya,Diya,Dimpurpose,Nidha,Nikh,Nikhat,Neeth,Neemu,Sachin, Sweetu ishkara,Sunanda,Hanshika,Havilah and all Vitharvians.
    What to tell by seeing yesterday’s episode I felt like crying by seeing our Atharv’s condition ????
    Precap is very emotional.

    1. Good morning nazneen.
      Have a nice day.

      1. Good morning xyz chechi

      2. Good morning aailya dear.
        Have a nice day.
        Xms kazhinjo?

    2. Good morning nazneen . Have a great day.

    3. Dimpurose11234

      Hii dear, happy afternoon?

  7. Sorry 143 di I forgot your name. Forgive me ?

    1. its ok yar… u said all vitharvians…means i also there..no need to mention.
      Good morning and good noon.
      have a nice day

  8. Whaterver it bt in all this drama what is ravish’s fault… jo kuch ravish ne kaha bilkul sahi kaha… he always sacrifices..n in return vividha give him big slap… is this respect… ravish ke liye kuch to acha dikho plz… atharv n vividha se jyada ravish hurt ho gaya is sb me….i hate this all…

  9. Really ystrdy’s epsd makes me cry…… Ek pal ne mujhe shock laga tah jab ravish ne vividha ke bareme bath ki!!!!! Bt ravish u r great dude…. Director app pagal hoge hoo kya??? Y this much of drama???? Dont give this much of pain to atarv …. I think iss director ka love failure hogaya hoga, thts y he is not uniting d lovers… Plz director dont do dis again wi vividha how many times she should get ready in dulhan dress and waiting for atarv????!!!! If atarv ko kuch hogaya naa …. Hum vitarv fans iss serial ko dekhana chodhenge….. Right guys?????
    Plz unite vitarv……..

    1. Don’t worry vikram n vividha started shooting post leap scenes. Vitharv is end game. But we need to wait

      1. Vikram n shivani *

      2. Oh!!!!! But i didt c d leap pics….

  10. I feel vividha marries neither atharv nor ravish. She may wear ms by her self for atharv. If not vitharv marriage, I am expecting at least dis. No ra….. Vidha marriage. Already they messed up with ra…. Vidha marriage. Again all will bad mouth vividhas character.

  11. Yesterday’s episode was so emotional and
    overwhelming .VITHARV are in so much of love. Everything was so perfect. It just made me emotionally messed up realising
    the depth of their love for each other over
    all.The pain in the vikku’s eyes when he is not able to hug vividha left me speechless.
    On the whole yesterday vitharv made me cry a lot.???

    1. I also was crying yesterday full night??????????.
      Bcz vikram singh chauhan and shivani surve are fantastic actors. Especially their facial expressions ?????. Mind blowing. No words to say.Awsome. congrats both of u shivik ?????????✌?????.
      Oh my dear vikku come back soon with a bang and fly with ur girl.

    2. Yes chechi. The only reason JNDSD has such a loyal viewership is because Shivik are brilliant and Vitharv are beautiful.
      Pinne exams kazhinju chechi.

      Good afternoon chechi.

      1. How was ur exams aailya?

      2. Pinne arinjo a chintu veendum varunennu. Enthinanavo? ????

      3. Gud afternoon aailya.

      4. Exams easy ayirunu chechi. Adutha oru para chintu. Vitharv enne sugam ayit jeevikan samadhikillya. Vitharv ennu kuttikal undavum ennu vartha fake ayirikum. Athu egane sambovikana. Lot of confusions.
        Enik film song annu orma varunath.
        Confusion theerkaname Ente confusion theerkaname.???

      5. Aailya. ?????.Enikkum Ippo a pattu thannya orma varunne. Confusion theerkaname” enteyum” “jndsd story writernteyum” confusion theerkaname. Bcz nammalekkal confused anu jndsd writer.???????????

  12. Guys vividha is wearing sindoor .Do you remember during vitharv separation atharv unknowingly filled vividha’s forhead with sindoor . For this vividha is wearing sindoor and not mangalsutra.She still lives with the memories of atharv.

    1. hanshika you said vitharv marriage will happen.. guess they changed it …

  13. RAOne

    Shivani gona kill me one day, Tere mast mast do nain
    Tere mast mast do nain
    Mere dil ka le gaye chain
    Mere dil ka le gaye chain
    Tere mast mast do nain
    it is awesome post leap looks of your Shivani, keep going do well just one request from you
    never cry, be happy and JANA NA DIL DOOR

  14. that hug of vividha atharva was so precious for me I can’t control my ters till now kya vividha atharva air unke fans ke luck me rona hi likha hai kya I don’t know now what will hapen will vividha get to know about atharva don’t but ine thing is clear she will break down into peices afyer thid atharva plssssss don’t go plsssssss come back plsssss only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  15. Sick of the show. Literally sick. F you jndsd

  16. Hi friends…a very good morning and good noon to all.
    have a nice day..

    yestrday episode was too emotional.. and loved all the 3 charecterization.. vitharv hug..superb..but atharv..omg!!!
    Precap: vividha was so exited to start new life with atharv..but again and again..vitharv has to bear pain.

    i am just waiting..for after leap, how cv’s going to justify that Atharv was ill now and after leap nothing happen to atharv..and if it is he got cured..then y didn’t he meet vividha in that 4 years..many qustion for leap in show..so just waiting..how will leap occur in show..

    1. Hi 143 .Gud afternoon. Ya I also have the same doubt that is if nothing happened to atharv then y he didnt return to meet vividha. But I think atharv should return to meet vividha but then he might saw the sindhoor on her forehead. So he may be misunderstand that vividha married to ravish. So he didn’t want to interrupt her new life and didn’t meet her.it is my thoughts nly.otherwise there is no need of leap if atharv meet vividha bfr 4 yrs and everything will be fine.
      But I can’t even digest the news of vitharv’s child. So confused. ?

      1. Yeah..really unable to digest that vitharv children twist.. till now cv’s played with vitharv life and now going on vitharv child..bullshit. no pure relations at all..cv’s making all disgusting stupid making all things wrong in show..and the end will be all right!!! bull shit cv’s mad logics.

    2. Hai dear 143

      Good afternoon dear

  17. Quitting ts f**ked up show!!
    I hvnt watchd any episode s fr frw days…nd will not….f**k u all….fr ts blunder drama

  18. wuuuuh kailash in the room lol.. hello all vitharvians wat to say am just waiting patiently till the day vitharv reunites again. but pliiiz directors don’t even try that crap of vivi marrying ravish again that will just be 2 much got it!!!

  19. Dimpurose11234

    Hii vitharvians
    Yesterday’s epi was very heart breaking.
    I think vivi’s sindoor the name of atharv.
    But i have a doudt sunjiv sir confirmed that mrg will happen. But the won’t happen.
    Im waiting for leap.

    1. Hai dimpurose

      Don’t know what will happen let us wait and see

      Good afternoon dear

    2. Hii dimpurose. I also heard the news said by sunjiv puri .But for any clarification we have to watch the coming epsds .

      Gud eveng dear.

  20. A very happy to news to all Kaira fans of yeh rishtha. Mohsin khan conformed that he is in love with Shivangi jhoshi. Iam supper happy now.

    When will our vikku conform that. My ear is aching to hear that.

    Xyz dear in serial there will be no logics but vividha will become pregnant. They will show the warm up scene in future episodes.

    1. me too waiting to hear that.. shivik the perfect chemistry ever

  21. Dear meera cowdung is a scared thing. You
    Unknowingly told that atharv is very sacred.

  22. Atharv Vividha are meant to b wd ech othr.plz dnt sprt dem..lov z a feelng ..wch cn hpn wd one n lst fr long wn bth lov ech othr a lot.its unbearable fr smone to stp lovng dem or gt sprtd..plzzz Vitharv z da nly thng wch we xpct frm dz show.n Ravish z dammm gd bt as Vitharv r meant to b tgthr..Ravish hv to mv on or fnd smone..i knw its diff bt as Vividha Atharv lov ech othr. It hs to done..bt plz dnt sprt ViTharv?????

  23. @hanshika are you sure then I am very happy bit I have a question than after leap sujata will be with atharva or with uma ji ,dadi ma(e far imdumati) will vividha be in ajmer or in delhi hope she would be in ajmer

  24. Suman di. Both Vividha and Atharv started shooting again after 4 years leap??

  25. I love vikram sing chauhan very much. With out him this show is meaning less.

  26. gud afternoon everyone…
    and first of all i’m sry for day before yesterday’s comment…
    i said gud bye b’coz i thought atharv is going to die.. but i’m wrong as you people said there is no jndsd without atharv…
    of course the day on which vikku quit the show that day will be my gud bye day…
    and i have to say sorry to ravish also b’coz i thought his too much goodness is the reason behind atharv behavior but i don’t know the reason and i couldn’t estimate the twist that’s why at that time i thought like that… of course you are too good to ignore.. so i thought atharv also thinking like that and that’s why he was doing all that… for my wrong assumptions i’m very sorry…
    and ha what ravish said to vivida every word is true.. of course that is a drama but those words are true of course there are so many reasons behind that vivda’s mistakes but truth never changes … vivda you should tell sorry to ravish at least once it’s not fair to be calm..
    and of course too much goodness also not good so plss at least now think about your mom and move on in your life and marry a beautiful and charming girl at least for your mom and when suman see your happiness on that day only her hatred will go from her heart.. so plss you done a lot for every one so do this for your mom… one side love will give you pain only.. so move on from your pain you have a good life don’t waste it.. vivida never accept anyone as her husband except atharv.. i don’t know when they both will unite but at least i want to see anyone of your happiness now..
    too much hogaya ye rona dhona sub ka.. so plss director ji stop this crying and all too much melodrama… and complicated relationships and plss show some peaceful episodes… and bring back the ecstasy of love of vitharv.. with a small bit of music we can feel their love…
    so plss bring back the magic of jndsd at any cost this is my order to you… ha ha ha…
    and i have so many doubts…
    if it is a 4 years leap how can vivida pregnant after 4 years?? and if atharv die with in months how can he survive 4 years?? it means what doctor said is wrong or waht??
    and what will ravish do now?? what is the ravish life now??
    uff so many questions in my mind nothing to do wait and watch..

    1. Finally u came [email protected] us. Thnx.
      Leap itself has many question….after leap its a big wonder.. all are under control of cv’s and mad writers.
      lets wait and watch..

      And that chintu is a big question..y he was back again.

      1. ha ha ha…
        thanks to you also…
        and ha so many questions in our minds.. we have to wait that’s it..

  27. Atharv jump from marriage mandap for his illness..and after that a Leap?? Ok!!..Vividha pregnant with atharv child??? Ok!! vividha with sindoor but not mangalsutra?? Ok!!.

    what abt vitharv children, what will they call Ravish?
    Any idea guys???

  28. Nikh ,143, xyz

    Wait & see interesting

  29. hope I am wronh and I will be very happy if I am wrong but when I searched jana na dil se door upcoming story than it was written tjat when atharva ran away vividha not knowimh about atharva illmes take a strong decision to remaary ravish for forhetting atharva but I think ravish will and if this happens then ravish shuold refuse to marry vividha but hope thus is not true news of marriage only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  30. hope I am wronh and I will be very happy if I am wrong but when I searched jana na dil se door upcoming story than it was written tjat when atharva ran away vividha not knowimh about atharva illmes take a strong decision to remaary ravish for forhetting atharva but I think ravish will and if this happens then ravish shuold refuse to marry vividha but hope thus is not true news of marriage only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  31. vividha ,don’t marry ravish…….please atharv is your partner..if again you marry ravish then I don’t see this show anymore……please ……..I like Vitharv jodiiiii

  32. atharv aur vividha ko jaldi se ek kar do

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