Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Zeenat/Aruna insulting all of the women of Vashisht house. Suman asks what does she want, tell them now itself, else later she will not even get water. Zeenat asks her to worry for her fate, no one will enter this door now, no one would think what will happen here now. Media is outside. Zeenat asks them did they hear the drama beginning. Atharv thanks her and asks will drama happen her. The man calls him mad. Atharv says yes, I m mad. Ravish talks to inspector. Inspector says its planned attack, what do they want. Ravish asks media to move back. He enters the house and picks the Cd. He checks the Cd in laptop and sees his family captive by Zeenat.

Zeenat gives her message and says I m glad that you are smart one here, its fun to fight, your wife and brother

are fools, you get emotional and blind, your family is captive here, now I will tell you why did I come here, your entire family and their lives are on my fingers now. She hurts Bhoomi and asks Ravish to not take her easy now, else it will be big price for his family. Ravish says this video should not be viral. The man says Sir, its already viral now and shows the threatening video on net. Zeenat asks for Wasim’s release. The man says its breaking news now. Ravish says we know what they want now.

Atharv asks Suman not to worry, I m here. Suman asks are you thirsty, shall I give you water. He says yes, but give water to them, when Ravish comes, he will beat them a lot, they will not get even water. The man asks will Ravish beat us. Sujata says forgive him. Atharv says if you beat me, captain saab will beat you. Vividha says don’t beat him please. The man slaps Atharv. Vividha and Sujata cry. Chutki feels bad and cries. Sujata asks them to leave Atharv. Chutki says don’t beat him and cries. Athrv says Ravish will beat all of you. The man slaps him. Vividha cries. Dadi Bua says he is a kid, don’t bear him. Atharv says you beat me, captain saab will come and beat you. The man goes to beat him with gun. Sujata apologizes and asks Atharv not to talk now.

Suman, Sujata, Dadi Bua and Vividha scold Zeenat and call her coward, who would not even get place in hell. Atharv says Ravish loves me a lot, he will come and beat you. Zeenat gets angry and loads gun to shoot Atharv. Vividha comes in the way and protects Atharv. Media troubles Ravish with the questions. Ravish asks them to be silent, and not make matter worse, no more questions, let us work, please. Ravish sees the house and proceeds with commandos. He asks them to be alert, we don’t know about the weapons they are carrying, its fight of army and people’s trust on them, its fight of every son for his family, its now or never, any doubt. They say no Sir. Ravish proceeds.

Zeenat says I know Ravish loves Atharv a lot and can do anything for him, I m sure Ravish will not do anything foolish, he can’t see his mother in pain. She taunts Suman and her sautan Sujata. She asks Suman and Sujata who is the second woman among them. Vividha asks her to talk with respect. Zeenat says I have seen Ravish seeing Vividha a lot of times, he loves his wife a lot, he loves even his mad brother a lot, he did not say anything when Atharv shot him, its proved that there is much love here in this family, its certain that Ravish will not do any mistake, I will meet Wasim soon.

Ravish makes a floormap and explains the entries and plan to commandos. The man says we will start out plan after sunset. Ravish says its risky for us to get team inside, single man has go inside, that’s me, I know what I m saying, if I get stuck, you execute plan yourself, let me do this now.

Its night, media tells about Vashisht family captive by terrorists. Ravish gives instructions to the team.

The men ask Zeenat can they spend time with Vividha and Bhoomi. Zeenat asks them to get peace their way. Vividha says please don’t take Bhoomi, I m ready to come with you. Bhoomi gets shocked. Vividha cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wt the hell in precap
    Is they want 2 spend time with vivida ?????
    atharv plsssss do some thing .

  2. Yet another boring and draging episode….

  3. Hi friends…. It was lovely episode.
    Suman asks atharv for water it was heart touching….
    Vividha stands for atharv really was interesting….
    Vividha sacrifice herself for bhoomi …. Omg it was so kindness….
    All over ravish’s dialogue…. God this was mindblowing….
    Terrorist attack se ek cheez to achcha horaha hai ki pure family ekhoraha hai… Lovly track.. ??
    One request to all my telugu frns plz aapni comment english main send karo plz plz

  4. Anyone tell me is thiz jndsd show?? Nd who is the main lead of thiz shw i dont knw aftr watching todayz episode my mind is totally blank..

    1. Present main lead ravish.

    2. Haha…..can’t accept Ravish as the main male lead…..will accept as a parallel lead.

      1. Ya we cant accept ravish is main lead but makers are try to shows like that na

  5. Vividha, has totally lost it? She wants to go spend time with d terrorist?

    Whatever happens I hope the CVS team ensures that they put the spotlight on Atharva Sujata to save Vividha from these goons and not focus on Ravish saving her.

    The audience wants Atharva Sujata back so pls use this to get the story back on track.

    Strange, Suman asked Atharva if he wanted water?? Vaishth family suddenly all wanting to save Atharva?

    Don’t know why they added that sentence that (I’ve seen Ravish looking at u secretly??) by Aruna, What r they upto???

    Pls focus on one love story, this love triangle is getting murky.

  6. Yak thu. Chi. Wt is going on. Terrorist praising captain n telling how he looks vividha chup chup ke. How much they want to show ravishs mahanta. They r trying to establish more of ravish. But any thing more is not Gd. Till now I used to have soft corner for ravish some where. Today dat also gone. Cvs r trying level best to make us accept him. Now I understood y they brought jeenat just to shout at viewers about his mahanta. R u thinking viewers fools. Today I am over dosed with Captain ravish from mouth of zeenat n baby atharv. CVS just want us to accept him as Mahaan. No way. I am ready to leave dis stupid show if it is not a story of dhoodh wala n payal ki mousi. But can’t take dis torture.

    1. Ravish is d pits, after being well aware of the close proximity of Vividha n Atharva in the pendrive photos plus fully known to d fact that Vividha loves Atharva, he secretly looks at Vividha.

      That makes think twice abt Ravish’s character. He is not selfless or sacrificing as potrayed in fact he should respect Vividha as his bhabhi…..if he truly wants 2 unite Vividha n Atharva!!

      CVS should ensure they screen their shoots accordingly to make d show acceptable in public view.

    2. I agree to u and accepted ur every word in this comment. Disgusting precap. If Ravidha unite in type track I don’t accept this unite.

  7. Amalina

    precap is disgusting! I hate zeenat so much and I hate her face since when she used play kinjal in Saathiy!

  8. Wow! Nice episode…hope atharv sujatha will be back to save vividha from terrorist..

  9. writers are slowly taking to side ravish and vividha love. we dont like this side. we are seeing serial beacuse of athrav and vividha love. if you break this. this serial becomes like tere sher mein. nobody will watch show. then you have to close the show

  10. What d hellllll this is rubbish

  11. ya suman todayz episode only fr ravish i dont y makers doing this shit,,all r forgot abt atharva sujatha character..only ravish is hero yak..they are spoil atharvs character i dont like it..tmrw they shows ravish mahan saving vivida..i think cvs purposly shows atharv as side chasracter..

  12. We r waiting for atharva sujatha back and vitharva love story.but CVS are showing only ravish track.we can’t bare any more.for audience pls unite vitharva.don’t kill atharva in any circumstances.if atharva will die then CVS you have to pay for that.

  13. What the crap is going on in JNNDSD… do they want to show how great Ravish is??? And how low Atharv. Agar isehi hooti tho kohi bhi nehi dekungi…
    Daily I’ll think to quit. N I’ll watch next episode mein atharv will be back aur kuch neyah hooti hei. Diff hai serial main har rooz neyah beewakoof tamasha…
    Now I quit to watch….
    I think already people have quit to watch this serial. Because previously there are soo many people use to comment compared to now.
    If yu track the same story line there will be no one will be.
    Anyways bye bye to JNNDSD.
    I’ll miss Atharv Sujata & Vividha.

  14. No no no don’t comment anything bad towards vividha. Till tomorrow episode. This useless cv’s always mislead us with stupid precap.

    Disgusting precap. Pity on director and whole JNDSD team for such a idiotic thought.
    But just don’t want to say any wrong abt vividha. Till tomorrow.
    Guys plz don’t do so.

    1. True, I think vividha kuch plan kar rahi hai,, but iss track main at least atharv ka kuch sean hona chahia…….
      Or chup chup ke dekhne ka line was not necessary jab ki aisa ek bhi scene hum kabhi nehi dekhe ravish ka after knowing vividha’s love… Disgusting
      Bye.. Bye…. Bye?????????

  15. First of all kill that Aruna/zeenat.and that two bustards. How can this whole jndsd team got mad to show such a cheap thought’s in gr8t love.

    Even if I get a chance I’ll kill those who such a thought.?????????????

  16. From last 3 months CVS taking pain to establish ravish as hero. The present track proves dat. Only filler episodes. No improvement in story line. Still at same point fighting for ravidha or vitharv. Disgusting.Cvs they shown ravish promising to vividha about vitharv union as if he is A Mahaan n accepted vitharv relationship. He may r may not like to get separated from vividha. But he promised,n clearly said once with sujatha also v loves a very much.so indirectly or directly accepted vitharv relationship. According to dat bayya aur babhi tho Hai. K accepted, he is Mahaan soo selfless den y d hell they showing him chup chup ke babhi ko dekh raha Hai. Wt is d point in promising. CVS wt u want to show. Already spoiled atharvs n vividhas character now indirectly ravish. If you want to unite ravidha den don’t show vitharv scenes after marriage. If vitharv is end game don’t show ravish flirting or staring. U show a scene such dat for example ravish teaching shooting to vividha, in which vitharv fans see uncomfortable vividha. N ravidha fans vividha drooling for ravish n their romance. First clear shadi or soulmates. In between u r making vividhas character cheap. First clear ravidha or vitharv. Den move on with story line. U take Every one taking vows n promises n conveniently dropping them. If really promises n words have any importance at least show them stand for their words n promises. Or else don’t show them. Unnecessarily spoiling value of promises n standing for words. Very disappointing

  17. Am taking a break from the show till the terrorist track end…nowadays I only get chance to watch Last segment of the show …my niece and nephew always stick to the TV at 5:30 pm watching cartoons ?????????
    ….I wish …atharve become captain America and save his love vividha from those stupid terrorists

  18. Atharv is main lead of the show . I think atharv vl save vividha from terrorist .

  19. Atharva takes his action hero avatar fighting against terrorist’s saving Vividha and Vashishtha family.

  20. Pls read JNDSD Upcoming story – atharv saves vividha

  21. Yes havila i hv read JNDSD upcomng stry

  22. What a shame. His lover is in danger but still he couldn’t help vividha what is the use of atharv if he couldn’t help her. Vividha dedicated her life for him. See now Ravish will enter and beat a goal. If its a true love serial means atharv should transform into a hero. Otherwise his character is useless. When a man is saving a girl’s virginity she will like her the most. Now the competition will start between ravish and atharv. Who is saving her now is her real partner for her. Count down starts

  23. What a shame. His lover is in danger but still he couldn’t help vividha what is the use of atharv if he couldn’t help her. Vividha dedicated her life for him. See now Ravish will enter and beat a goal. If its a true love serial means atharv should transform into a hero. Otherwise his character is useless. When a man is saving a girl’s virginity she will like her the most. Now the competition will start between ravish and atharv. Who is saving her now is her real partner for her. Count down starts

  24. I hope they are not going to drag this and show stupid stuff just so that they have something to show until Atharva is fine, because if he is going to save everybody he might get his memory and self back and they have told that this is going to happen about January so they better not planning to fed us up.

  25. boring story jana na dil se door

  26. Vidharv always

    Senseless writers, ravish knew about vividha and atharv,still he touching her to teach shooting. Putting hands on her shoulders while going to camp is disgusting… As viewer of jaana na from day 1, it’s disgusting to see such proximities between ravish and vividha..


    Writers do u ever remember about vitharv moments and their lovely kiss as well as promises of vitharv.

    They made marriage promises .
    Now what the heck are u showing.
    If vividha is happy here, what’s the need for her to hate her father kailash… Ufffff senseless writers.

    Better atharv save vividha and get killed by terrorists and u writers unite vividha with anyone u want and put an end to this bakwaas show.

    Mad writers, u spoiled a beautiful love story and now this terrorist track. Thu Thu Thu.

  27. Ravish u r doing good job and vividha u deserve this . This is happening bcoz of your stupidity

    1. What do u mean “Vividha deserve that”?
      U r a girl right. So plz avoid low thinking.

  28. Atharva didn’t touched her till she accepted him. Every time vividha used to come close to atharva. Vividha ji was d word used to call vividha. N see ravish never misses a chance to touch her n stare her after knowing she is his brothers girl declared by vividha her self . Even after watching their pics. Now I hate ravish character Yaak.

    1. Hi suman.
      I agree with u.
      I don’t want to say ravish is mahaan, even I don’t feel right when he come close to vividha.
      Yes u r right, after knowing vitharv truth. He should not do like dis.
      But I can say one thing, in view of ravish he was not wrong, before knowing vitharv truth ravish loved her,so we can see his affection, caring towards vividha.
      Its Just my view don’t get me wrong.
      Love u vitharv….

      1. Even I accept ravish loving vividha. But if he is parallel lead of the show,den he should not promise vitharv union. He should be like k even I love you let us wait n see where our fate takes us. He should be shown like hero who faces challenges. N vividha falling for him. Here is exactly opposite.

  29. In which way he is Mahaan. Disgusting

    1. Frdz ravish save vivida not our atharv..jndsd upcoming stry me lika tha..

      1. No yar I am sure atharv sujatha will come wn vividha is in trouble. S I accept just to show ravishs mahanta they may show ravish saving whole family. But remember my words we will get atharv sujathas glimpse dat too saving his girl. See how makers hume thadpa rahe hai?. Enjoying 3rd vachan in telugu now

  30. Hi a very good morning @suman,sunandha,pinky,Joe,karan and JNDSD viewers.

    Advance happy X-mas guys.
    Have a gr8t day.

    1. Hi suman 143 karan..atharv is not lead they r shows only ravish is main lead.. Nd wat abt our atharv he do mny things fr vivida nd alwayz saves vivida frm situram nd mental asyleem warden.. May be all members memory is lost

  31. I was like it’s ok shashank vyas is playing ravish character. Let me bear rubbish for sake of sk. But I don’t know y I couldn’t accept ravishs mahanta. It is too much to take. Actually showing dis too much mahanta irritating me. Where is actual jndsd. Wt is going on now is only makers forcing us to accept ravishs mahanta. But for every thing der should be a limit. From past 3 months I am like????????

  32. Jaana Na Dil Se Door: Atharva (Vikram Singh Chauhan) saves Vividha (Shivani Surve) and Vashishtha family from terrorist’s

    The upcoming episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Door will show major drama in Vashishtha house.

    Aruna’s truth has got revealed before Ravish and thus captivates her, Vividha asks Ravish to find that Aruna is a terrorist.

    Ravish leaves for cantonment when terrorist’s attack over Vashishtha house and captivates the family.

    Ravish gets stuck outside and has no way to help his family but makes attempts to get inside for rescue.

    Atharva saves Vividha

    Aruna tortures Vashishtha family and Vividha which Atharva couldn’t see and returns in his normal avatar.

    Atharva takes his action hero avatar fighting against terrorist’s saving Vividha and Vashishtha family.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Hi all, Nidha, I hope ur every word comes true….fingers crossed 4 a good episode today!!

      Atharva Sujata u r wanted on full mode today…..ur audience wants action Atharva style…

  33. Hello everyone I read all your comments this is just a serial guys in real life this won’t happen.What happened to this stupid directors and writers don’t know??
    Why are they spoiling the serial by introducing unnecessary scenes.
    Ravish loves Atharv a lot and he should accept Atharv and Vividha as Bhaiya and bhabhi.Ravish don’t love Vividha now.

  34. Ravish is playing a positive character so he should respect Vividha as her bhabhi not as wife.He can secretly stare and touch any other girl?

    1. Ha ha. ya he can with any other girl . not babhi

  35. @nidha
    Whatever is written in this article is it true?I mean is it a genuine news that atharva will be saving Vividha?

  36. Same 2 u 143

  37. They have totally destroyed the original story-line and theme of the show. I miss the old JNDSD,prior to Vividha’s wedding.The Ajmer days.
    Now serial turning into a crap.In the precap, what Vivadha says , who does that?The show is set to become the victory field of “one man army ” Ravish.The other characters have lost their common sense.
    Its high time they bring back the real Atharva,N focus on Vitharva.

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