Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dadi saying Kailash has said yes for Atharv and Vividha’s marriage. Ankit goes. Guddi sings Maain Maain…… and dances. Atharv is thinking. Everyone dance happily. Vividha and Atharv smile. Dadi asks Uma why are you looking upset, Vividha is getting married, thank Lord for this big happiness, I m very happy, you are happy and I think you are unable to digest big happiness. Dadi reminds Uma that Kailash is strict, but he is a father, he has beaten Ankit a lot because of Vividha’s incident, he has changed.

Sujata tells Vividha that I will get Atharv’s proposal for you tomorrow, be ready to become his bride, Atharv has become statue as if he has got happiness shock. They all go. Atharv gets thinking. Vividha asks him why is he standing like statue, wake

up. He says I can’t believe this. She asks can’t you believe my Papa is a nice man. He says something is fishy. She says its happening as we wanted, some decisions are taken by heart, not mind.

She says I always told you my Papa is not wrong and loves me a lot, see he said yes for marriage, he is not like you think, he is not greedy. Atharv says try to understand me. She says please don’t say anything now, my Papa loves me as much as you do, I know your perception towards life is different. He says I have no problem if your dad loves you, there is something wrong. She says no, its all fine, I should be annoyed with you, but I m happy my Papa said yes, our love’s big test is over, what else does out love want, Papa said yes and now there can’t be any problem. She hugs him. Kailash sees them.

Its morning, Kailash asks everyone to work fast. He asks Uma to change curtains and cushions, now Vividha will get married and leave from house, Guddi has to work now, learn everything. He says its big day for Vividha, its last day of the matter, I m very happy. Uma gets thinking. Kailash shows his happiness and says puja should be good, our Lord should be happy with us, this is festival for us. Dadi says Kailash is very happy.

Uma goes to temple and prays. Sujata comes and shows her Vividha’s shagun. She says this suit color will look nice on Vividha, and this saree will suit you, I feel this is dream that Kailash agreed. Uma says yes, I also feel the same, don’t you think strange that Kailash agreed, its not normal, I m scared. sujata says he may have changed. Uma says some people never change, it’s a silence before storm. Sujata says Murari sends someone to help us when all doors get closed. Atharv hears them and cuts grass. Sujata says when Ramakant came back, he said he wants to do something for us, I told him about Atharv and Vividha, I think he spoke to Kailash and changed this matter. Kailash calls Uma. Sujata asks Uma to go.

Vividha smiles and sees bangles which Sujata made her wear. She gets ready and thinks of Atharv. Heer heer……plays………. She goes out to balcony and smiles seeing Atharv. He sees her. She signs him and asks how is she looking. She roams around. He signs she is fat. She angrily throws flower pot at him. He moves and signs you look best. She gives him a flying kiss and he catches it, and sends another kiss. She signs him to come fast and goes.

Kailash comes to Atharv and acts sweet to him. Sujata comes and hears them. Kailash says its good to do Gaumata puja, come inside, you were waiting for this day, your fate will change today, you will never forget this day, come, where is your mum. Sujata says I m here. Kailash says I was waiting for you, come. Sujata and Atharv come to Kailash’s house with shagun. Vividha signs him to touch Kailash’s feet. Atharv touches Kaikash’s feet and Uma’s feet. He hugs Uma and says don’t take tension, whatever happens, I will manage.

Kailash talks about forgetting past. The society people come and insult Sujata. They throw Sujata and Ramakant’s pics and speak bad of her character. Atharv sees the pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I knew kailash had something else in mind than a wedding proposal. Hope ramakant turns up and shuts the society people up.

  2. thanks amena di awesme epii loved vitharv scene but dont know whats gonna happen tmmorow

  3. Kailash uu cheat

  4. adharv and vivdha ..ooohhh awesome hot, sweet ,lovely pair….

  5. I hope atharv clears the society taunts and admits that the person in the pic is his father. Maybe vividha will now know what her fathers like.

  6. I also think soooo tuffy

  7. uma is right its a silence bfre strom…
    he is planing smthng
    he gt to knw that atharv is ramakanth’s son n lalach mem akar ha kahdiya
    bt atharv wl reject the mrg proposal bcs of his father he hate him sooo much..
    n vivi wl gt married with atharv’s step bro
    thts the hot news fr upcmng epi

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