Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking Vividha whats the matter. She says you are not related to it. He says I was not related before, but now I m, so tell me. Uma cries and says how will Vividha make a new start without forgetting Atharv, I m worried. Dadi asks Uma do you think she can forget Atharv. Uma says Vividha made me promise that we will find Atharv. Guddi says yes, we all have to know where is he, if its any bad news about him then.. Dadi says don’t say this. Uma says if its worst news, if Atharv is not alive, then what will I do, till Vividha knows where is Atharv and how, she will not move on in her life.

Ravish says you are my wife and you are not happy, I can see it, I will have equal share in your life’s happiness, look at me, I m an army man, I talk straight, I just

know yes or no, if you think I can understand seeing your face, it won’t happen, I will understand whatever you tell me, I want to ask a question, I want the answer in yes or no, did this marriage happen by your wish….. She says yes, this marriage happened by my wish. He asks what problem do you have with me or my family, you were shouting on phone. She says no, I was talking to my mum, do I need to tell you everything. He says no, never, I respect your private talk with your mum, I just wanted to know your wish, if you said this marriage happened by your wish, I m glad, my mum is very imp for me, her smile and happiness matter a lot to me, she feels we are made for each other, and she should feel so, I hope you will support me in this. She recalls Atharv’s love for his mum Sujata. She goes.

Kailash says I don’t want to know in what state is Atharv, just see if he can become danger for me or not, Kailash is standing at the top of the mountain when a small jerk can make me fall, I can finish, Atharv should be alive any way. Uma hears him. She asks him why did he not get scared when he has brutally got Atharv beaten, now you are afraid, I know Ankit has hit hammer on them, I will call police and ambulance for you as well. He asks her to go, and remember, the one you want to help, Vividha…. She is in my clutches. Uma says this is your last chance, if you want to save yourself and your son, find out Atharv, else your life will pass in jail.

Vividha sees Ramakant’s pic and thinks I have seen him somewhere. Suma says he is Ravish’s Papa, he chose you, he would have been glad if he was here. Daddy ji asks Vividha to come and have dinner. Bhoomi says I heard you got worried seeing Ravish’s small wound. Kalindi asks Vividha to become strong. Daddy ji asks Vividha not to worry, your Dadi Saas was also civilian, when the General asked everyone to have drinks and do cheers, even Dadisaa stood up among the army men. Kalindi says I think she did not like your joke. Suman says no, she did not understand it, she will understand when she understands the protocol. Vividha recalls Ravish’s words. She takes water glass, and Kalindi jokes. They laugh. Suman tells Vividha’s eyes is finding Ravihs, right….

Guddi tells Uma that there is no hospital record of Atharv and Sujata, shall I check in graveyards. Dadi says no, that’s not need, he is here. Uma asks what are you saying. Dadi says he is not seen, but my heart can feel it, he is here, I can here his footsteps.

Ravish’s sister goes to Vividha and asks did Ravish not inform you where is he going, oh, we thought he told you, you scold me when he comes, army wife is a rank ahead of her husband. Actually, he has to leave as one of his team soldier was ill, for him, his soldiers are priority. Suman says this should happen, army soldiers have strong relation between them, I got warm milk for Vividha as Uma told me, Vividha sleep now, Ravish will come in morning. They leave.

Uma recalls Vividha and Kailash’s words in sleep and is restless. She wakes up and hears some sound. She goes out to see. She sees the door open and says Sujata and Atharv have come. She goes to their house and switches on the lights. The lights flicker and she calls them out. She thinks whats happening and sees a shadow. The door gets shut. Uma knocks the door and says open the door, is this you Atharv. She opens the door and does not see anyone. She thinks where did the idol go.

Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and wakes up saying his name. She sees someone and goes. Uma looks for Atharv and Sujata, and ask where are you both. She sees the gate open and runs to see. Uma sees the cows restless, and thinks did Sujata and Atharv come here just now.

Vividha goes out of her room and sees someone covered in blanket. Uma says house door was open, but where did they go, no item went. She sees the Krishna idol gone and gets shocked. Vividha gets shocked seeing that person.

Uma shouts to Dadi and Guddi and shows the idol missing. Vividha wakes up saying Atharv and sees some person behind her. Someone comes to her and shuts her mouth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is it atharv? How would he know where vividha is?

  2. Vivida ne galate kiya ravish ke sath aacha hota vivida athrav ko sab sach bata deti but pricape mai Jo dekhaya uske liya mai excited hu ki kya who athrav hai ?kya who vapash aa gya hai? Kya hoga an ravish ka?kya jab vivida ko yaad aa jayage ki woh photo athrav ke papa ki hai? I am very excited to see what happen in next episode ????

  3. Pricape mai Jo dekhaya uske liya mai excited hu ki kya who athrav hai ?kya who vapash aa gya hai? Kya hoga an ravish ka?kya jab vivida ko yaad aa jayage ki woh photo athrav ke papa ki hai? I am very excited to see what happen in next episode ????

  4. Tq amena di for the fast update
    Precap is very very very very interesting
    I think the who holds vivida mouth is atharv. It can’t be ravish bcoz ravish hands r white but that hands r not white.
    Soooooooo I am sure that he is my prince charming nd rocking.
    Even in his house murari idol was missing nd his house door is open
    Sooo he is atharv.
    Don’t worry guys he will be on screen tomorrow
    I am very excited for tomorrow’s episode

    1. R u sure that he’s atharav…coz i read somewhere online that atharav will be shown as mentally ill….i am desperately waiting to see atharav…i wish whatever u said is true ??..

  5. ohhhhh mmyyyy god my atharv is backkk……yahhhhhhh?????????????? so happyyy??????
    I wish its not ravish who shuts vivz mouth?????
    soo excited for tomorrow…….

  6. The serial is in much suspense. All are magics that uma saw . The door is opened and idol is missing ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Aswini jenny

    How to possible vividha and ravish relationship.she loves atharv very much.this is too much I can’t digest vividha marry to ravish.i think justice is ,vividha will return nd marry only one to atharv.pls………..

  8. I think is not Atharv he is maybe Ravish

  9. Pls pls pls pls unite adharv and vividha.. ..
    ..vividhaa should tell the truth to ravish….
    Pls unite atharv and vividha.

  10. i saw a little change in vividha towards ravish..oh my god is she falling for ravish..dnt do this.. but one way she is lucky she got ravish who also cares for her rather than getting a psycho husband

  11. i think its ravish who hold vividha.. he also has kada on his hand and his hands are also not white

    1. Yeah its ravish..i also saw that kada on his hand….
      may be ravish planed to know truth….or it may happens like he came home late and stopped vividha from shouting loud

  12. i think blanket man ravish h

  13. yeahhhhhh???atharv willbe back soon..i have read it on Instagram ??

    1. Where…i can’t see???link plzz

    2. well ,i have seen the troll on instagram….someone shared it…can u tell me the process of attaching a pic ..i will show u ..?

  14. Its not possible for Atharv to reach his home OR Ravish house….because beatten brutally ….i think its Atharv’s mom sujatha ..who taken away murari idol. only she always prays to murari

  15. indera sanichara

    How could Vividha say she married Ravish willing. Writers you are doing wrong with this show.

    1. Indera she doesn’t hv ne other choice,as she did nt even know wether if he is safe or nt,she know tht till atharva is missing, she cnt. risk as thn kailash will kill him knowing tht Viv left the in-laws….thts the reason she was forced to say…

  16. Guys he was ravish m daam sure…as atharva and Viv will meet each other at Pushkar bt as ajnabi….so don’t worry he will be back soon…

    and abt the idol and all i think kailash has did ths,in order to show uma tht atharva is alive…

    ne way lets hope fe the best…?

  17. I will feel really bad when Vividha will leave Ravish and his family. They are such nice people. Hope the writers have something good in store for them

  18. I think it’s Ravish putting his hand over Vividhas mouth, but the person under the blanket is either Ankit or one of Kailashs goon or cud b Atharv… Remember Sujata had contacts in the army, the army know hints bout Atharv, so they cud Hav been helping him, n that’s where Ravish went to help. He doesn’t know exactly who he is but as he’s someone the Colonel knew n had helped, maybe Ravish has helped him n now bought him home…. Who knows….. Intriguing… Suspense…. ?

  19. I like your idea RV. It makes sense. ?

  20. Iv had to watch the ending again, the person under the blanket I think is Atharv…. The person who’s putting his hand over Vividhas mouth is Ravish, Atharv was watching Vividha sleeping, he’s the only one who cud Hav been watching her sleep thru the window, Ravish has entered the house n has noticed the shadow n to avoid Vividha screaming he’s put his hand over her mouth, Atharv meanwhile makes his exit…. Ravish obv doesn’t know Atharv n vice versa, which is why all the cloak n dagger stuff, Atharv is too strong to be defeated, regardless of being left almost for dead, his love n faith is wot Wil make him strong!

  21. I agree with NS4

  22. Im sure he is not atharva

    Because these serials can’t be so good??

  23. Yeh ky….meko lgta h somewatt y hum dil de chuke sanam k story n Ho jay

  24. hey wt sort of ths nonsense gonna happen????

    atharva is just temporary in ths show???

    have a look in ths link:

    1. hey dont worry i just got confirmed tht the glimpses means he will be shown nw a little bt fr his proper entry it will take more time…

  25. one more thing i just nw watched yesterday’s epi…

    it was ravish becz wn i saw closely i found out tht in the precap the man who was outside was wearing the same tracksuit tht ravish wore on the day he went fr morning walk…see the mans head u will also find out and yea one more thing was that kada in his hand…and also if atharva would hv put the hands thn viv would nt try to shout instead she would get completely happy and will constanly stare at atharva so its obvious in ravish…

    according to tweeter they say tht atharva will be just shown little fr few days and his proper appearance still has mny days to go…so we hv to wait fr a long time! 🙁

    and abt tht murari m sure it was the work of kailash or ankit….

  26. Thanks for the info Sachin , I just hope they won’t make us wait too long , like the end of the show and of course do it properly .And last but not least I don’t know about you guys but I kinda enjoyed the mystique of the last episode.I mean its clear we are going to have to watch this track for a long time , so at least I hope they make it interesting . Uma rocks by the way.

  27. thx eva fr ur apriciation …actually m old member of ths group of jndsd fans…as the description said tht viv wont marry atharva due to family pressure and all,mny left the show…

    bt nw m glad to see mny coming back and mny new ones too…

    i think i had seen u also be4,dont remember completely ne way if u r and old memeber thn the above metioned are not needed fr u…lol

    if u r a new member thn wlcm here…

    hope u dont mind fr my above mentioned words… 🙂

    1. Thank You, actually I started to watch the show a bit late in the end of august but I liked it so much and here I am .

      1. thts cool cn i call u eva di ? as u may be elder thn me….and almost i call all “didi” becz who knows who is elder…lol bt mostly m smaller as m 14 yrs…

      2. 15 sry,turned on ths august show forgot

      3. thts nt “show”,its “so”

      4. Of course and thank you for the worm welcome

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