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The Episode starts with Kalindi saying you are worried for bahu a lot. Suman says yes, she is my bahu. Kalindi says you feel everything is happening wrong, Vividha stays in tension, everything between Ravish and Vividha is not fine, do you want Vividha to get mad, you say Ravish and Vividha should be happy as you did not stay happy in your personal life, do you want they also stay unhappy in marriage like you. Suman says Kalindi… Ravish comes and asks Kalindi how can she blame such cheap things on Suman, can’t she see Suman really worried for Vividha, I know you are my dad’s sister and I respect you, I did not give anyone the right to insult my mum, you will behave nicely, I hope you understood what I said else… Suman makes him quiet.

Vividha thinks of Atharv

and Ravish’s lying to her. Suman comes to her and gets soup. She asks Vividha to have soup, she will get energy. Vividha says I was coming to have dinner. Suman says no need, I will send dinner to room, I know you did not get happiness which you expected, have patience and trust on Lord, I promise I won’t let you and Ravish get in problem. Vividha says I know nothing can happen to us when you are with us.

Uma wakes up by cows sound. She asks Guddi to wake up and hear sound. Dadi knocks their door and asks why is gungun shouting, where is Ankit. Guddi says he went to his friends. Dadi says we will go and see. They take sticks and go out. They see the room door open, and says don’t know what is happening, even gungun/cow is restless. Guddi says we have to know who is there.

Ravish takes care of Atharv. Sujata asks are you sure medicines will benefit Atharv, sometimes he gets angry and then calm, I don’t understand him. Ravish says we have to trust doctor, medicines are new and will take time to affect him. He asks for room keys. She says I did not see it. He says fine, I will ask Situram to lock the room, I will leave, take care. Ravish leaves. Sujata sleeps. Atharv had the key in his mouth and smiles.

Dadi asks Guddi not to go, maybe its Atharv’s soul who came to get justice. Guddi says if its Atharv’s spirit, can he hurt me, don’t take tension. Guddi goes to see. She tries to switch on lights and says fuse might have blown. Suman says Diwali gifts are done. Vipul asks Bhoomi to promote local lights. Bhoomi gets a shock by usinmg branded lights. Vipul jokes. Suman asks Kalindi what happened to her hand. Kalindi says I got hurt, what is happening here. Vipul says its electric leak, it can be dangerous to use bulbs. Suman says call electrician and get it fixed, its Diwali tomorrow and it should not be dark.

Kalindi says house darkness is taken care of, instead heart darkness. Suman asks are you taunting me, don’t act smart, mind your tongue and see your work. She goes. Kalindi says she is saying like this as she thinks she is in control, she is house owner, but one day this will be ours, then I will not waste time to hear her. Vipul says it means we will look owners from servants, why to delay, lets begin our work.

Ravish tells duplicate key to Situram. He says I m going to head quarters, I have work and won’t be able to answer calls. He goes. Vividha asks about Ravish. Situram says he went to head quarters. He thinks to lock room fast. She asks where is his office, did he take phone. Atharv keeps pillows in the bed. Situram says phone is kept off in head quarters, I have to go. He goes and checks Atharv and Sujata. He assumes Atharv is sleeping and shuts door. He locks the door. He does not see Atharv sitting outside the room and hiding in darkness.

Suman tells Kalindi that she is going to Mrs. Malhotra house, Ravish went for work and everyone else went in party, Vividha is alone, its your responsibility to take care of her. Kalindi says don’t worry, I will take care. Suman goes. Kalindi says I will take such care that Suman will see. She smiles. Vividha is worried. Atharv comes in corridor. He holds her. She gets shocked seeing him. She asks where do you go. He holds her face. She says no, you are not my Atharv, he did not stare at me like this, he did not touch me like this. He holds her against the wall and shuts her mouth. She screams and asks him to leave her.

Vividha runs away from Atharv. Sujata wakes up and sees Athav gone. Atharv falls down in the lights wire. Vividha switches on the lights.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys
    I think when vivida on’s the switch atharv get shock nd he might get his past back

    1. no dear writters anta easy ga a pani cheyaru. enta manchi serial ni ela chesaro chudu

      1. Aunu
        Sujata chusi ee scene ni vividha ni inka misunderstand cheskovachu

      2. hey! meeru teluga!

  2. chi chi emi karma ra babu

    1. bangaram ga unde serial ni padu chesesaru ……… ika chudakarledu

  3. Who is hiding in sujata’s house? Why didn’t uma tell vividha that atharv was hit with a hammer on the head, maybe then she’d know why he was behaving like this.

    1. I think… Kailash

    2. She did tell her, she didn’t tell only who did it

  4. What the hell is this…why is athrav behaving like this vividha…i think ravish is not so innocent…he is giving some medicine to atharv so that he misbehaves with vividha and she starts hating atharv…a serial won’t work with 2 lovers of a girl… and both being positive…one of them has to be negative…. don’t know whom the makers are deciding to turn negative i hope its not atharv….

  5. Bakwas hai yeh…. These stupid writers & directors don’t even know what is called as love and what is the meaning of Jaana na dil se door…. Bullshit! Anyone knows that Atharv can’t hurt Vividha in this way. He is an adorable character in this show. Ravish is also a nice guy. But, all of them are stuck in this stupid, mental, meaningless story.

    1. Why wont atharv be acting n got bk memories. Bt i wont also think as …
      I feel fr a while. Bt he can never think of hurting his mom n vividha like this. Wat the Story is going upto

  6. @sunanda I hope you are right. Sooner or later the writers have to bring out the truth and make atharv back to his normal self. How long are the writers going to keep him like this? Surely vividha should realise that if atharv is not talking or acting like he used to, something is wrong.

  7. I think vividha is the one who is being drugged not atharv… Too many suspenses yaar…what a waste it has become now..

  8. it s not atharv..there s someone who looks like atharv …pls dnt spoil a wonderful love story..i love the character of lead role vikram..dnt play with atharv s personality n dnt spoil his character..so irritating by watching few days episodes…hv to make some improvements otherwise srl rating will become so poor..

  9. Sneha its not atharv he is sithuram .he make a face mask like atharv .

    1. Yes.. Sushma.. I thing so..
      He is Situram..

  10. will Jndsd end on 7 nov ?

  11. The precap shown is not what’s written in update. @sushma how do you know it’s situram? It was shown atharv was outside of room.

  12. Vividha.. don’t misunderstan my Atharv..
    Friends.. I think Ravish is not good.. he is acting like a Good man..
    I think Ravish hates Sujata and Atharv becuase of Ramakant did’t love Suman and Ravish. Ramakant love’s only Sujata & Atharv.. so Suman was not happy entire her life.. that’s why Ravish hates Sujata & Atharv..I think Ravish used to gives harm medicins to
    Atharv.. no doubt for it Ravish is bad..
    He wants to take revange from Sujata & Atharv..

    1. i hpe sooo, bt my lil sis is dying for ravish and vividha pair.so we are fighting everyday for our respective choices

      1. Shradha.. I like Atharv and Vividha .. I love Atharv & Vividha’s pair..
        And I hate Raviah & Vividha’s pair.. it’s irritating..

  13. he’s not situram its vipul he’s doing like this I think he knew everything wat was going on

  14. Ramakant is selfish and coward, he did to fulfill his duties towards Sujata and Atharv while he was alive so as not to go against his family may be. Bcoz Sujata had to fend for her child and herself, she even mortgaged her house. That means he did not help them financially. Poor Ravish is now burdened with this responsibilities to set everything right, things which shd hve been done by ramakant himself

  15. @jay how do you know its vipul? If it’s him, where did atharv go when he was shown outside the room? Don’t know what the writers are trying to prove or show. Who was in sujata’s house, why was gungun restless? Is it kailash trying to scare his family?

  16. I agree with @Havilah, Sujata said the medication makes his mood swings. I do not trust the doctor too. I won’t be surprise if Kailash is behind what’s happening, that someone is trying to make Atharve look bad. This show is getting boring by the day. I feel like It’s not worth watching any more, since Atharve is not in his right state of mind.

  17. Jus be quiet all of you none of you know anything. Also just watch the drama and you will know whats going on do not assume things

    1. But what can we do…we can only assume whatever the hell is happening in the serial coz makers are just not answering anything…no truth revelations nothing… they are just dragging…until they themselves show some thing new otherwise we can only assume…

  18. I too getting madness with this mad track.
    Why JNDSD team want show a mentally ill person as Psycho.
    Atharv behaves normal before meet vividha and. now when vividha and atharv faceing each other… No dialogs from atharv not even opening his mouth ..nly rude towards vividha…
    I don’t understant how can a people like u(jndsd team) think that a mentally ill person romance with women

  19. For a while.. I thought that the person who was hurting vividha was not Atharv.. He could be that stupid vipul masked like Atharv and doing all this shit,.according to kalindi’s words I feel so

  20. Oppa ki Noonas

    ഞങ്ങളെ വട്ടാക്കുന്ന ഈ stupid serial ഒന്നു നിർത്തുമോ plzzzplzzz, sooooooooosooooooooo irritating

  21. I think Seturam knows About Vitharv.. I mean Seturam sees When Vividha hugged Atharv at the temple.. then Setu ram have been takes wrong Step towords Vividha like as Atharv..

  22. i dont get ne thing bt seturam is doing something …even though nt disgusing atharava…

    he might be hving some othe plan!

    god know…hope atharva get to know abt his past with this shock,bt i feel tht sujatha will save atharva…hope she dosent as thts the only way atharva cn remember his past(soon)

  23. May be Atharv got back his memories and he is faking madness bcoz he wants to take revenge from vividah. He believes that she has forgotten him and move on in life. The way he looks at her disgustingly

  24. Vividha ni ibbandi peduthundi adharv avvachu r avvakapovachhu kani vividha adharv ki dooranga vellataniki, ravish daggarvva taniki one of the chance. So my thinking is correct. Director main aim is ravidha. May be next week r present week lo ayina reunite vividharv but this time okariki okaru teliyani valluga Rajasthan lo puskar lo kalustaru.

  25. On twitter, a segment shows atharv saying vividha’s name in front of his mom and she tells him that she is married to ravish. Atharv says in the clip, he only remembers vividha as he loved her so much. How does sujata know vividha is married to ravish?

    The precap that is written above IS NOT what was shown. @sunena I agree we dont know what’s going on because the spoilers aren’t happening and nothing is clear, is ravish doing something or not, we don’t know.

  26. too many suspense yaar…where is dis evil kailash n wht r his nxt plans???atharv n vividha plz unite u two…ravish ur good too but vitharv is better dan ravidha…waiting 4 nxt epi luv jndsd

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