Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha and Atharv dancing. Inna sona kyu rab ne banaya…..plays…. She thanks him for the beautiful date and proving her wrong. He says fine, how did I prove you wrong. She says I thought you don’t pay attention towards me, I now realized you always focus on me, I did not know I can carry this dress and heels so well, I m looking so good. He asks how do you know, you did not see mirror. She says I can see in your eyes. He asks what did you see. She says your eyes make me feel too. He asks what. She says I have to read it. He asks her to read.

She says after reading your eyes, I feel I m world’s most beautiful woman. He says right, even my eyes are saying that, you are world’s most beautiful woman. They get close. The door bell rings. He says romance

is not there in my fate, I will just come. He goes to check. Ravish comes home. Atharv asks did you not come early. Ravish says we thought we will get late. Guddi comes after him. Atharv says yes, your attendance was needed, I was busy bro, Guddi you understood right, Ravish won’t understand. Ravish asks did everyone sleep. Atharv says yes, Madhav was not sleeping, I said Ravish will come and wake you up, then you have to make him sleep. Vividha comes wearing gown over the dress. Guddi asks what’s this gown over dress. Vividha says I was thinking to have bath. Guddi asks bath at this time, that too in high heels. Vividha says no, Atharv was saying I should wear heels. Guddi teases her. Vividha says its Madhav’s birthday party, I thought to practice today and get comfortable. Guddi asks Ravish to come. Ravish says I will meet Madhav. They leave.

Vividha checks all doors. She goes to Guddi and asks where are you lost. Guddi says you scared me. Vividha asks how was your evening. Guddi asks her to tell about her romantic date, I have seen preparations on terrace, is that dress connected to your date. Vividha says leave about me, tell me how is it going with Ravish, I m sure its something good. Guddi says I think Ravish is thinking about our relationship. Vividha asks did he say. Guddi says no, I felt so, there was light music at the place, I felt good seeing Ravish paying attention to me and taking care of me. Vividha smiles.

Ravish comes out of Madhav’s room and sees Vividha. He says its easy to wake him up, but tough to make him sleep, his thinking is going ahead, his questions are not ending, he wants all answers, why are you looking serious. She says even I want some answers from you. He says I did not understand. She asks him to come along. She says I know you are always clear and confident about what you want to do, today I feel you are not clear. He asks the matter. She says you are a nice man, you always kept other’s happiness over yours, Guddi can’t get a better person than you but… He asks her to say what is it. She says you are with Guddi, I don’t know what’s in your heart, I m scared there should be none in your heart, Kangana shouldn’t be there in your heart, we all know you got feelings for Kangana, but when her truth came out, the time was painful for you, Guddi is a nice girl, she has seen a lot in her life, she was unlucky in love, Guddi has many hopes from you, she loves you, I don’t want you to give her expectations which hurts her. He says Guddi is a nice girl. I respect her feelings, I never lie, I had feelings for Kangana, I don’t know how much right it was, before I could understand it, so much happened, now I have moved on.

She says just understanding this is not needed for commitment, Kangana left from our lives, we all should move on, its Madhav’s birthday tomorrow, I want you to do something for Guddi, that makes her happy. She goes.

Its morning, Madhav looks for Atharv and Vividha. She surprises Madhav and wishes him happy birthday. Madhav asks for gifts. Atharv wishes him and gifts him. Madhav asks Vividha to gift him as well. Atharv jokes and asks him to think something new. Madhav says I will play with new toys and then bath. Atharv says have bath first, what will you have now. Madhav says chocolate cake, its my birthday today. Atharv takes him. Vividha checks some papers and recalls her child. She cries. She says don’t know if anyone is celebrating your birthday or not. The girl is seen sitting quiet and seeing the cake, and balloons. Vividha says I wish I could tell you, we love you a lot, I don’t know your likes or dislikes, I just pray you come back to me, be happy, happy birthday. The girl cuts the cake and eats. Vividha sits crying.

Vividha gets a doll from K. She gets shocked and tells Atharv to check the gift. She says that man has sent this gift.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Vote for favourite maa…sujatha.let us do it

    Vote 4r negative actor male…kailash kashyap

    1. Pinky dear , DONE. SUJATHA is the best ma ever. Everyone know abt this. All others don’t deserve to this .Bt again stupidity.How can Jahnavi bcm a best ma. What did she do to her sons ? Nothing na. Bt Sujata, she dedicate her whole life to brought up her son as our Adharv Sujatha. She is ideal to every ma and to every girls who wish to bcm a best ma. Anyone who watch jndsd can never say that she does n’t deserve this award.I think one who support others r not aware of our Sujatha and jndsd. Gud aftr noon dear.

  2. @xyz di &Nikh di.
    Sorry I thought that she is our Nikhat so I replied to her. Forgive me. Yesterday my mood was bad so I replied to her without seeing her DP icon. Now I will not trust anybody.

    1. Ok dear nazneen. I can understand. No pblm.Next time be careful. OK.

    2. why sorry there is no mistake from your side…
      just be careful from that wild creature…

  3. Why this CVS not shown vitharv’s baby girl ??
    I am become more excited to see the baby girl
    Kisi ko Patha Hai kon is acted as vitharvs daughter??
    Please anyone tell me

  4. I am a big fan of star plus. in recent 3/4 years I watch all serials of star plus
    And I no the all Star plus actors .
    In 2017 spa , anika , naira ,avni and gouri they are nominated as nayi sadhadya(female)
    But gouri (dbo) she is not naye sadhasya for Star plus
    Audience she is already acted as Astha in isspyar ko kya nam doon 2
    Then she is kaise hogaye naye sadhasya 2017 ???

    1. Not only that asana, in naya Sadsya male atharv is not there but that shivaay is there ..he has already been in a serial in star plus ..I don’t remember its name

      1. Sandy dear. Nakul (shivay) was in “pyar ka derdh hei” in starplus I think.
        And dear shivani was also bfr in starplus srl “Navya”.
        But vikku is a new face on starplus alle?.

        Paranjittu enthu prayojanam starplus trp showsle chrctrs ne matre consider cheyyu. New face or old face ,they don’t care.

    2. Hi asana dear,don’t expect justice or logic frm Starplus. Acc to them, Iq , dbo,ymb,yrkkh r only imp shows to deserve spa awards or to nominate too,and other shows r just waste .Don’t bother abt these .Just leave dear. Only concentrate on voting fr our vitharv &Atharv and make ur frnds & cousins to vote fr them. Gud aftr noon dear.

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  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTlWf05FTDl/

    Look at this picture.who is so cute ? Ridha (kabirs sis) or vikku ???
    I love this pic too much. I want this cute angel to be vitharvs daughter .But I know this doll is so younger aka kabirs younger sis ?????????????????

    1. Both r cute .Enikku pic il ninnu kannedukkane thonnunnilla. Nokkikko , Vikku nte next serial il Ridha ayarikkum daughter. This is just my wish. Enna namukku junior shivik ne kanan pattunnathu.Enkil enthu rasamayirunnu alle.Agrahikkan alle pattu.Avarum vichrikkande ,alle.

      1. Ayyo Usha ??. Usha yde navu ponnakatte. Enikkum agraham undu junior shivik ne kanan. But ya namukku agrahikkanalle pattu. Avarkkum koode thonnande. But just imagine athu sambavichal enthu cute ayrkkm junior shivik sherikkum world’s most beautiful baby ayrkkm athu.But avar 2 m athu orikkalum thiricharynillallo eswara?????

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  11. Aleya.marzan

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    help me out.i’m unable to vote for vitharv

    1. Nothing like that dear.after seeing ur comment i have opened it.it opened dear.ok I will again share link 4r u.
      This was the link it will open don’t worry.pls inform me did u vote or not.if u have not than we can do something 4r u..

  12. Aleya.marzan

    @VIZ DI

    help me out.i’m unable to vote for vitharv.i’m international viewr so not know what to do. read my prvs comment i mentioned i’m not able to see any category

  13. Good evening friends

  14. Thnx a loooot Usha didi for ur advice.you know my cusine’s name is also usha thats why i call you didi.plz dont mind .and i m in level 12 from uk.

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