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The Episode starts with Sujata going to give invitation to Kailash. Kailash starts scolding her and taunts on her poor status. He boasts of himself and insults Sujata calling him a grass which should be crushed under feet. Sujata says you said right, even winds can’t take off the roots of a grass. She says my son will be marrying your daughter. He asks how dare you say this, you think I will let this happen. She says I know you will create hurdles, but you are not Lord, Lord made Atharv and Vividha’s pairing. Sujata asks Uma to get everyone in bhoomi pujan, and says I have given this invitation, it would be good if marriage invitation comes from your side, else you know marriage without a father’s presence does not stay. She goes out to Atharv. Kailash fumes. Atharv asks any problem. She

says come, we have much work. He asks did Vividha get invitation. She says don’t know, if Kailash wills, she won’t get the invitation. They leave.

Vividha and Guddi argue over Atharv. Guddi calls her foolish to ignore Atharv. She calls Vividha fat. Vividha worries and recalls Atharv’s words. She looks at herself and says how do I look fat. Kailash calls Dubey and says do anything, but bhoomi pujan should not happen. Dubey gives him assurance and ends call. Kailash angrily goes to Uma and says Vividha should not know about this puja, she should not go there, in any way, remember this.

Atharv, Sujata and uncle reach the land for bhoomi pujan. She says pandit is not answering my call. Atharv sees many people and says you said Ajmer favors Kailash, see how many people came to support us. Sujata greets them and says its good you all came here for bhoomi pujan. The people ask will bhoomi pujan happen here, the bad smell is coming from your land. Atharv and Sujata get shocked seeing the garbage dumped on their land. The man says many people came and left seeing this garbage. She asks how did this happen, I have got this land cleaned yesterday. The man says someone dumped garbage here. Atharv says I know from which bin did this garbage came here….. He gets angry.

Vividha asks Uma about Kailash. Uma says he went out. Dadi and Guddi talk about their weight. Guddi calls Vividha fat. Vividha says my weight is still same. Guddi says weight is noticed by others. She teases Dadi. Vividha tells Dadi that she will make halwa for her, like Sujata makes, healthy food, that’s why they are fit and healthy, look at Atharv now. She recalls Atharv’s words. Guddi pulls Vividha’s leg and says you are dreaming and talking about Atharv. Dadi says yes, he is good indeed. Vividha smiles. Uma gets worried.

Sujata says how will this garbage get cleared. Atharv says it will be cleared before pandit. Kailash and Dubey come there. Kailash taunts them for the garbage stinking. Atharv asks him not to worry, land will get cleaned before pandit comes. He gets pandit’s call and asks him to come. He asks what, you can’t come. Kailash smiles. Atharv asks why can’t you come? Kailash asks did pandit know about the bhoomi pujan mahurat not being right, you did not buy land before and don’t you bhoomi pujan rituals, you should have first found out rituals. He asks Sujata to make Atharv do bhoomi pujan, his family name will be asked first and then his father’s name, the one who does not know about his father, how will he get a family name. Atharv gets angry.

Vividha measures her waist and is concerned for her weight. Uma comes there and asks Vividha to keep her clothes in cupboard. Vividha says I m going college. Uma recalls Kailash’s words and says its Ganghor tomorrow, stay at home and help me in arrangements. Vividha says let me go college, attendance is very weak, they won’t allow me for exams. Uma says its matter of one day, you can go from tomorrow. Dadi asks Uma to let Vividha study. Vividha says Maa was saying for Ganghor puja. Dadi scolds Uma for not sending Guddi to college and when Vividha wants to study, Uma is limiting her at home. She sends Vividha. Vividha says I will come home early. Atharv gets angry on Kailash. Sujata holds him and signs no.

Atharv says there should be devotion in heart for puja, weak person takes support of father and family name, you did not get Vividha with you. Kailash asks will Vividha come here. Atharv says she will come, I can feel her steps. Kailash says don’t take my daughter’s name, she won’t come here, she has no place for you in her heart. Atharv says you became Lord again, let Vividha take some decisions, if Vividha and I have to unite by our fate, then she will not only come here, but also in my life. Vividha goes by walk and gets late. She does not get any rickshaw. Her slipper gets damaged. Kailash shouts Vividha won’t come here, you don’t have any status, if you buy any land, it will be just garbage, you will bear this all your life. Atharv says even then, Vividha will come. Kailash holds his collar and says stop your nonsense. Sujata stops Kailash.

Sujata tells Vividha that you stepped on this land and fulfilled our puja motive, and also proved that you will be my bahu. Kailash shouts Sujata. Atharv argues with Kailash, while Vividha can’t bear it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. soo sad precaps……vividha plz feel his love….yaar

  2. Wooow hottie Vikram. Becoming hot hotter and hottest day by day. Handsome hunk

    I totally totally like Atharv’s strong and brave attitude. He remains so strong and
    unmoved despite many hurdles and Kailashs bitter words.

    So strongly he answers back Kailash without any fear and full of confidence.

    Dadi and guddis part provide good humour. Specially Dadis reaction when she thinks of Atharv.

    I just hope the directors change the predicted story of Vividhas marriage with Atharvs step brother and Atharv going mad after that.

    It becomes totally upsetting when such strong character is shown falling so down.

    Precap was a bit disappointing. Kaialash can insult anyone but nobody should insult Kaliash haaa.. Not fair Vividha.

  3. I really wish what you said happen..swapna if atharv and vividha split then many will stop watching this serial

  4. Wow but precap seems so sad… plzzzzz…. cvs dont separte my favrt athrav and vividha pls luv their pair very.V.V.V.V.V.V.Much

  5. What a lovely episode

    I love atharv s attitude and his strong character despite all hurdles

    Hope to c vividha realise and accept her love soon

    #fan of JNDSD

  6. I read a gossip that atharv is doing love drama so that vividha must go against her father and his revenge from kailash will be completed

    1. Yah sakshi I too jst felt the same. How can a person’s heart change all of a sudden coz 1 min back he was telling he hates seeing her face and then agn telling he loves her

  7. I dnt knw why bt I think Atharv is upto something coz whenever kailash taunts him of being a fatherless child he takes out the topic of vividha and keeps him shut …like on the day of auction when kailash told him that he doesn’t have his father’s name then at that time only he told that he will marry vividha while on the other hand he told his mom that vividha’s chapter is closed …so how come this sudden realisation of feelings for vividha and few mins back only in the auction when he striked with vividha he told her that his day will go bad now because he had seen her face…
    I guess something is cooking in his mind …

  8. Again amazimg episode..
    Luv the way that vivi remembing about atharv..and that cute little smile

    Asusual brave atharv..hot man

  9. The upcoming episode will show that
    Atharv has challenged Kailash to get
    married to Vividha.
    Kailash is irked seeing Atharv’s
    attitude and wants to break him by
    using his powers.
    Vividha likes Atharv but gets upset
    with Atharv such marriage
    announcement and warns Atharv.
    While Atharv is not ready to listen
    and gets closer to Vividha and asks
    her if doesn’t feel anything for him.
    Atharv and Vividha ‘s love is taking
    off and is reaching new heights.
    Vividha is somewhere happy to get
    Atharv’s love and concern but feels
    bad for her father Kailash.
    It will soon be revealed that Atharv
    doesn’t love Vividha but is doing all
    this to take revenge from Kailash.
    Atharv’s sudden love for Vividha is
    merely a lie just trap her in his love,
    to force her to go against Kailash.
    Let’s see will Atharv gets successful
    in his plan or Vividha finds about
    Atharv’s intentions.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates
    of the upcoming episodes.

    frndz zz.. i was hel shocked whileee readingggggggggggggg dizzzzz spoilers… seriously yaaarrrrrr i dnttt wantt dizzz to hapennnn???????

    dnttt stoodddd dizzz muchhhhhhh low adharavvvvvvvvv…. plzzzzzzzzz i lyk hissssss character soooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh… e s strong caringgggg…. heee knw how to respect women… on d above of al tat.. he respect nd love his mom… even though the wrld raisee so manyyyy ques to adharv forr being an illegal childddddddddd…. bt he didn’t raise any ques to hiss mom becoz he knwsss… tat his mom s cleannnnnnn nd pureeeee…. wowwwwwww who il b dizzzzz muchhhh stronggggggg aftr facinggggggg dizzzz trashhhhhh worlddd… hatssss offf adharav…. hats offffff….. nddd sujathaaaaaaa ur d bstttttt mom..bt deir r now planningggggg to ruin hissssss character lyk dizzzzzzz cheappppp……… dnt break vividhaa hrttttt atharavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv…

    playinggggg wid sum1s feelings s a biggg sinnnnn… i hatee tattttttt.. plzzz dntt doooo dizzzzzz… plzzzzzz

    hopeee dizzzz turn outtt be a fake spoiler………………………………………………

    1. Oh really priya??? Where did u get this gossip from. Could u pls post the link

  10. OMG vividha step on the sindur and land of atharv in front of kailash great2….my fav. serial

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