Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking Sujata and Atharv to sit. He says this is imp, this is related to you directly. Atharv asks lawyer to give him black coat. Lawyer says I m your family lawyer and came here to keep Ramakant’s will in front of you all. He says Ramakant’s property and assets are divided this way, 30% property and cash share goes to his elder son Atharv. Atharv asks 30%, what is it, give me. Lawyer says younger son Ravish also gets 30% share, Suman and Sujata will get share from 20% equally, and rest of 20% will be divided between Kalindi and Bhoomi.

Suman says Ramakant has done property division very well, is it done, thanks… Lawyer says no, house is still left, Ramakant has…. Daddy ji says it does not matter if he named to Ravish or Suman. Lawyer says

no, Ramakant left this house on his elder son Atharv’s name. They all get shocked. Sujata says we did not feel any need or right on all these things. Vipul says need is earned, this is lottery for you. Sujata says my motive to come in this house was my son’s treatment, lawyer you make new papers so that one who has right gets it.

Dadi Bua says Ramakant had right to decide of everyone’s right, we heard his decision. Lawyer says yes, this will can’t be changed. Kalindi asks is there anything else. Lawyer says yes, there is a letter, its imp to read it in front of everyone after reading the will. Dadi Bua asks Ravish to read the letter.

Lawyer gives the letter to Ravish. Ravish reads … Ramakant wrote……Suman and Sujata, I know I could not do justice with you both. I m sorry to both of you, you both had right to get love and relation, when I won’t be there, I want to try to make this situation better, I want you both to stay together in one house. Everyone look on.

Ravish reads… I know I m getting selfish at this time as I need peace now, I know you both have pure soul and will keep my last wish, I want to see both of sons together. Suman stops Ravish. She says I can’t do this, I don’t have such big heart, I m a mother also, wife can accept this, but how can mother accept this. Dadi Bua stops Suman and says letter did not get over yet, sit down.

She asks Ravish to read ahead. Ravish reads… I know Ravish you will take up Sujata and Atharv’s responsibility after I have sent the letter, give time to Atharv and make relation better, Atharv lost a lot because of me, he has anger in his heart, I hope your love will calm down his anger. Papa I m sad that you had to give shoulder to my funeral, it would be tough for you, I did all you said, do a favor, give Sujata and Atharv their right, respect and love in this house. Bua sorry I could not make you meet Sujata in my life, Kalindi I know you did not get much share in property, but Sujata and Atharv deserve the property rights, and Vividha this is your house, tie this with your love, I m sure you will do elder bahu’s rights…… Ravish reads again to confirm what Ramakant wrote. Everyone get shocked.

Suman asks elder bahu? Ravish read it well, how can Ramakant call Vividha as elder bahu. Dadi Bua says because this is the truth, Ramakant chose Vividha for Atharv, not Ravish. They all get shocked. Suman asks how can you say this, how do you know. Dadi Bua asks did Ramakant tell you about Vividha and Ravish’s marriage, did he say name.

Suman recalls Ramakant’s words. Suman says but Kailash came to us, he told us about Ramakant’s wish, why would he say that. Sujata recalls Ramakant’s words. Sujata says maybe Ramakant could not tell Kailash to which son he wanted to get Vividha married. Daddy ji says we have to talk to Kailash, he can tell us truth, call him Vividha. Vividha says I don’t know where is he, as he did not come on Guddi’s death. Dadi Bua says no need to call anyone, as Rakamant told me that he wanted to get Vividha married to Atharv. Suman asks why did you not tell us.

Ramakant says I was in ICU at Ravish’s marriage time, I did not know girl name is Vividha, till I got to know, I got to know girl is Vividha, I came here to tell this, its good the will made this clear, Ramakant told me that he wanted Vividha to marry Atharv, not Ravish. Suman says so its all decided, I don’t have any right on this house, and my son does not have right on Vividha, what will I do staying here.

Suman gets sad and says I m not leaving this house, this house has left me, I can’t think of staying away from Ravish, but his responsibility will not let him come with me, so I will not ask him to come along. Vividha asks Suman not to go. Suman goes. Atharv asks what happened, why did everyone get sad. Suman goes to room and recalls lawyer’s words. She packs her bag. She sees Ramakant’s pic and says I can’t accept this, its impossible to stay with them in this house, I m sorry. She turns and sees Sujata.

Sujata says you learnt new word impossible, I know its very tough, but not irresponsible, we both loved same man, atleast this relation is true, we are sautan for the world, but can’t we give a new meaning to this relation. Suman asks new meaning, how, by becoming friends or sisters, how shall I stay with that woman who made my life a disaster, you have increased my pain, rights can be seen by percentage, houses are made by bricks, home is made by relations, I got married and came in this home, today I feel the moments spent in this home are laughing on me. Sujata says this is your home, you have right on all memories, those moments which I did not lived, how will I get share in it.

Suman says your son and bahu can stay here anyway. Ravish says Atharv you can’t drive this car. Ravish gets call and gets to know car has break problem. Atharv insists to drive the car and leaves in the car when Ravish goes away.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Karan

    So many years, Suman had access to all of Ramakant’s wealth, dignity of being Ramakant’s wife in society and also had public acknowledgement of Vashishth bahu. Today when Ramakant’s will has been read out …..she is feeling insecure? Y?

    NOW she should realise what Sujata and Atharva had to go thru when Ramakant had left them without any security. They have been survivors and they don’t need his money or house to survive in future.

    They r dependent only becoz of Atharva’s current mental state. But God is never unjust……it pays to be good and honest. In life what belongs to you will make its way to you by hook or crook. Whether it is money, property, fame, dignity or love. Hang in there Atharva, u r a fighter and survivor …..come.back soon to take what rightfully belongs to u!!

  2. Malus

    When did atharv get memory?i am waiting for it.what will happen next? Suman always blame sujatha and atharv.ramakanth loves sujatha before he married to suman.then how did sujatha become responsible.?Guys,any spoilers.

  3. xyz

    Very nice episode.i think aftr a long time atharv sujatha got justice.truely he deserves the right on vashisht family as eldr son.bcz our atharv&sujatga had tolerated too much bcz of ramaknt.and the truth also came infrnt f family that ramknt slctd vivi fr atharv nt ravish.l my so glad.& hope vitharv marrge will happen soon.anywise luv u vitharv frm all kerala fans

  4. nidha

    Wow superb episode..i couldn’t watch the episode because I went on a trip to chaliyar,kadalundi,bepoor..with my family as a part of new year celebration..with Allah ‘s bless the trip was too good
    Coming to episode vitharve is confirmed 😊😍😍….
    Hope ma atharve will be fine in tomorrow’s episode
    Gud ni8 all sweet dreams

  5. Anam

    Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 vitharves jori forever I’m sorry 😐 ravidah fans but this ain’t a dream.💭💭💭💭💭💭

    Now the reel fun will begin yaaahhhhhoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NITA 26

    Today’s epi was too good .. that was unexpected ,all trues r coming so fast…

    As always love VITHARV..

  7. Vitharv Forever

    Finally a clear cut episode for new year..
    Love u my vitharv.. I knew dadi will say the truth..
    Awesome episode.

    Suman – No wonder u never got love, coz U never deserve love, nor u will understand love.
    I thought letter will make u clear, but still u r addressing sujata as ‘is aurat, us aurat’..chee it’s u who came between sujata and ramakant.. Ur angry on learning about vividha was justified. But ur behavior with sujata is disgusting idiot lady.

    Sujata and atharv has faced many insults from society, even sujata was questioned about her character. Ufff u won’t understand it suman. U need brain and heart for that. Cheeeee.

    Sujata – The way she tried to console senseless Suman was touching. When she said to suman to make relation with her, it was the same like sujata supported uma (vividha’s mom) saying that she can consider her as friend.

    Sujata u r good at heart and ur son is diamond 💎.

    Also I personally feel ravish doesn’t look younger at all to my atharv darling. Haha..

    Whatever I love vitharv…
    Waiting for kailash kashyap’s truth to unfold.

  8. Mia

    Why do i feel watching the recap atharv is gonna die and vividha will have to continue with ravish 😭 Why?!
    If this happens i will stop watching this serial i hate this ravish
    Balika badhu villian
    Spineless villain is now acting a good character ravish rot in hell

  9. Sunny

    wow!! Eagerly waiting for atharv to retain memory… Atharv nd vividha is so cute.. They should get back together again

  10. Armaan

    You guys keep talking about how athrav and Sujata deserved what they got and that’s true but imagine if u were in Sumans place would u just accept your sautan into your home and it’s isn’t like suman is kicking sujata out of the house or doing a case on them she is just trying to leave and like other woman would. Ramakant is just a b*tch he emotional blackmailed Ravish into taking care of them. Now he wants to do the same with Suman by making this is last wish.

    • Pinky

      Thanks @armaan, suman or ravish ke halat ko samajha ne ke lia.
      Wo phase1 se cvs sujata ki halat dikhate hai na to sab ko uski paresani samajh ati hai per suman ki nehi.
      Yaar sujata poor thi, she was not rich ismain suman ki koi galati nehi.
      Ramakant was so stupid uss time wo bhi sayad atharv ke tarah pagal hogaya tha…. I mean memory loss tabhi to aapne naam nehi depaya atharv sujata ko to property bhi nehi depaya tha………. Salery nehi milta tha kya??? 😀😀😀
      Letter hi beth likhta hoga… 😈😈
      Wo tumhare galati ke sazza ravish hi vogat raha hai….. Ramakant was so stupid, idiot….

  11. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning 😊 friends.

    Kal ke episode Mein sach saamne AA Gaya Ki Ramakant Atharv aur Vividha Ki shaadi Ki baat kar raha tha naaki Vividha aur Ravish Ki.
    Sujata toh Suman se kitne pyaar se baat karti hai lekin voh paagal Suman Sujata se theek se baat nahi karti .

    Suman ne kal ke episode Mein sahi kaha Ki Ravish ka Vividha ke upar koi haq nahi hai….😃

  12. Ramya

    Wow antha baagaane undi kani nijam vasist family anthatiki telisipoyaka kuda vividha saadhi sudha LA undadam venuka gala karanam enti mundu vividha LA undochu ga why is she waiting for???? Kompadeesi director Ravi…..dha ni kalipe aalochana lo unada enti ala matram epatiki jaragakudadu.vitharv aa aa aa aa aa forever

  13. Nazneen Syed

    OMG what’s that in precap.
    I hope Ravish saves Atharv.
    Atharv regained his memory long back but because of that stupid terrorists he lost his memory again.Directors Atharv Ko jaldi theek karo.

  14. Nazneen Syed

    Hey nobody is writing the fan fiction.
    Ishkbaaz ke kitne fan fiction hote hai.
    Please write the fan fiction at least it will be better than that current track.

  15. jo

    Fulfilling ramankNth like persons last wish is waste to think of it.stop blaming suman before blaming her just think of urself in sumans place .sofar in no episode it was revealed that suman knowns about ramakanth sujatha affair before her marriage .I am sure if suman knows about it she never pushed herself into that marriage.its totally sujatha s fault also as she knows that ramaknth won’t love except her she intentionally let suman life get ruined.she never even think of that .suman always longing for ramakanth love.like sujatha suman also not after ramakanth property.while dying also he did injustice with suman son unknowingly .was that necessary for ramakanth to tell suman about athravs alliance though atharv is not staying with them.its over action.knowingly so much injustice happened with suman cmp to sujata.

  16. Aash

    Guys naku oka doubt kailash ki vividha ni ramakanth adigindhi atharv ki ani telusa …? Telisi kavalani chesada…? Or kailash ki kuda teliyada..? Plz evarikina teliste naku chepandi plz yar

  17. jo

    Saying sujatha is ultimate victim Is big joke.she intentionally let suman life get ruined.how means suman did not aware of ramakanth affair before marrying him .but sujatha knows that he never loves anyone except her then y she let sumans life get ruined instead she should have fought for her rights.atleast they told to about their love before marriage suman would not marry him.as suman is not that kind of woman who want to snatch other happiness for her sake.she too has heart.ramknth knowingly dragged her into his life and punished her through out her life.u all said that she gained respect as ramankNth wife,wealth and all but for a wife getting love by her husband is more important than anything else.stop blaming suman.she is not reason for sujatha condition.becz of sujatha calmnessmade suman life ruined think of it before blaming suman.suman anger is justified as of now.how can a mother resist if samething repeats with her children that she never wants to be happen.she never expect anything from her bahu except loving her son.

  18. teja

    Yes sujatha is ultimate reason for all the nonsense that atharv had to listen in society .she herself is the reason behind her fate.no one else.

  19. nidha

    Don’t fight on sujata and suman ….hamaara unse koi Lena Dena nahi he ..lets think about vitharve…
    It is the destiny that played cruel game with both of them ..
    And sujata is behaving softly with suman although suman is blaming sujata
    Vividha and ramakant are two sides same coin
    Atharve ko ek pitha ka pyaar nahi Mila,aur ravish ke paas pitha hothe hue bhi use pitha ka kam pyaar mila ,ramakant dil se unko apna nahi paye.. but this history will repeat Again if ravidha unites so this time atharve must get his love and ravish must get another girl ,ravish must not be in a marriage where his partner loves his brother, it will be total injustice with ravish, so ravish should get a another girl,its my humble request to jndsd directors,

  20. Joe

    O common ravida fans why r u blaming sujatha.since yesterday r u blmaing atharv bt today blaming sujatha haha.. Suman nd ravish ki vaja se atharv ke bap ka nam kabi nahi mila sujatha ka uska pati ka nam.. Nd wat r talking abt sujatha.. Suman knws ramakanth shadi sujatha se hui nd he lves sujatha.. Phir bi oo shadi kyun ki ramakanth se..

  21. Nazneen Syed

    Saara inzaam mere upar hi daldo.
    Because of Suman Sujata didn’t get a wife’s position in society.Sujata itni daayalu hai Ki Suman ko ache se baat
    kar rahi thi aur phir bhi uski akad dekho.Suman ko society Mein patni ka darja Mila lekin Sujata ko nahi Mila.
    Mein bhi Vitharv ke saath hi hoon Mein sirf Suman aur Sujata ke baare Mein bol rahi thi .

  22. §áçhïñ

    Hii guys m nt gonna say anything in anger today…bt want to clear something to,all ravidha fans!!!

    guys u cnt blame sujatha,she has nothing to do with it…she neither got wealth,nor reputation nr a family nd most imp she didn’t get his husband’s name fr his son…thn also she didn’t complained anything…

    Bt in the other hand suman got a family ,wealth,reputation and much more…

    And i understand tht she has anger fr Viv,nd she should have as she got cheated!!!Bt she doesn’t has any right to say Sujata all those words…
    instead of sujatha has the right to say those words as her husband is taken away frm ger without being divorced…bt no she understands both the situations nd thts the reason she wanted make a frnd or sis like relationship with suman…bt my god suman too proud to see nd think abt others except herself!!!

    i would say ravish is far far gud thn his mom…if suman really loved ramakant thn she should have leaved him after knowing suja-kant relationship like her son did…

    ths proves who is betr and who is bad…

    so stop blaming everyone just to see ravidha…if u don’t know wt does LOVE means thn stop watching the show as ths is based on 2hearts tht remains attached even after mny hurdles…nd tht is ATHARVA💖VIVIDHA…

    and just to clear wtever ramakant did is absolutely right fr so mny years suman got everything except love Bt nt sujatha so he gave sujatha tht chance after his death…

    And his nt emotionally blackmailling ravish,he said tht becz he knew atharva never want his rights thts y he told ravish ti get his right nd also to make both sides of the family together…

    any way those who thinks tht the division of property was nt rightfully done thn no worries atharva wont rule over it as he knows hw to stand on own legs…he may also leave the house unless he wanted to fulfill his dad’s last wish…

    So guys stop blaming atharva nd suzi everytime…hope u guys understand

    sry i know i typed these big Bt its just to answer all those freaky blames put by the ravidha fans…

    • Joe

      Frds gd news our atharv leave the vashist house nd go back to his own house azmeer.. Our gungun payal nd julia

      • Joe

        I hte vasist house nd all drama.. Ravish fans njoy our atharv leave that house..i think if atharv got his mem he never accept property.. So cool sab kuch vashist famile ke hoga.. Our atharv sujatha ka nahi..

      • [email protected]!n

        hey joe hw u knew tht???any spoilers ? thn plz have me tht!

    • Joe

      Ha sachin sanjiv puri tweeted new dilogue for vivida.. In that dilogue vividha says “usse le jaana hai ek aisi jagah jahaan se uske sapne, uska dil juda ho, jahan ki hawa main uska naam goonje aur har kone mein uska vajood.. Atharv ko uske kal ne aaj ban kar awaaz di hai.. Atharv ke ghar wapas jaane ka waqth aa gaya hai..

  23. Nazneen Syed

    I hope Ravish saves Atharv.
    Atharv ko kuch nahi hoga Mia.Ab toh sachai saamne aa gayi hai isliye jald se jald Vitharv ko milao aur unki shaadi karao.
    @Vitharv forever.Well said .

  24. Anam

    Boo 😒 you ravidah fans each the epi from 1 and I’m with you @nazneen and nidha😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. Nazneen Syed

    Athish dono ache hai.Athish ke sambandh dono ache hi rahenge kyunki Ravish Atharv se bahut pyaar Karta hai.Aur ek din Atharv Ravish ko apna chota bhai zaroor manega😉

  26. shivani

    Omg iam so happy now that everyone came to know about ramakant’s wish. I dont support his point of view but i want vitharv to unite…now noone can seperate vitharv!! I knew dadi bua’s entry had a reason ….to unite vitharv. Im feeling bad for ravish…he deserves better than this…iam sure a person like him will certainly get a better girl than vividha…someone made only for him…but our vividha is made just for our atharv♥♥ . Anyway ra………………vidha doesnt even exist now.
    ♡♥♡♥♡ jndsd

  27. Nazneen Syed

    Yes Shivani you are right.Ravish should get a strong girl like him who is made for him.God already made Atharv and Vividha’s Jodi.
    Feeling bad for Ravish.Hpoe he will get his life partner soon .Aur ghar ko jaldi se choti bahu mil jaaye😉

  28. Anam

    I feel really sorry 😐 for vashisht Family because they got to know something which thy can’t imagine….

    I blame dadi ji for all this mess..
    He could’ve took care of ramakants feelings😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  29. Anam Yasir

    Stupid ravidah fans you are forgetting suman is the second woman understand sujata has gone through the pain as well so stop ✋ blaming her and I hope 🤞 atharve gets well soon and Ravish finds a new life partner 🤞🤞🤞🤞😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇😇 I’m with you vitharve fans

  30. Dhana vadra

    Although Suman is second women in Ramakant life,she is married to him but she is not like Sujata(illegitimate)

  31. srishti

    i think we shouldn’t judge suman.when u will at her place then understand. how its fill when your life gone the hell like this.i know its not the any other’s mistake none of them suman or sujaata.bt think that both of them including her son bear all the problem encase of that ramakant.he didn’t justified with all of them.any person shouldn’t do this type of mistakes.i mean ek k rahte dusri saadi.

  32. srishti

    its ramakant’s failure that he couldn’t take a stand for his love sujata and didi other mistake to marry suman.if u heart by my comments then im sorry.

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