Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash seeing Atharv. Kailash recalls writing few words extra in the letter, when Vividha went outside the room. Atharv sits thinking of Vividha. He thinks the incidents happened. Vividha thinks I wish Atharv could talk to me. He gets sad. Jaana na dil se door……plays…………..He looks at the engagement ring.

A reporter asks Atharv is he ready. He says yes. She asks are you sure to give interview here. He says yes, I sleep here, this is the place I stay the most. The reporter tells about Atharv Sujata, who topped in university and decided to run a dairy farm, by refusing the top company offers. Atharv gives interview with confidence. He says I don’t want to do job, I want to give jobs to people to help them.He asks her to be

careful and pat cow with love, animals understand love. She says I understand you wanted to do your business, why dairy? Its Unusual for a young guy… He says a mum raised and educated me, I wanted to take her business forward, whatever I m is from this root, I want to take this ahead. The girl says you are really great, you have good personality and could have become actor or model easily.

Vividha gets tea. The lady says no thanks. He asks lady to have biscuit atleast. The lady asks will you leave the state if you get good offer. Vividha says no, he has no greed for money, he loves this city. The lady asks him to give Vividha’s introduction. Atharv says she is my neighbor. Vividha gets shocked.

The lady thanks Atharv for interview and says I will inform you date and time of interview airing, you watch it for sure. Reporter goes. Vividha asks Atharv what did he say, that she is his neighbor even after engagement. He says leave my hand, did you feel bad, I did not wish to hurt you as you did. She asks what. He says you are not able to listen to your heart and not able to tell me. She asks what did you mean, what am I hiding. He says let it be. She asks him to say, I want to know, tell me what’s going on in your mind. He asks what’s Ravish’s truth, what’s those feelings for Ravish, tell me.

She says you saw Ravish’s name in stupid plate, someone kept Ravish’s pic in diary, and you are doubting on me, I told you many times I did not do this, I don’t know who did that, I wrote your name in plate. He says you mean it changed on own. She says I don’t know, should I get clue to talk to you. He asks did you not write that letter. She says yes I wrote letter to Ravish, I have feelings for him, not that you think, I respect him, he did a lot to unite you and me, whatever happens, I will always respect him. They argue. He says its not us, I m not blind by jealousy, I can’t undo what I m seeing and what’s happening, if your heart has feelings for Ravish….. it will hurt me, but I m not jealous, if we are marrying, its imp for me to know.

She says if? We are engaged and going to marry in some times, you are asking if I have feelings for Ravish, what are you saying. He says our relation is by heart and soul, if your heart is going towards someone else, then tell me. She asks do you know what you are saying. He says I m just saying, either it can be my right on your heart or Ravish’s, not of both. She gets shocked. She says you mean I have to choose between you and Ravish. He says right, person sinks when he steps in two boats. She asks will it not matter to him. He says no. She says if I choose Ravish then… He says it won’t matter to me.

She says fine, it will happen as you want. Sujata comes and says I m going to Delhi, Dadi and Uma will stay here, take care. Vividha says I will come along with you. They get surprised. Vividha says I changed my mind, I m coming along. Abdul uncle gets the car. Vividha goes in the car and cries. Atharv looks on tearful eyed. Jaana na dil se door……plays……..

Atharv angrily throws the milk man. Uma and Dadi look on shocked. Sujata asks Vividha what happened. Uma asks Atharv what is the matter, tell me. Atharv says leave me alone for now and goes. Vividha recalls their engagement. He recalls Vividha. Jaana na dil se door……plays……..They both cry.

Vividha says I waited like him madly and did not leave hope, why is he not trusting me and my love. Sujata worries. Uma says I did not see your fight. Atharv says get habitual to see that, things are changing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @Neemu..,
    Ur 2nd comment.
    yeah.. u r right. Vitharv love gone toooo strong. after clearing all d mess happen by evil KK.

    i think now, vividha. will focus on, that one who is doing all these and want to seperate them. and finally she bring..kk truth out,
    i hope it will happen.

    1. Hi 143 .have a nice day

  2. Dimpurose11234

    Big hii to everyone, have a great day to all.

    1. @dimpurose same to you dear.

      Gud mrng and Gud afternoon

      1. @aailya .Enikum a stupidne orthal adym chiriri varum pinne desym varum pinne sahadapam varum.poor girl thalaykku sthirathayillatha alle. Totally Mental ???????

    2. Hi dimpurose.Have a nice day.

  3. @Neeth.. hi good morning.
    ur 1st comment:
    Don’t blame vividha..it all becoz of circumstances, she has no confusion towards her love. and as she said.. she has feeling for ravish. but its respect..but it also due to supporting Vitharv union.That’s it.
    All this mess is to make vitharv love strong to each other. and to get that evil kk out.

    1. Ya u r right..I got angry n put all d blame on vividha…cvs r creating this..hope everything clears soon…hi all of you..good evening

      1. @Neeth,gud eve

  4. @Happpyyyy fan.
    ur 1st comment:
    well said.. this episode was really belongs to Ra………vidha fans and ravish fans. jndsd team want to hold on both Vitharv/Ra…vidha Fandom.till d show ends.

  5. @Happpyyyy fan.

    my opinion on ur thought. that atharv himself find kk and apologize vividha.

    maybe.., but i have strong feeling that, this time also vividha…will do detective activity and find kk to bring truth infront Atharv.

  6. @Neemu. Thanks for d info.
    just saw that Vikku insta…video. simple superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


  7. @Radha.
    feel happy by whatever u want to feel about episode and ur loved ravish. but control ur tongue. before taking abusing words towards. vitharv. u don’t have any right. to say what ever nonsense in ur mind. its a cool reply for u dis time. but if u do same in nxt comment. don’t expect respected reply.

  8. Vitharv fans I will show by boobs please support ravidha.

  9. If anybody agree ,I will give you my address.If you wanted to block me,you can block.Iam using another girl email I’d.

  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BP_zkXPA8sC/
    Look at this .Three r looking to three directions like lord brahma ??.

    1. Ayo inn chechi chiripichu kollum.Lord Brahma prayogam kolam?.

      Moonu perudiyam pose nanayit und.

  11. @ eswari
    I agree with you…..but I told according to this serial…
    & eswari & joyti we only want to see our captain RAVISH back …its long time to see him……
    Have a good day…. My dear friend JYOTI & ESWARI…& ALL ..

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Vikuuuuu
      Oh baby ,you are so glittery.You are like 100000 sparkling sequins.
      Chechi ik ente vellya uma link inn.

  12. Maybe Artharv Vividha are doing this to find out who’s behind all these? Just thinking.

  13. Anju you stupid person abb Kisha I’d use Kara ho Tamara pas koy ma ja ban nahi hai mannerless person I wish ice could see you……
    And Aaliyah this kayar can’t do anything he should be in jail Brcause this isnt right and just forget about him
    Pagal bawakoof kameena you anju
    And I’m going to call you ka junior anju???????????

    1. @Anam first of all she is a girl. Just ignore her.She is one very special rare species.Don’t waste time on her.

      Gud eve dear

    2. @Anam you earlier supported me know when I was sonu.All vitharv fans were abusing me but you are the one who supported me.Now what happened dear .

  14. cnt see both in ths condition! ths is the most terrible epi!

    neither atharva is understanding viv nor the vice -versa…

    i almost cried down!

    no more comments till ths problem gets over!

    becz thrs no points to comment upon!

  15. Gud eve ravidha…..s

  16. Waiting for today’s episode.

  17. o god when will they happily what does kk want I.m gonna kill him

  18. o god when will they unit hapily and what does thus kk want only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  19. Good evening friends……
    hoping for the best episode…………
    just 1 hour left.. for it………..

    1. Gud eve @143

  20. I don’t know I supported you when you were a vitharve fan and know you’re doing. The wrong thing and I was always a vitharvian anju you’re wrong because I thought you were a vitharve fan

  21. Jndsd k writer ko meri baddua lgegi jitna mjhe rulaoge kamino utna nuksan hoga tmlogo ka I want Vitharv back

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