Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying I have thrown Guddi down. He wears the cat mask. It falls down. Vividha cries. He says I held her neck like this and shows holding the vase. He says I suffocated her neck like this, she was crying and I threw her down. He drops the vase. She gets shocked. Vividha wakes up from the bad dream. She tells Ravish that Atharv did not do anything, we are just thinking, its not true, even if we think Atharv did this in madness, Sujata can never do this to save her, she is a woman of ethics, she will never cover up the crime, she will stand with truth.

Ravish says fine, then Atharv’s fingerprints will not match with the culprits, we will be sure doing that, I called police and forensic officer at home to get Atharv’s fingerprints, I pray that his fingerprints

do not match, we should do this before Sujata comes. Vividha says no, Sujata will never let this test happen, its wrong to hide from her. He says I don’t want to hurt her doing this infront of her, if fingerprints match, we have to tell her. She says I feel its wrong, we should not do this.

Sujata prays for Atharv. She asks what was Atharv’s mistake, that he loved a girl, he is blamed for rape and murder, I have always prayed for him, make my Atharv fine, so that we both can go from here and live our life, and learn to smile again. Atharv greets everyone. Kalindi asks Vipul to see entertainment channel for free. Vividha asks him to keep his hand on the machine. He says I will get short. She keeps her hand and shows nothing happened. He asks him to keep his hand now. He asks her to keep his hand.

He looks at her and smiles. FB shows their old moment. Atharv smiles while his fingerprints are tested. Ravish and everyone look on. She recalls Atharv and her old moments. The machine beeps. Vividha says I knew it won’t match, Atharv can’t do this. The man says its a match. They all get shocked. Atharv says its a match and shows his hand happily. The man says its Atharv’s fingerprints on Guddi’s neck. Sujata comes there and gets shocked.

Sujata drops the aarti plate. Everyone see her. Atharv says Sujata, see its a match. She asks whats happening here with Atharv, why did anyone not tell me. Vividha says get your equipment rechecked, it can’t be Atharv’s fingerprints. The man says we have double checked, there is no problem in machine. Vividha says no, this can’t happen. Ravish says relax, fingerprints are matching. The mental asylum people are called.

Sujata says no, Atharv is not murderer. The man asks her to understand. Vividha says you can’t prove that Atharv is the culprit, he has saved Guddi’s life, how can he kill her. The man says his mental state is not fine. Sujata says my son knows to save life, not to take life. Ravish says I understand, but we have to take action. Vividha asks how can you say this, you know Atharv’s state. The man says we have to put him in mental asylum.

Sujata asks what. Atharv looks on. Vividha says you can’t take him anywhere, he did not do anything, why are you doing this. Suman says Vividha, I know you are feeling bad, what can we do, we have to do whats right, we have to let law do its work. Sujata says you are doing same mistake what happened at Situram’s time, that time Atharv’s truth came out, don’t do this. She cries. Vividha says I know, no one is listening. Sujata begs to them to leave Atharv. Vividha leaves from there.

Ravish goes after her. Vividha says I will show medical reports to the officers, he is behaving like an innocent kid, you tell them that he saved me from Situram. Ravish asks her to be strong, its for Atharv’s betterment. She says he is innocent. He says even unintentionally, he is involved in Guddi’s death, we have to help laws. She says even if this happened, Atharv is innocent, my sister died, fine, I will withdraw the case, I will not let Atharv go. He makes her sit. He says its police case, nothing will happen if you withdraw case.

She says what else will he bear because of me, I m responsible for his state. He says I understand everything. She says how much more punishment will Atharv bear. He says try to understand, laws can’t punish any mentally ill man. She says we will treat him at home. He says laws will not let him be free, his mental state is not fine, he can be danger for anyone. She says no, he is not danger, don’t use wrong word. He says listen, I m sorry, we have to let them take Atharv. She asks him to do something. He apologizes.

He says I always saved Atharv. Atharv comes with his bag, and says everyone is waiting for me, I m going on picnic. He shows his bag and says I did not get water bottle, come with me, say bye to me. She cries. He takes her along. Ravish looks on sadly.

Atharv goes downstairs and says I m going on picnic. He takes water bottle from Sujata and asks why are you crying, don’t cry, I will come back soon in 2-4 hours. Atharv thanks Ravish for sending him in free air and keeping his promise. He says I will also go out and enjoy, I like to be free. Ravish says this is better than picnic, like a mission, do as they say. Sujata and Vividha cry. Atharv says I will win and come, Sujata don’t cry, I will miss you a lot, I don’t know who is my mummy, but you are like my mum. Sujata cries and recalls his words. Atharv calls her Maa and smiles. She cries.

Ravish hugs Vividha and asks her not to blame herself, its not her mistake. Sujata blames Vividha and says you are a bad shadow, you gave Atharv a life worse than death, you will never get peace. Vividha cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Piyu

    Ab to sure ho gayi hu main ki murderer is raavish..he is just misguiding everyone as well as vividha bcoz wo jalta hai atharva se.isiliye use gunehgar bana raha hai..aur ghar se dur vej na chah rahe hai..but how atharva’s finger print matched is the mystery..

  2. Esha

    Good bye JNDSD..Poor Atharva..no end to his sufferings..n Sujata too..Her only support taken away..Feeling bad..Vividha s character seemed so strong before but not anymore.. Unbearable to watch this serial now..No hopes of Vitharva now.. I must praise Ameena ji so for such quick updates.

  3. Sunanda

    Wt the hell.my atharv is not a murderer.
    Can any one say 2 me wt is the meaning of asylum.plss any say

  4. Vamshi

    [email protected] the episode belongs to u…brilliant performance

  5. anuja

    ye sab ravish n uski ma ki chal hai atharva ko dur Karne ka vividha se…ufffff atharva feeling very bad for u….writer plz make vitharva together….

  6. Hanshu

    Oh god… Wats going on…
    Why ravidha are not showing that letter to police..
    Is atharv trying to unite racidha…..
    Even if s y he will kill guddi.😥🤔🙄

  7. Aswini jenny

    Atharv action is wonderful. tanu navvutu andarini edipistunnadu.asalu edupu aagaledu at that time 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Antonio conte..

    Though… sad episode.. But l like it. Bcuz.. atharv is innocent… 100%… blo*dy vasists… family..

  9. Vamshi

    [email protected] today’s episode belongs to u…awesome performance N ravish said he always saved atharv but there is so such scene where ravish saved atharv..

  10. Sudhangiradha

    Atharv is innocent. I think ravish is the culprit. He wants vivida that’s why he is doing this all. And he wants to save his own family. Bhoomi’s reaction was not good when they were checking atharv’s finger prints.

  11. navz

    Wats dis happening with atharv but I liked vividha supporting atharv and I am not able to understand ravish’s character is he good or bad!!?????? And I feel Sujatha ‘s words are also true shown in precap. Whatever may happen I only want atharv to be normal again and and abt dat vividha it’s upto their wish.

  12. Anu

    No Ravish can’t kill Guddi. He is the main lead. More than that he is a soldier. Why will Ravish kill Guddi? Very emotional episode :,(

  13. Anu

    No Ravish can’t kill Guddi. He is the main lead. More than that he is a soldier. Why will Ravish kill Guddi? Very emotional episode

  14. Selvaraj


    |Registered Member

    Atharv is innocent. I think ravish is the culprit. He needs vividha and also he wants to save his family. Bhoomi’s reaction was not good when they where checking atharv’s finger prints. And remember that day when ravish asked vividha from where she was getting clues. I think that’s why he blamed atharv. Soo sad for atharv

  15. Ruby

    What the hell is this atharv is the main hero show ko prolong karne key liye nayee characters ko add karkey show ko bakwass bana diyaa agar atharv aur vividha nahi milley yee show paka flopp ho jayengaa atharv cant do this to guddi he saves her life once es bakwass twists ko band karoo direct jii show key viewers meyy vitharv key fans 90% HAI agar vitharv nahi miley tho show flopp

  16. gana

    Writers can u please stop this nonsense, I think instead of athrava goin to mental asylum, better u ppl go m make ur brain straight n com😡😡👊👊..WTH!!now I agn thnk ravish is culprit, enough of dis hide n seek,reveal d murderer.. I neither want ravish n athrava to b murderer.. Please he’s n army persn, dey ll b hvng der own values, so please don’t show him d culprit,..let him b d cause of vitharva union,n end his track by keepng him positive 😓😓

  17. Swathi

    Yes of course by seeing the situations we can assume Ravish as murder…..but pls. Writers don’t make ravish as villain for the sake of that stupid vividha. If soo we can’t watch this show. Feeling soo bad for Ravish😞😞😞😞😞😞😞.

  18. name

    Am sure that ..its ravish..sujata is right vividha is a dark shadow on Atharv..all the time atharve has to suffer a lot just because of vividha…in today’s episode ,i felt that vividha is a puppet of ravish..she shouldn’t have done the test ..atharv is superb hats off to his acting..he nailed it..hate u vividha

  19. name

    It was heart touching when atharv called sujata”maa”…and also when sujata was remembering her moments with Atharv

  20. Anshika

    Yes..I also feel the same tht may be Ravish is involvd in this mattr..

    But this is so cheap of writers to show an Army man like that ..
    Jo apni jaan ka swaarth kiye bina border pr ladd skta h..wo ek ldki ke liye itni cheap hrkat nhi kr skta…

    Hope they dun destroy Ravish’s image..

  21. mini

    I literally cried n dat last scene… vikram u r a fab actor… i hope our hero atharv l b back soon because at last he also had tears.. hz eyes express our atharv s back he s expressing lyk hiding smethng…

  22. Ash

    I think it’s Suman and she tried to get rid of Guddi n Atharv both at once. But if it turns out to be Ravish, it would be stupid, showing an army guy that way. Just stop the serial by uniting Vitharv.

  23. Karan

    Get Atharva a new girl….someone he truly deserves!!
    Vividha can continue to eye lock with Ravish. Only then she’ll realise her LOSS.

  24. deepali

    omg atharv aur vivida phir se door hogai serial me maza hi nahi hai guddi ka murder atharv…very boring

  25. Sunanda

    Guys there is no pain there is no luv.it is serial so they r giving 2 lovers much pain.
    The ditectors/writers have 2 say us about true luv.atharv loves vivida that he went 2 jail,he was blamed when fake atharv hurts vivida nd finally he blamed as a murderer.
    So much luv pain here.
    Defenitely seee guys they unite vitharv only.that they r showing atharv will get back his memory very very soon by gng 2 asylum.
    The way he called 2day sujata as maa be quite emotional.
    No one can take u r acting place vikram
    Handsoff 2 u r acting

  26. Sneha

    Disgusting episode…why always atharav has suffer…i wish ravish is the killer…by the way vividha deserve that curse from sujata..stupid selfish gal..she want both the men how disgusting

  27. Pinky

    Today’s episode was really disgusting but ravish ne to kaha that atharv ko beguna proov karega yaar ye pucca galat ho raha hai Dono ke saath.Yaar ye to sure hai ki atharv is not murderer but kahin ravish ko negative na bana De.Achcha nehi lagega.Pehele se hi itna achcha kam karraha hai or aab negative not good….,.,…

  28. Sachin

    What the hell???😈😈😈

    our atharva cnt do ths,even in his worst conditions…i hate suman,the way she told Viv,tht atharva has to go as ths us criminal case!!!

    wn atharva gets well he will surely get angry on Viv becz,she married to ravish as well as sent him to asylum

    guys one thing is thr tht cn be a valid way to save atharva,and thr is.:

    the,one who dragged guddi frm behind was wearing gloves then hw could his finger print came thr! It might be atharva who might have tried to save guddi frm tht man nd in the mean time he might hv touched her neck….

    guys wt ever u do,u do Bt nt to atharva…he is the soul of the show nd cng be made the way u think…

    i don’t know y always atharv gets wrongly arrested???
    frst Kailash nd nw,ths!!!

    hate u jndsd frm nw

  29. Jyothi

    Today episode was very emotional and atharv action is superb and feel bad also nd please writers i request stop this stupid suspence nd relieved the real culprit nd unit to vitharv plzzzzzzzz

    • Manirul

      Yes please give us back the vitharv.they are soulmates.the way their chemistry has been shown and they took promise to each other it was so strong.it should be fulfilled otherwise wrong message will convey.please unite them and then proceed with the serial.we are watching jndsd just because of vitharv.

  30. Eva

    And now I think Sujata might take the blame in order to save Atharv because yesterday the writer shared a dialog of Vividha explaining to Atharv that a mother sacrifice for her child and don’t count the sacrifices she makes.But most of all they are just dragging and creating more drama

  31. sudheer

    Ravish is innocent. Not to blame ravish. He is d only one nice,helpful and gud character person in d vasistfamily. He don’t want anyone. Ravish birth truth reveal cheyaledu. May be I think he is an orphan.
    Adharv vividhani evaru badhapettina chudaledu anduke guddi ni champesuntadu.

  32. Princi

    Am going to stop watching this show…… How can director makes atharve as culprit…
    Jst unbearable….. Atharv is the key of the show….. Good bye jndsd

  33. Piya

    Dear writer, another bakwas episode. I am not watching any more. There will a limit of stupidity. You people are proving that. Pehle dimak ki problem aur guddi ka koon, aur kailash ka bakwas abhi atharv ko jail.
    Ek dum bakwas, Kya zaroorath hai guddi ko maarne ke liye. People are accepting the serial because there is a relation between a mom n son. One mom who fights alone and face the society, a beautiful love.
    Abi eh neya parivar, bahoot gandha. baar baar faltu ki dialogue. Hum jawan ki family we shd Not cry. Kya yaar abi jawan family itni niche Ghirlandaio Gaya. Ek masoom ko jail bejkar.
    Aap aap ki yeh neya faltu Sooch ko kuda hafiz.
    the serial is becoming nonscence.
    I am sure ur TRP rate will def go down.

  34. Nikhat

    Hi guys…m new here…bt m watching dis show frm begining…….coming to todays episode…It is clear dt d killer is none othr den ravish or it might be his mom…i.e.Suman…Remembr ravish has the pendrive in which Vitharvas pics are there…he has nt shown dis to Vividha…..neither he mentioned abt it….so may be its suman and his plan….he is jst jealous of their love….and one thing is clear frm todays episode dt ATHARV is the real hero…of d show……so I think eventually…vividha will be developing a soft corner fr him…seeing his caring attitude…and she will be atracted…and den Atharva will be back wid a bang…and den only she will gt to know d truth…so fr nw it will be a total time waste…to watch dis serial……Jst hoping atharva arrival and VITHAVA reunion…LOVE U VIKRAM……..

  35. Joe

    Ravish always blames atharv nd sujatha.. Atharv ne kuch nai kiya I think its plan of suman nd ravish..he can’t do any thing fr atharv.. Kab hamara atharv teek hojayenge..

  36. Average_girl

    There is no way Atharv killed Guddi even if he is in a mental state. I bet the killer is in the family like could be Bhoomi, Vipul or Avinash. Maybe the killer is sooooo smart he/she got Atharvs fingerprints on Guddi’s neck and trying to blame Atharv for killing Guddi and take him away to mental hospital. Unless it is Ravish. He may be a soldier and the main lead as well but could be him. Everyone is a suspect so can’t say nothing till the killer is revealed. Unless it’s Ravish Grandad which is stupid but could be. Did you guys not think of that? the killer got Atharvs finger prints and put it on Guddi neck. or could have swapped their fingerprints and Atharv is innocent and the one that beeped was someone else’s fingerprint orrrrrr the killer bribed the people to say Atharv’s fingerprint match and he killed Guddi to take him away from Vividhah, like just saying. Also hey guys, hope you’re doing well, good luck with your exams if you’re taking any and Merry Christmas, since it’s December lol. Even if you guys don’t celebrate it still lol Have a awesome day. Lots of love from the UK.

  37. Reshma Pawar

    Ravish better then atharv beacuse agar ravish ki kya galti hai vividha ko samajana chahiye tha na uski bhi zindgi barbad kar di aap sabhi log ravish ki jagah leke sochkar bataeye

  38. priyasha

    I am sure Atharv isnt the murderer and neither is Ravish… Both are positive and i go by Sunjiv Sir’s tweet…

    Maybe Ravish purposely sent Atharv to the Asylum so that he and Vivi can find the real culprit behind the murder…
    Lets wait and watch… Unexpectedly, i am all the more excited to watch this show now.. Wanna see how Ravish and Vivi prove Atharv innocent and catch the real culprit…

    Love Pri

  39. Nina

    People who does like ravish they r selfish. …….. we shouldn’t get too personal in fiction shows just watch an d enjoy let the writer do his job

  40. Mr.White

    Nooo..its not Atharv or Ravish who killed guddi.
    I strongly feel its ravish grandpa.. Y coz in an dady ji hide his wound from suman.
    If not the suspense will be turns to chintu. He is 1 till not suspected
    After guddi death, y not stupid useless vividha and ravish not took chintu’s name

  41. Mr.White

    Nooo..its not Atharv or Ravish who killed guddi.
    I strongly feel its ravish grandpa.. Y coz in an episode dady ji hide his wound from suman.
    If not the suspense will be turns to chintu. He is 1 till not suspected
    After guddi death, y not stupid useless vividha and ravish not took chintu’s name

  42. Pinky

    I really enjoy this show,aur jab se ravish ka entry hua na tab se show main char chand laggai hai,I know it’s a plan of ravish to catch the real culprit. Really writer u r great …….I like this show

  43. Saranjit

    I found a clip to be stupid on the writers part. when vividha was representing artharv and repeatedly saying he can’t do this he save her once !!! Didn’t Suman want to to why she is talking about artharv in this manner? RED FLAG. so it means to say that Ravish and his mom did this act of murder. They are pretending. Why was ravish preventing vividha from exposing the medical report???? strange!!! Also he probably want to get close to her. Artharv needs to be sane and represent himself. Grab his girl and leave that corrupted family. why is Ravish playing doctor and detective???? what a stupid portrayal. I don’t blame Sujata for being upset with Vividha…she’s a waste. She trust the wrong people.

    • Karan

      Saranjit, agree with every word. Ravish is supposedly a soldier. More than that playing a soldier, he’s playing dectective and doctor. Ppl we don’t hate Ravish, but he is selfish. When his sister was the target he claimed their upbringing was too good to comit murder, when Bhoomi was suspected they said that her hands were burnt due to a coincidence.
      The Vashith family are a bunch of liars! They are selfish and think only abt themselves.

      Suman, agony aunt who had her husband all her life, plus his name to live a decent life in society, kids and a plush house. She still cribs that she didn’t get a husband’s love. Ravish claims to have an disciplined army upbringing but so what Atharva is no less. He is self made, he struggled on his own and he is a survivor.

      Atharva come back, prove these bunch of donkeys that u surpass them at all levels and that U R THE HERO OF THIS SHOW.

    • NaveenS

      Agree with you. I’m sure Ravish killed Guddi because she was about to expose Arthav and viv relationship to the family.
      Ravish was willing to let Sujata and Arthav stay while vividha cared for Arthav but he did not want her to leave the house or his mother knowing the truth of vividha and Arthav.
      All Ravish has done is reverse psychology on Vividha cause she’s very easily manipulated and jumps to conclusion too quickly. She does not know how to keep quiet. She always lets people know what she’s planning.
      Stupid waste of a girl. She is a total airhead.

  44. Ritu

    Bye JNDSD….
    Day to day the serial is becoming useless.
    Atharv acting is really awsm. Vividha is again back with her dum thinking. Yaar change the story. This new family people sucks. Hate them all….

  45. Joe

    Yes karan truly said.. Atharv sujatha is back soon with bang.. Nd vashist family wil meet soon real atagrv sujatha

  46. Nazneen Syed

    This stupid Vividha want Ravish as well as Atharv how can it be possible.
    Stupid Vividha didn’t stopped when they were taking our Atharv to asylum.
    And the way she hugged Ravish in the precap chiiiiiii.First she should decide whether she wants Ravish or Atharv.
    Usne roka bhi nahi Atharv Ko le jaate huve.
    Vividha Ko mar jaana chahiye tha instead of Guudi.Paagal kahin ki Ravish aur Atharv ki zindagi barbaad kardi isne.😠😠😠😠😠

  47. Nazneen Syed

    Mein chahati hoon Ki Atharv jald se jald theek ho jaye.Aur saare parivaar wale usse apnaye kyunki he also deserves good family.Itne Dino tak Atharv aur Sujata ne bahut kuch saha hai.Ab unhe bhi unka haq milna chahiye.Aur Ravish Ko achi ladki mil jaana chahiye.I think Atharv ke theek ho jaane ke baad Ravish Atharv Ko aur Sujata Ko unke saare haq dilvayega.

    Coming to the precap Sujata ne sahi kaha Ki Vividha Ko kabhi shaanti naa mile kyunki Vividha k vajah se Atharv ne bahut kuch saha hai.Atharv ne hamesha Vividha ka saath diya lekin iss Vividha ne apna asli rang dikha diya.

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