Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guddi apologizing to Atharv. Vividha says I will tell everyone why Guddi did this, she did this as she was angry with me. She recalls Guddi’s words. Vividha says she was so angry that she joined Suman to teach a lesson to me, but she did not let Suman’s mistakes became crime, because my mum’s values came in between. Dadi asks what are you saying. Vividha asks Dadi to say well, eyes always talk, words make noise, love is just to be felt. Uma asks what do you mean to say. Vividha says you see it yourself. She cries and takes Guddi to Uma. Uma holds Guddi and recalls her. She says you are my Guddi….. Guddi nods. Everyone get shocked. Uma hugs Guddi and cries.

Vividha says I did not know the truth before, after I came in this house, I got to know many

things, I remember the day when Guddi made chocolate milk once, she used to say if anyone drinks chocolate milk made by her, they won’t have it by anyone else, she said the same thing to Madhav. FB shows the moment. Vividha says I did not forget Guddi’s habits, and her lines, she used to make something fashionable by old things, which needs talent, she said this to Atharv. FB shows Vividha hearing Guddi telling Atharv that she made a dupatta out of her old saree.

Vividha says I had doubt that she is Guddi, when I heard she saved Atharv’s life, my doubt got certain, because Guddi can never hurt Atharv. They were really good friends, right Shweta Kashyap. Guddi nods. Vividha hugs her. Dadi asks are you my Guddi and hugs her. Guddi says my real face got burnt with my fake funeral. She tells everything about Suman giving her a new face and new life.

Guddi says it was Suman’s place, I was also a part of it, by greed and anger, forgive me, I can’t stay with you all now, you all came out of sorrow, I will remind you the sorrow, I can’t stay here. Vividha stops her and says you will stay here with me and everyone. Uma says after you left, we know how we lived, don’t say about leaving again. Guddi apologizes to Atharv. Atharv says we are true friends and friendship never breaks, stop crying. Uma prays for the family.

Atharv and Ravish walk in corridors and think of Madhav. They see each other. Vividha comes with Madhav. Madhav refuses to sleep. Atharv and Ravish together bend to take him. They stop. Atharv says I will take other room, you can take big bedroom if you want. Ravish says I already took other room. Vividha says Madhav and I will sleep in guest room. Ravish and Atharv leave. Atharv recalls Madhav.

Ravish recalls Vividha and gets sad. Vividha thinks of Ravish. She makes Madhav sleep. Ravish comes there. He keeps the water bottle and sits by Madhav’s side. He kisses Madhav and gets up. Vividha asks Ravish to sleep with Madhav. He says no, its more imp that you stay with him, this strange silence between us will end soon, I know relation limits are changing, I assure you I will move away from your way. She cries. He says so that you and Atharv can unite again, its just a work of mind, you both stay in each other’s hearts, when drugs effect get less, Atharv will get his lost memories back. She asks how can you be such a nice person Ravish. He wipes his tears.

He says I don’t know I m a nice person or not, I can try to become a good friend. He asks her not to cry and wipes her tears. She bends to touch his feet. He asks what are you doing. She says I don’t know how to thank you, you did a lot for me and Madhav till now, you stood with me as solution to all my problems, you supported me and gave father’s love to Madhav, when Atharv came back, you are taking steps back without saying anything, no person can do this. He says when person is left with no option, person realizes his real strength, you stayed away from Atharv and did not break, you hated him and still loved him, Atharv did not let your name wiped off from his memory, Madhav met here with Atharv, it has some meaning, it means you were always Atharv’s, you will return to Atharv with all rights, you don’t need to think much, that’s my work, take rest. He leaves. Jaana na dil se door……plays…………….

Madhav falls down. Ravish and Atharv hold him. A man says Atharv’s DNA sample is taken. Ravish says it means we can start Madhav’s treatment when results come. Doctor tells the that Madhav and Atharv’s DNA are not matching. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys did they ever reveal how Vividha became pregnant?

  2. atharvidha vikku fan

    plz change montage
    put atharv pic or atharv vividha and madhav
    fed up of only vividha pic

  3. Seeing today’s episode,I don’t knw wat to say…1st thing is Ravidha s dialogues,ravish is a good man from heart and soul,they r still showing vivida s feeling for ravish.
    on other side vitharv mrrg is cm soon,it is a great news,but still there is smthing missing…hw ravish charectr is justified..it is better to pair ravish vd another girl and start their luv story

    There are lots of charectr in this serial who have no role at all,Ver is adithi?She don’t knw abt her mom’s death.?Vr is Ankit?Wat abt Kalindi,chintu?….Bhoomi and Vipul now become good,!Aftrall they were also a part of Suman and kalindi game na?And aftr the leap they don’t show Abdul chhacha..Wat yaar…Suddenly they comes and suddenly they disappear.these charectors don’t hav a shape….Ah disgusting

    One more thing in today’s episd they didn’t show ,,atharv thinking abt vivida..But it was there on ystrdays precap

  4. Guddi has more currage than VIVDHA… She accept her mistake & say sorry to all & she has to leave the house ….. But VIVDHA has no currage to accept her mistake & she didn’t say sorry to ATHARV for misunderstood him & marry RAVISH in anger……
    One more thing she forgive guddi for her mistake &except her who diched her & whole family she understand her situation but why she not understood ATHARV when he left her I mean why she not thoughts that there is a reason behind atharv’s not come to mandap.
    Because of her one decision two people’s lives are in delima
    & she is is happy with RAVISH decision ….why she not think for a minute that she has no right to live with neither RAVISH nor ATHARV after her anger decision (for atharv why she not understand atharv why she so week in that situation .. & MARRY RAVISH &
    for RAVISH she should be not fullfil fullfil her decision to make their relationship from friendship to love ) so she has Not have any right to live anyone of them bcoz she is not a good lover or not a good wife….. But she is such a selfish lady who always happy or need support either RAVISH OR ATHARV… When ATHARV is not reach mandap so she leave or diched him & MARRY RAVISH now ATHARV is back so she goes back to ATHARV & leave & diched RAVISH…..what a female lead….. She never face difficult situation bcoz of her other face more difficult situation of life (some time ATHARV face difficult situation or sometimes RAVISH face difficult situations) but she enjoyed her life with both when ATHARV is not there so she should go with RAVISH & now she goes back to ATHARV
    Clap for her .she is such a cheap lady …..

    1. Sunanda12345

      @rangini dear well said
      She using ravish and atharv like toys
      One toy got repaired going and played with another toy
      She have 2 thought why atharv left her there
      She have 2 go another place and have 2 give a birth 2 madhav.
      May she have 2 say lie to surrounding people that her husband at America.
      She have 2 wait for atharv
      Atharv love get succeed. He deserved more pain for vivida. And ravish also deserves more pain

  5. precap is just hate able fed of this jalebi like turns in these serials
    Hi guys how r u all i know many of u don’t know me i am from the initial commenter of this serial but between this i also remember the members of the serial which remain main at different times specially Karan, Naveens and Nazneen Syed sorry i forgot many
    basically i want to befriend with u
    miss u missings specially Sachin

  6. Ravish finally realizes he cannot hold onto things hoping it will work out. Liked him for once in the last two episodes. No one forced him to any of his situations… He chose it with no head injury or physical pain.
    Vividha and Atharv were manipulated by some villain character and their lives were wrecked. Yes, Vividhac choosing to marry Ravish was the wrong decision…she could have lived alone…
    She needs to feel more remorse for her decisions…

    1. yes she could live alone.but I think vivi just wanted a father to support his son.didn’t think about atharv I mean love.?

  7. A:- log apni kismatein jiya karte hain, main apni kismet ko dekh sakta hoon. Woh kismet jo ab tak meel ka pathhar thi ab manzil ban gayi hai
    New dialogs of ATHARV by sunjiv sir

    1. Translated to English by sanjivpuri :- People live their fate, i can see mine. My fate that was just a milestone on the road has now become my destination.

  8. There are a couple of I did like to make..
    1. It’s good that atharva will get some peace after his quest for love will get over
    2. Guddi is dumb and will remain to be so..
    3. Vividha is an opportunist and nothing else..
    How can she forgive guddi so easily..just because she didn’t kill atharva.. but she drugged him for 4 long years.. where he just struggled to remember but his memory lost.. isn’t it a crime.. played with atharva’s emotion by playing pregnant..cheating him with Chianti who once tried to molest her..and she plotted her own death.. and All dis got forgotten because she is vividha:’s sister..

    Secondly vividha, how can u just remove ravish from it life like a fly..n if u had to remain so detached den y did u proposed to marry him..didn’t u just stick to the decision.
    Y do u hold ravish ‘s hand when atharva is not around and say ta ta bye bye to him when atharva comes.. first marriage , I understand was force on u(not completely support on it either}) but second marriage was it will full.. now u should have shown some commitment towards him.. ravish himself would hv left u for atharva but u r again just an opportunist..

    3. Ravish, please start using it brain now and leave to army or do some constructive instead for being teary eyed for vividha.. lovers got their soulmate and child got his father.. u should not come back to them now.. stick to what I’ve said to vividha.. I will be happy seeing u alone doing some work instead of coming in this chaos .
    And please be happy, show us your smile and stay away from vividha..

    Eswari and Mia .. how r u guys.

    1. Hai jyoti what you said absolutely correct. Already I told our captain handover vivitha to atharv and atharv family say bye bye to captain my guessing comes true. I know captain character well. I don’t want to think about vivitha. Because of atharv only I tolerate her. I don’t want to write anything about her.
      Captain decision is very correct. Love less life is like head ache. I am happy about current track. In my point of view there are two ultimate heroes in jndsd . No heroine in jndsd. In montage ravish and atharv should be .
      If ravish future life partner will be good heart like ravish means I will think that she is the heroine.
      I am happy to see your comment jyoti have a happy Sunday bye jyoti

      1. Sangida Rahman

        Eswari u watch naagin season 2 ?????

      2. No sangida I don’t watch I love historical serials jndad is my first fiction show

  9. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning Suman di, Joe di, Karan bhayya, Naveen bhayya,Xyz di,143 di,143K,
    Mubi,Sweety,Diya,Vimala di,Sunanda,
    Raone,Niya and all my friends ?.
    I’m very happy finally Vitharv got married.
    Now we have to bear these silly dramas.
    Happy Sunday guys enjoy!!!

    1. Gud morning ? dear
      Ya finally our vitharv are going to unite
      Am sooo excited
      Wishing a beautiful week ahead to u also
      Take care, bye

    2. Good morning dear nazneen.
      Yeah I m also so happy. We won.vitharv got married.
      Congrats ????????.
      Happy Sunday u too.

    3. Gud morning Nazeen,suman di,143,xyz,aliya,joe,karan,usha,aisha,nikh,sandy,linah,mubi,sweety,diya,eswari,mia and all my JNDSD friends…
      I soooooooo happy vitharv got married without any twists.
      I soooooo exited for marriage episode…..
      But where is sujatha chachi…..
      Atharv can’t marry without sujatha chachi…
      I hope sujatha chachi is fine….
      Happy sunday guys enjoy alot!!!!!!!!!

      1. Gud mrng vimala dear.
        I also excited in fact we all r excited for vitharv mrrge on TV.
        Ya I also noticed where is sujatha?
        She was absent in vitharv mrrge
        But in today epsd she is in vashisht house as per Olv. But on marriage what happened to her? Don’t know.
        Don’t worry she will be fine. Without her how can sujatha family complete.
        Everything will be fine.Anyway congrats ???????

      2. Gud morning vimala we all share with you the same feeling… happy happy and happy Sunday.
        I didn’t see sujata in the video as well.. hope all is fine.

      3. Good morning Vimala di ?

      4. Hai vimala. Iam also very excited for
        Vitharv marriage. Can wait for that moment. Congratulations dear.

        Good afternoon dear

      5. good noon dear vimala and congrats. happy Sunday

      6. Hi vimala di
        Ya me tooo …… Can’t express my happiness
        Our virharv are together??

      7. Hi Vimala, nt only u bt all vitharvians are so happy now and waiting fr that wonderful moment.

    4. gud mngg nazneen

    5. gud morning Nanzeen
      yeah its finally happening am happy too
      have a lovely Sunday as well and all my vitharvians

      1. Good afternoon Linah. Enjoy the Sunday .

      2. gud evening Aaliya & xyz

    6. Gd mrng nazneen

    7. Hai nazneen dear. I cannot express my happiness by words. Congratulations dear.

      Good afternoon dear

    8. good afternoon dear. have a nice day.

    9. Hi Nazneen, congrats dear. Our waiting is coming to end , Vitharv mrrg. Sooooo HAPPY.

  10. Bividha over acting Ki dhukhan ,chal hut in my Ravish life.don’t come to near him again for any help.stoop selfish bividha ever on onscreen.love you more Ravish?

    1. I agree this one line from your comment Sri ji .
      Don’t come near to him again for any help .yes . I also wish the same. Good.

  11. [email protected]
    good morning.
    have a nice day.

    @vimala and all vitharva fans.. hi good morning!!

    and congrats to all Vitharv fans..finally vitharv marriage happened!!
    waiting for on screen marriage!!

    1. gud mnggg

    2. Hello di. Congrats to all Vitharvians fans and you too di?

    3. Hai 143 dear. Congrats dear. Me also waiting for screen marriage.

      Good afternoon dear.

    4. Hi 143. I m also super excited for vitharv mrrge on TV. Just began counting days.
      Congrats to u too???????

      It’s party time ??????????????????????????????????
      good afternoon

    5. good afternoon dear 143 and congrats.?

  12. @jyoti
    Hi I M good dear .how are you……
    Well said dear about VIVDHA she is a big opportunist & selfish…….
    After 2nd time married with RAVISH with her own wish how easily she move on with ATHARV…. She never feel ashamed on her decision ….that she doesn’t trust ATHARV…… Many times she prove that she is neither a good lover nor a good friend or wife….. She is always a cheap & selfish women………
    Bye bye dear…..

  13. Trying 2 cmnt frm ystrdy bt nt able 2 do it…
    seriously i dnt want ravidha but y i dnt knw am xtrmly flng sad nw…hw can u tolerate dis much pain ravish..i cnt c u lyk dis,,its hurting me a lot ravish…
    ven vl dey show ur complete happiness and justification of your character…
    no doubt u r ideal 2 all..
    bt wat i dnt undrstnd is how can vividha frgt these long 4 yrs vth u dis much easily.vry annoying..
    i 2 want vitharv but not by paying price of ur flngs which r far more dan their luv..anyway cngrts 2 all vitharv fans..
    on whole jndsd every one is selfish at one point of tym but u r da one who is selfless no mtr of wat..
    Honestly i didnt find dat much strng reason wat made our heroes 2 fall totally head ovr heels in luv vth vividha..
    captain its your luck 2 leave her..
    at last,,again u made me 2 cmpltly lost in u captain,,u made my dy..
    luv u a lot ravish,,urs sam…

    1. Wow super . Good comment Sam thank you

      1. Tnq eshwari,,i lyk ur cmnts nd especially ur smileys,,so tdy am giving smileys 2 u nd our captain 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Honestly just hate the character vividha One hell of a selfish and self centred person who is only about me, myself. She is not bothered for anyone else, neither for her son, lover, husband, parents Don’t know why this two Ravish and Atharv love her She has been a curse to them and ruined their lives

  15. hey!what a surprise again and again this jaana na dil se door is giving can’t wait nextepisode….

    1. wow superrrrr

    2. Sunanda12345

      Yaaa well said

    3. Simply superb.???

    4. ??great
      Really atharv has a special place in my heart tooooo
      Luv u atharv sujatha ??

  16. This Vividha how many times she will wear bridal costume? I think she is the luckiest bride???
    And I hope at least now directors will introduce a new girl for Ravish. She should be dead opposite to him?

    1. I replied for Gd morning. But they are not publishing my comments especially replies. Maine kya bigada unka. Don’t know. S vividha is luckiest bride. Frequent shopping ??. But vividha character is unlucky character on TV screen, tolerated too much bashing n worst words.

      1. Don’t worry di.I also familiar with these situations. Yesterday atleast my 5 comments they didn’t publish.
        And aapne unka kuch nahi begada ?.
        I think Telly team may be misunderstood that u r the” suman matha of jndsd” show .so they may be frightened to publish ur cmmnts ???????

      2. Suman di. . I also faced similar situations. Not only you di.
        Many of my comments also didn’t get published. Sometimes it also takes time for publishing. So just chill di?

        Good afternoon di

      3. Ha ha xyz

    2. Sunanda12345

      Hi @nazneen.
      Congrats that vitharv get married

  17. Finally vitharve are getting married yippee congrats to Aaliya XYZ Suman di karan Nikh Sundana nazneen vimla Sam naveen s and all my vitharve fans …..
    But can anyone tell me is madhav ravishes son or someone changed the reports because to me these reports have
    been changed because I think ther is someone who doesn’t want madhav to get well but now he should be perfectly getting fine because now suman is no more

    Ravish we are grateful to you because you’ve really done a lot for our vitharve and maybe what you’ve done is impossible but you’ve really made it possible and we hope you get true love and happiness because vividah dosent love you

    1. Hai anam dear. Congrats. Madhav is atharv’s son only. Someone changed the
      DNA reports . That is it. Finally vitharv got
      married then what to worry about.

      Good afternoon dear

    2. Sunanda12345

      Congrats u 2 anam

    3. Hi anam. Ya.vitharv got married. Congrats to u too.
      And what is the need of doubt?
      Madhav is the son of ATHARV SUJATHA.
      Someone changed their DNA sample. May be kks entry is on the way.
      So no more worries.pls dear don’t doubt on Madhav again.
      OK. Good afternoon.

    4. Thanks u lot for clearing my doubts and I hope vitharve can unite as soon as possible

  18. Hi VITHARVIANS, I know this is very late cmnt , bt congratulations to all .Our dream comes true. Let’s celebrate.

  19. Sumank

    Today I registered in tellyupdates.com. Dis is Suman

    1. Hi di?☺☺?☺

  20. gud evening Aaliya & xyz

    1. Hi Linah dear.
      good evening ?

  21. good evening to all members of vitharv family

    1. Gud evening akbar ☺☺

  22. as soon as you think everything is going to be normal in comes some kind of pu**y to mess every f**king thing up i am just fed up with this nonsense i am glad it is being pulled off air this month

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