Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Kailash not to beat Atharv. He says you wanted to marry this guy, let groom get ready, then marry his dead body. Goons beat Atharv more. Vividha cries and says no…. She says I will not marry Atharv, if he has to become my life at the price of his life, I will not marry him, please leave him. Kailash stops the goons. Sujata holds Atharv and cries. Kailash asks Vividha the price of her promise. She says I promise if you get me married to a jungle tree or a dog, I won’t say anything. He asks Vividha to come and smiles.

Vividha turns to leave. Atharv sees her leaving. Jaana na dil se door…………….plays………… Atharv forwards hand and she turns. She cries and runs to him. She holds him. He holds her face. She holds his hand and cries.

Kailash drags her away. His bead string breaks while she is taken away. Atharv puts his hand down and says I will come to you…. I will come back. Kailash leaves with Vividha. Sujata says Atharv and cries. She says I will go and get help.

Sujata goes to call help. A man gets a huge hammer and hits on Atharv’s head again. Sujata turns and gets shocked. Sujata sees Ankit…. Atharv’s head bleeds a lot. Sujata shouts no…… Ankit looks at Atharv. Atharv recalls Vividha….. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays……………. He thinks of talking to Sujata, that everything is set now, once Vviidha and I get married, then everything will get set, I won’t need to ask anything from life or Lord.

Uma, Guddi and Dadi try to seek help and ask is anyone there to get the door opened. They cry. The door opens. They get shocked seeing Vividha with blood on her face. Uma asks Vividha what happened to you, are you fine, where is Atharv, is he fine. Vividha is in shock. Kailash comes. They ask Vividha to say what happened, is Atharv fine, say something. Vividha goes. Sujata holds Atharv and takes him in her lap. She sits crying and shouts. Ankit is gone.

Vividha takes a water pot. Uma asks what is she doing. Dadi asks the same. Vividha pours the water on her head. Uma, Dadi and Guddi look on shocked. Vividha recalls Atharv and their moments, love and promises. She throws the pot.

Vividha tells Kailash that like Sati’s father disrespected Shiv ji, Sati has burnt herself, if Atharv does not survive, then it will be ruining similar way as Sati did.

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  1. Sunanda

    Wt an emotional episode. I really got tearful eyes when seeing the situation of atharv

    Guys I did not understand precap clearly.
    Can any one plss explain it

    • gopu

      mahadev first wife sati devi committed suicide as her father daksha prajapati insulted lord Shiva during yagna… vividha is saying the same

    • Aishoo

      She said sati’s dad disrespected shiv ji (sati’s love) so sati burnt herself if atharv died then history will again repeat ( in my words vividha said i will kill my self too) like sati burnt herself 😊 hope u understood now

  2. Smitha

    Exactly… I too didn’t understand precap..If Atharv didn’t survive …what she will ruin…What is left to ruin !!

  3. JNDSD ex fan(4 months diehard fan)

    Hats off to d director.Whoever has watched dis show esp last two episodes will not dare to love any guy.Why do u think n show that girls r so weak.Come pyaar karna koyi paap nahi hai that when lovers come to certain,if its teenage may be parents think its not love n its only an infactuation.But Vitharv r grownup n have right to love.Agar writter ko buddhi nahi hai tho Mamatha Yash Patnaik ko kya hua,U r also woman na,atleast u could have shown woman as strong na.Bye Vikram n Shivani never I think we can see ur romance n togetherness in d show.Vikram please marry Shivani in real life.Ur jodi is aweso.But I think this will also not happen as that guddi (nidhi shah choti si ladiki)is falling behind Vikram always on d sets.Anyhow, we can not do anything than just saying good bye to d serial.

  4. Aishoo

    What the hell 😠 father was not enough that son also came to beat him like dog😠😠😠 i m missing atharv’s dad if he was there they cant even touch him😭😭😭 ankit looser bastard 😠 vividha my poor soul y they always suffer like hell😩 plzz reunite them kailash will pay for his every sins😠

  5. NS4

    OMG… is this a episode or a crime story……… JNDSD was a great story for true love….wat is this cruel …crime activite shown in this episode….
    not even real criminal can direct such an episode…but JNDSD wirters and production team made this…………….so pity for a such criminal thoughts…..don’t spoil human mind..make us for good not idiotic thoughts

  6. Sneha

    I think atharv will turn mentally unstable..several times it was shown his head been hitten firstly by kailash,then goons and lastly by ankit with a hammer 🙁 🙁 Either vividha will get married to ravish or she might be taking care of mentally unstable atharv…its just what i think can be the future story…

    • NS4

      Yeah i too think same..Atharv will be shown mentally unstable and sujatha caring him..
      and in b/w they show love angle b/w Vividha-Ravish… and value of marriage slowly vividha faling love with her husband….and after when Atharv become normal..vividha avoids atharv…. and same sentimental tragdy in the show..same as FILMY STYLE

  7. Eva

    They had to think of something harsh to be able to separate them, otherwise both are strong and stubborn enough not to let anything make them apart, but after Vividha said she would do as that excuse for a man kailash says showing Atharv getting hit this way is wrong, sick and disturbing on so many levels. So , they got him beaten , they got their way , enough already

  8. Richa

    Shashank Vyas is a senior actor n a fame hero of Balika vadhu.So pro team will give that much of weight to him.He will be first n Vikram side hero hoga.How did he accept such a bakwaas show where pro house is not given preference to him.Never Vikshiv will meet again.If we want we just have to d previous episodes on hotstar.Never Vitharv again.With this I have to a point that never to watch serials n that too love story serials tho hargis nahi.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for ever.Lou Vitharv.Perfect match.

  9. devi

    omg!!!i cant believe dis idiot ankit how dare he hit atharv… i cried a lot seeing atharv…plz atharv dont die…wht a fab acting by atharv….luv u vitharv

  10. Deepaa Roy

    Its waste of time watching this messed up serial there is no point of watching this soap where vividha is without atharv goodbye….

  11. Sachin

    Last Notice Don’t say harsh word for the show you might be get ban
    I know we all are angry but JNDSD is about Vitharv Nd endgame is always Vitharv Till then enjoy the new phase of the story and as per ur request the producers and writter make Vitharv husband and wife by completing all vachans and mang ka sindor so give them their Space to bring new twist and turn


    )ths is a link frm fb)

  12. Happy fan :)

    This ankit…..i wana kill evry character in this serial…..writers its better to cange ur storyline or else this serial wont last for long….im crying seeing the love birds….

    Hiiee sunandha …….yeah im back aftr a long break…hope u all r fine……we had many frnds over here…..oshi didi …..arsh didi….can any one know abt them….any idea…

  13. Simzain

    I dnt think vivi will commit suicide…she ses ke she is finished frm her heart n is now as a widow frm her body so waise bhi she is lifeless n cmtng suicide wil nt effect kailash in ny way he wil b happy dat his respect is saved frm bng ruined(as vivi wil cry n mourn over athrvs death n ppl wil question kaikash bot it) so i think dat vivi wil nt leave atharvs murderers she wil either file a case agnst kailash as she is an eye witness to d crime n wil tke sujatas help fr dat or else she wil ruin him in his business as she knws ech n evry secrt of his business as for kailash his respect n his wrk means above all she wil ruin him n leave him to rags agn….
    Was v v v painfull to c atharv in such a condition no crime show has left me in so much of a trauma as diz last two epi’s did…why did ankit had to do dat at d last wen his father has let atharv go…why did ankt went ahnst his father…kailash has made him a criminal too he is a sick man who dnt luv ny1 b it his wife or children daughter or son doesnt matter fr him hate him to d core
    And fr all doz who r cmplng bot d twist in d serial den gone r d dayz wen serials used to shw d wedding of d main lead n den shw der household problms(saas bahu difrncs btwn hus n wife)its all been seen much in serials bfr(yrkkh exmple) n trust me dat wil begin to bore us aftr a few epi’s n here toh d saas is too sw8 to do all dat n wat wil kailash do aftr der mrg so wat was left to show jus der romance n lil bit of nok jhok den wat low trp’s n d serial wil end n we all wil mis dem…drr shld alwayz b sum intresting problms gng on so dat we cn b glued to watch dem…i also agree dat sum twists bring more interest n sum fail like dat in case of tere sheher me agtr d twist d serial lost all its charm n ended up loosing trps n ultimately had to go off air….so lets c wat diz twist has in store fr us i rly hope it has sum hold in it…

  14. Priyanka Arora

    I believe ravish will take atharva for treatment and sujata will try not to leave the city and live at some new place….
    Moreover when vividha has come up with such a bold and idolistic comparison of mahadev and sati then she shud not be married to ravish as sati was only owed by mahadev….

  15. TUFFY

    JNDSD:Vividha commit suicide loosing Atharva fails Kailash’s plan .

    Jaana Na Dil Se Door: Vividha (Shivani Surve) sacrifices Atharva’s (Vikram Singh Chauhan) love saving him from Kailash .

    The upcoming episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Door will show high voltage drama where Kailash crosses all limits to stop Vividha’s marriage.

    Vividha is hurt finding her father’s evil truth and rushes to Atharva, both supports each other and decides to marry.

    Kailash reaches there and beats Atharva brutally, Vividha is stunned seeing this and requests her father to stop this.

    Vividha agrees to sacrifice her love to save Atharva and agrees to marry anyone of his choice.

    Atharva-Vividha’s eternal love .

    Vividha reaches home in shattered state and decides to commit suicide if Atharva will loose his life.

    Let’s see is this the end of love relationship and lives of Atharva and Vividha.

    This was posted on telly news TRP page on Facebook.

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