Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vipul touching Vividha in a bad way. Atharv senses Vividha around. Vipul runs away when Vividha wakes up. Atharv says Vividha….. Vividha sees someone and runs outside. Jaana na dil se door…………plays……….. Vividha collides with Ravish and hugs him being scared. Vipul jumps from balcony and says program was going good, Bhabhi ji spoiled everything, better luck next time. Atharv did not collide with anyone and leaves from there. Ravish asks what happened. Vividha says there is someone in our room, when I was sleeping….. She gets away from Ravish. Atharv comes there. Ravish sees Atharv.

Ravish does not let Vividha turn and hugs her tight. Vividha says Ravish, what are you doing, leave me. Atharv passes by. Vividha gets away. Ravish sees Atharv gone

and leaves her. He says I m sorry, everything is fine, come with me.

He takes her to room. She says there was someone, I have seen. Ravish asks her to relax and sleep. He informs Situram to catch Atharv. She says sorry Ravish. He says its fine, its new place and adjusting will take time, rest now. She asks do you have work. He says soldier’s work never ends. She asks what does he do exactly. He says you know I m a soldier. She says yes, but you are not on border now, whats the urgent work now. He recalls his duty and how he interrogated a terrorist by catching him alive.

He says you know the terrorist activities going on. She says what. He says don’t worry. She says its not about me, many innocent lives die in such things. He says I will try my best to stop it. She says it means you are always ready to fight and protect the country, it would be tough. He says its not tough when work becomes motive of life. She says I think we civilians don’t fear and worry. He says no, every person has his own war of life, see yourself, you married and staying here with unknown people, maybe I would have not been able to do this. She says no, you all are so good, it got easy for me. He says you are becoming army man’s wife to talk about country and army life.

She says you have to leave early for jog. He says I have some work, you sleep, sorry I will switch off lights, She rests and thinks someone was there, it was some stranger, not Atharv, as I don’t get afraid of feeling Atharv. She sleeps. Ravish shuts the laptop and silently leaves.

Sujata tells Ravish that Atharv run whenever I fall asleep, we tried everything than just tying him up. Ravish sits near Atharv. He says I told you not to go out, I will take you out, why don’t you understand, its not safe for you to go out. Sujata asks Atharv what are you hiding. Ravish says I m your best friend, show me. Atharv shows the calendar. Sujata says you are stealing things now, this is not good. Atharv says its taken, its 16th October, happy birthday.

Sujata says give me that. Ravish asks whose birthday, tell me. Sujata says no one, he is saying to keep calendar. Ravish laughs. Atharv recalls Vividha. Ravish says let him keep calendar if he is happy. Atharv says happy birthday to you. Vividha gets ready in morning and recalls Atharv singing happy birthday song for her. FB shows them. She asks did you remember my birthday. He says did you let me forget it, you told about it many times. She asks for birthday gift. He says I don’t believe in gift, you can feed grass to cows. She calls him khadoos. FB ends.

She says how would that happen that he does not do anything for my birthday. FB shows Atharv decorating the stable and giving surprise to Vividha. She gets glad and hugs him. He gives her a rose. They smile. He takes her to the cake. They hug. He says you will live for yourself, not anyone, nothing can come between us, and now its be shameless infront of everyone. She calls him mad, and asks him to stop. She runs. He catches her and they fall in the grass. They have a talk. He says I will forget myself, but not 16th October. He kisses her and they smile. Saware…..plays…………. FB ends. Vividha cries. Ravish comes in the room. He gets ready. He asks whats the matter, you look lost. She says nothing, shall we go out today. He gets surprised and looks at her.

Ravish asks Atharv for whom is he making the gift. He asks Sujata about it. Suman asks who has sent the gifts. Vividha says Papa used to bring sweets for me on my birthday. Ravish thinks its Vividha’s birthday and Atharv was also talking about birthday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I was confirmed that Vivida won’t collide with Atharva.
    What is in precap,Ravish will definitely not find out reality.He will think its simply coincidence.

  2. Oh well, yesterday’s precap was a dream maybe. When are the writers going to show atharv and vividha seeing each other and not being a dream? When will suman realise that atharv and sujata are in her house?

  3. Sooo vivida does not collides 2 atharv.its seems 2 sooo sad.iam getting very very angry on that vipul who is that kaildi’s son?????
    Ravish start thiking of vivi nd atharv.mabe vivida saying about her realtion 2 atharv but before only i think ravish will ask about atharv From. Vivida.lets hope for the best…………………
    Vivida is asually lookes soooo cute today

  4. After a long time atharv nd vivida fb.that’s sooo romantic brd.??????

  5. Yaar when Atharv met Vividha… I am eagarly waiting for that time.. and how shameless Vividha calls Papa to kailash.. and how she taken Sweets those sent by Kailash.. and how she get ready for birthday with out Atharv.. Idioty and shameless girl

  6. now ravish will definately use his brain.

  7. Day by day.. I am verry dissappointed for Vividha.. She never try to Finds about Atharv.. How Vividha Change like that..???

    1. vividha not finding Atharv. its not vividha’s mistake..its a misled by her mom(Uma). she said Atharv was fine and started new life..and also said vividha has forget him and move on…that’s wat mater. I think u got ur answer. Right!!!!

  8. Oh god the writers are why not making vivida and atharv meet the writers are too much khadoos

    1. Vividha-Atharv won’t meet y Becoz vividha still not fell in love with Ravish. when vividha falls for ravish then they get atharv-vividha
      so till then [email protected]@@

  9. Vividha wants go out with Ravish becuase of she she want tells him about her love for Atharv..

  10. Why these Precaps always mislead us? It s terrible…. When will Vividha find out about Atharv….. Enough of dragging this drama. Atharv deserves to be successful in his life & he deserves Vividha’s love. Suman & Ravish had everything in life up to now. I mean they had respect, family, wealth, but Ramakanth’s love. On theother hand, Atharv & Sujatha had nothing except support from each other. They had suffered a lot in their lives, and Sujatha didn’t had even her husband with her, Atharv didn’t had his father. All he had s his mother & his love (Vividha). Now he has lost not only Vividha, but his mental health. This is not fair. So, Mr. Director/ writter please reunite Atharv & Vividha. Atharv deserves Vividha more than anyone…..

    1. I totally agree with u, wat u said was right.. always 2 people(Sujatha and Atharv) have to face all the problems..that’s a worst thing in show!!
      Don’t know still how many sorrows they have to [email protected]@
      Don’t bother abt Writers/Director.. they never do wat viewers wish.. just let them go mental like Atharv^^^^

  11. These precaps never gonna be true…its just to mislead us so that we definitely watch the nxt episode…but in today’s episode when atharav says “main khud ko bhool jaunga par tumhara b’day nhi bhoolne wala” that was so heart touching…he still remembers vividha’s b’day..and atharav actually looks so cute even in this mad character..

    1. Yeah,, That was really a heart touching Dialogues…Atharv even forgot his Mom sujatha..but not vividha’s memories..how sweet!!!!!!!! That’s true Love

  12. Vividha cant abuse his father in front to suman.Thats the point.Moreover may be her mother had sent gifts.

  13. Ha yaar…. how can Vividha act like this? I’m excited to see her behaviour. She should try to find out about Atharv.. Instead of that, ironically she gets fainted when Atharv is infront of her… This is ridiculous!!

  14. What I realized is that the precap combines multiple scenes so u expect one thing and reality is something else, also I hope that Ravish does not suspect Artharva is touching Vividha

  15. vividha is not wrong.Where will she find him in himachal.we know atharv is in this house dats y its easy to say.Only thing she has is her memories with atharv.Everytime she recalls him.

  16. She fainted because ravish was unable to recognise him.she thot her mind is playing games with her.

  17. Whatever it maybe I think it is time to Enter of new girl who will come between Vivi and Atharv

  18. They writers are stuck on Stupid….

  19. I don’t want Arthav and Vividha to reunite. If the writers want to compensate then they need to bring in a new person for Arthav.
    Vividha don’t deserve such a good, strong, caring man like Arthav. She’s a spineless, stupid excuse for a woman and is too easily manipulated.

    1. I agree.



  21. From nw this serial is wasteless serial such a stupid idiotic serial i have never ever seen in my life i usually hope day by day that vivi nd atharv will unite but nw no hope waste to watch serial with out atharv nthg this serial is…

  22. Atharv n vividha ka pyaar bus kuch mahino ka tha den how cum uski next bday bhi agayi aftr der romance started????n jub ravish ko pata hai ke vivi jaanti hai sujatha n atharv ko he cn easily say vivi bot dem or atleast say sujatha bot it…pata nhi kub ye raaz khulenge…i rly want vivi to c sujatha atleast

    1. i also noticed ths point! there relation was hardly 2 months…lol

    2. its looks not Atharv a MAD person..But it was writer/director. how come twice a b’day in a year that to just a month gap..this shows the gr8tness of JNDSD Production

  23. First he has to recover then only a girl can enter therr is much to unfold before that.

  24. I can’t imagine that Ravish never wonder why Atharv was beaten up so badly. I guess Sujata never told him, I see some logic lacking in this story. If Ravish had known, he probably would have put Kailash/Ankit behind bars, where they belong.

    1. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. it is too late …the misunderstanding has occurred. Ramakant’s last wish was to have Arthava and Vivdha marry…Kailash screwed that up…or maybe it was her destiny? Very sad…

  26. i think writers are putting mess nthing else and putting unnecessary mess…by adding the tracks of bhoomi’s husband,showing up vitharva fb tht too an impossible one as their love didnt even last fr 2 months and there showing previous b’day of viv…and mny more….

    according to me writers gonna fall viv on ravish and bring back atharva as normal as the same time…and thn viv will say to atharva tht she has gone forward in her life,and would suggest him too the same,bt atharva cnt tolerate tht and would become negative…casusing troubles in vivra’s life….and mny more nonsense thts the reason they are making ravish extremely positive….

    if ths is is the upcoming track,thn i would suggest cvs to stop writing ne more as they would be just dragging without ne connection….

    did nt expect ths atleast frm ths serial as the way it started…very sad to see these things!

    vivdha never though of atharva’s feelings hw would he fill without her,will he be able to live by knowing these,instead she wants to go with ravish out to enjoy….

    i was thinking sujata was wrong bt nw i said viv deserve such harsh comments and she really betrayed atharv’s love…

    i hate viv character nw,its really disgusting 🙁

  27. Soooooo wot I assumed wid happen, happened. Kalindi’s son is atrocious! Poor Atharv he remembers little bits but nothing quite fits yet, bless him! Ravish n Vividha get closer n u just want to scream at her n say go n find Atharv, u can bring him bk again!!!! How cute was that flashback wit Atharv n Vividha celebrating her bdy! N soooooo good to hear Atharv too ?… More Vividha n Atharv plsssssssss ?

  28. OMG…like seriously writers??? wht hppn to vividha tough character whn show started? All of sudden she forgotten her love for artharv??? It’s so stupid how Ravish is her husband and he’s playing good guy caring for artharv. I rather her being with artharv a poor milk man than live with a wealthy guy who I dnt love. No chemistry there and screw this mentality of brides always bowing down to in laws. U can show respect but they are not GOD. Bring back some excitement to us viewers or at least all of us here who want vividha and artharv to be together. The stupid part of the whole story is when Artharv dad told the new wife he found a girl for his son. It’s so dumb when he has two sons. Caused confusions. I just don’t get it. The writers are probably young idiots now getting into the industry. Read your viewers and get some insights on how to direct your show. Some of these people here have better writing skills.

  29. Liza chowdhury

    Ravish and vividhas chemistry are awesome

  30. What’s wrong with these serials??? Always making the good characters suffer a lot while the evil doers get away with their wrong doings!!! Also I think they are taking viewers for fools and showing stupid and unrealistic scripts without any logic! The precaps are cheating us over and over again… Showing one thing and in precaps and another in the episode itself!!! Surely these writers are taking us for unconditional idiots!

  31. Dis series is bcomin annoyin by d day lik a waste of tym. 4 those who want to c ravish & vividha 2geda dat means “love” is a lie. Think I Wil ve to stop watching til Mr director switches to somtin realistic

  32. i think vividha should forget atharv and move on becoz she already married ravish but if ravish accepts vividha and atharv’s love then its ok for ViTharv to reunite… if she leaves ravish for atharv then she is actually a shameless brat but if she moves on then that will be good for her and her family and ravish and his family right?

    i think the director will bring a lady doctor who will cure atharv then she will fall for him and ravish will fall for vividha but they will find out that vividha and athrv love each other then they will compromise and get ViTharv married…. few months later the lady doctor and ravish get married and then goodbye jana na dil se door!

    but if this is true then expect it to happen after a year or 2!:)

  33. Who z the lead character of this show? Ravish ya atharv??

  34. I feel cheated by the writers , and why are they thinking that is enough to throw us crumbs by doing nonsense and showing past moments with no logic and more so the drama is overwhelmed they show Atharv when he touched her hand before Ravish took him away not able even to move his hand properly to make us feel worse as we already feel bad for him and when they wont to cheat us in precap look at him ruining like for the Olympics …

  35. pls update todays epiode fast

  36. Ravish is so handsome and really a shining knight with an armour. If it was any other girl,she would have easily fallen in love……a thorough gentleman and a patriotic army person…….in a way better than Atharva and their chemistry is awesome………Had he been a crook and a sadist we would have felt sorry for Vividha…….now I feel Ravish deserves someone who loves him the most and gives her heart and soul to him…..he and hsi mother are awesome and too good.

  37. atlast 2dy vitharv moment is shown….wht a cute bday preparation by atharv….luv u vitharv

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