Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guddi saying they are sleeping in different rooms, Vividha’s life has problems and now my life too. She sees someone outside in the lawn and gets scared. Vividha comes there and sees Guddi. She says I got fresh towels for you, maybe you will need it, it gets cold in night, take blankets. She asks what are you seeing outside. Guddi says nothing, sit here. Vividha says thanks for coming here and hugs Guddi. She says I was in tension and could not call Maa and Dadi. Guddi says they are in pressure. Vividha asks whats the matter, tell me, why are you worried. Guddi says no way, why will I worry, I m just tired. Vividha asks her to sleep. Guddi asks did Ravish sleep. Vividha says yes, he slept. She goes.

Chintu is shown outside. Guddi goes in hall and sits reading

some magazine. Atharv comes to her. She gets scared. He asks why did you get scared. He says I m hungry. She says come, I will give you some food. He sits in kitchen. She makes him eat apple on his saying. She recalls Atharv’s words. She says you saved me and told me that the person I love, how he should be, now who will save me. He says I will save, I m much strong. Guddi says Vividha is lucky to get two loving men, you and Ravish. Vividha sees Atharv and smiles.

She asks Atharv did he get hungry again. She asks Guddi to go, she will drop Atharv to his room. Guddi goes. Vividha takes Atharv. Guddi stops and sees them. Atharv tells everyone’s rooms and shows to Vividha. Vividha looks at him and cries. Tu bin bitaye…..plays……. Guddi sees Vividha crying and gets tearful eyes. Atharv and Vividha hold hands. Vividha takes Atharv.

Guddi goes to room and says don’t know when anyone comes in my life, who reads my heart by my eyes, whose hand I hold and feel like life’s all wishes got fulfilled, with whom I feel to give my life. She rests to sleep. She sees someone and asks who is there. She looks out of window and turns. Chintu catches her mouth and takes her out. She gets shocked seeing him. He says even if you were in Paatal lok, I would have found you, I will not forgive you. He slaps Guddi hard on her face and shuts her mouth. He says you trapped me in love and broke my heart, then blamed me, i can forget love, but not insult, you have sent me to jail, see where I will send you. He gets a knife. She hits him and runs. He catches her again and takes her to the car.

Vividha thinks Guddi looked much worried today, its not good to leave her alone today. Guddi says let me go. Chintu says I have to complete a work which was not completed last time. Ravish comes and hits on the car window to break it. He catches Chintu and gets him out of the car. They both fight. Guddi looks on. Chintu’s knife falls. Ravish beats him. Chintu picks knife and goes to attack. Ravish fights well. Vividha looks for Guddi.

Ravish says this house is of soldier, soldier can protect country and knows to protect own house too. Chintu laughs and says I will complete my revenge. He eyes Guddi. Ravish beats him and asks him to shut eyes. He says don’t even think of Guddi, Guddi is not alone, I m with her, you can’t even touch her by your thinking, understood. Guddi smiles.

Ravish calls inspector. Vividha calls Guddi. Ravish removes his coat and covers up Guddi. Guddi smiles. Music plays……. She says Chintu is Papa’s friend’s house, I thought he loves me, but no, he tries to molest me, Atharv has beaten him a lot and saved my life, we had done police complaint and sent him to jail, so he came back and did this. He consoles her. She looks at Ravish.

Vividha asks how did Chintu come. Guddi says Chintu was trying to kidnap me, if Ravish did not save me, he would have killed me. She thanks Ravish and smiles seeing him. Vividha sees Ravish and Guddi looking at each other.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunanda

    I think the writers r getting 2 unite ravish guddi nd asusually atharv vivida.hope soooo.guddi is very caring 2 atharv😌😌😌

  2. Jolpori

    It appears to be vitharv will be united or vivida will feel for ravish.she will feel jealous to see guddi and ravish.it can be twist of cvs.later cvs will show that it is a plan of ravish and guddi.

  3. Vamshi

    atlast some positive signs for vividha n atharv fans….but I hope that it doesnt go in this way…i mean seeing guddi n ravish together does vividha start feeling insecure..??

  4. Suman

    I knew it I knew. D one who saves guddi is ravish. My guess is correct. Vitharv my babies 😘😘😘. D way vividha showing concern for atharv. Loved it. Now no doubt on vividhas love for atharv. After knowing her feelings now I got little confidence regarding vitharv union. Happy now . hope they soon shift to our tabela.

  5. Gowtham

    Pls stop dis molest drama. Dear writer ji plsstart new love story of guddi and ravish then audience will happy

  6. Ridhima

    What’s the problem with vividha … Is she love atharv or ravish …she is not letting anyone to be happy … Idiot hai … And I like ravish and guddi pair ,.. Because then only atharv will not be paired with guddi

  7. Kabita

    Awesome now will be more fun to watch … vividha feel jelouse and realized her feelings for ravish I m happy and excited ravish and guddi no way unmatch pair . ravidha will be sure United wait and watch

  8. Aash

    Vividha plz yar nv jealous feel avaku by seeing guddi and ravish , wait for my atharv plz yar . Vitharv is best , without you this serial is meaningless

  9. ammu

    Guddi n ravish love story starts….😀😀😀😆😁..am rly happy today..writers pls keep my happiness…unite them ..ONLY VITHARV ALWAYS…FOREVER…😘😘😘😍😍😍..still im watching this serial only bcz of VITHARV n my expectation about VITHARV that after many prblms n sufferings at last they should unite…i want only VITHARV Anyway…until fst episode..VITHARV made me to sit infront of tv at sharp 5.30 pm. Love u VITHARV..Love u always.. 👫💏❤💚💛💜💗💓💕💝💞💖👍👌😘😍

  10. Suman

    After watching vividhas feelings for atharv in her eyes, n how she remembered flash back, I don’t think vividha is feeling jealous. But writers can take any turn. Hope writers don’t create a situation where we again doubt on female leads character.hope CVS won’t bring awkward twist with jealous feeling

  11. Yogisha

    No please, Not Ravish and Guddi. I too ofcourse want Vividha and Atharva to re-unite, but somewhere I like Vividha and Ravish together too. #Confused!🙈 Yet if Vividha and Ravish can’t unite, then please don’t atleast show someone else in Ravish’s life.
    Hoping for best.

  12. sys

    After saw this episode aab atharv vividha ki ek hoone ki chance bar gaaye . Hope that ki guddi ravish ko itnaa zaada pyar kaare ki woh dekh ker vividha khudh ravish aur guddi ko mila de & khud pir se aathav ke pass laut jaaye . Cause vividha ko atharva se zada aur koyie pyar kar hi nehi saakta not even ravish . Hope that ki iss show happy ending hoo vividha with atharv & ravish with guddi .

  13. sudheer

    Gud mrng fnds. Nice epi. Vividha feels jealous on ravish-guddi closeness. So finally ravidha. I love u babies. Ravidha jdsd.

  14. Raimee

    Hi i’m new fnds!after watching last episode i can’t stop myself.maine kaha se para ye series inspired by hit film hum dil de chukke sanam.kahani ab tak thik tha,kyuki,salman and aja
    y ka roll awesome.i’m not vitharv or ravida fan.only like vikram and shashank.both hero r super.agar,vikram and shashank ye roll karega to galat kya hai?kyuki ye dono koi kam nehi hai! Shashank vyas balika badhu jaisa ds se aya,uske pas expectations hamari kafi bara hai.guddi jaisa unmatche pair,shashak u should think it.director ji app story think rakheye.as a audience i request…

    expectations hamari kafi bara hai,ye guddi jaisa pair uske sath!No…Director ji story thik rathea.

  15. Suman

    Plz CVS just clear dis confusion. Can’t see one person showing same feelings for two. It may be boy or girl. I can’t see vividha showing similar feelings for ravish n at d same time atharv showing same feelings for some other girl. Just bearing all dis torture for vitharv especially for our atharv sujatha. If vitharv is not pair at d end,i will quit dis show. Jndsd is vitharv, vitharv is Jndsd. Without dem dis show is meaning less, feeling less. Hope CVS understand dis,n clear confusion as soon as possible . n bring our atharv from dat state, shift story to our tabela. Miss gungun PayPal all

  16. Pinky

    Raimee u are right.Guddi or ravish r mismatche,Kya problem hai if ravidha will unite plz director ji don’t do this.Aisa hone se pyar aur sadhi Dono per varosa tut jaega.kal ki episode ne mujhe bhi rok nhi paya.well I m pinky hi frns if you don’t like ravidha then it’s OK but don’t comment on guddi or ravish it’s bakwas…

  17. Joe

    U r crct suman.. Vitharv is jndsd without them show is nothing.. Bt when our atharv sujatha is back yar..atharv normal condition me athatho mazaa ayega

  18. Pavani

    I think guddi will falls 4 ravish,but don’t do this yaar, if cv’s wants 2make guddi to b in love then u do anything 2make atharv and guddi. Plzzzzzz don’t separate ravidha

  19. jasmine dear

    plsss unite vividha atharva I am begging to the directors as in promos they were only shown not ravish so plsss and if guddi will fall in love with ravish then why to make vividha jealous know that ravish is her husband but it may be like that vividha is not jealous but thinking to unite ravish and guddi and its not rubbish

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