Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangana drinking water and crying. Judge gives the next date of hearing. Atharv and everyone look on. They all leave. Its night, Sujata gives prasad to everyone. Vividha says we felt bad when Kangana fainted, but she made us reach here, we don’t have sympathy for her. Atharv says it won’t be easy. Dadi says I did not like her, she used to see everyone as wild cat, if Lord blesses, Madhav will stay with us always. Madhav comes and says I m hungry. Atharv says we will have dinner, what will you have. Madhav says big cheese burger, where is Kangana aunty.

Vividha asks Madhav to help Atharv in making burger. Atharv gets burger for Madhav and Khushi. He asks for Khushi. Madhav says she is there. Atharv asks her to come. Vividha says today I will feed Madhav, I

could not focus on my Madhav since many days, now Madhav is just ours. Madhav says you do lots of drama, I don’t understand. They smile. Atharv says I m feeling bad for Kangana, as she is also a mum. He asks Khushi to come and have food.

He says this is called food. They all look on. Atharv asks Khushi to say. Khushi tries. They smile hearing her voice. Atharv says atleast it started somehow. She picks burger and eats.

Vividha asks for Ravish. Atharv says he went to setup new gym, he will come soon. Vividha says we will start Ravish and Guddi’s marriage arrangements, we will shop for her lahenga first. Guddi gets shy and goes to room.

She sees Ravish’s pic and says you made me wait a lot, always calm, not romantic, are all army men such rude, once we marry, I will tell you smile and laughing aloud too. Ravish comes and asks what else will you teach Guddi. He comes to her and holds her. She smiles and runs to window. She thinks of their moments. Kehte hai ye deewani…..plays……

Ravish holds her face. Her imagination ends. She looks around. Vividha sees Madhav and Khushi playing. Sujata goes to Vividha. She asks what happened. Vividha says I was thinking of Kangana, will she not come back, she did not come home, did she lose and went away. Atharv says I won’t say anything about her, maybe she feels she can’t win this case, so she went, I called her, her phone was switched off, I called generally, maybe she wants to be alone. Vividha says I want her shadow not to fall on our life.

Its morning, Vividha gets Madhav downstairs. Dadi jokes on Guddi, who is eager to become Ravish’s wife. Sujata says engagement happened, Guddi has right to ask. Vividha asks Guddi to drop Madhav till school bus, your marriage arrangements will begin in evening, Kangana did not come back, we have to meet lawyer. Madhav shouts see Ravish got married. They all get shocked seeing Ravish and Kangana married. Guddi gets shattered. Ravish tells Vividha that she has always trusted his decisions, why can’t she trust him today. Vividha scolds him and says you have ruined our lives. Ravish says whatever I did, I know you all are annoyed, you think I have cheated you all, I know you hate Kangana, I just want to tell you, just trust me like always, accept Kangana as this house’s bahu.

Ravish says I m missing my mum today, I think she would have accepted me and Kangana. Sujata cries and says I have promised you, you will never miss your mum. Vividha says we will welcome Kangana, but not by lighting diya. She blows off the diya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys don’t misunderstand Ravish. Hedidn’t marry her on his own.
    I read in a spoiler that Kangana said him to marry her. She said that Madhav will be around Atharv and Vividha if Ravish marry her. Listening to this Ravish gets shocked as he don’t want to create any problem to Atharv and Vividha.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Even i also thought it nazneen…

  2. Sandy17

    Many many happy returns of the day Linah ?
    God bless u dear and u will get a colourful year ahead?????????

    1. Thanks Sandy dear.

  3. Sunanda12345

    Gm my dear vitharv fans….have a nyc day..

    Iam gng 2 srisailam( devotional place )??

    1. Gm chechi have a great day????????

    2. Sandy17

      Gud mng di and happy journey ?

    3. Gud afternoon sunanda have a great day

  4. @linah many many happy returns of the day.

  5. I think kangana try to commit sucide. So to save kangana ravish marry her

  6. VizPinky

    Guys why did she get unconscious in previous episode.as per latest gossip is kang really pregnant ???…so only i think he married her but how is it possible…Full of confusion on kavish ki shadi.
    When I saw some comments on kavish mrg i have really got shocked I am not even able to understand what kind of ppl r they.they just what one beautiful girl for ravish.they will not care about her inner beauty.what is this not able to control my laughter.they r very happy with kavish mrg.they will come to know about it one day when kang kicks rav on his heart.feeling something fishy about her.should wait for some more days to reveal it.sry if anyone feel bad.
    Guys did u see vikram movie aparichithudu in that in the same way vikram in his abnormal condition will kill many ppl and and at he will get treatment for his mental condition same like kang but at last what will happen he acts as good person in front of family and will continue his old work of killing ppl from back side.I am feeling the same in the case of kangana…don’t know why???
    Yesterday I am laughing like anything when ath was getting feared of vivid when he is taking out kang name.vikkus expressions during that scenes were osm????.my mother is asking me why r u laughing pinky say me i will also laugh?????.

    143 were did u go dear.there r no comments of urs from sooo many days.missing ur comments like anything come back soon dear plsss…

  7. Hi xyz anam aliya nazneen suman karan Sachin Joe vimala Mia Eswari
    Sorry if I missed anyone
    Take care

    1. Hello Nidha. How are you dear?

    2. All the best dear for your exams. Do well.

  8. I’m very happy for KaVish marriage,but sad too ravish broken guddi promise☹☹…i hope cvs will not support love less marriage ravish life with guddi like Ravidha in future after purpose of getting madhav.love you Ravish ?

  9. Asana321

    Happy birthday to you linah di?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Hi Nidha dear. Very very happy to see u back after a long time. Really missed u so much. How are u ?
    Serikkum orupad nalay alle kandittu. Ithrym nal evide ayrnnu. Eppol jndsd kanarundo. Bcz annu nidha paranjirinnl lle show leave chymennu. Athkonda chodiche.
    Anyway good evening dear.

    1. Tv yil nnu starplus poyirunnu. .but eppo vannu now am watching but missed so much episodes. .and also missed u all. .22 nu I have exam so preparing for it ..
      Good evng xyz. .missed u so dear.
      Will comment regularly

  11. linah dearrrrr
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday to u linah
    happy birthday to u….

  12. @Veer, due to some urgent work, I could not reply yesterday… I hope u understand.
    In my point of view, idealism is all about perfection. Realistic person truth to the self,genuine, balancing both emotional and pragmatic/practical thinking. Not all practical decisions are perfect decisions(at times decision might be right or wrong)

    Normal individuals can never be idealistic person. Always individual decision is highly emotional or more of practical decision or balance of both emotional and pragmatic thinking.emotional person never thinks of reasoning while taking decisions. Practical person always thinks of repercussions,what they are going to achieve while making decisions.

    In my opinion, in every critical situation mostly Viv decisions are emotional decisions..so far situation/circumstances used to control Viv..but Viv could not take control of situation/circumstances. For every decision, outcome is obvious. You can control the outcome that u get in two ways. A)At the time taking decision. B)during the course of time[based on the situation we may change our decision]
    1. Viv does not know true colors of her father. Marrying Ravish first time – circumstances controlling Viv (his father deal – marry ravish and Atharv will be alive). Viv decision -emotinal decision. Agreed to her father deal. If she is realistic person, she will think Atharv life is in danger. At the same time..Viv will think can I trust this person?will he stay committed to this deal bcos so far he tortured his wife like anything.. he cheated his daughter..his ego is important to him than anything else..if I agree to his deal definitely will he let Atharv survive? Rather than if I control the situation..if Viv says the moment Atharv dies,I will also commit suicide…if anyone of you beat Atharv I will not come with you to bride’s house. She does not even displayed courage to put her own conditions to control kk? She always agrees to what ever demands kk said.
    First marriage course correction…in the initial days of marriage she just maintained status quo(she might be doubted ravish and his family). When she get to know Atharv mental condition,she clarified everything to ravish. Untill she returns back to Ajmer(after sindoor wiping episode), let me be honest..Viv never take any decision..always decision was of ravish,Viv felt that his decision is right. She just trusted ravish decision Everytime. Circumstances controlled her life …like staying in vashisht house. She only once said Atharv does not like to stay in vashisht house. Initially Sujata is angry on Viv,later during course of time again terms are good b/w Sujata and Viv. Viv never tried to take control of situation..if she said to Sujata,Atharv will be angry ..knowing he is in vashist house. Viv might have suggested to Sujata let us take monetary help from vashisht as this is Atharv property and let’s go back to ajmer ..once he is cured Atharv himself decide abt ramakanth will..if we go back to ajmer,ravish also accepts bitter truth of life…he will think abt another woman in his life.. realistic person thinks in this way… Realistic never thinks of just respecting ramakanth will and ravish wish..apart from this person thinks of repercussions and outcome as well.
    2. Once Viv returned to Ajmer…she was in confusion..could not take decision.she was too emotional. Again circumstances (her father) utilised this time to create rift in Vitharv relation. She knows someone tries to harm Atharv. But she could not stop them. She went to ravish award ceremony .there in Delhi after hearing Viv opinion abt ravish..suman’s greed openly expressed to everyone..definitely Suman’s greed is mainreason for Ravish problem. The seed of suman’s greed is bcos of Viv attitude. Suman cursing Atharv..Viv did not reponsed just Sujata responded. …history stands witness Viv is highly emotional and stausquo/indecisive at times… Definitely she can not be realistic person.
    3. Whatever be the situation Viv married to ravish 2nd time..it is definitely highly emotive and impulsive decision. Let me agree bcos of Atharv. But when she knew that she is mother of Atharv’s baby..my question is how can she continue ravish as her husband? Wearing and mangalsutra does not say it as marriage fine…then for what sake are they?that is not jewellery..is n’t it?though she still Loving Atharv..but for society ravish is her husband. Here she is not truth to herself..though she did not accept ravish as husband(from heart).. I could not justify her even for namesake why Ravish should be her husband? Here she is opportunistic..if Atharv comes ok..otherwise let’s continue with Ravish bcos ravish is ok to continue friendship marriage..this is point where JNDSD CVs spoiled Vitharv beyond repair. .. if she discontinued marriage with ravish I would say she is realistic person..truth and genuine to her soul relationship.and she is strong enough to present her true self to society…this is the real empowerment..Sujata able to stand but Viv could not…Sujata realistic person and Viv opportunistic…Sujata became defacto female lead of JNDSD..
    4. Kang 2nd time entry into vashisht house.. first time on sympathy(emotional) grounds they accepted her in their home. After seeing what are all she did…2nd time Sujata and family,Atharv,ravish etc..not agreed…here whole family give priority to their safety and also problems she is going to create in the family rather than compassionate ,motherhood(emotional) grounds. All family members are realistic and to some extent more of pramatic..where as Viv is more of emotional(desperate to get her child). Finally repercussions ultimatum to Viv ant Madhav custody,ravish wife in vashisht house….again circumstances controlling Viv..Viv could not take control of situation..she is most of the time emotional never thinks of repercussions and outcomes..hence I could not justify her as realistic individual.

    Sujata , Atharv and ravish are realistic individuals. For ex ravish at times he stand as husband to Viv… Based on circumstances if required,he himself disowns husband role.

    No one is ideal in JNDSD. Atharv… most Realistic person..he made wrong decision..he accepts his mistakes…he does course correction..that is why he is unique…he always controls situation when he is in senses.. ATHARV SUJATA is unique always…

  13. Happy birthday linah God bless u dear
    Sunanda 143 143k how are u

  14. Earlier we used to get written episodes within 1hour of serial cast.. But we are not getting now.. We need to wait for next day for written episodes.
    Writer can note this..

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