Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash thinking what did they know that they are hiding from Vividha. Atharv look for the camera in Kailash’s room. Kailash slides a sheet inside the room and hears the women saying he is fooling them. They laugh. He says they want to fool me. Atharv gets the camera strap. Its shown how Kailash has taken the camera and left the belt. Atharv starts leaving. Kailash comes there and sees the room. Atharv hides. Kailash says everything looks fine here, why were the women troubling me. Atharv leaves from the room. Kailash says they are diverting me, something is happening.

Atharv tells everyone that camera is in the house. Guddi asks how can you be sure. Atharv says if this strap is here, camera will be around, Kailash did not go out of house. They all discuss.

Kailash sees them and says they are together. He goes to hear them. Atharv says we have to get the camera. Sujata says I know you are sure Kailash is the culprit, if we are wrong then, he did not take any wrong step, we have seen him acting mad. They all think where to find the camera. Kailash says what are they talking.

Vividha says camera is in front of us, we are not able to see. She recalls childhood moment. FB shows Vividha saying my mobile is lost. Kailash says I have hidden it, here it is, it was in front of your eyes, its tough to find the thing kept by me, its always in front of you, you have to see well. FB ends. Vividha says its his thinking, camera is close to us, we have to look well. They see Kailash acting mad. Kailash goes.

Guddi says if its in front of us, why can’t we see the camera. They hear Khushi. Vividha goes to see. Atharv says Vividha’s court hearing is in two days, we have to save Kangana, we all have to find that camera. Kangana hears the footsteps. She sees Atharv and asks him to take her out of here. Vividha comes. Atharv says lights were on here, so I thought to come.

Kangana tries to open the ropes. She bites her saree cloth and throws out of the cupboard. Vividha and Atharv see it. Vividha says its Kangana’s saree cloth. He asks are you sure. She says yes, I asked Sujata to give this saree to Kangana, I worry for her a lot. He says how did this come here, don’t worry, we will find her. He switches off the fan. Atharv and Vividha leave. Kangana gets upset.

Khushi shows something in the temple. Atharv checks and gets the camera.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nowadays there are no vividha atharva scenes hope they will be seen soon only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. @pinky i registered in tu. How to contact u and remaining all.

  3. Sreelekshmi

    Hi frnds I am back today’s episode is ok But nowadays no romantic scenes of vitharv so sad ???????

  4. Pnap

    waiting for tmrw’s ep

  5. Seriously, all the clues by the cupboard and yet none of them would open the door to find Kangana. Jeez no wonder this show is going off the air.

    1. Ikr ???

  6. Tdys episde ws nice

  7. Bt am vry sad … Sirf kuch hee din baaki hai jndsd katham hone main????

  8. Aleya.marzan

    i’m tired with this drama

    1. This is total garbage. Ppl watching this is moron loser

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