Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv asking is there anyone else remaining. Vividha comes there. Kailash says yes, the loyal dog, he felt so bad and could not sleep, you should lie down and apologize to him. Vividha gets shocked seeing all this. Atharv sees her. He says I would have done anything else too, as I can’t see loved ones’ heart getting hurt. Kailash sees Vividha and gets shocked. He asks Atharv to go now.

Atharv says no, I have apologized to everyone, dogs are more loyal, I will apologize, I don’t want anyone to have tear in eyes and pain in heart. Kailash asks him to go and forgives him. Atharv apologizes to Vividha. He says this was a big thing for Vividha, I have hurt her a lot, which I never wished to do, her forgiveness is imp than everyone’s. He tells Vividha that

her pain is his punishment, please forgive me. He says I m sorry. She cries. Kailash says I said I have forgiven you, whats the difference in my forgiving and Vividha’s, leave from here. Atharv folds hands and moves back.

Kailash asks everyone to get back to work. Sijata smiles seeing Atharv. Sujata asks Atharv to come and take Prasad from temple. Kailash gargles and spits infront of Sujata. He says this is my house. She says I was going to temple. He says that falls in my area, don’t dare to go there. She says temple is of everyone. He says this area is mine and spits water to make a line infront of her. Dadi, Uma and everyone come out and see Kailash. Atharv comes and asks whats this misbehavior, what do you want to do.

Kailash says I m showing your place. Atharv gets angry and Sujata stops him. Kailash says I m showing the line which makes your stable separated from this house. Sujata says but this temple. He says I also belief in Lord Krishna, that’s why I did arrangements to get this temple relocated in your area. He asks the men to do the necessary work as per Shastra. He asks them to reinstall the Lord idol. Sujata says you are doing a sin to move the idol from the place. Kailash says I told you I have devotion too, we pray to Mata Rani and Shiv ji, we won’t like if Krishna ji is not served well, I won’t be part of this sin, so I m giving the Krishna idol to you, you take care of it. The cow gets restless. Sujata asks Kailash not to move the idol.

Kailash says I m not breaking any idol, I m giving Lord Krishna to you with total devotion, you can keep the idol in your area, you should be happy. Guddi asks Dadi to stop Kailash. Dadi says Kailash is wrong. She asks Kailash not to do work. Kailash says I know right and wrong, don’t create hurdle in whatever I m doing. He asks the men to not damage the idol, it belongs to Sujata. Sujata tells Atharv to do something, your Nani founded this idol here and prayed all her life. Kailash scolds Atharv and tells his status. He says if you cross this line, you will be arrested for getting inside a private property, this time I won’t let you get bail, I m returning the Lord, else your mum has sold this idol too with the land, if you cross this line, I will make such a huge wall that you can’t see your Lord and this haveli, think well.

Atharv consoles Sujata. Sujata says your Nani did not give me birth, but gave me much love, it was her last wish to light diya in this temple every day, I can’t fulfill her last wish, do something and stop them. She cries and hugs him. Dadi says just Vividha can explain Kailash, where is she. Guddi says I did not see her since morning. Uma says I will try to explain him. They see Vividha coming there holding a Mata Rani idol. Dadi smiles and asks her to see Kailash. Vividha places the idol and sits praying. She also does puja of Shiv ji there. Kailash comes and calls out Vividha.

He asks what did you do, you placed Mata Rani and Shiv ji idol here. She says I was doing this for your puja. He says we have to place this Krishna ji idol somewhere else, it will get inauspicious to place Krishna ji idol away now. Sujata says this temple is yours, but don’t move Krishna ji idol, you will get good deeds. Vividha says yes, you told me Janmashtami story of Krishna’s birth and Shiv ji coming to see him, why can’t three Lords stay together, they have love in between.

Kailash says Krishna ji’s rituals are different, if we do mistake, it will be bad. Vividha takes responsibility of doing the puja. Sujata tells Atharv that she has taken all rituals responsibility before becoming my bahu. He says I did not had doubt on her smartness, what to do of her father. Sujata tells Kailash that maybe Lord has this wish to keep both families’ Lords together, so that both families can stay happy. He asks her not to step on his land, just my family will do prayers here.

Sujata prays and keeps flowers plate there. Vividha slips and the flowers fall over Sujata and Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode vitharv scene was just heart touching
    Precap is also good
    now I think vividha had no problem with atharv but she don’t want to talk to him

  2. Oh comeon..dumb selfish Vividha..can’t see someone insulting her father and shre can raise her hand against them

    But senseless lady cannot utter a single word also when her father insults anyone.

    Poor Atharv and sujatha..just fir that brainless Vividha who can see nothing aprt from het father..for such girl they are enduring pain.

    And I guess ppl in Kaualshs family are alsp the same. When Vividha drs something wrong entire family speaks about it to Vividha.

    But When Kailash dors something wrong..nobody even attempts to tell the same to Vividha.

    I seriously feel like these days this serial is becoming lime other daily soaps where the good onrs endure the bad ones torture silently.

  3. Arshdeep

    Good episode.
    Thank god vividha came both the time..!! 🙂
    And atharv’s dialogue was awesome “beti ki akal par to shak tha hi nhi..par baap ka kya kare” 😀 😀
    Thank you for the update

  4. Anyone plz tell me will vivitha marry atharv or not .?

    1. It’s a love story of vividha and atharv so at the end they will unite but in between there can be some twist bt in one interview sujata( Shilpa Tulaskar) said that its a beautiful love story of Atharv and vividha..how they overcome all the obstacles from the society and unite at the end …as said by Shilpa ma’am

  5. beautiful epi…. thanku Amena di for updates..
    Vividha wat a timing…. And Atharv u r just superb.
    U r always killing me with ur eyes. The way u looked Vividha was awesome…. interesting precap.waiting for tomorrow’s epi…

    Sorry Arshdeep and Meghana I couldn’t reply to u due to some Internet prblm..
    I was just supporting u both for writing ff as Meghana have told she have an idea of writing one… nd Arshdeep I think u also told….
    And many r waiting for some ffs of Vitharv including me…. so due to some excitement I said lyk that…….. I’m so sorry if I hurt u…. plzz forgive me

    Meghana I think u asked abt ‘asap’ know
    it is short of as soon as possible

    1. Meghana

      Not at all ardra di u did nt hurt us at all and i vl try my best to write ff di….can u pls answer me to below request as my school works frm 8:30 am to 6:30 pm frm tmrw n i ll miss all the epis so plz help me

    2. Arshdeep

      You dont need to feel sorry dear. You did not say anything that will hurt me..

      Maybe i have said one day that someone wanted to write.. But i seriously dont have brains to write a beautiful story..sorry 😛 .. But if anyone writes i will read it for sure

  6. dont let vividha 2 marry another guy pls

  7. Meghana

    Guyz pls anyone tell me vl jndsd come morning bfore 8:00am or night after 10:00pm plz guys help me frm tmrw my school works till 6:30 so i ll miss the episs so plz help me

    1. Hi Meghana, jndsd re-telecast will be at night 11.30pm and nxt day 11.00 am,,noon 3.00 pm

  8. I found today’s episode very funny…the part when vividha came on ryt time and kailash was saying to Atharv you can go now and atharv was like “nahi nahi sir aise kaise itne insaano se maafi maang li ab kutto se maafi maangne mei kaisi sharam” ??…at that moment guddi’s expression was worth watching and then sujata was like “yeh nahi sudhrega “???
    And one more part Atharv saying to sujata “Beti ki samajdari par toh koi shak nahi lekin baap ka kya karein “??
    O God it was damn funny episode… looking forward to such type of dialogues again from Atharv

  9. Hi… sreelakshmi so we are same to same
    kerala …. +1……. science. wwoooww
    May I know ur correct place in Kerala i mean district. I’m from palakkad and thanku sachin for giving information abt asap to Meghana

  10. sorry Meghana I don’t know
    l only know the timings are 5.30pm….. ni8 11.30 …..morning 11.00 …….. then 3pm

    guys any1 knows plz share it

  11. Kill this kailash pls(writers).If u can’t call me i will be vry happy to kill this monster.

    1. arpita vishkanya main sb ko mar dia hai jo yahan b killing start kr di

  12. Meghana u can c the show at ni8 11.30 know

    1. Meghana

      No yamini di and ardra di i cant b wake up till 12 my mom will kill me so i hv only one way dat too watching in hotstar

  13. Nice episode waiting for todays episode 🙂

  14. yeah Meghu (Meghana hope no prblm in calling u like that). you can watch any time in hotstar.
    And there was a news that jndsd timing will be changed from July onwards… I think it will be retelecasting at 10.30pm also……

  15. heard that shashank vyas is entering soon. Anybody knows?

  16. How atharv apologises vivida that’s so romantic.

  17. Arshdeep

    One more difference seen between atharv and kailash yesterday..
    Atharv repects his mother to a great extent..and agree to whatever she says
    And the way kailash spoke to his mother showed how much he respects her 🙁 and how much he obey her

  18. Arshdeep

    Meghana we have heard that as soon as dehleez ends jndsd will be repeated at 10.30. So maybe you can watch it at that time.

    And dear you have a veryy looong timings of school

  19. Guys as shilpa mam said they will unite at the end…dose track is like shil sila pyaar ka?as in tht also kajol and raunak got reunited even after kajol’s marriage…and the track became worse do i don’t want same with jndsd…plz writers check the fans views be4 showing ne the like tht?????

  20. Mohd. Asif Khan

    What I m hearing guys
    that vividha will marry atharva step brother ravish(shashank vyas) who is entering soon in the serial

  21. Sry its not ‘do’ its ‘so’

  22. Kumari Ranasinghe

    Fabulous one

  23. it was a nice scene when vividha came out and was abled to understand some of her father’s attitude. Atharv’s performance was nice during vividha’s arrival.Why this kailash can’t understand atharv from his loyal attitude?

  24. today’s atharv words r heart touching…vividha plz realises atharv’s love n fall for him….waiting anxiously for this moment…luv u vitharv

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