Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha scolding Atharv and reminding his own words. She says Kailash took my life’s decisions, you taught me to think and take my decisions, then you took my life’s big decision yourself, you did not even ask me what I want. She says when you got your brother, you forgot love and everything, you say you understand me well, and can read me like a book, no you are wrong, you could not understand me, I promised you I can’t love anyone else. He says but I can see your love in your eyes. She says you are blind, the eyes which do not see difference between love and respect are useless, I respect Ravish as he did a lot for me, you, Sujata and Suman, I just have regret that I could not give anything to Ravish knowing he loves me, I have thankfulness for him, today

you are pushing me towards Ravish as a compensation.

Ravish says you are thinking wrong. She asks Ravish not to say anything, if you have so much pain, why do you act to become great, what’s the need to do all this, did Atharv and I tell you to do this, or did your Papa write in will that marriage should happen here, what do you think, your sorrow, can no one understand it, you are a soldier, so will you always be ready to sacrifice, Atharv marries me or not, why are you after our marriage, you take your decision, Atharv will take his decision, none asked what do I want, you both did not ask me, you both think I m football to kick towards one another, I also have feelings, I also feel bad and sorrowful. I have right to take my decision, whom I want to marry, whom I don’t want to marry, its my decision, I will take the decision now in front of everyone.

She says I don’t want to have any relations with either of you, I don’t want to stay with anyone. She breaks the ghatbandhan and goes. She cries in her room. Atharv removes the garlands and goes. Sujata goes after him. Sujata asks what was all this, what do you want. He says I don’t want to talk. She scolds him. She says you are ruining three lives. She says you have hated your father as he left me, what are you doing now, truth won’t change if you stare at me, you are doing same thing which Ramakant did with me. He says I m not torturing Vividha, she loves Ravish, I don’t want her to realize this after marrying me.

She asks why do you say this, why would she stand against Kailash, why would she get ready to marry a mad guy, can’t you see this, truth is Vividha loves you a lot, and you love Vividha. He says I don’t love her now. She gets shocked and asks what do you mean. He says I don’t love her and don’t want to marry her. She asks did you get mad. He says yes, I changed, I loved her before, I don’t love her now, marrying Vividha is injustice with two lives. She asks since when this relation became burden on you, why do you want Vividha to hate you, tell me. He says I want her to hate me, she can’t love a dying person. Sujata gets shocked.

He says I m going to die. She asks what nonsense. He says I got to know some days back. He cries. FB shows Atharv meeting a doctor. He says everything went normal after Ravish came back. I had severe headache, doctor showed me xray and said a nail was left in my head, which did septic in my head, I don’t have much time, maybe some months are left. FB ends. Sujata cries and asks why did doctor not tell me. Atharv says I asked him not to tell this to anyone.

She says so you did all this. He hugs her and they cry. She asks why did you not think about me. He says I m doing this for Vividha, I love her a lot, but my life is slipping off my hands, how shall I hold Vividha’s hand, I know Vividha just loves me and wants to marry me, but what will happen, will she stay all life like a widow, so I was much worried, Lord showed me way, I know Vividha does not love Ravish, she just likes him, but she can love him, she did not like me at first and then she liked me and fell in love, Ravish loves Vividha a lot, I have seen in his eyes, he will keep Vividha happy, I m doing this for Vividha, so I m pushing her towards Ravish. She asks is this necessary. He says my life is around you and Vividha. He hugs her and they cry.

Atharv goes to Vividha and sees her crying. She asks him to leave. He says I want to explain that Ravish… She says I don’t want to talk. He says you have to listen and understand. She says I will not do anything against my wish, leave from here. Jaana na dil se door……plays……….. He asks why are you not understanding, maybe you can’t see, but I can see clearly, you love Ravish, you are lying to me and Ravish, I can see respect for Ravish, and that respect is love. He stops himself from holding her and says maybe you are not seeing it as you are confused in our relation, I saw love in your eyes when you had no hope of it, today I see same love for Ravish. She looks at him.

Ravish asks Atharv are you helping me doing this, no, you are finding a place in my heart to give me new wounds, you will not marry, but send problems to my home. Atharv says if you have so much pain, why are you getting us married and becoming Lord. Ravish slaps Atharv. Vividha slaps Ravish and asks how dare you touch/slap my Atharv in front of me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. now it has become a routine soap like other serials …a leap will be taken where . atharv will be shown living far away from evry1 (‘making world believe that he doesn’t love viv/dead) and viv with ravish but with out any relatn …. ufff ….??

  2. How dare this vividha to slap our captain……….???????????????????????????
    I want ravidha

  3. Bakwas twist!! How can Atharva die?? What is JNDSD without him. They can’t bring a TWIN of Atharva Sujata if they kill him, after the leap

    I want to see how the story progresses from here. If they kill him they’ll have to also kill Vividha’s character. Maybe the leap will show their reincarnation anda fresh story all over again.

    What a mess these CVS team is…..the only other option left is to make the whole xray of the nail be a fake…..but then how will they justify Atharva’s headaches ??

    Whr is kk?? Maybe entry as reincarnated Vividha’s father will be the new kk.

    Let’s wait and watch what new kitchidi they r cooking???

    1. Basically after everything Sujata will end up with nothing and no one if Arthav dies.

      Meanwhile Suman who still has her 2 children is still upset with her life……..continually nags and complain while her face is stretched as long as an Airport runway!

    2. @Naveen so funny ( Airport runway)

  4. Hi guys gm,
    After the today episode I felt like why the jndsd people want atharv to suffer alot he always suffer alot
    First KK hit atharv
    Second ankit hit him till he became mad
    Third ravish slapped him alot without any reason or being in misunderstanding
    Fourth terrorist attacks for which he still suffering.
    Fifth dadaji want to kill him
    Sixth again KK hit him
    Seventh now the life is playing game with him
    What the hell why he always suffer. I cried alot today while seeing the episode apart from that in one dialogue I smiled that was “mai janta Hu ravish vividha se pyaar karta lekin mujhe se kam karta lekin karta hai”.
    Cvs kya aap aisa nhi kar sakte ki vividha ko kahi se pata chal jaye ki atharv aisa kyu kar raha hai and uske pyaar se voh usko theek kar de plz I don’t want to see him die pizzazz.
    (hi da xyz happy see u back aaliya evide. Missed to both)

    1. Hai vitharv fan sukam anno.

      Good afternoon dear

    2. Hi vitharv fan.nice to see u.I m here and aailya also.
      Malayali annalle. Sukamalle. ?

  5. @ xyz
    Hi friend the nail is in atharv’s head is not due to manali it’s due to terrorists attack ( jeenat time).
    @ suman JI
    Don’t blame vashist for atharv’s head injury blame only VIVDHA bcoz she believed that terrorist jeent & hide her identity from RAVISH….. Every time RAVISH & his family are not wrong…for atharv’s painful condition but both times only VIVDHA is responsible for atharv’s head injury either KK attacks or jeenat attack……

    1. Agreee.. But she din do tht willingly , she fell into tht zeenat’s trap tht’s why it happened..

    2. Ya Ragini. I understood. The nail is due to terrorist attack at vashisht house. Actually now I forgot that incident. But now I remember. Sorry for misunderstanding.ok.

  6. ths is one of those top emotional episode of jndsd!

    atharva love is selfless bt wts the mistake of viv???she has every right to know abt ths!

    due to all these viv will go angry and leave the family fr 4yrs! thn the re unition of atharva will come again!

    guys no need of worrying atharva is nt dying its just a track to make understand that atharva never disrespected his love b/w his & viv…thr was a serious reason behind and that is ths dying drama! any way just have some C-sense jndsd taking leap fr 4 yrs and according to atharva he has few months that means he will be cured in ths period!

    now i think jndsd will end up with3-4 months with the marriage of vitharv…be4 the end ,thr marriage is nt coming up…m sure…

    just hope they make thr marriage and move on the story with some othr tracks based of married guys fight fr thr sustainance!

    any way how are u all my jndsd frnds….m commenting after so long…gud morning to all

    actually frm 2moro we have our pre-board and frm 15th mar FINALs…so busy in studies ….

    1. Good afternoon sachin

      Study well dear . Best wishes for your exams . We will miss you.

  7. Dimpurose11234

    Hii guys, gud mrng to every one. Nice to see u back. xyz.

    1. Good afternoon dear dimpurose

    2. Thanks dimpurose. Ya now I m back.how r u ?
      Gud eveng dear.

  8. Hi [email protected],suman,joe,xyz,Aailya,Diya,sunandaDimpurose1234,Neeth,Neemu,karan,Anam,nidha and everyone…
    very good morning.
    Have Great day..

    @Nikh….what is dis yarrrrrr. how can u leave..no..no i won’t permit u.come back for vitharvains.

    1. Good afternoon 143

    2. Hii 143 how r u

    3. Hi 143 gud eveng.

  9. now finally twist in tail here……
    It’s fake report from atharv’s doctor….kailash kashyap faked atharv’s reports actually I think he has done this to separate vitharv………wt do u say guys…….my expectation wi be true?

  10. kuchh nahi hua ha atharva ko.yeh sab dada ji ki conspiracy hai.q k wo jaanta hai ki atharva vividha ki life destroy nahi hone dega aur khud ravish-vividha ki saadi karayega.mujhe aisa hi lagta hai…

  11. I just have feeling CVs aim from beginning was to kill Arthav, that’s why they portrayed Ravish as such a mahan. They practically forced him down our throats but most of us had upset stomach and vomitted it back up.

    We were already in love with Arthav and his refreshing character.
    I’m sorry but when Ravish became a doormat for Vividha’s sake that was the pits for him.

    I think CVs original plan backfired big time so now they’re coming with this Arthav death track which is an insult to everyone who watched this show from beginning; Waiting for Kailash to get his due punishment!
    Waiting for Arthav factory and his success!
    Waiting for Arthav and Vividha wedding!
    Even Gungun and Payal have been waiting!

    Goodness I hope we don’t end up like Miss Haversham in Great Expectations!

  12. RAOne

    I request @Mrinal Jha @ Mamta Yash Patnaik please don’t write such episode in which Shivani is in trouble please don’t make her cry. It seems wonderful when she smile.
    So please note my point don,t make her cry okk. SHIVANI keep going you are super fanstastic carry on your could work. PLEASE DON”T HATE HER, IT IS A REQUEST FROM ATHARAV FANS think how will VIkram urf Atharv fell when write such harsh words.


  13. Didn’t expect such a twist.. atharv gonna die again ? why atharv, pls do tell this to vivi ? vitharv love is such a pure ❤
    Of course vivi also nailed in these episode?

    1. ? too many errors

    2. V vant arthar to marry vivi after d leap

  14. @shrishti and @sujji

    hope any one of both of ur’s POV is right!

  15. I couldnot comment these days due to my grandfather’s death. Because of that I was very upset and sad .Sorry for not replying your comment vitharvians and jndsd fans.
    Especially very sorry to my dear xyz chechi, Nikh,143,Nazneen,Eswari,Anam,Neemu,
    Vitharv fan etc. Sorry if I have left anybody’s name.

    Coming to the yesterdays episode it was very emotional. I assume that the news about atharv’s illness is fake. I also think that Dadaji will be the culprit behind this.
    If it is not true nothing will happen to my atharv. Vividha’s love will save him at any cost. He will definitely come back for vividha.

    How can you slap your elder brother Ravish ? If it is drama also how can you do that. Many were bashing vividha for slapping ravish and they couldn’t see the wrong done by him. Vividha has the right to slap ravish being a bhabhi. And who in the world will keep quiet if your lover is humiliated by someone.
    It was vividha who went to help ravish when he was captured by the terrorists.
    She didn’t even ask help from atharv also.
    Atharv himself came there. By going there she faced death many times and still she move forward. She could have gone with atharv without caring ravish. But she didn’t do that. So please praise vividha’s bravery also than blaming her unnecessarily.

    Love you VITHARV ??

    1. Sorry moved forward

    2. RAOne

      My condolence to you. try to recover from this pain because your grand father can’t sse you carrying sad. I know the pain because My grand died before some months before my birth.
      Enjoy JNDSD. ALL THE BEST.

      1. Thank you Raone for consoling me.

    3. Aailya. I m really very sorry dear.njan arinjillarnu aailya de muthashante karym. Njn ipozha kande. Enthu paranja samadanippikkendathu ennenkku arylla.Enthayalum marathe thadukkan arkkm akillallo. Athu God therumankunnthalle.Ippo njn ente muthashantem muthashiyem orthu pokunnu. Avar 2 m valare nalkku munpe enne vittu poyatha. So enkku manasilkm aailya de Dukham. Sorry njn vicharichu aailya jndsd yodulla desym krnm ayrkkm cmmnt cheyathirunnenna. Sorry dear.really sorry.
      Muthashante chadangukal okke kazhinjo?.
      OK dear .Gud eveng.

      1. Sorry maranathe thadukkan.not marathe.

      2. It is ok chechi no problem for that.
        Chadangukal march 1 annu chechi.
        Pinne chechik sugam alle. Hanshika puthiya another janthu . Anju inte follower ayirikum. Jokers.

        Good evening chechi

      3. Aailya. Enkku atharv nte krym ozhichal pblm onnum illa.but atharv nte krym orkkumbl sangdam akunnu. Enthu vidiya a pavathinu. Eni a hanshika paranje pole vividha desythl ravishne kettan therumankumo entho.
        Oh noooooo. Angine sambavikathe erikkatte.pinne aailya kkm thonnuno hanshika ,anjuvinte mattoru avatharam anennu. Enkm thonnunu.but ini story kanumbol aryam sathyam. OK dear.Take care. By

  16. Good aftrnoon guys…..

  17. Hai guys…..Leap shooting is started I think….Athrv in coat look,may be he bcom a business man…See the Instagram pic of Vikram….
    As Harshita said,a new girl will be entering the show

  18. Yes dears this was the thing I didn’t want to say about atharv’s illness. At last vividha will agree to marry ravish out of anger but atharv goes from there and marriage will not happen

    Rest of the story is 100% true

    1. Oo.. Sorry Hanshika,I mention ur name as harshitha

    2. Oo sorry Hansika,I mentioned Ur name as harshitha,,?
      U said sujatha get paralysed…..Isit true?

  19. Hi friends………

  20. RAOne

    I would like draw your attention here.
    hello frnd I am Raone would like to tell i’m writing a fan fiction JNDSD
    SIRF TUM HI HO. It is post leave story which think you gona like that.
    here by i request to read my fanction of the story some them who already part of the series
    you soon see Episode 2 by today I expect so frnd I request just try once. suggest me ways I can improve my story and encourage by our comments.


  21. Only ND vithrv

  22. I hate vivdha….overactinggggg…..she think that her love is pure….but not like that…
    Why she marriage ravish…whatever situation comes she is strong stoop on her love…but no…she is married….and now said that I love atharavatharav only….no logic…she don’t deserve ravish……I like ravish…but don’t like vivdha…..she is a cheated girl….how dare u vivdha slap ravish….u have no rights to hurt ravish…ur atharav means no one can slap him…ohh ur a mahaan…so that is why others don’t hurt ur loves one…..chep girl….ravush &adharav are good…but vivdha don’t deserve this two guys….how dare u vivdha touch ravesh…go to hellll…till now ravish can help u without any expection from u ..
    But u can change with situation…how cheapp u are…i hateeeeeeeee u vivdha….
    Ravish &atharav have a humble request ….u have choice any other girls for u like partner….not like vivdha type girl…..I hate ur overreacting, overacting,try to show as innocent girl, etc…..hate uuuuuuuuuuu….vivdha..characterlessssssss girl……

  23. Xyz di. Where were you from so many days?

    1. Hi nazneen. What to say dear. Sorry dear.I already explained my reason for nt cmmntng above.but don’t worry now I m back.and no one is nt angry on u.I read ur 2 days bfr cmmnt.chill dear.??
      Gud eveng dear.

      1. Sorry no one is angry on u.

  24. Without atharva no need to watch this serial I am quiting for watching Jana na Dil se door I hate this story

  25. @xyz, @Suman Iam gud
    @hi 143

  26. no atharva u can’t die I know it bcoz u and vividha ate the soul and spirit of jana na dil se door and yes atharva is incomplete without vividha and vividha is incomplete without atharva they both are incomplete without each other plssssss unite them soon plssssss only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  27. no atharva u can’t die I know it bcoz u and vividha are the soul and spirit of jana na dil se door and yes atharva is incomplete without vividha and vividha is incomplete without atharva they both are incomplete without each other plssssss unite them soon plssssss only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  28. Story like hum dil de chuke Sanam and kal ho navo..

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