Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish getting a call from cantonment. The man says the area is hacked, maybe they want to loot weapons. Ravish says I m coming. He asks Aruna to come, move fast. He asks her not to try to run. He asks Vividha to go back. He locks Aruna in the room. Aruna smiles. Suman asks what happened. Ravish says cantonment is attacked, I have to go, no one will step out, I locked Aruna in room, no one will try to talk to her. Suman asks but what happened.

Ravish says she is Zeenat, Wasim’s wife, he was a terrorist. They get shocked. Suman says it means she was lying and staying here. Ravish says no one will go out, Vividha you will not let her come out. Chutki says mummy. Sujata asks Atharv to be with Chutki. Ravish asks Vividha to use training if she finds any problem,

and shut windows, be strong, nothing will happen.

Bua coughs. Suman worries. Bua says I will manage. The terrorists reach Vashisht house. Suman goes to cook food. Bua opens windows to have fresh air. She stumbles and her asthma pump falls out. They all worry. Sujata says I think she got asthma attack. She checks purse and says its not here, where is inhaler. Bua shows its outside. Suman says we all can’t go out, who will get inhaler. Sujata says I will get it. Daddy ji says its risky, check if we have medical aid. Sujata runs out to get inhaler. Atharv says Ravish asked us not to go out. Sujata throws inhaler. Vividha shuts window. Bua feels fine by using inhaler. Sujata gets caught by terrorists. She thinks if they get inside, they will catch all family. She recalls training. She fights with them and the man shoots. Everyone hear bullet sound and get shocked.

Vividha worries for Sujata. Atharv says I m strong. Sujata comes. They get shocked seeing terrorists with them. Daddy ji asks what do you want. The men ask for Zeenat. Ravish reaches army camp and asks about attack. The man says nothing happened here. Ravish says I got call about attack. The man says you got wrong info. Ravish says it means it was diversion to make me out of my house. The men ask Chutki where is her mum. They ask them to say where is Zeenat. Vipul gets scared and says she is upstairs. The man says take me there. Vipul takes him. Suman says we are not scared, we are not afraid to die and fight. Aruna comes and says I will give you such death in charity now. Vividha and everyone get shocked seeing her.

She asks Vipul why is he not seeing her now. She slaps Vipul. She scolds him. Atharv says everyone has guns, where is my gun. Aruna asks Chutki/Adaa to come and sit quiet. She goes to Vividha and thanks her for help. She acts and does drama. She scolds all of them. She asks did they lose mind in gambling to get stranger woman inside house and got fooled so easily. Vividha cries and says we trusted you and let you stay here for humanity, you are doing this. Daddy ji says Vividha, no need to talk to these cowards. Aruna asks him to shut his mouth. She says humanity and trust do nt matter when it comes to their mission, just one person was risky, Ravish, its fun to have such person in war.

Media comes to Vashisht house. Ravish reaches there and asks whats this drama, move. The reporters ask him about firing in his house and his family captive. Ravish gets shocked.

Atharv says when captain comes, he will beat all of them. The man slaps him. Vividha cries and stops Aruna. They all aim guns at Vividha and Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wowww wt a lovely precap.
    When that terriest beat atharv vivida stands for him.that is the true luv????.before vivida is very feared but when they hurt atharv she stands for him
    I think vivida have 2 give tight slap for aruna by atharv’s motivation of before

    1. congrats today’s gold medalist

      1. hey di u r back….really awesome!

        how r u ???all ok?
        missed u nd othrs a lot!

        i completely lost ur way as vishkanya ended up…

        nice to meet u after so long!….btw do u remember me?

      2. Is it a question to ask of course I remember you it’s link of our vk latest page come to this page
        Waiting for you there

      3. Sachin I left a comment for u on 16 dec’s update page in the reply of your comment on 17 Dec u didn’t comment on 17 dec’s update page so that I on 18 Dec page I left a comment for u so that u check it but u don’t and today when I came to this page and generally reply to Sunanda and don’t left any comment for u u check this page and replied me isn’t it a funny incident so it’s results that incidents could also happen between u and me when I replied u u don’t check it when I was searching for you you don’t come when I left a comment for u u don’t check it and when I generally talk to some one else and don’t took ur name u found me what a coincidence I know comment is long but its ok because we r talking after a long break so I could talk much just leave it as it’s my habbit to talk much
        What r u doing these days? How r u and all in ur family
        Take care yourself and others reply whenever you will be free I will check this page and come to that link too if u could otherwise I will come to this page to talk to u waiting for your reply

      4. I am as fine as ever Sachin

      5. Haha haha actually i didn’t comment fr last few days as thr was nthing to comment bt yesterday i just came up fr jndsd ff nd saw u nd got over joyed! Will talk with u properly wn i get my wifi…

      6. OK

  2. Mardo wo dono ko tabhi unka jodi bhi nehi tutega or vasist family ka problem khatam ho jaega…!??Fir suru.. Hoga new drama KASAM TERE PYAAR KI….. ?????
    Don’t mind plz…… ???

  3. Why they are not uniting vividha atharva I have seen in Google that atharva will die and vividha ravish will fall for each other why always atharva has to suffer why rqvish and vividha will unit thabmn kailash will be more happy first sujata had sadness in her whole life and biw atharva will due no it cannot be possible ravish had to idie

    1. @aisha can u plz share the link from where u have seen?

  4. nice episode

  5. This is not a Jana na dil se door, only Jana na criminal se door. Director says that all armymen are fools. Very irritating track. Pls stop this track pls.

  6. Ravish acting is very good……nice episode

  7. Kacchada serial

  8. Rabishh your acting is superb I addicted to show because of youuuuuuu love your actingggg

  9. If atharv does there is no jndsd

  10. Is it true @aisha that atharv has to die???? No….I can’t hear that……wt nonsense going on in jndsd…..I won’t even read the updates if atharv left the show…..he is the life of the show yaar……asalu ee story writers ki pichhi paddindhi…..no doubt….evadra antha early ga vividha ki vere vallatho pelli cheymandi. ……aa marriage aindhi inka appatnunchi start aindhi maku punishment……already nenu choodatam manesi only updates chadvtunna…….atharve lekapothe ..ipudu ivi kooda manesta….nijamga na daggara serial tese money vunte ma vadini petti powerful love story testa ra reyyyyyy……..ilaga detective serial kadu ra….

    1. Hii lakshmi…..

      Apple…. 143…ninna me comments chusa….. Chala chala baga vunnay….. Vallaki telugu ardam kadu…. Manaki telugu lo tidithe kani manasu prasantham ga vundadu….. Assalu serial name enti…. Vellu ippudu chipinche track enti Sodi mohalu….. Love story ni crime story chesaru…. Suspense story chesaru…. Ippudu fighting story adi entho valuable ND respectable army medha…… Nijamga e Hindi story writers ni kumbipakam cheyyali……. Serial charm antha poyindi….. Intha Chetha lo kuda bagundi anipinchedi Atharv (Vikram) innocent acting ?……..

      E serial first episode nundi chusa…. Eappudu ayithe ravish tho vividha pelli ayyindho only written update chaduvutunna….. Comment cheyyataniki kuda waste anipistundi…… But telugu comment ni chusi hammayya anipistundi….. Anduke comment chestunna……..

      E serial story writer Mamatha Yash Patnaik mam Sony channel lo KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI serial ki kuda…… A serial chala baguntundi….. Naturality ki chala chala daggara ga…… Koncham Saagadesina baguntundi……

      But e serial ni sankaragiri manyalu pattincharu…… Serial TRP ni chusukuni ayina story track change cheyyatledu….. Chavagotti chevulu moostunnaru….. Inka enni rojulu e narakamo vikram fans ki….

    2. Navz

      Hii guys hii Lakshmi and ganga .mee comments choostunte chaala prashantamga undi nenu cheppalanukunnavanni meeru chepptunnaru inka ee serial gurinchi matladadam waste .those who r still watching this serial on TV they can get noble prize for patience. Idi pakkka

  11. After ravish entry, the story of knead totally changed.. romantic to thriller.. worst… hate it..

  12. Ya lakshimi hindhi serials lo anni alane vntunay pelli ki mundu true lve aftr mrg malli lve suddenly fst lve ni marchipotharu easy ga.. Anni serials la e serial kadhemo anukunna.. But edhi kuda alane chestunadu

    1. Hii Joe……

      Nuvvu KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI ? chusthava…….. In Sony TV….. Little different from all other stupid serials…………

      ND Beyhadh Also very nice serial still now onwards…… Namkaran also bcoz of their acting……. Specially dat little girl ND her mother character………e serial kante avi chala chala chala better……. Kudirithe chudataniki try chey…….

      Jndsd lo totally Vikram acting okkate natural ga vundi…… Sashank parledu….. Endukante Sashank ni inka jagadeesh character vadhalaledu….. Emo anipistundi andaru thanani jagadeesh ane chustunnaru not as ravish….. Kadhaaa

  13. I know it’s not a correct place to share dis…… Sorry for dat ???

    Telugu vallu chala mandi vunnaru….. Plssssssss thappakunda e link chudandi….. Naku chala chala nachina serial Dahleez in starplus…… Adi complete ayipoyindi…… Ippudu jana na dilse door….. Sodhi la vundi….. Kaaaani Kuch rang Pyar ke AISE BHI matram always super…… Chusi mere cheppandi


    1. Navz

      Hii ganga nenu piccha fan dahleez ki becoz I luv harshad ( naa DP chooda harshad and Preethi fom beintehaa ) nenu krpkab choostunna. Sona and dev acting chàla natural GA untadi .but naaku ippudu anntikanna ishqbaaz chaala vachindi .veelunte try cheyy . BTW I am navya . wat abt u .

      1. Hii Navya…..

        Nenu ishqbaaz kuda chustha….. Nakul ND surabhi acting baguntundi but Nakul attitude mari over anipistundi…… As a SSO…… Sorry to say dis it’s my personal opinion…. ??

  14. ..if atharve dies …i will stop watching this show….it will be a total crap after atharves’ death..aisha …post the link in which u got information about atharves death ..
    Let ravish die instead of atharve…
    If the CVs have a plan to show atharves’s death and thereafter ravidha’s reunion..why did they showed vitharve moments till now..they would have killed atharve
    by kailash’s goons on the marriage day …
    By the way where is suman❓❓❓ there is no comments of suman.

  15. I watched jndsd aftr long tym n what rubbish track is going on. Its just irritating. Achha hai i stopped watching it. Simple n strong love story changed into an irrelevant story with murder mystries n now this terrorist attack.

  16. If atharv left the show, no one will watch.
    That may not true.

  17. Hi ganga, joe….ya I’m also watching krpkkb in sony….dev and sona are awesome……andulo koda twists vunna mari jndsd antha kadu….chala neat ga family values include chesi super ga vuntundhi. ……jndsd aithe too much….nakithe inka idhi waste ani decide ayya….they r still creating new issues to increase the gap btwn atharv and vividha instead of uniting them both…..

    1. S…….KRPKAB is very neat ND clean with beautiful actors…..

      JNDSD also had good actors but d present track ????

      1. S frds ishqbaz bavuntundhi jndsd medhaa valu sagateyatam ldhu makers kavali ane show ni chethala chestunaru ravish kosam.. Raviah ni main hero ga chupinchatam.. Ninna chusara aruna e hme lo only ravish ye telivi ina vadu antundhi chi atharv am ipoyade asalu..

    2. Hii lakshmi nd ganga suman Nenu only jndsd chustuna i lve atharv nd vivida so much frds.. Vikku acting is super.. Thanakosame chustuna e stupid serial ni.. Epudu vivida behaviour kuda change indhi atharv medha kante ravish girinche think chestundhi anattu anipistundhii..

  18. yup if artharv dies I’m done watching. It’s not making sense with him and vividha. Bring them back and let them leave that house. Ravish should be with someone else. if they wanted artharv out then they should have killed them when the goons beat him up instead of making him insane and now has to die. what a stupid point of view

  19. Please unite Atharv and Vividha.Don’t do like that.Vividha loves Atharv a lot she can’t forget him so easily and accept Ravish as her husband.Because Vitharv are made for each other.yeh paagal directors Ko koi dimaag do.

  20. If Vividha accepts Ravish as her husband and Ravish should not accept her as his wife it will be nice ?.
    Ravish should find other girl for him.

  21. woww…
    chala mandi telugu valle unaru kada ofcourse andaru atharv fans e nijm ga ne serial sotry ni nashanm chestunaru stupid writers..
    atharv lekunda JNDSD serial untada asalu atharv chanipote nijm ga ne idi worst serial ever and ever..
    please change the atharv mental condition to normal..

  22. Atharva not going to die yar. It’s just a rumor. Avoid it. No comments for present track. Just to make viewers accept rubbish doing dis much drama,showing him as Mahaan. Fed up with phase 2. It seems soon season 3 going to start. Waiting for dat

    1. Yeah u r right @suman,it may be rumor. How can they kill Our hero Atharv Sujatha. It can’t happen.it can’t happen..???????

  23. @Suman.What do you mean by phase 3 ??

  24. Suman I got relief by seeing your comment.

    1. Vikram singh Chauhan tweeted getting ready for next phase. He was in gym in dat pic. So I think atharv sujatha going to come back. Hope for best. Ravidha or vitharv leave it. First I am getting ready for atharv sujathas entry. let us enjoy atharv sujatha .feeling soo excited

  25. Hi frnds,
    Suman,sunanda,lakshmii,Ganga,navz,nazneen syed,joe and all JNDSD frnds.
    Good morning.Have a nice day.

    1. Hii 143…..

      Very gd aftrn…. ??

  26. Hii frdzz suman lakshmi ganga 143 navz writers spoil atharvs character.. They show only ravish is mahan of the show i really hate this track.. I started watching frm day 1 bt phase 2 is totally crap..

  27. Devuda o manchi devuda, intha manchi serial ne ichavu, chala gopa prema kada ne chuse la chesavu. Kane endukiya e director gari ke mathi marpu nichavu. asali kadanu marachipoiee…narakapu anchuladaka tisukone veluthunadu devuda…devuda kapadava devuda.
    frnds meru kuda devudike prardhana cheyandi..mana serial director kosam.

    1. Ha ha ha copy cat ?……. But I love dis funny way……. ????

    2. Ha Ha ha .. ???? devuda plz????? director ne tvaraga cure chaie

  28. Wow…Superb precap.Atharv always roczzzz with his dialogue’s. And vividha Omg, she always looks sensitive and weak, but when it comes to Atharv. She don’t care whole world. That’s awesome.

  29. I request everyone to please post your comments in English.

  30. S yar. Plz comment in English. If we post comments in telugu, many people feel bored. We all r jndsd fans n friends . So no region here. So andaram English loki vaddam. Papam vallaku mana bhasha artam kaka thala pattukuntaru. I used to feel same for other shows wn people used to discuss in tamil.

  31. Does any one see kumkum bhagya

    1. Mee used to watch but now stopped. Too much to take

  32. Hi thanks for replying else I was thinking that my comments are useless to write becoz no one was answering to them u searched in Google the upcoming story if janan na dil se door and the coming future story of same but this information may be wrong as sometimes they give wrong information it if ravish will die I don’t want anyone to due but want vividha as atharva sujata vividhaatharva plsssssss

  33. I’m scared

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