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The Episode starts with Vividha telling Atharv that Kailash never respected Uma. She hugs him and cries, saying he never accepted our relation, what was our mistake, we just loved each other, why did Papa do this. Atharv cries and fumes….. Sujata looks on. He asks Vividha do you trust me… She nods. He says nothing will happen, whatever your dad did, you are here with me, whatever happens, whoever does anything, no one can separate us.

She cries and says it all got spoiled. He says nothing spoiled, come, don’t worry, I m standing with you, even if this world stands against us, no one can separate me from you, we are tied by love, we are part of each other’s heart, we stay in hearts, who can separate us, if we get separated in any incident, then…. He forwards his hand,

which has Vividha written by mehendi. He promises that Atharv Sujata will come back to you, and be with you. He says even if the world tries hard, I will fight with death and come. Vividha cries. He says this is seventh promise to you, you promise me even if distance is too long, our love will get us together, promise me. She holds his hand and promises him. They hug. Sujata looks on and smiles.

Atharv and Vividha close eyes. Sujata turns to go, and someone hits on Atharv’s head with a metal rod. Sujata hears sound and looks back. Vividha and Sujata get shocked seeing Atharv’s head bleeding. Atharv holds his head and sees the blood in his hands. Jaana na dil se door………….plays…………….. Atharv falls down, and Kailash is seen behind. Vividha shouts Atharv……

Vividha asks Kailash what did you do. Sujata cries seeing the blood and asks Kailash what did you go. They both worry for Atharv. Vividha shouts for help. Kailash holds her hand and drags her. She shouts leave me, and holds Atharv. Sujata says Atharv, he is taking Vividha, get up. Vividha holds Atharv’s hand. Kailash pulls her, and she gets away from Atharv. Jaana na dil se door……………plays…………. Atharv tries to forward hand. She asks Kailash to leave her. Sujata goes to Kailash and holds his collar, asking him to leave Vividha. Kailash pushes Sujata on the ground. Vividha shouts Sujata Chachi, and asks Kailash what is he doing.

Kailash stops and looks back. Vividha sees Atharv holding her hand, and stopping her. Atharv holds Vividha and Sujata. He pulls back Vividha to him and looks at Kailash. He kicks Kailash down. Atharv says I have respected you a lot as you are Vividha’s father, not anymore. Kailash starts laughing and asks really, we will see now. The goons come behind Atharv and slowly proceed. They hit on Atharv’s leg. Atharv falls. The goons catch Vividha and Sujata, and beat Atharv. Vividha asks Kailash to stop the goons from beating Atharv, tell them not to beat Atharv.

They goons step on Atharv’s back. Atharv gains strength, and gets up. He holds the beads string in his hand and fights with them boldly. He breaks a metal rod and beats goons like a true hero. A goon catches Atharv by his neck. Sujata worriedly calls out Atharv and goes to help. Kailash asks the goons to beat Atharv, he should not survive. A goon catches Sujata and slaps her. Atharv shouts Maa and beats the goon. He holds Sujata. Another goon hits on his bleeding head. Vividha and Sujata shout. The goon drags Sujata from there. All of the goons together beat Atharv. Vividha begs Kailash to leave Atharv. Atharv bleeds a lot. Sujata shouts Atharv and begs Kailash to leave her son. Vividha says don’t beat Atharv. Kailash smiles and says you wanted to marry this guy, let the groom get ready, then take rounds with his dead body. Vividha gets shocked and cries. Atharv gets badly beaten up.

Vividha promises Kailash that she will not say anything even if Kailash gets her married to a tree, donkey or dog, but no one will touch Atharv now. The goon gets a hammer to beat Atharv. Vividha shouts Atharv. Jaana na dil se door……….plays……………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show as usual ready to go down sooner than expected. So after kailash victory only morons will watch it!

    1. I agree with you. Only super morons will continue watching this show. This is what I have seen in almost all serials produced by the Star TV. The moral they dish out to the viewers is that only evil can win and rule this world. What a shame! It seems the writers are cue less.

    2. Absolutely, I also agree with you. And just when I thought I’ve found something really good to watch they are ruining it.

  2. Wt an emotional episode
    Oh my poor atharv.
    I beg u writers 2 unite vitharv don’t separate them
    Such a lovely couple

    Tq amena di for update

  3. OMG -Don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

  4. Where’s everyone else, his Chacha and vividha’s mom, sister, dadi and brother?

  5. Thank u amena for the update
    Y vividha is so dumb dat she accepted to marry anything
    For wat was d promise of vividha when she proposed h and said dat she will not marry anyone other than atharva
    If u writers are going to take the story with vividha ‘s marriage with ravish then I am damn sure dat none will be interested in this serial and u are going to stop it in the end way
    When u people are not interested in respecting the views and the opinions of the viewers then we people are also not interested in watching such a serial where there is no one accept the views and the opinions

    1. Mona i know u r angry i totally agree with u all of ur points r ri8 but vividha is not dumb she loves him that y she has taken such difficult desicion of her life she also dont want to marry with somebody else but atharv’s life is more important than promise or anything else thats y she choose to marry with other so that his dad leave atharv nd his last breaths help him to live ? thats y she surrender infront of that heartless person? she is not dumb i think she is quite intelligent to take this desicion ? no offense its my point of view dont mind plz?

      1. Hi., @Aishoo……… in ur point of view i agree with u. But their is many things she can do…beside bending to that evil person…. she can threaten kailash…she will die if he do anything with Athrv OR …..she can kill such an evil person who has no place to be on this earth..(the person who tourchred her mother, cheated her,,, now trying to kill her lover…. Vividha would be killed such a evil mad man).

        in previous Vividha said Atharv given her strength to stand in all struggles and that strength can’t even grabed by kailash……………so where was that strength gone…

        its very better beside bending infront that evil Kailash….she has killed that moron.

    2. I agree with u NS4 but at this moment she cant threaten his father that she will kill herself if he touch atharv when atharv is lying on the bed of death? nd she cant think of hurting her father as whatever kailsh has done at the end he is her father nd a daughter cant kill his own father i know he has done such worst things but as main lead or as a good daughter she cant kill that bastard ? well everbody have their own opinion ? lets hope atharv will get fine nd take revenge ??

      1. I agree u aishoo,as she loves atharva so much tht she is going to sacrifice her life by marrying to ne one in order to save atharva…ths is the true love,she cnt do né thing the moment as its practically nt possible

  6. Very sad separation

  7. I loved this show…now going stop watching this show…bye bye jndsd?

  8. As this is a daily soap d drama bet d trio would be atleast dragged for another six months so it would mere waste of our precious time to watch this dirty serial.Writters I touch ur feet n ask u to dont Atharv married to that panch feet frog mouthed Nidhi shah(guddi)atleast after six months.Not able to digest d pic of dem on facebook itself.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee writters SHIVIK r made for eachother.Pleaseeeeeeee make them one atleast on screen

  9. Finallyyyyy lost my patience…to watch this show any more……….

    do wat ever u want….now u will lose ur viewers will be the down fall of ur show and…for ur career toooo……………..so my pity for you Guys(JNDSD Team)

    Good bye jndsd team

  10. crying episode,i will stop watching ,writters going mad,don’t separate them,

  11. Will atharv die? I think it’s vividha’s brother with the hammer.

  12. A big haai to all vitharv fan club members….im an old membr…
    Oohh Come on Atharv…….Every timei see u….u r stoling ma heart …he is a true lover….i pray i too get a lyf partner like him….the strong man.

    what this writers are upto…..i cant bear this……..poor Atharv……
    This kailash……idiot…….monkey…

    1. hi di if u remember me…

      i m gonna quit watching the show frm today…bye jndsd…will just read updates…

      i could ne even watched today epi fully as i was nt able to see ths dreadfull act today,OMG the way atharva got beaten up and the way kailash blackmailed viv…terrible !!!

      end of the show frm me….

      ne way be4 lving nice to meed u di!!!

      1. Hiiee my cute little brother sachin……its really a nice feeling that u remembrr me……everytym when i read tu i search for my old frnds over here but now a days only u ,sunandha & ns4 is commenting…..i was really happy seeing ur names in comment box so i came back here……its a feeling that i got back something which i lost…..may be its my friendship gang over here……i stopped watching the show due to my studies…..i will be coming here whenever i get tym……..and yeah its an unconditional love story……empowerment through love so its clear that at last vitharv will unite……so plz don’t stop frndz….or else be in touch with this telly updates….

      2. Yea m nt completely leaving the show…just i cnt watch it,will read the update fr sure as i want to know hw these writers are twisting ahead….

        i think atharva will be angry on Viv fr a while in the mid show,nd also suman gonna be negative after knowing Viv doesn’t love her son,it will be interesting to watch hw the separate ravis,by making him negetive or by killing him.

        just hope tht Viv nd atharva bond dosent get break after marriage,although they cnt behave as they r behaving nw…

        lets see wt coming up next?

  13. Disappointing

  14. Ohhhh no can’t see it wat a sad episode ????can’t see atharv like stop this kailash leave himmm and the precap plzz dont let vivdha marry someone my atharv was a real herotoday he was fighting for vivdha even the last moment ????and their seventh promise also got completed…. but can’t see tmmorow??????????

  15. very disappointing episode….this kailash has gone mad..poor atharav feeling sad for him..vividha will marry ravish 🙁 🙁

  16. This is just so wrong

  17. ahaa… no..whts dis .i wnt to c atharv n vividha together…cmplt. nasau aru eibilak hoi thakile…

  18. Finally the end to watch JNDSD as a vitharv fan
    Same old story like it happens in other serials.
    Love one guy. Marry another guy. Love the new married guy.
    And for this kind of routine story..so many
    Anyways we always have Ammena to.keep us posted about the updates in serial
    Btw todays serial was damn sooooo slow .
    I guess a tortoise would move better than todays episode.
    Anyways when serial is good..enetertainment for mind
    When serial is bad saving of time and peace of mind.

  19. Aiewwwwww atharv???? kailash f**k u bastard jerk burn in hell heartless creature of Almighty GOD he will pay inshaAllah vividha??? my baby was crying soo badly he kailsh spoil everything precap was sooo heartbreaking??? but atharv will come with the bang? nd he will take revenge for every single thing? shivani nd vikram’s acting welldone gyz?

  20. Bye forever

  21. I saw in telly gossip that vividha will get married to atharv ….but i know it must be fake news …due to story line

    1. They completed their 7th promise meaning their married to each other

  22. I stopped watching but only written updates.Todays hug is last hug n d final hug would be only in d last episode of this nonsense n completely meaningless n worthless show if atall writters think to unite them in d end. If it is not Vik n Shiv,it is damn waste to watch dis show.A very big bye to written updates also.Hope Starplus will not disappoint viewers with this kind of stupid stuff in our SHRENU PARIKH N SANAYA’S upcoming shows.Till then good bye to STAR PLUS SHOWS.Have a bright future SHIVANI.GOODLUCK.

  23. So many spoilers being put out, even saying ankit will shoot atharv and then he will die as well as that they do get married. FGS why put so many stories out when not 1 is being shown. Please stop putting spoilers out writers.

  24. Hey blo*dy idiot fold d whole script n put it in ur daaaaaaaaaash.If something is left put it in ur director n mamatha’s daaaaaaash.She will develop d story line.

  25. Bye bye …. Stupid writer…u r spoiling the good serial…bye forever for jndsd….

  26. I would love to know why all the serials do this? Why can they not keep a good show and jodi together? i will stop watching also!!!!

  27. I will stop watching the serial if vividha is forced to marry Ravish. Bakwaas. Are we mad to watch only sad emotional serials. Want love to win else bakwas

  28. very emotional episode plsssss writers don’t separate vidarth

  29. All dramas have the same concept separate the lead couple and confuse female lead whome to go with its a shit do not show the same like other serials please..Had lot of expectations however from Monday I will not see this serial… had not missed a single episode till now…

  30. indera sanichara

    Bad is winning again I am gonna say goodbye along with all my friends and family who will stop watching this serial. The only good soap showing is Ishqbaaz with some good story line.

    1. you are right!

  31. It started well but I bet the end is near as look like is gonna be the same old story from almost more than 5 series

  32. I just don’t understand why you all people are repeatedly saying that I will not watch this show….Yar now really is a high point to watch this show.Because from now onwards the real and actual story will start.Before the start of the show it was already mentioned that this is going to be the story of the show then why you all are reacting like this. I just don’t give a damm that you guys watch this show or not because I am going to watch this show till it’s last episode.Because I now that my atharv and vividha are going to reunite at any cost because they are made for each other.And if you guys has not forgotten then remember the last two promises of atharv.So please don’t you anyone dare to insult my JNDSD….. Is that clear?????

    1. Yeah.., u r right @Shruti ….from d starts itself v know the story line….but the thing here is they should not this much high voltage drama b/w Atarv-Vividha…. y too make viewers hope writers won’t seperate after so many struggles……….. thats a stupid idea and want about their vows in love is it too fool viewers and writer…,,jndsd team themself

      Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! non-sens

  33. You guys do know Vitharv are married?? They completed their 7th promise!!!! Vividha said she will marry the street dog but please don’t harm Atharv…. clearly representing that she will never fall in love with Ravish. She knows Atharv is going to come back to her and take her away. Vitharv are ENDGAME!!!! Their love to going to overpower all evil!!!!

    1. I really wish so but it doesn’t seem so. Once married Vividha will start faling for Ravish.
      I just hate this show…would never watch it.

  34. This episode especially is so horrid. Even though it is acting the violence and cunningness is too much. Can’i you show a happy marriage. It is grusome and barbaric and higly repulsive

  35. I cannot see separation of love. Bye bye serial

  36. Guys we r so silly see here vitharv are r gng 2 seperate.our comments r increasing daily.
    When vitharv got untie we have less comments but now comments r high.

    I think at the time of marriage atharv will come 2 viv from hospital
    At the time of rivish keeping sindoor on vivida.viv recalls atharv and says nahii……….nd runs for atharv.

  37. The story will go on like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

  38. Actually i don’t understand one thing…. if the writers created the story to seperate love birds……then y this 7 vows drama(like marriage) b/w Atharv-Vividha…,

    And its turn of marriage vows b/w Vividha-Ravish………….. what message writers want to conve to audience…,,,, did they want to fool—>>>> true lovers VOWS or Marriage Vows

  39. Hi happy fan how r u. After a long time u r here

  40. Shah_dhara

    I WAS also great fan of this serial, but I feel so sad for love story. why everytime, directors /scrip writes ends to such sad ending.. Will not watch now. , because .. no meaning.. once vividha will married to Ravish and then.. blah blah.. not even if after 6 months , if Vividha and Atharv going to be together.. 🙁 bye bye JNDSD. A sad bidding adieu.. Love you always Vitharv.. all your episodes till now.

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