Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish saying I will do what my heart says, what I feel right. Vividha asks what do you think is right. Ravish asks don’t you know. Atharv says we are right, we want to have Madhav, we want to know what you want to do. Ravish says I remember the day when I got Madhav home, we kept Madhav’s name as Madhav as you wanted to name your child Madhav, I m with you, its obvious. Atharv and Vividha thank him and leave.

Guddi comes and asks him to answer her. He asks what happened, what are you saying. She says I m asking about our engagement, it just became a question, can you answer me. He says we spoke about this before, what do you want to talk now. She says I have reason to raise this question again, I heard your promise, why can’t I see, you are my fiance, and

spend time with Kangana, you don’t try to talk to me, your commitment and promise just got trapped in words.

He says I can’t explain you. She asks why can’t you see my wound, you just find Kangana everywhere. He says you are thinking much wrong, I promised you. She says I know you will keep your promise, but I don’t want to live life as a favor of promise, I want this relation to be kept by love, not promise, do you want to keep this relation by heart. Ravish says yes, I want to live my life with you.

She hugs him and says I need your support and love, nothing else, none should come between us. He sees Kangana sitting alone in lawn. Atharv says it will be good if we get Ravish’s support. He sees Khushi sleeping on the ground and says I will make her sleep on bed. Vividha says I will sit with her, let her be, her sleep will spoil. Khushi holds her hand. They sleep by Khushi’s side.

Its morning, Guddi gives juice glass to Ravish. He says thanks, I m done. She says please. He takes the glass. Atharv says I don’t want you to faint in court, have some food. Guddi says if anyone’s support is there in life, its good, thanks Ravish for supporting everyone, I m sure we will win this case. Atharv says come, we will go court. Sujata says Lord is with you two.

Kangana comes and says I can’t see you all worried, we can have out of court settlement, I will case back. Vividha scolds her for thinking she will win this case and take Madhav. Atharv says we won’t give Madhav, Kangana we are ready to write this and give. Vividha says you spoke of court, now every talk will happen in court. They go. Kangana sees Ravish.

They all go out. Kangana tells the man that she is alone, fighting the case. Ravish looks on. They all reach the court. Court hearing starts. Atharv’s lawyer interrogates Kangana. Kangana tells everything to judge. Vividha tells something to Atharv. Atharv goes to lawyer and tells something. Kangana sees them and says I should get Madhav, he is my son. Lawyer asks Kangana does she think she can give better upbringing to Madhav. Kangana says yes. Lawyer asks her about her rehab stay for long time. Kangana says yes, I needed counselling as my child was snatched from me. Lawyer says you have killed three people, is this not true that you used to have sharp hair pin, which you dipped in poison and killed poison, did you not try to kill Atharv and Vividha, you have put chemical on ground so that they fall down and die, is this not true.

Kangana’s lawyer says Kangana is free of all blames now, she is totally normal now. Atharv’s lawyer says fine, Kangana did not get punished, as laws don’t punish any mentally unstable person, you are in senses now, you tell us where is Madhav’s betterment, to stay with you or that family. Kangana says yes, I m fine now, I can give good upbringing to my son. The lady says happy family is one where child is secure, where family members are there, you are along, is this not true, your fiance has left you, you got to know about your pregnancy when you were in medical care. Kangana says that was my past, I can give anything to my son now.

Lawyer asks her to say aloud, she is single now. Kangana cries. Lawyer asks are you single or not. Kangana’s lawyer objects. Lawyer says Kangana wants to move from good family, giving him to Kangana who is alone, who was ill before, is this not wrong for a child’s future, you filed child custody case, you have to answer, even her husband is not with her, how can she manage the child, its about child’s future. Kangana gets tensed. She faints in the witness box.

Atharv says Madhav is ours, I m feeling bad for Kangana. Vividha says I have no sympathy for Kangana now. She says Madhav I will feed you today. Madhav says you do a lot of drama.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. niw what this kangana wants and I think madhav is missing kangana I m feeling sad for her if she had nit filed the case they all would be living happy and I think she had made madhav against vividha atharva he would also now think that they have sent his mother away from him hope everything gets fine only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode…when the Lawyer is questioning kangana no words from kanagana….madhav definitely belongs 2 vitharv….
    Madhav in precap…?????i did not expect these words from madhav….
    Sleeping beside kushi again….they proved again that vitharv r best parents….

    Kangana she again started her stupid drama ??????
    Vivida place is nyc ??

    Hope the result is best…..

    1. Sunanda12345

      It’s not place it’s plan

    2. Veer

      Your DP is awesome.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Tq veer ??

  3. This is what is called ‘dig ones own grave’
    Not feeling bad for kangana

    Now what is madhav up to- next hurdle for vitharv

  4. Madhav is 5 yrs old boy for god sake -,-
    but the way the show him in the show it looks as if he’s 15-16 yrs old boy -,-
    example feeding khushi..bathing her with the help of sprinkler ..telling atharv that he’s kangna’s son -,- and now the drama scene !
    mayynn a 5 yrs old guy is never so aware of all these stuffs yes he’ll get mad if he’s snatched from his parents no matter how much anyone else love him but he can’t ever be this much understanding!

  5. Sandy17

    To whom kangana was saying that she is alone fighting the case…does he was shown on screen?..I didn’t see today’s episode.
    Is kangana again playing fainting drama even in the court ?
    In the precap…Oh my god why is madhav saying like that…does that snake filled poison in my cutie pie’s mind also?….hope that he is not saying about the love of vitharv towards him .

    1. No chechi aval drivernod thaneya paranja that she is alone blah blah just to show vitharv and guddish

      1. Sandy17

        Oh anganayano..thank u ?

      2. Ur mostly wlcm chechi???

  6. Veer

    Totally disappointed with the court scene. Cv’s focused more on cornering Kangana being a single mother. This is totally against the spirit of the show which showed Sujatha, a single mother upbringing a gem of a person in AtharvSujatha. The court scene was again patchy with edited Shivani scenes.
    Guddi-Ravish scene was good.
    Vitharv-Kushi scene was fabulous. Lots of emotions in it. Atharv doing what he does best, caring for both Vividha and Kushi. Atharv making his hand as pillow for Vividha and his happiness when when Kushi was holding Vividha’s hand were beautifully portrayed.

    PRECAP: I want the precap to be misleading because can’t imagine Madhav saying to Vividha that she does a lot of drama. Vitharv and in particular Vividha will break down if that happens.

    1. Exactly my thoughts veer,
      They could have said financial stability and only mentioning that they can be a loving family, why on earth they said single mother thing. Same thing happened with Sujatha , she was left alone when she was pregnant, but she had her child to look forward to but here kk snatched Kangana ‘a child, she became mentally ill , which was again used by kk, bad job by cvs

    2. @veer,I tried to tag it under JNDSD hash tag.. but still can not see my tweet. Could u pls help me


      1. Veer

        You tagged it right but don’t know why it’s not showing up in #JNDSD try posting some thing by tagging #JNDSD. Did you repost it. I’m also new to twitter. I joined just to vote for Vitharv before SPA

      2. I have created test tweet by tagging #jndsd. I could see that tweet. I deleted the test tweet. But could not tag the mentioned above tweet under jndsd. Even I am also new to Twitter. Just for the jndsd I have created account.

        Friends, if anyone aware of what is the problem,pls reply here. Thanks in advance for ur help.

  7. Don’t know wats hapng as vivi said I to had no sympathy for kagana??but wat abt madav .why he said like that and kagana faint again any new drama???????

    1. Vismaya dear, precap in jndsd is most of the time misleading. Just wait till tomorrow 5:30pm

      1. Yup hoping everything will be fyn???

  8. Aam2000

    I a huge huge fan of ViTharv but I still liked and had a respect towards Ravish’s character…but now he is turning foolish.
    He is cheating Guddi. If he loves Kangana then why can’t he tell the truth to Guddi. Initially she will be hurt but then she can manage…. I feel bad for Guddi. I like ShweRav jodi

    1. Aam2000

      Guys I have uploaded my ff Main Adhoora Tere Bina…pls read and comment

  9. Aleya.marzan

    today i really felt bad for guddi

    court scene was good

    VIVIDHA-ATHARV-KUSHI scene was good but lacking of madhav


  10. Aleya.marzan

    plz…… all of u get register na!!! then we’ll have a team

    good night all

  11. I just hope when ravish and kangana get married. Guddi can control herself and move on from ravish. She also deserve a happiness? and vitharv will be support her in any situation. She also should move from that house. Everyone should go back to ajmer so that ravish can see kangana true colours and madhav should be with their parents only which is VIVIDHA AND ARTHARV SUJATHA.

  12. Madav,plz don’t go against vitharv,they can’t live without u.

  13. What is happening here.Vikram pic with Sara and prianka.Shivani’s pic with Shashank.I really very very dislike it.I only want vitharv’s together pic . I am a great fan of vitharv but I feel very worry about kangna.If she is not bad then she should not lost the cess .Because every mother loves her child.Her suffers occurred for kk.If kk did not done this with her she could happily live with her son.Now what will CV’s shows us.If kangna is related with kk plans then no sympathy against her but if she really well then vithrav should not paine her.She is lonely. how can she pass her lonely life?Please director make her vilian this is the only way to make vitharv and madhave together.If kangna well then vithrav should handover madhav to kangna and they should come back in Ajmer with their daughter.I never want the separation between madhav and vithrav but lonely life is very painful .I never want anyone will be hurt for vitharv.

  14. When kangana throws legal papers before vivi she looked very strong and also she rocked on that day.She also said she will fight for madhav to ravish. Then what happened to her today. She looks too weak and asking for compromise. In that court scene also she was shown as weak. In precap madhav also speaks badly. Something is wrong is there. I think by the time she interpreted madhav wrongly.

  15. Highlights of epi: vitharv and khushi scene. They are such lovely parents who prefers to sleep with their kid on floor. Khushi is really luck. Hope madhav too. First I thought guddi love was infactuation. But after hearing her dialogues in todays epi I think she truly in love with ravish. Make up ur mind and heart ravish. Express ur thoughts/feelings to everyone. if u thought vitharv are wrong then speak it out. If u think u cannot make relation with guddi then tell her. What u gonna prove on marrying kangana who killed half ur family members.

    Coming to the custody scene, I think vitharv are not gonna win this case. Becoz after marrying ravish kangana will get family. So she can raise up madhav. Also ravish was father to madhav in past and kangana is the real to madhav. So madhav will get that family environment. Also madhav percap dialogue is weird.

    Vitharv need to pay much attention to khushi. This point is enough to loss their case. The custody scene was not done well by cvs. Vitharv need to prove that they are correct parents for madhav. vitharv lawyer need to highlight vitharv love on madhav even after arrival of khushi. But their lawyer insult kangana infront of everyone thats not a good move.

  16. Thank God after so many days ravish acted sensible ? he supported vitharv thank God for that, and this stupid kangana why does she keep on falling -girrihui insan idiot??
    And y is vikku taking pics with that ssara ,chi I just can’t stand that girl?
    Y doesn’t she go back to Pakistan stupid
    O CVS plz unite guddish I don’t like kavish together kangana doesn’t deserve a person like ravish, it’s a humble request

  17. Kangana ravish marrige and madhav statement are gonna decide custody case. We all that marriage happen , now we,need to madhav statement. Hope it is in vitharv favour.

  18. @aronno

    I think kangana is negative. If not how the serial will progress. if not negative, she may be a grey shade character. if a serial want to run for years, only single villian kk is not enough. yes I want madhav custody to vitharv.

  19. I love how vividha named madhav becoz atharv wants to name his son madhav.

    No doubt madhav is special to vividha. Madhav is the only light in vividha life when atharv left her in all those four years. She wants to raise her son like another atharv. Remember, vividha taught silent code to madhav which was taught by atharv to vividha. Madhav is her little atharv.

  20. Vitharv +kushi scn was very nice. The way vividha held kushi’s hand and slept in atharvs hand was awsome .Still don’t know what to say about ravish vashisht. One side he gives promise to guddi the same time eyeing on kangana ???.He is even nt sure about his own feelings.
    The court scns ohh. It is nt a genuine point that a mother can’t look after his child lonely. Can’t accept that. Bcz there is already a strong woman sujatha who was upbringing his son Atharv with 100% perfection that too fought with society. But here the situation is different. Of course can’t compare sujatha with kangana. Bcz there is sky to earth difference bw them.
    In this case never accept a lonely mother like kangana for Madhav. Bcz she is a criminal and was mentally unbalanced. So she like a woman can never becm a good mother for any child. Bcz she can go any extend for her win.As last time she tried to suicide with Madhav. And there is no hope for kangana .who know if she again lose her mental balance and try to kill ppl again. . Losing mental balance is nt the main thing but fact is that she is a pakka criminal. She Killed 4 ppls very carefully and well planned .so even she is normal or nt but she can do anything as she is so cunning. So in any case Madhav has to belong nly to vitharv like ideal parents nt to kangana like a vamp.
    Now her cheap plan for getting sympathy from all especially from ravish, the fainting drama.
    And I don’t felt any strange thing when Madhav said like that in precap. I think he said that like always ie he may be saying to vivi thay” y she is doing drama ,she can feed him at anytime. Don’t worry momma. “.Don’t know actually but feel precap is some misleading.
    And again vikku’s pics with sara &priyanka. I hate that pics to the core. Y vikku? Y u did that ??? Just hate sara .
    And other group shivani -ruslan -shashank.
    Don’t know y I could see a groupisom in jndsd offscreen??.
    Sorry guys it is my personal opinion nly. If I hurted anyone m really sorry .

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yes xyz u r correct…but sometimes sara Will click selfie with vivida and ruslaan…
      I think they are not maintaining grp…who are surrounding of them..they click selfies…iam not opposing u dear…??

      1. I know sunanda. I also think Sara is nt in any group . She always clicks selfies with anybody surroundes her.I dont care her.But I m really disappointed with shivik offscreen behaviour. I strongly feel both of them maintain groups. And I have a doubt too if shivik act as good friends in their all invws for showing fans ???
        Sorry I know there is no need to discuss these things here.But when seeing something which is unexpected, then can’t controle from saying this.sorry once again .

      2. Sunanda12345

        No need to say sorry dear ??we just shared our opinions

  21. Sunanda12345

    Guys I uploaded my ff…read it…

  22. Few things cvs are missing here , they are not understanding difference btw unique show and different show. They introduced twists and turns to make this a different show rather then making it a unique show.
    Flaws I can remember,

    1. Who killed Avinash , coz he was shot by someone outside?
    2. How did Suman know abt vitharv ? And how can she plan fake death of Guddi , planning that she is going to definitely separate this couple create a different family for Atharv
    3. If Suman was in contact with Kk , how come Guddi / Kalindi /or anyone else not aware of it .
    4. If Guddi really loved ravish so much why she cheated him and her sister and even Atharv, coz once vitharv unite , she can explain her love for ravish and move on.

  23. Few things cvs are missing here , they are not understanding difference btw unique show and different show. They introduced twists and turns to make this a different show rather then making it a unique show.
    Flaws I can remember,

    1. Who killed Avinash , coz he was shot by someone outside?
    2. How did Suman know abt vitharv ? And how can she plan fake death of Guddi , planning that she is going to definitely separate this couple create a different family for Atharv
    3. If Suman was in contact with Kk , how come Guddi / Kalindi /or anyone else not aware of it .
    4. If Guddi really loved ravish so much why she cheated him and her sister and even Atharv, coz once vitharv unite , she can explain her love for ravish and move on.

  24. Few more
    5. why did tiger spoile vitharv ‘s first nigh, unless I guess kk manipulated tiger also.
    6. In CCTV footage and couple of other scenes makers showed us a small girl with kk, but doctors say Khushi was kept in one dark room.
    7. This one fault could be very silly , but they said ravish and vividha’ marriage anniversary was on Feb month (she was already pregnant at the time of their marriage)and Madhav’ birthday is in may , so technically vividha gave birth in 4
    months or may be 16 months

    These cvs are surely working hard make this unique love story into different savdhan jndsd fans!!!

    1. Sunanda12345

      It’s is serial they will show like this…
      About ravish vivida mrg day i think they counted when vivida ravish marriage first..

      About the girl…she kept in a dark room…with kk…she went with kk outside with maybe once or thrice…..

      If we sit and think about logics..we can’t understand the serial ….m.sry if i said any wrong….

  25. Veer

    @Lakshmi , continuation for your reply in yesterday’s page.
    If a person is pragmatic all the time, he/she would not be called realistic but ideal according to me, because we normal individuals are rarely pragmatic and driven mostly by personal emotions.
    Vividha never knew about KK’s other side. By the time she knew it was already too late for her to react. Her reactions and emotions towards KK were to whatever she has seen or known of him.
    She was not confused. She was just feeling guilty for doing wrong with and cheating the Vashist family because she thought they were very good hearted people as she was unaware of the plots of Suman in particular. Her guilt was that she’s giving false hope to the Vashishts about her marriage with Ravish and she was unable to tell them the truth, this made her look confused. The dramatic ULTA PHERE situation made her look confused by hurting her further and increasing her guilt multiple folds. She would have never looked confused had it been a straight divorce document signing.
    Remember she continued in Vashist house only After the Ramakanth’s will document was read out, which said that the house belongs to Atharv. Here also Sujatha made the other Vashist’s to stay along with them and not Vividha. After Atharv regaining memory she returned to Ajmer itself.

    By the way because of Vividha, Ravish suffered and so did Atharv but they’re as equally responsible for their sufferings as Vividha. Atharv suffered more than anyone else by completely loosing his identity. Vividha too suffered for her impulsive decision for nearly 5 long years as others. Every one took wrong decisions at wrong times, even Sujatha is equally responsible for Vitharv’s suffering. Suman’s greed was responsible for Ravish’s sufferings more than Vividha’s decisions. Ravish lost Suman and Dadaji only because of Suman’s greed and not because of Vividha.

    Second time marriage again I don’t think I can really convincingly debate this and satisfy you but to make it clear.
    It was never about society in the first place because even Vividha doesn’t know she’s carrying at the time of marriage had she known she would have never asked Ravish to marry her even in the heat of the moment. I said you in my earlier comment also Atharv was solely responsible for Vividha’s hasty and impulsive decision. He was the one who was forcing her towards Ravish. Just imagine what all she experienced before that decision of her, like Atharv doubting Vividha, fake baby Atharv drama and after that forcing Vividha to marry Ravish. Though Atharv was doing all these because of fake brain report, he was the one who created that mistrust in Vividha and made her stand at cross roads by compelling her to marry Ravish. Sujatha was also equally responsible because she didn’t reveal the truth, neither did she try to find why Atharv called her after going out and she didn’t even answer to Vividha’s questions about Atharv and there was Great Suman Maatha who started taunting Sujatha’s character and her upbringing at that time. Vividha literally was a victim to the circumstances and the situation. I don’t call it a fault in her character it’s just her impulsive decision and her succumbing to the circumstances.
    Frankly speaking don’t we get manipulated by people we love or respect the most. Then why can’t she get easily manipulated by her own father and Suman, whom she considered as equal to her mother.

    Realism is being natural and driven by circumstances, learning from mistakes and committing mistakes. If you are pragmatic all the time and you are always expecting to take right decisions and not being emotional, then you are truly exceptional, ideal and unrealistic.

    This is the way I look the world. I’m not trying to convince you with this, just saying that this is how I think. I genuinely respect your opinion and I can certainly agree to disagree with your opinion as you can with that of mine.

    1. Nice interpretation veer .

    2. @veer,here we are just sharing what we think. And respect each other opinion. I always take it positively whether you agree with me or not?

      Before replying to ur explanation ..I want to know one thing

      Viv-2nd time letting kang stay in vashisht..how do you consider this decision — realism /idealism

      Atharv/rav/suja …all other family members .. initially disagreed with Viv decision…how do u see family members decision … Idealism/realism

      1. Veer

        Vividha was initially hesitant when Kangana came back on Madhav’s birthday. Only after seeing the gift sent by Mr. K she followed her and brought her to house, to trace K so that she could find her daughter. Vividha’s zest/appetite to find her daughter and She, having no other way to find her daughter other than finding about K from Kangana, who was the only one who knew him made her to bring Kangana to Vashist house for the 2nd time. Her initial thought while bringing back Kangana was only to reach her daughter through her, later she thought about Kangana being Madhav’s mother she can’t be left to her fate in her bad times and she thought they’re answerable to Madhav if he asks about Kangana in future.
        She just acted on the situation and her actions were driven only by her mere emotions of being helpless to find her daughter except through Kangana. She knows it risky to bring her back but she brought her back because she has no other way to find her daughter.

        Had she listened to Sujatha, Atharv, Ravish she would have been ideal because an ideal Female lead cannot go completely against his family, husband and in-laws.

        The fact that I liked JNDSD is only because every character in it has shades of grey. Every character is with strong ego and every character had its own philosophy of life. No character is perfect. They’re all neither good nor bad but a complete package of emotions. This is what makes it special and natural. I’m only talking about characters here and not the tracks because we all know what all unnatural tracks we have seen in JNDSD.

  26. Nice episode.

  27. pinky di where are you?are you busy?everyday you post here many comments.but yesterday I have seen that you have a few comments and today there is no comment of you.I like you most di.I like who loves vikram.when suman di was with us she gave many inform to us about vikram.When I read her comments I felt happy and get relaxed because she is one of the best fan of vikram.But now a days she forget us or busy with her family.I really miss her very much.Di wouldn’t it happens with you?will you not go away from this page like suman di?Di in this page everyone find vikram fault because he taking a selfi with Sara but why no-one react to see shivani’s pic with Shashank.I really hate this.Di please please reply me…

    1. Dear aronno don’t worry…I will never go leaving this page anywhere.as i am in summer holidays now i should be around my parent’s now they will not allow me to go to my room shut the door and be alone and i also can’t catch my phone every time and sit with them.so only not able to comment more dear.but i have promised myself that there should be even one comment of mine in everyday update.if u observ from my first comment on this page upto now i have not left this page even for one day.now also i will not leave this page even for one day so be happy dear.
      Now say about u.u r from which place.I think u r new here.actually dear i think u know we r afraid of that virus.she can come in any avtharv so only asking u this.gud afternoon and have a nice day dear ???

  28. Jenny123

    Hloo friends…I uploaded my ff named 100% love on vitharv…
    Plzz read it and comment…Your comments will boost up me to go further….

  29. Just thinking from Kangana’ perspective,

    Her child was exchanged by kk , with out her knowledge, she was used by kk, as he knows her condition and used this situation to manipulate her and take revenge from vitharv!

    What Kangana did was wrong , but she was not in her senses, even after coming back she did not claim her custody , till she saw entry of Khushi , and vividha continuously claiming Madhav as her son but showing more care to Khushi( which she genuinely deserves ) .

    No doubt vitharv and ravish love Madhav , but they have each other for entire life , but Kangana does not have anyone.

    So vividha can think from that perspective and can give some space to Kangana and show that she can care for both. With the current track , vividha is coming across as a selfish person.

    Also I still doubt if Kangana is stable or she is still doing it to take revenge.

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