Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv swearing to Sujata that he won’t raise hand in elders. Vividha goes to her room and cries. Uma and Guddi ask her to open the door. She sees Atharv’s photo and throws the frame downstairs. Atharv gets the photo frame. Vividha sees Sujata and Atharv’s photo frame. She cries and asks Guddi and Uma to let her sleep, she is very tired. She cries recalling Atharv holding Kailash’s anger.

Its morning, Sujata asks Atharv where is he going. He says I won’t sleep here, I m feeling suffocated, I want to sleep in open space. He goes upstairs. Guddi knocks the door and asks Vividha to open the door. Vividha opens the door. Guddi goes to her and hugs her, asking her not to cry. Atharv is at the either side and looks on, as Vividha stands in window. Vividha

cries and tells Guddi that how can Atharv raise hand on Papa, would he beat Papa if I did not come there. Guddi says he held Papa’s collar and you have slapped him so many times, scores got equal. Vividha says I feel like he cheated me, or if he broke my heart, why is my heart feeling so. Guddi says your heart beats for him, you don’t accept that you love him. Atharv looks on..

Vividha says never, I don’t want to see his face, leave about love. Atharv gets teary eyed. Sujata looks at him, and asks him not to worry, annoyance makes a person lie, Vividha is annoyed, she will get convinced. He says I think I did big mistake, she was crying because of me, I have hurt her. She says her tears are bringing tears in your eyes too, have patience. She says if you can hold Kailash’s collar, can’t you hold Vividha’s pallu and hold her hand. She cheers him.

Its morning, Kailash gargles and stops seeing Atharv. Everyone see Atharv. Kailash scolds Atharv for coming in his house, and asks him what are you doing here. Atharv says I came to apologize to you. Kailash angrily throws the water pot, and says holds his collar. Atharv recalls his promise to Sujata, and holds his anger by putting his hands behind his back. Kailash says you have held my collar like this, yesterday…… and today you have come here by excuse of apologizing. Kailash asks him to get lost and pushes him. Vividha thinks shall I go now, but no Papa will get more annoyed, what shall I do. Kailash pushes Atharv outside his house.

Sujata looks on from far and says don’t get angry Atharv. Atharv says I regret whatever happened yesterday, please forgive me. Kailash says if you really came to apologize, then apologize in better way. He sits on the chair and says everyone here works for me and respects me, you did not insult me alone, you insulted all of them, you have to apologize to all of them, like Dubey, my old employee, he is loyal and special person, you pushed him, apologize to him first. Sujata asks Atharv to control his anger. Vividha says I should go, there is no control of Atharv’s anger, he can do anything. Atharv folds hands and apologizes to Dubey.

Kailash tells about the veg vendor, he felt bad and could not sleep all night, apologize to her too. Atharv folds hands. Kailash asks him to walk ahead and apologize well. Atharv apologizes to that man. Uma, Dadi, Guddi and Ankit look on. Sujata smiles as Atharv is not getting angry.

Kailash calls the house cleaner and says apologize to him now. Atharv apologizes to that man. The man signs no and folds hands to Atharv. Atharv says I m sorry to hurt you, don’t fold hands. Kailash calls his workers and says you have beaten them, apologize to them for insulting me and beating them, come on, bend down and apologize. Atharv apologizes to them. Kailash asks Atharv to apologize to his loyal dog. Vividha comes there and hears Kailash.

Kailash is breaking Atharv’s in house temple and wants to make a new one. Sujata asks Atharv to do something, its his Nani’s wish to light diya there daily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Meghana

    Omg !!!! Stupid idiot egoistic kailash…..sweet hearted atharvvv so sad fr u
    director sir pls stop these kailash and atharv scenes they r hurting our fans a lottt and pls make vivi realise atharv love

  2. I think aftr this apology drama specially the part when her father asked him to apologize to the street dog vividha will get to knw a bit of her father’s character…and evn I guess guddi will tell everything how her papa made atharv apologize to the workers…
    In this way Atharv in a very smart way will bring out the true face of kailash in front of vividha …
    This is the best show…no dragging n ol…full on drama and silent romance …my fav serial ???

  3. finally one good thing vividha atleast sees her father’s reality slightly atharva u r super gd acting Too 🙂

  4. Guys why is there no jndsd ff?? I am a big fan of Vitharv…I hardly comment bt I so wish there is a jndsd ff…plz guys anyone ??

    1. Meghana

      Hi aksha dear i ll try to write write an ff as i hv some idea and interest to write and i m also big fan fr vitharv…i start observing clock at 4:30 onlyyy

      1. O thank you so much meghana…eagerly waiting for your ff dear…bdw same here a very big fan of Vitharv …I too keep on staring the clock from 4 -4:30 onwards

      2. dont drag this wonderful serial by dragging unnecesary plot. N pls dont let vividha to marry anothr guy.we all love 2 see this serial.

  5. Meghana

    YAMINI DI a small doubt is it true that jndsd is gng to b telecasted @10:30pm frm july 2 if so i’d b happy

  6. i want to ask something……i read in a review tht vividha will marry an rich man for her papa.and adharva will be mentally depressed .thn vivdha came to knw tht her husband is adharv’s step brother..is all tht true??????

    1. We don’t want this track in the serial so wishing that this does not happen

      1. ya.i wish too.bt i saw it in review.i felt sad reading this
        so i asked

      2. I guess it is just a rumour coz a same rumour came that atharv will be faking his love for vividha to take revenge from kailash bt now it doesn’t seem that Atharv is faking his love …he is deeply n truely in love with vividha which is clearly shown by his actions and emotions only

  7. What aa emotional atharv

  8. Feeling good as Vividha will realise a little bit of her role model father KAILASH KASHYAP’s evil face. Atharv plzz don’t cry this much yaar …….
    Whn I see u crying I also have teary eyes… •_• and
    writers plz don’t drag any track soon make vividha realise her father’s original face

    Guys can u tell me in which grade u all r and from where?
    first of all I have to introduce myself.
    Iam Ardra from Kerala . I have completed my 10th nd just entered to 11th science stream……

    1. Arshdeep

      I am from haryana..completed 12th and giving medical entrance exams now

      1. Best of luck for your entrance exams Arshdeep

      2. Arshdeep

        Thank youu??

      3. All the best Arshdeep ??

      4. Arshdeep

        Thank you vishaka 🙂

      5. It’s ok and don’t ever use these two words with me thankyou and sorry in their place you can use something else or any other technique these words hurt my pure care for the other person

    2. I am from Pakistan intendancy/diocese Rawalpindi district taxila and it will be my annual exams of b.a part one after a month

    3. Hi …I am vishaka from Assam…doing b.tech in civil engineering

  9. I hate girls like vividha.they are without brain emotions etc. they are like dolls in someone’s hand.they have no aim or target in life .and one more thing atharv is not really loving her he is just acting.I got it from the spoilers. I am sorry but I can’t control this

  10. Arshdeep

    Thank you for the update.

    Lovely atharv..? Love you..??
    How the angry young man atharv controlled his anger for vividha and his mom..?

    Kailash can never improve.. Dirty minded man.??

    I wish vividha hears what kailash has said and when atharv go to apologise to dog she stops him and question that egoistic kailash kashyap?

    Poor sujata.. Her greatest memory of her mother..her house is snatched by this cruel man??

    I just love to watch the mother son love and understanding?❤

  11. Hii ardra ….I’m from andhra Pradesh …coming to serial what will happen next we can’t predict ,according to review that may be true or may not. I hope writers will change for us .so plzzzzzzz guys just be positive about VITHARV

  12. Hw can anyone b so cruel

  13. She doesn’t expect such behaviour from atharv so did she expect such behaviour from her father that he will order atharv to sorry that dog it’s just crab and how much he loves her she didn’t deserve that much atharv plz don’t love her so much as this makes us sad ? because she is not trying to understand u and not trust u still u love her this makes us sad

  14. Hi guys I am from andhra Pradesh I completed my b.tech .actually I am a silent reader I luv thz show becz of two reasons thz is not like Saas n bahu ,male protagonist hv a strong character . vikram i hv seen ur million dollar girl I just like the way u express ur feelings to avanti I luved it. In thz show ur hot n smile was mind blowing lots of love for u atharv.

  15. Yeah meri babhi had informed this to I didnt read yet. Will confirm n say the link of update Meghana behein..

  16. Guys i wish i can see atharv installing dairy farm successfully which will be a good move and kailash should be jealous of his success

  17. Bcoz he wants his SIL a rich person and i wanna see atharv becoming rich if front of Kailash. Later he will have powers to put kailash real face to vividha… Want to see this.

    1. Your above two wishes will surely come true either soon or later

  18. Guys dont assume that there is no love b/w atharv and vividha. Without love how can a guy apologise to so many ppl as well controll his anger just for the tears from Vividha’s eyes

    1. We understand it as anyone can control his anger only for love and he had two his mother and vividha so he has to control his anger

  19. Out of all the serials shown by the Star Plus, this one – Jana Na Dil Se Door, is worth watching. I like the performances of the Vikram Singh Chauhan, Shivani Surve and Shila Tulaskar as outstanding. Vikram delivers the effects of his dialogues through his eyes and so does Shivani. Hope there is no dragging in this serial as I have seen other serials like Mere Angane Mein and Suhani Si Ek Ladki.

  20. Meghana

    Tnq yamini di and i m frm andhra pradesh i m studying 9th bt i cmnt hardly here n as tdy is sunday i m little free

  21. Gud luck for ur entrance Arshdeep….. and eagerly waiting for ur ff.
    Meghana nd Arshdeep plz try to post it asap…
    By the way I have an idea of posting an OS abt Vitharv as I’m also a die heart fan of this cute couple…..

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you but sorry i did not say i will post a ff.. Sorry dear i am not so talented to write one..and dont have time too as very busy with studies

    2. Meghana

      Ardra di i dint get u can u pls tell me what did u mean by posting ff in asap??? And i cant give u promise dat i ll write i ll just try bcoz first time i m tryinggg

    3. If u had idea of writing ff then start don’t think as thinking makes decision harder Best of luck for your ff

  22. asap means as soon as possible…by the way r the rumors true???plz confirm it and tell me i dont want such rumors…plz

    1. I don’t know that the rumour is true or not but that rumour was also written in a poll about jndsd in telly updates and we wish then the writers change it for our happiness please writers don’t do this with us

  23. I am bit annoyed by reading the plot that vividha will get married to a rich guy leaving atharv mentally sick. it’s not acceptable. all the characters are super in this show. A special applause to vividha,atharv and sujata chachi.

  24. Hai Ardra, I am also from Kerala,finished 10th& entered 11th science stream.

    Atharv,u are so great.u became ready to apologise even to Kailash’s servants,only for Vividha. Atharv,please don’t say sorry to Kailash’s dog…..

    Vividha…..plz…..try to understand Atharv’s loving mind&ur papa’s devilish & egoistic rude mind…. Precap is very much confusing.

  25. if the rumors comes true tn fr god sake writers should stop writing more as it will be very annoying…

    1. Umeed pe dunya kaim hai iss liye
      Hope for good

  26. lets see hw viv reacts to her fathers or wt r her thoughts…i prays she gets to know something abt her cruel pujya pitaji… 🙂

  27. pls dont let vividha marry anothr guy

  28. atharv plz dont cry cant watch u like this n vividha plz realise his feeling for u n show some ur gud chemistry….big fan of JNDSD

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