Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with army men giving training to the family. Atharv asks questions and laughs. He asks them what will they do if opponent comes like this. Ravish smiles and says when opponent is infront of you, look into his eyes and know his move, you can defend him. Ravish says its time for weapon training now. Dadi Bua tells Suman that shooting is done by heart, not hands. Dadi Bua and Suman shoot. Vividha says I can’t kill anyone. Ravish says when gun is lifted by responsibility, its not a crime, come. She says even then, its a gun….

Ravish teaches Vividha how to shoot. He asks her to focus on the target and not see the trigger, it will be pressed on own by holding the palm tight. She looks at him. He goes. Aruna acts as if she does not know gun is heavy and drops

it. Ravish observes her. He gets a call and man says we got info about the terrorist reaching Delhi. Ravish asks are you sure, any other input. The man says we got some pics Sir. Ravish says mail me pics right away. Aruna shoots at the bull’s eyes. The lady praises her shooting skills. Everyone get scared to shoot and move by gun’s pressure. Aruna shoots well. Ravish gets the pics. Aruna comes there. Ravish sees her pic, in burqa veil. He zooms on the eyes and sees Aruna. Ravish gets shocked.

She goes. Ravish goes to her and says now time is over. Aruna has gun with her and shoots him. Aruna smiles. She imagines shooting him. Ravish says your practice is over, give the gun, it will go to officers’ custody. She says sure and gives gun. She says I was coming to give this, sorry. Ravish says practice ended, relax. Dadi Bua asks Suman to get tea. Suman asks her to come. Ravish tells the team that he is taking family outside, you will follow Aruna and capture her, we will see if she calls someone, we have to capture her, she is terrorist.

Bhoomi jokes and asks Vipul to get saved from her. Atharv asks Suman to make pakodas. Dadi Bua says Suman makes good pakodas. Everyone sit and have a talk. Daddy ji says we will go out for dinner. Dadi Bua says we will cook something at home. Aruna gets inside the house by window. Army men follow her. Ravish tells his family to listen carefully and do as he says. She asks them not to step out of house, where is Vividha. Suman says she is in room. Ravish goes to room and does not see her. He calls her out. Ravish gets message about terrorists’ real identity. He tells Vividha that Aruna is not any helpless woman, I knew she knows shooting, she is Wasim’s wife, that dangerous terrorist, that woman lied to us, her real name is …..

Vividha says I know, she is Wasim’s wife. He asks what. Aruna runs out. Ravish asks what, did you know this. Vividha says she told me everything. Aruna comes there. Ravish aims gun at her and asks her to get down on knees now. Aruna cries. Ravish says what did you think, you will enter house by hiding name and I will not know, its time to drop curtains on this drama, why did you come here.

Aruna tells her real name and cries. She asks is it my crime to be Wasim’s wife. She says I know how people treat with terrorist’s family, I was blamed by everyone and got humiliated, as I was terrorist’s wife, everyone were after me, why should I pay for his crimes, my daughter does not know her dad is a terrorist, I know I lied, but just to save my life. Vividha says its not her mistake, she has bear all this as she married a wrong man. Atharv plays and goes out. The man asks Atharv to shut door and stay inside. Vividha says Ravish, Aruna told this to me, she does not want to break our trust, its not her mistake. Ravish asks Aruna to say everything in army headquarters.

Ravish gets a call. The man says cantonment area is hacked. Ravish leaves and reaches cantonment area. Aruna and his men aim gun at Ravish’s family and make them hostage. Vividha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Next epi will serve well to vividha.. alwys 2 full of hrself..

  2. Omg vividha and atarva only create the problems in basist house. Retarded

    1. No need to create anything in vashista’s house. House itself a crime. Attacks on ladies, affairs, murders. So wat else or who else need to create crime.

  3. How fool is vividha!!!! if she knew about aruna why she didn’t inform ravish…??? Khud to kuch karnehi pati hai baas paresani badhati hai…. Ye kya ek show hai jiska female lead bahat poor dikha rahe hai… I hope iss terrorist drama main vividha kuch kamal kare…….

  4. Like always vividha was fooled by Aruna.????????

  5. Wt the hell
    I think atharv will save vasist family from teristists

    1. Yeah I also feel same as u said Atharv vividha together save vashista’s family.

      I feel that its a clue, when Atharv was roaming with gun.Sujatha said Atharv took training and got gold medal for gun shooting.
      Today they showed vividha hesitated to use gun. But she will use it by Atharv’s strength in terrorist attack. Great clues right!!!

  6. another boring episode……….

  7. Star plus making terrorist attacks as a joke. I don’t understand, r dis makers thinking terrorist attacks was a silly thing.. Like its a game to play. Such a stupid thought.
    First of all its Stupidity to show army man staying at his residence for a long time.
    Biggest stupidity was turning love story into army tragedy.

    1. ..yaa…like Diya aur baati hum and dahleez this show is also having terrorist track
      But dabh was about police officer,so there is no problem for terrorist track
      But this was a beautiful love story…why did they spoiled it
      But if they don’t show atharve as the savior of vasist family,it will be completely disgusting…

  8. Wtf after knowing truth of jinat how can she stay quite and hide from ravish omg she is not only selfish such stupid and brainless lead actress dhu hhhhhhh go to hell vividha .pagal ki giflfriend pagal hi hai u don’t deserves ravish…..

  9. If anybody dies in family vividha is 100% responsible for that coz of her over emotions and posesiveness .how can the lead actress can be so retarded . Pls maker give her some brain . She don’t deserves to be army’s wife …

  10. Don’t want too much dragging with this terrorist drama. As in previous shows they dragged it like rubber.
    Just waiting for old JNDSD charm in show.

  11. Vividha is such crap

  12. Boring episode….I think atharv wil save vashista familyyy….

  13. Awesome episode …I like Ravish acting…

  14. Did anyone notice in precap, all family members r one side. Vipul was with that Aruna. Was he helping or he was taken as hostage.

    Anyways high drama started. When will it end was a big question???
    I’m worrying about this week. It won’t end easily.

  15. Bakwas ….. its boring episode . Shw ws strted vth luv story and now what is this new drama terrorist attack and all . Confusing shw.

  16. Hmm…as usual jndsd is ready for another millatary operation……..oreyy ravish asalu army person ee na ra…..ma atharv already aa chintugadini tukkurekottadu ra starting lo ne……ma vadi heroism already prove aindhi…..idi rubber kadu ra bubble gum ra reyyyy…….inka enni days ra ee punishment maku…entha bavundo starting lo ma vadi love story…..ipudu pulihora chesaru kadara……pakodi yedavallara…..orey nijamga naku ee story writers dorakali ra……..chachhare na chethilo……

  17. Orey director ga endi ra e sodi., female lead tho iddaru male lead’s sarasalu, adikuda iddaru brother’s. Ne aiya..inka muguru male lead’s ne petakapoyava..inka bagundedi. Panchali ayedi vividha.
    Oh I forgot three side male’s are there vipul,seethuram,chintu.
    Sodi nayala koncham kuda sense unda ra ladies respect gurinchi. Serial lo women empowerment antunavu mari female lead antha weak chesaventi ra. First ne mind set marchuko nayana tharavatha empowerment sangathi chudam.
    Sorry guys unable to control my self after watching vividha ravish scene.
    Enthina own language lo tidithene satisfaction kada…now I m OK!!!

  18. Hi apple ,navya ,143…..avnu apple nijamgane mana language lo correct titlu vastayi…..drag cheyochu serials but they are diverting from main track…. anduke irritation vastondhi manaki….

    1. Navz

      Hii lakshmi.Yesss nuvvu eppudu correct. Haha. Nenu choodatam manestunnana piccha chiraku vastundi. Appudu appudu comments pedata. Ponle deeni valla kontamndi frnds kuda dorikaru GA
      If u wanna try ishqbaaz choodu. Baaguntundi deeni kanna.nenu ishqbaaz and jndsd choosedaanni kaani ippudu idi asssalu interest raavatledu .anyways how r u doing and nuvvu em chaduvutunnav.

  19. Loving to see suman get more scoldings from dadi…
    I don’t want ravish to save vividha from terrorist, want my atharv to save vividha.. Just like she drove bike to save atharv, expecting vividha to shoot aruna with confidence of atharv.. Pls end this terrorist track and bring back atharv sujata.

  20. Hello Lakshmi… i completely agree with yu. Own Lang loo antene yu will feel good. Kani Ravish is not flamboyant. Infact tanu helping to the family. Unfortunately Atharv role ipudu kiddish ga chesaru, Ravish ni pakka ga highlight cheyali kada. While coming to the episodes Suman felt very jealous when dadi bua is
    showing care and love towards sujata jii.. and writers yu are dragging too much.
    Pls stop dragging n bring the guddi’s culprit in front. Expose kailash kasup to the society. Bring atharv to normal.

  21. Hi, good morning frnds. Have a great day.
    Waiting for today’s episode…
    Terrorist dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..?????

  22. Any Telugu people here watching Telugu version of JNDSD.
    Its going to hell in a month. Sujatha Ramakant and vitharv love going on.

  23. Navz

    Guys still watching diz hell drama I am totally wexed of all this idiotic twists and stupid new characters. They will not bring atharv to normal state this sooon. Soo better of leaving the show. I will see it when atharv comes to normal state. Even many of my frnds and cousins who love this show left it. Now itz my time to say alvida to d show. Bye bye jndsd. Hope u get well soon

  24. This Vividha is such a big fool.Agar sachai pata chal gayi toh Ravish Ko bataya kyon nahi?paagal kahin Ki.She don’t deserve to be a army man’s wife.
    Ravish ne jab Aruna se savaal puchna start kiya toh ye Vividha paagal kyon ro rahi thi as if Aruna is her sister.
    Vashisht parivaar khatte Mein hai toh sirf uss paagal Vividha ke vajah se.

  25. @143.Hi good morning.
    Please directors give some brain to Vividha.

    1. if director had a brain then he will
      definitely give to vividha .i think she is the only lead actres in star plus with out brain

  26. @Nina?

    Ravish deserves a girl who is strong and brave like him.

  27. @143 iam watching jndsd in telugu
    @[email protected] u r words r super
    The way u scoulded that director is awesome????

  28. Arey yar y v have 2 think same as usual who will save family from terrorist. Atharv, vividha, Ravish. I m fed up with this director.
    It would be great if dadi Bua save family. Actually dadi bua was too straight forward and we can see how she challenged suman in gun firing. So I was expect dadi bua.
    And finally want Atharv to help dadi bua..in his bindas way.?????

  29. Gud my frnds
    Have a nice nd lovely day

    1. u too Sunanda

  30. Sachin where r u i left a reply for u on 16th’s december update but neither u replied there nor comment on anyother episode afterward yar just check the page i know u can’t get any frnd on this page but how could u forget me i am here and still alive could u come to this link/page we could talk much there

    1. Sry sry i will be thr soon just need to get home fast fr wifi

  31. Hi navya,rita,sunanda…..hw r u doing…..I’m watching ishqbaaz from episode 1 navya….this show is ok……in jndsd the love track btwn atharv and vividha is extraordinary. …..but nw it became worst……in ishqbaaz the story is not dragging that much as jndsd…..I like billu’s slang very much……dialogs btwn 3 brothers and anika,sahil r super. ……but I still love jndsd than ishqbaaz…I think bcoz of atharv….nijamga ee story evado pakodigadu extend chestunnadu…..lekapothe antha beautiful love story ni pulihora evadu chestadu…..

    1. Hi Lakshmi, u r right. Unable to leave JNDSD becoz vitharv ultimate love. Actually i watch 3 shows in star plus JNDSD, ishqbaaz, Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil. But I just comment on JNDSD page. I was much addicted with JNDSD.
      Ishqbaaz and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil shows r good. But I love nly JNDSD.

  32. Boring track..

  33. I think this time makers will show some barvery altitude in vividha role. As per on location video and in precap. Vividha, Atharv and family was captured by terrorist team and Ravish will shown army altitude from out of house.
    So its the time to show female lead strong and brave.even Atharv also helpless becoz of mental condition.
    Director Sab atleast now use ur brain to save JNDSD.

  34. @Lakshmi.
    Hi Lakshmi.I also watch Ishqbaaz&jndsd.In Ishqbaaz they are not dragging so much like jndsd.

  35. Yes lakshami iam also a crazy fan of ishqbazz . But i like jndsd first than any one

  36. Iam just seeing jndsd for atharv.even if vitharv unite or not i dont care.i just want atharv in the serial

  37. CVs please please get atharva sujata backa and unite vitharv please. we are dying to see vitharva marrige and post marriage chemistry.

    Before that we want justish for vitharv by punishing kk and ankit.

    This show has show has so much potential to show all these stuff. But they are dragging the show and showing boring episodes back to back.

  38. @Manirul.I strongly agree with you.I’m dying to see Vitharv together.
    Pehle ye show acha Tha na isliye ye writers aur directors iss serial Ko bigadna chahte hai taaki Kisi Ko bhi is serial Mein interest na aaye?

  39. Atharv kabhi kabhi theek ho jata hai toh kabhi bachon jaisa .Atharv Ko theek karo.
    I think Atharv Bache jaise nahi hai writers ka dimaag Bache jaisa hai?

    1. i agree with [email protected] Syed….sabsee pahalee director sab ka ilaaj theek karna chaahie ;P ;P ;P ;P

  40. Ravish nd vivida ni kalapataniki show ni drag chestunatu vunaru.. Always ravish scenes.. Boring yar..apudu atharv sujatha malli vasthado..

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