Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish trying to get friendly with Atharv. He gets his laptop and keeps it. He switches it on and says we will play a song on it, we both will dance together. Atharv gets glad and turns the laptop towards Ravish. Vividha’s pic is on the screen display. Vipul jokes that Bhoomi was afraid of Situram. Daddy ji says he wants to have ginger tea. Vividha says I will make it. Suman thanks her. Vividha says don’t say thanks for tea. Suman says you worked hard for all this preparations, thanks.

Sujata asks Atharv what is this bad behaviour. Ravish stops her. He does not see Vividha’s pic. Atharv says I want to go out, I don’t like staying her. Ravish says we will go out, two friends trust each other, I promise you, I will never harm you. Atharv smiles.


says we will learn a new thing today. He shakes hands with Atharv and plays game. Sujata laughs. Atharv likes it. Sujata says I m sorry for what Atharv did, he has become like this, he never harms anyone. Suman says Vividha, you made the evening memorable. Vividha says the idea was of Daddy ji. Suman says he always takes care of me, but I m glad you respected his words, what could I expect more from my bahu. She hugs Vividha.

Ravish says please, you don’t cry, don’t apologize or feel guilty. Atharv asks Sujata to see the game. Ravish says no one has seen Atharv, he was in my room. Sujata asks did your wife not see him. Ravish says no, she was not in the room. Sujata asks whats your wife’s name. Situram calls Ravish. Ravish says I have imp work and leaves. Sujata plays with Atharv and hugs him.

Ravish enters his room by the window. He asks Situram to say. He sees Vividha coming. She asks what happened. He says nothing, I thought its Situram. She asks will he have ginger tea. He says sure, thanks. She asks is everything alright. He says yes, I think I m much tired. He looks at her and smiles. She turns and sees him smiling. He looks for his clothes. She says that’s my wardrobe, what are you finding. He says my maroon shirt. Kalindi and Bhoomi hear them.

Vividha says I have kept it. He asks did you keep this. She says yes, I arranged wardrobe, sorry, if you feel bad. He says no. She gives his shirt. His hand touches her hand, and she gets her hand away. He says I m really very sorry, no need to say anything, I know there is much to say and listen in between us, I will go and change. Bhoomi takes away Kalindi hearing footsteps. Situram passes by. Kalindi says I feel all the things are connected, but how, the distance between Vividha and Ravish, Vividha being Sujata’s neighbours, Uma getting tensed. She asks Bhoomi is she listening.

Bhoomi shows Atharv’s pic. Kalindi asks who what, he was in pic with Sujata. Bhoomi says he is Atharv, Sujata’s son. Kalindi says Atharv, it means Sujata and Ramakant’s son. Bhoomi says I did your work, have these nuts. Kalindi says this news is great and smiles.

Sujata asks Atharv to sit here and have food. He says I want to have that dish. She asks what. He signs jackfruit. Sujata cries and says I will make that tomorrow, how to get it today, tell me. She asks him to call her Maa. He laughs. She makes him drink water and asks him to sleep. He starts laptop and sees Vividha’s pic. He says she is here. Sujata gets shocked. He tells her again. Sujata thinks everything changed, just your love did not change.

She recalls Vividha and thinks how to tell you, Vividha is just a picture, a thought. She says she is gone, very far. Atharv says she is here. Sujata says fine, I did big mistake, she is here, forgive me, calm down, be quiet, sleep now. She says Vividha, I don’t know where you are, its all because of you, my son is in this state, Lord is seeing everything, Lord will make you pay for your deeds. Atharv recalls Vividha and says Vividha….

Kalindi says we were going to meet Vividha’s neighbours, Sujata and Atharv. Suman asks how dare you take Sujata’s name. Vividha comes there. Kalindi asks did Ramakant get this girl to make bahu. Suman says Vividha does not know Sujata had a relation with Ramakant. Vividha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sujata blaming vividha. It’s kailash’s fault that atharv is like this. Vividha didn’t know what kailash was planning she thought the same as everyone else, so how is she to blame?

    1. It is Vividah fault! She had so many chance to elope and get married. Yes Artharv always running after her being there for her family situation putting her first. Where is Vividah family now? They really don’t care to find out or even look for Artharv if he is alive? They could have done more without devil kailaash knowing.

      When she left the man she loves in his dead bed she could have come back in any case and search for him make sure he is safe n treated. Unfortunately they’re all just pretending n crying over his soul. I say if Artharv get better which he should and show himself in person to whom forsake him that he isn’t that weak as they’re.

      Sujata need to find somewhere or do more for her son. Don’t depend on step son or ex join family’s. I fully agree with her to blame Vividah

  2. So Sujatha is angry with Vividha and is blaming her for the state Atharv is in. This means she might support Vividha in her marriage with Ravish as she wouldn’t want her to come into her son’s life again and ruin it. Waiting to see how Vividha will react on seeing them in this house and if she will agree to knowing them.

  3. Atharv was sooo cute… and Sujata ji please don’t angry on Vividha..

  4. Sujata ji… aap please don’t go against Vividha…

  5. Friends… plzzzzz tell me that… kya atharv and vividha ekk gonge yaa nhi.. ? I am verry tensed… plzzz tell me.. ??

  6. Tuffy… plssss… bataona… kya atharv and vividha ekk hojaenge yaa nhiii…?

  7. O no Sujata,no …

  8. i agree with sujata, as a mother i would have done the same! (i’m not a mother just thinking from a mother’s pov)????

  9. I did not understand one thing…..what abt that scene where kalindi and bhoomi ask viv abt atharv and sujatha….what answer did viv give….and this was strdy precap right???…sry if I m wrong…I vl always read only updates…..
    ANYONE PLZ ANSWER Me….Plz plz Plz……

  10. What type of msg passing to d audience………??????

    Anna ni preminchi thammudu ni pelli chesukune situation……. Kailsh thappu valla intha mandi badha padutunnaru……… Idi correct kadu…… Preminchina manishini alanti mental situation lo chudagalara…..????? Adhe intlo petti a ammayiki inka narakam chupinchatame……??!!
    Ilanti stories valla prema ante bayam vestundi……. Telugu movies lo ilantivi chalaaaaa chusam….. Marchandi plssss storyline Marchandi….. ?????

  11. How can sujata balme vivi .she know its all kailash fault.the way ravish cared for atharv is superb.he is the best son.
    The smile of atharv is back by ravish
    Tq amena di for update

  12. I think it will take some time havilah.
    To the untie of vitharv

    1. I hope Sunanda… I want see my Vivi happy..

    2. Hmmm… I hope.. I want see my vivi happy.

  13. I did not understand one thing…..what abt that scene where kalindi and bhoomi ask viv abt atharv and sujatha….what answer did viv give….and this was strdy precap right???…sry if I m wrong…I vl always read only updates…..
    ANYONE PLZ ANSWER Me….Plz plz Plz……

  14. What’s wrong with the direction team… why they are showing .. sujtha against vividha.. when vividha left Athrv…sujatha also there with them and sujtha knows why she left athrv…then why is she angry on vividha…….
    till now viewers r hurt vith ur mendless thoughts.,so stop such a stupid thought from ur mind….its get viewers more hurt..i know u people won’t care for we viewers and does what u want…but not anymore stupids/directors…stop it.

  15. Atharvs acting was superb.I watch the serial because Atharv.

    1. Same he is so cool?

    2. Same he is so co

  16. Tq amena for updates

  17. Vividha will stay married to Ravish and they will take care of Arthava together. I think.

  18. When atharv gets cured.i want to see atharv and vividha together.????

    Tq amena for the update

  19. Nabamita Sarkar

    Atharv would die if Vividha didn’t appeal for the marrige so please Sujataji don’t blame her.

  20. Dragging same routine story at last vividha will unite with ravish ho no ek no. Ka bakwas serial

  21. Ek number ka bakwas serial waste to watch this blo*dy shit serial

  22. Guys Sujata is not wrong..please try to understand her ….I know Vividha is innocent…But look at her family members I mean Uma and Dadi they know Ankit and Kailash is culprit still they r not punishing them …pehele wo chup the because Atharv life is in danger but now they r thinking Atharv is dead because of that Ankit..par ab ye log in donoko police ke hawale kyu nahi karte..kisine Sujata ko search kiya???..Atharv mar Gaya topic khatam..Vividha Ki life set Ho gayi…especially that Uma mujhe laga nahi tha wo itni selfish aur third class hogi…Atharv aur Sujata ne kya kuch nahi kiya in logoke liye…aur inhone inka ghar hadapliya…..they almost killed Atharv…..I know shayad Kailash aur Ankit hi unka ( Uma , dadi, guddi) ka aakhari Sahara hai but kisine Sujata ka socha Atharv ko agar kuch Ho jata to uska kya hota?????….Vividha ke vajah se dono families Ki life main problems aai hai…Vividha bhi uske liye responsible hai ..uske pass aur bhi options the shadi ke Siva …wo Kailash KO police complaint karti ya fir sabse best SUICIDE ke dhamki deti ….Us hopeless Uma ko Vividha Ki chinta horri hai so aaramse apne sasural main luxurious life jee rahi hai saara kaam to uski Saaas hi karti hai..ye maharani sirf makeup karke ghumti hai…..Atharv use apni maa samajhta tha uss e uski koi parva nahi hai ??..apne criminal husband aur bete Ki galtiyaan dhak rahi hai….Kya Sujata aur Atharv ke life Ki koi value nahi hai…Vividha pad jaaegi Ravish ke pyaar main much Dino baad but what about Atharv????…..Sujata????? Vividha Ravish ke saath bhi dhoka kar rahi hai ….Vividha aur uski Puri family chor , criminal aur cheap hai …..sirf us Vividha Ki vajah se dono families suffer kar rahi hai…SO GUYZZ APKO NAHI LAGTA SUJATA KA GUSSA SAHI HAI VIVIDHA KE LIYE??? …..i don’t know daily soap main hamesha Heroine ke Character ko Hero’s ke character se jyada value kyu multi hai chahe wo kitini bhi USELESS kyu na Ho example Vividha……..she is Selfish b*t*h…that’s why many male actors quite the shows….I m afraid kahi Vikram Singh Chauhan aka Atharv bhi ye decision na le..Directors and Makers agar aapko in characters ( Atharv and Sujata ) ka is tarah insult hi karna tha to apko inhe introduced hi nahi karna chahiye tha show main..Ravish aur Vividha Ki love story dikate…..mujhse Atharv Ki ye halat nahi dekhi jaati especially Sujata Ki…Vividha ke make hai ek Gaya to dusra hai na ….Poor Atharv, Ravish and Sujata ?

    1. I do agree with u..
      as a mother sujata is doing right..uske hisaab se na hi atharv ko vivi se pyr hota aur na hi uski ye halat hoti…and moreover atharv did a lot for viv nd her family..

  23. Hello directors,

    r u thinking that viewers are mental fellows. Just try to show some reality concepts..Suman is continuously seeing vividha like a goddess.its her duty in the home. it is very awkward..try to show some reality..Ravish got love by seeing her face that means you don’t give importance to heart only to beauty..stupid thing…now vividha is getting love on ravish and she is very happy now and she forgot her love and lover atharv bcoz he is past..now she got new one..that means she is such a stupid girl..nonsense..there is no value for love and heart.if i meet a girl like vividha i will kill her. ugly girl.how she is behaving like this with her new husband and new life..she is very happy. stop to direct these type of ugly serials.stupids.

  24. Yeah it’s quiet popular trend in serials ki ladki jise shadi karti h usse hi pyaar karnay lagti to m to khata vikram kar kiya raha serial kahari m na sunney kay ley….
    I guarantee no can be better than vikram he is has excellent timing… dialogue dilvery…best among all..

  25. its just a show just go with the flow and see wat happens.Till now show is running as planned no chages have been dne for the sake of trp.Producer himself said in an interview the real story has now started till now only one side of coin was shown.They wanted love of vitharv to be set in minds of audience.They must have smthng good and diff in store.Only problm is its going very slow.

  26. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in future episodes, the writers are dragging this track, kailash is not shown, who knows what he’s upto. Why can’t writers ever punish people like kailash is serials? Why the bad always shown as getting away. I just hope this serial isn’t made as a film and something different is shown, especially if vividha tells ravish everything about how she knows atharv and sujata and the wedding. In fact the whole family should know that she was forced into the marriage and she had no idea who suman or ravish was, enough though she saw suman at her haldi function. Also that her mom wanted to tell them before the marriage but her dad stopped her and why. At least show some positivity in this serial writers. Don’t make this like HDDCS.

  27. I too agree with Koran ji sorry Kiran ji

    1. Really Atharv acting is superb marvelous as a mad guy and in suman character needs reduce some over action about vividha. I really hate vividha character in this serial. she don’t have any moral values and there is no value for love and effection. she want one guy to love her, she doesn’t care whether it is ravish or atharv. she needs one guy thats it.stupid girl. directors needs to show some human values to the society.

  28. I think atharv or ravish could die or vividha should die its happy ending ha

  29. Haaan yaar… Uma such me selfish hai.. jab unko atharv lagta hai ki atharv mar gaya… fir usne socha tak bi nhi ki Sujata hai kaha… ? Uski halat kya hai.. Vividha bi Sujata ko yaad tak nhi ki…

  30. Yeah correct uma, vividha and all their family members are selfish people. Ravish is perfect in his character except falling in love with vividha..directors spoiling his character by falling in love with vividha without knowing anything about her and becoz of beauty only and telling he is a matured guy. how it is possible?such a stupid thing. mental writers they are spoiling the culture.

  31. Check out this picture of Atharv and Vividha! Maybe they havent yet come face to face on the show, but nice to see a pic of them together after a long time!


  32. May be some fb with ravish &vividha child hood……….ravish valla father ichhina letter full ga chadavinatlu chupinchaledu and ravish tells tana mottam jeevitham valla nanna adigadu ani annadu. So ravish nijanga ramakanth’s kodukena leka anaada okvela anaade ayethe aa letter vividha chuste? Serial ending lo ravish and vividha eddaru chanipoyinattu namminchi adharv and sujatha ki valla father name & respect ichhi vallku duranga happiga untaru…….
    This my thinking guys

  33. Am unable to understand as why vividha to be blame.kailash was the reason behind all the state of Atharva.Waise bhi yeh tv serial hein relax guys.Itna high voltage drama toh dikhana hi hein

  34. Yr ye viv itna Rone ka natak krti h..usse ye ni hota ki atharv ka pta lagae..
    And her family is toooo selfish..ye log to kailash se bi bura role play kr rhe h..
    and atharv did so much for viv nd her family..

  35. i agree wit u sujata but smwhere viv is innocent ….dis 2 morons kailash n ankit r responsible 4 dis n btw where r dis two now??whts wrong wit viv so awkward acting towards ravish…wht does c think of herself…atharv acting was awesome…vitharv is d cutest couple in star

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