Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman meeting Daddy ji and asking his life. She says Ravish is not listening, he wants to get Vividha married to Atharv. Atharv likes sherwani and asks whose is it. She says its for Atharv’s marriage. He asks my marriage, with whom. She says with me. He asks how, you are my friend, not GF. She says I m your friend and a girl. He says this can’t happen. She asks why and argues. Sujata looks on.

Suman says I feel helpless, how can I see Ravish bearing loneliness and pain, if I want to get Ravish marry someone else, he should agree, I know he will not agree, as he just loves Vividha, what did he get in return, nothing, our family became a joke, all this because of illegitimate Atharv. Daddy ji says I had seen this situation and took that step. She asks for

some solution.

Sujata asks Vividha not to do this. Vividha says whatever decided will happen, marriage will happen today. Daddy ji says just one right move is needed. Sujata worries and says what shall I do now. Suman comes home. Dadi Bua asks her where did she go. Suman says I wanted to have some fresh air, and taunts that Ravish is not marrying Vividha. Sujata gets sad.

Vividha comes and gives mehendi cone asking her to apply mehendi. Atharv looks on. Sujata and Dadi ask Vividha to think again, everyone will be hurt. Vividha says time to think is over, now its time to do, Sujata write Atharv’s name on my hand. Sujata refuses. Vividha asks what happened to you. Sujata says you know what happened, don’t do this. Vividha asks why can’t I decide for my life, if I have no objection with this marriage, why do you all have objection. Sujata says yes, we have an objection, did Atharv ask you to refuse. Sujata sees Atharv. He signs no. Vividha turns and sees Atharv. He acts like kid. Vividha asks Sujata to say truth, Atharv asked you to refuse for marriage right. Sujata says no, Atharv does not want to marry you in this state.

Vividha says I m doing what Atharv wants, he wanted to marry me, we both want to marry each other. Sujata says but…. Vividha makes Sujata sit and makes her apply mehendi to her. Ravish comes and looks on. Vividha shows Atharv’s name in her hands and I got your blessing in my hands. Ravish says great, show me. O re piya…..plays……… He sees Atharv’s name and says perfect. Atharv looks on. Vividha asks about pandit. Ravish says he will be coming. She asks him to make Atharv ready. Ravish says sure, where is he. Ravish asks Atharv to wear sherwani. Atharv refuses. Some men come with some items.. Ravish asks them to hurry up. He asks Vipul to see other arrangements, I will see Atharv.

A goon calls Daddy ji and says I m inside the house, target is in front of me. He gets the gun from the flower basket. Vividha goes to get ready. Dadi says Vividha won’t stop today. Atharv refuses to wear sherwani. Ravish makes her wear sherwani. He asks why don’t you want to marry. Atharv asks does anyone marry a friend. The men get sweets and shagun. Kalindi asks what’s this, who has sent this. The man says Ravish.

Ravish says its best thing to marry a friend. He thinks of Vividha. He says you will be happy with Vividha, wear this. Atharv says no, throw this. He throws the pagdi. Vividha gets ready as bride and comes downstairs.

She asks for Atharv. She sits in the mandap. Pandit asks them to call groom in mandap. Vividha says he will just come. The goon hides under the bed and thinks its perfect shot, groom will die He tears the table cloth and looks through. Ravish says you are looking good. Atharv says I don’t want to marry. Pandit asks them to call groom soon. Vividha asks Sujata to call Atharv. Sujata thinks I can’t do this. Vividha says I will go and get Atharv.

Vividha comes to Atharv. Atharv refuses to marry. Vividha asks him to come. He refuses. Vividha takes him. Daddy ji is seen in jail. The goon aims at Atharv. Vividha gets Atharv to mandap.

Vividha insists and asks Atharv to come, take rounds. She holds his hand and comes in front. The goon shoots. Vividha gets shot and falls in Atharv’s arms. Atharv and Ravish get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the freak is wrong with this Vividha Mitch’ he doesn’t want to Marry her and she forces him, hope the heifer dies , LOL Not but get it in her Freaking mind!!!

  2. Hi @RAone….
    Where is your story after leap…u said in yesterday’s comments …I would like to read…. But I don’t find it… So please tell me….( story of fun friction)

    1. RAOne

      sorry I didn’t got even single apporval that’s why.
      thanks @ragini for your approval.wil do it as sson as possible.

      1. RAone.. Yes start soon I am waiting

  3. Bad news for Vitharvians Vividha vl marry Ravish again ?????????????.

  4. Why would the directors try to stupidly unite Vividha and Ravish when most or the shows supporters are Vitharva fans? Like Vitharva fans have been loyally watching the show for Vividha and Atharv. The whole show is about them. Why should evil win by letting Ravidha happen? Ravidhca was because of Vividha’s evil father so why should he win? Girls shouldn’t always be forced to stay in forced marriages especially on a channel trying to promote Nayi Soch. Yet everything this show is showing is the exact opposite. The show was doing just fine without Ravish and will continue to do just fine without him. Waiting for a show where true love wins- Vitharva?

  5. Hi dosto I have news for all. Vividha confront atharv. Atharv refuse to marry vividha. Vividha hurt by atharv distrust she leave ravish and atharv and stay alone independently. May be with atharv child

    1. atharv’s child??? if vivi… will do it…then….only dragging…. but may be atharv understands vivi loves only our atharv sujata….. only one request…. don’t take leap.

      1. They have already started shooting after leap.. I saw an insta pic.. So our request is not gonna change the plot now

  6. again this daddy ji..oh no…waiting for kk…then these 3 devils( daddyji,suman,kk)…..definitely create a big problems…..for separating vitharv.

  7. Ravidha is good.

  8. this serial was ruined by vishist’s family, they are like a black shadow hovering over once a beautiful love story . CVS my humble request send them packing pliiiz don’t let them take part after leap, make up something; ie they all got burnt in their house while Suman was throwing one of her tantrums!!!

  9. indera sanichara

    Viewers I think the writers them only think about what they want to see and not what the viewers want. They are more confusing than Ravish, Artharv and Vividha. Oma, Sujata and Suman only see Ravish suffering and not Artharv and Vividha endless love for each other. The criminal is walking free. One thing is crystal clear in this serial without Artharv and Vividha together this serial will become another dead show for writers.

  10. RAOne

    Please I request you all please don’t blame Shivani and don’t drag her to every matter it is better to advice her to join any comedy sh like of Kapil bahi show that she could always smile and be happy.
    It is very bad, to belame her as she so simple, cute, innocent, gorgeious, intelligent, smart, committed, beautiful and queen of sweet voice, to person like her you just anything you want this wrong Indiwalo.
    Yes it ok with to blame any one elese other than Shivani urf Vividha let her do what she likes to do. Hope you will understand SO! please please…….. don,t do this.

  11. Finally ravish marry Vividha all evil plans are succeed good show

  12. Hi gud mrng to all. I saw u tube vedeo Adharv doesn’t love vividha. Its true r not I don’t know.

    1. If its true definitely makers ruins adharv’s character and will tell that kk is savior of vividha and adharv’s life.
      Any way what Makers do wait and see.

  13. indera sanichara

    Writers don’t like to hear the truth viewer. So they didn’t published my views about the show that I posted. That’s ok writers. Thank you. Now I know I spoke the truth.

  14. Some ppl are saying Vivi will commit suicide…. Some are saying she’ll marry Ravish again… Some are saying she’ll live alone with atharvs child…. God dis serial has created history among all daily soaps…. In order to keep both vitharv fans and ran….. Vida fans to stick to the show they are using useless concept…. Totally they hv spolied atharvs character…. Vo pyaar karta hai Vivi se vo bhi Sacha wala den why don’t he jst go and ask her about d insecurities dat he’s going through…. Vivi is nw up to d mark…. She is d only one who is behaving normal… Fed up of dis ravish magenta…… RIP jndsd

  15. This serial has disintegrated from bad to worse over the past month. Stupid vivdha is ruining four lives because of her twisted logic. Ravish will never marry again and would be living a life yearning for vivdha. Atharva even if he marries vibidha will live with guilt that he failed His.younger brother Ravish who was his saviour, took care of him when he was nearly dead. Neither Suman nor Sujata will ever be happy regardless of who Vividha will marry eventually. Vividha will be the tragic heroine of a Greek tragedy drowning in her own tears. Stupid, stupid, stupid vividha .

  16. The best ending for this serial is for vivdha to committ suicide. This will release both Ravish and Atharva of any moral predicament they are facing at present. Time will heal the sortow, both brothers will marry a much better girls and live happily. End of the story guys. No more vitharva or Ravidha???.

    1. That was illogical..If vividha is alive Ravish won’t move on and for rest of his life he’ll grief for her..But if Vividha commits suicide becuz of these two brothers.. both of them wud be happy nd move on with other girls and live happily..
      Seriously that was senseless..

  17. Gud mngg. …

  18. Sunilal kavallor

    Confused episode!

  19. Dimpurose11234

    Hii to everyone.
    Some are saying vivi should commit suicide. And ravida will unite. Wt the hell.
    How can they unite ravida.
    This serial started with vitharv. End will be the vitharv only. No more ravida.

  20. Vashistas did nt destroy vithrav love story.vithrav spoiled vashistas life.jnndsd fans should admit it.dont be blind.no one has answer did suman knows of ramakanth and sujatha affair before marrying him?know na,but always after her.before blaming her just keep u in her place once.rk,vivida r responsible for her state now.they making her a villan.whatever suman is now just because of ramakanth and vivida only.vivida is such selfish woman who always thinks of her own life.vithrav love spoiled just because of kk.dont blame vashistas.

  21. With ravidh a love track for a couple of months I vouch the trp will shoot up. And people will want only their onscreen chemistry. Atharva can take a break and concentrate on his career.After all he is the elder Bro though he is much shorter . He needs to do something more worthwhile with his life, then get married to some petite girl. Even he is to matt VIVIDHA, they rest of the lives they will spent distrustin and hating each other. Remember all this love crush feels bliss only till marriage and may be a couple of years after. Real married life is based on mutual trust. Understanding each other and the family members, compromising on ego and respect for each is what makes marriage bliss. Ravish is just the ideal and eligible bachelor for Vividha . Atharva loves Ravish as much as Ravish loves him maybe even more. One ought to have done some good things in your previous birth To have a younger brother like ravish fighting against the entire world to support you. A divorce can seperate one from your wife but blood relations can never be severed. Both ravish and Atharva rock as brothers

    1. Much shorter. External appearance is not needed for a actor. Height, physic n fair color won’t play much role to prove dem as best actors.

  22. I totally agree. Why did Sujatha continue to meet Ramakant in spite of Atharva disapproval. That means she is not pious. She continued to enjoy the extra marital relationship eyeing Ramakant property. And Atharva were did all his principles of life vanish. HE hated his father and even refused to use Ramakant as his surname . And what did he do the first thing he regained after memory.? Force Ravish to break his marriage with vividha. Ravish could have easily taken advantage of vividha the three months they wee together as husband and wife. But he never eyed vividha that way while all the while vividha was making use of him to get Atharva fine. Ravish was always the right choice for vividha. She will be very happy with him. Atharva can find a female who would just love him and only him with her heart and soul

    1. If ravish would take advantage of vividha without her consent in 3 months, he would have become antagonist here. is he left with any other choice. N is vividha not loving atharv only him only him with her heart n soul. He cleared ravish her day starts with atharv n ends with him it self. Is dis statement not enough for ravish to understand her love for his brother. The way she forced sujatha for writing atharv name on her hand is not enough. The way she dragged atharv to mandap is not enough to prove how much she love atharv. N most eligible Batchelor is not enough for a post of husband.

      1. Not he. She

      2. Actions speak more than words Vividhs eyes speak her feeings for Ravish . Atharva said vividha herself is not aware of her feelings towards Ravish or she is just not ready to accept it.

      3. My dear it does not show her luv for Atharva. She is wild at Atharvas acting childish and just want to find out to what extent he would go to sacrifice her. She will soon know.

  23. Some of the people is saying that vivi will have Atharva ‘s child..how can be it possible as there was no such intimacy between vitharve ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. RAOne

      @ nidha please yr aam kaho kuttliya kyu gin rahi h aap.

    2. I also have same doubt…
      May be they will clarify in further episodes so we have to wait and watch…

  24. RAOne

    @ragini & @Anonymous thanks for encourgement Now it is available Sirf Tum Hi Ho I hope you all gone like it. your comments will work as encourgement for to write furture.

  25. his can u say @sudheer atharva doesn’t live vividha and if vividha bear a child maybe this is becoz at the time of manali incident when atharva was giving her body warmth

  26. i have already read today’s episode 18th february vividha knew he was playing all along she is literally forcing arthav to marry her when she got shot and fell down arthav give himself away and i crack up when she ask him what happen if he is alright now you have to watch today’s episode it was nice after a long time

  27. you guys will witness lots of slapping going on

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