Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv raising hand on Daddy ji. Sujata says no Atharv, he is your Dada ji. Atharv cries and gets dizzy. He faints. They all get worried. Sujata asks Vividha to get water. Chutki asks what happened to him. Vividha sprinkles water on Atharv. Atharv holds head and gets conscius. He gets back to his kid avatar. He asks who is mad to sprinkle water, did you all see ghost, what happened. Sujata cries. He asks Suman for food. He leaves with Chutki.

Vividha talks to Ravish and says whatever happened today, you got hurt. He says everyone is hurt, I knew its complicated, there will be fights and pain, we have to bear all this, there is no way out, how is Atharv. She says he slept, he does not remember anything. He says I don’t know how did this gun come here. She

says maybe Avinash kept it. He says no, we checked his house well, he has security agency gun with him. He sees Aruna and Chutki. He says in army, sometimes we run after death and sometimes death runs after us, I can feel something, but not see. He doubts Aruna.

Its morning, Vipul compliments Bhoomi and asks the reason for glow on her face. Suman does arrangements. Daddy ji asks am I looking fine, don’t worry, she will not scold you. Suman asks Vipul to order sweets. Vividha asks who is coming. Door bell rings. Suman says she has come. They all go to see. An old woman comes. They all smile.

Daddy ji greets his sister. She taunts Kalindi for staying in dad’s house. She blesses Suman and everyone. She asks Vipul did he change after marriage and still same. She asks Bhoomi to openly talk, even if its about joking on mum in law. Suman says I made your room ready with all needed things. Bua says this is my Maayka, I know I will get whatever I want. She sees Vividha. Vividha smiles. Suman says she is Vividha. Bua asks Ravish’s wife? Vividha greets her. Kalindi thinks drama will start now, as marriage happened without her presence. Bua blesses Vividha. She says Vividha is beautiful, by looks and heart, atleast one Vashisht bahu is good.

She says I could not come in Vividha’s marriage and not see my Ramakant, its bad to see children going away, I was in America, my treatment was going on. Vividha says I know, Suman told me, how are you now. Bua says I m fine now by seeing you. Ravish comes and hugs Bua. Bua makes Ravish stand with Vividha. She says you both look good. Atharv comes and asks who is this woman like ghost, she will look Santa Claus in red coat. Bua goes to him and says Atharv….. Suman and everyone get shocked. Bua says I m not Santa Claus, I did not get anything for you. Atharv asks for video games. She says I will buy a good one for you. He thanks her.

She sees Sujata. Kalindi thinks now Bua will scold her. Bua asks are you Sujata. Sujata touches her feet and takes blessings. Bua blesses her. Kalindi gets shocked. Sujata says Ramakant used to tell a lot about you, I had a wish to meet you, but did not have hope to meet you here. Bua says but I knew you will come here any way, you did not get late, but time got late. She hugs Sujata. Suman and Daddy ji look on. Aruna greets Bua. Vividha says she is ….. Bua says Ravish told me about her, remember you have to become of family to stay in family. Army men come to meet Ravish. Suman asks whats happening Ravish. Daddy ji asks whats the matter. Ravish says basic training for women, I request you all to report in garden outside.

Ravish says the officers came from army, they will teach you shooting and self defence. Atharv says ask me, I know everything. Suman says whats the need. Vividha asks is there any problem. Ravish says our house has danger by terrorists, our family is at the target of a terrorist group, so I did all this, so that women should have basic training for defence, focus on training, it can help you in saving your life. Aruna looks on. Vividha asks Arun to come and take training. Aruna says I m fine. Vividha asks her to come. Ravish looks at Aruna.

Ravish asks are you sure, mail me the pics. He gets the pics and downloads. He gets Aruna’s pic. Aruna looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. vividha atharva union and ravish should get some other maybe aruna ravishs dadi is so nice hope she would help for uniting vividha atharva

  2. Omg! That mail came 2 ravish is aruna’s eyes.
    The main drama will start now????

  3. Wow….atleast bua ji accepted sujatha&Atharv….
    Atharve’s sudden change to normal state may be a sign of his permanent recovery…..
    CVs plss show romance blw atharve &vividha daily…its a relief for vitharve fans …and plss end this disgusting terrorist track ,its too annoying
    I want vitharve to be “HAPPY MARRIED COUPLES”….eagerly waiting for that..
    Vitharve is TOO GOOD

  4. Today episode is very nice…Ravidha is awesome & good

  5. Nt lk to see atharv like this .vividha:atharv’s chunk plz unt them vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv fn frm Kerala plz pray fr KBFC

  6. harshiya anjum

    Guys I have a doubt suman tld in one of prevs episode that on one of kurvachuth day she came to know of ramkt and sujatha relationship .I do nt know exactly is suman aware of rammante affair before stepping into marriage with him .can anyone tell me I do nt know about that exactly.if she does not know it’s not her fault infact she is the victim if it comes to not getting love from husband.even knowing about affair i mean before marriage not after marriage she married ramakanth then it’s her fault.

    1. Even if she got to know afterwards any normal woman will feel cheated by her in-laws but here Suman and her father-in-law are best buddie. Plotting and planning, always taking each others side. One conclusion only is that she loved Ramakhant, his dad wanted her to be his bahu and no one else so nothing or no one else mattered.
      That was a total disregard of his son’s feelings

  7. Loving the entry of bua dadi, the way she hugged sujata and talked with athatv was awesome…loved the faces of Suman and Kalindi…. I hate seeing makeup ki dhukaan suman, no wonder after all these years, she was not able to win love of ramakant, bua and others.. Just dadaji is considering suman as bahu..

    My Atharv and his punch ?… Wowww, how dare that old man raise hand on his bahu. ? ? atharv sujata.

    Waiting to see my vidharv…

    1. Hi Prads,glad to see u back after longggg.how are you dear

  8. Malli atharva chinna pilladi la maaripovadam chaala baaaaaaaaaaledu

  9. I felt ravish purposely called his dadi as he feels that his dadi somehow brings the whole family together.

  10. i dont know y i feel vivida in lve tht ravish..vivida behaviour changes towards atharvv..i love atharv sujatha plz come back soon

    1. No way. Only Vitharv

  11. why they r nit finding Guddi’s murder?

    1. Becoz.. Director got short term memory loss. That is y he left guddi murder track and started terrorist drama.

      1. Because may be all r thinking mehra is d murderer n now he is dead. So left guddis murder drama

  12. I want ravish to end up wid vividha.. since, vitharv strted togethr, i stopped seeing it.. but i have been sure of 2 thngs.. one tht athrv is pretending to be mad nd second, aruna is a terrorist..

  13. From yesterday onwards there is some improvement in jndsd…..I thought that atharv sujata is back….but again he went to that childish stage……makenti ee gola…..malla zandu balm pettkuni choodala ee chetta ni….hero ki enni days ra mental…..orey mental yedavallara….hero ni enta kalam ra tokkesedi……tondaraga vividha ni atharv ni kalapandi ra….ravish ni choodaleka chastunnam ma vividha pakkana

    1. Hi Lakshmii,nuvu chepindi correct. Inka eni roju lu pichi ekistharo Atharv childish acting tho.
      Ayina em chestham le…serials anka antha tondaraga mugisthe avi serial’s enduku avuthai.

  14. @Suman where were you from 2 days you didn’t comment.

    Hi friends.Yesterday’s episode was good.Waiting for today’s episode.

    1. Hi…really nice episode. Bua dadi rocked epi. The way she taunted Kalindi was awesome. Not only Kalindi but also vipul, bhoomi and suman really super??????.can’t stop my laugh???????

      And yeah less comments from suman. As she said Due to weather problem in chennai. She has no network.

    2. Hmm because of weather. No network no Internet, no power also. But as we r staying in gated community, we r having generator back up.if I come out of community only getting signal n 3g.

  15. Thank god at least Buadadi accepted Atharv and Sujata.
    Suman aur uske ghar walon ke chehre dekhne laayak the.Bua dadi don’t like Suman good to see that.hahahaha.?

  16. This time Atharv lost mental balance. After terrorist drama. Atharv Sujatha will back. But after terrorist attacks. Ravish will loss his memory. Atharv will take care of ravish.till then ravish get fine.Atharv will wait. So again vitharv union will drag.
    After few days dragging…… Ravish will get fine.this time vividha will loss her memory. As Usual few days dragging….. Vividha fine. This time Sujatha loss memory. Dragging…,…..Sujatha fine. As usual suman memory loss dragging….
    This time Atharv, Sujatha, ravish,suman and vividha will be fine.
    Now Dada ji loss memory dragging………
    Finally viewers will loss there memory… becoz already director has lost his memory and now he is making viewers to loss memory.

    1. Well said

    2. Heheeh…
      Nyc dude..

  17. @Apple u r right yaar ????????????

  18. I want also vitharv suman.. Bt vivi behaviour changed yar.. I dont like it

  19. Hahahaha @Apple.Calm down sabr ka phal meetha hota hai.

  20. I dont knw yar suman kani ravish ki bullet thagilinapudu vividha reaction nd atharv padipoynapudu vividha reaction ki chala chnge vndhi.. Bt i lve atharv he is great heroo..

    1. Let us wait n see as story unfolds we get some clarity. CVS intentionally confusing us.

  21. I lost my memory already

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