Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma shouting Vividha, don’t go, you are getting cheated. Kailash takes a vase and hits on Uma’s head. Uma holds her head and picks a glass bowl/show piece…. She throws it outside the window. The glass bowl falls over the car and breaks. Vividha and everyone get shocked, and the car stops. Kailash scolds Uma and threatens to shut her voice. He says Vividha has gone, she will not come now. Uma says she will come, my Lord will get her back. He says I have written Vividha’s fate, not Lord, no one can change it. He holds her neck and suffocates her. Vividha and everyone come there, and see Kailash’s devilish avatar. Vividha shouts Papa. Kailash leaves Uma and gets shocked. Everyone is shocked seeing Uma’s state.

Vividha makes Uma get up. Kailash asks

Vividha to go, her marriage is getting delayed. Vividha asks did you beat Maa. Vividha asks Guddi to get Maa’s inhaler. Kailash says I did not tell you that Uma is characterless, I will tell everything later, Vividha go, you are getting late for marriage. Uma shouts enough, Vividha your Ppaa is a devil and animal, the marks on my body is because of Kailash, he is responsible for all the wounds on my body. Everyone get shocked. Uma tells about Kailash’s tortures on her till now. She says he has always beaten me. Kailash shouts Uma. Uma says this man ruined my life, and now he wants to ruin your life Vividha. Kailash raises hand to beat Uma. Vividha holds his hand.

Atharv smiles seeing the baraat dancing. Abdul uncle asks them to stop, and sees the temple shut, and no guests there. Sujata says there is no one here. Atharv says strange, everyone would have come by now, it was same temple right. Abdul uncle says yes, I will go inside and check. Abdul uncle sees the lock at the temple door. He tells Atharv that there is no one upstairs and temple is locked. Sujata says maybe everyone is busy for reception, and asks Atharv not to worry, Vividha will come. Atharv says I know, she will come. Sujata says we will go upstairs and do arrangements. Abdul uncle manage baraati guests.

Vividha asks Kailash why did you do this. Uma says its nature of this man, he wants to control everyone, his ego is such big that his family, wife and children have no value infront of him, you trust him a lot, you are never tired of saying Papa Papa, you think he is going to get you married to Atharv, no Vividha, he has fixed your marriage, but not with Atharv, with someone else in Delhi. Dadi, Vividha and Guddi get shocked. Uma tells Vividha that she got cheated, see whats written in your hand, not A of Atharv, but R of Ravish. Vividha sees R and cries. She asks Kailash is this true Papa. She says tell me Papa, is this true. Kailash shouts yes, this is true, I know whats right and whats wrong, you promised me you will do what I say, come with me to Delhi, your husband and family are waiting for you. They get shocked.

Vividha recalls Uma’s state. She thinks how much she believed Kailash and Atharv always doubted Kailash. She realizes Atharv was right about Kailash. She says you were my Lord Papa, my everything, I told everyone that my Papa is such a great man, but you are a stranger, Atharv said right, that you are not like you appear, I was fool and explained him that my Papa is really good, I told him that he does not identify people, I did not think even in my dream that you can hurt me and my family like this, I thought you will save us from every problem, I was so proud of you, you have beaten up Maa, you can’t be called even a human, you are a cheap man who beats wife and was cheating to get daughter married to someone else.

She says Maa always got hurt and she has always made some excuse, you did this with my Maa. Uma cries and says I never wanted to say this, I would have not told this, today when its about your life, Kailash was ruining your life by cheat, I could not keep quiet. Kailash threatens Uma. Vividha asks what will you do, will you raise hand on Maa again. Dadi angrily fumes. Vividha cries and looks at Kailash.

Uma asks Vividha to go. Kailash asks her not to go anywhere. Kailash slaps Vividha. Uma beats Kailash with a lamp. Guddi and Dadi stop Kailash. Vividha cries and runs to temple. Atharv turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally finally vividha get to know her fathers true fave i m soo happy but cants see athavzz separation

  2. finally finally vividha get know her fathers true face i m soo happy but cants see vitharv separation…..

  3. Wow…grt and vividha finally came to know that kailash is cheating her …
    Wowww the precap is awesome ….. Kailash need this…. Will atharv marry vividha…. So excited.. If atharv marry vividha then what’s the need of the character Ravish… 🙂

    1. i thnk vividha will run to temple but that time his father might attack her mom nd say that if u want uma get married to ravish ndd thats whn vividha will not get married to athrav but instead to ravish

      1. even though ths is going to happen thn atharva will do something as he saw viv coming alone crying …

  4. OOGGG Vividha Finally Known Her Father Behaviour,atharv Vividha Should Marry,precap Is Nice

  5. I am happy to see the precap I am excited to see atharv and vivadhas wed I was worried when ravish character was shown.I decided if vivadha is not atharvs then I leave watching the soap itself

  6. I think is a dream


    At last the true Color of Mr Kailash revealed.

  8. Shivik fan ?❤?

    OMG OMG OMG!!! finalllyyyyy!!! Finallyy vividha saw the real face of that devil kailash ?? m so excited to watch ths epsd..thank u for the update ??? btw precap ws awsm ? that KK deserves more than that ????

  9. Kailash is not done yet! He still can do anything!! Too bad he should have been put in jail by viv when should she found out the he is a monster created by the stupidest writers.

  10. OMG finally Uma told family about their father/son. Finally vividha realised what her father is like. So the spoiler looks like it’ll come true. Really hope so.

  11. All stories start good and then the girl is either cheated into marrying somebody else or forced to marry by blackmailing. I think Kailashnath will come with her mom on gunpoint and ask her to step down. The distance between Atharv n Vividha though seem less will become an untravellable one. Last episode the conversation between Atharv n Sujata was about that gap or distance. The show will not run unless there is suffering shown. All serials are scripted in such a way to keep viewers glued to the show.

  12. Please dont get vividha married to ravish.vividha and atharv are made for each other. They are each others support.plz dont bring a third person in between them…cant watch a dulha switch drama again.

  13. Precap is NYC….but I don’t think vitharv wud get marriage

  14. Its A fream nothing like that will happen…

  15. Dream ..

  16. Tia u said it’s a dream. Whom has time 2 dream
    Tq amena di for update.
    I am happy that uma gets strong nd finally viv got the devil face of kailash.
    Guys I saw a new promo of jndsd. Atharv asks a promise from vivida. Viv promise 2 atharv nd they hug each other. Somebody hit atharv head badly from the back side.
    I am still confused whoo is hee. Bcoz kailash is in hands of dadi nd uma.
    Who beat atharv? ?????????

  17. I think vividha’s promise to his father will force her to marry ravish can’t see their seperation love u vitharv

  18. I think vividha’s promise to his father will force her to marry ravish can’t see their seperation love u vitharv??????????????

  19. I think atharv and vivida will get separated.if not there won’t be any climax in the show.

    But feel soooo bad for them ??

  20. I read a spoiler on Tellychakker that Vividha will marry Ravish ?.

  21. Nice episode…Iam written this from the state Kerala…..in KochI..
    I love this serial….I like something between these couple……

  22. Its not worth reading update even i know at the end vividha will marry ravish only….the avidha couple looks cute but feel sad for there separation

  23. NEWS
    Vividha to get MARRIED to Ravish in Jaana Na Dil Se Door
    By TellychakkarTeam16 Sep 2016 01:00 PM

    OMG! This is the most shocking piece of news that you will read today.
    Viewers have been waiting all these while to see Vividha (Shivani Surve) and Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) to unite in Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door. But the upcoming twists will leave them in a major distress.
    With the entry of Ravish (Shashank Vyas), the love story of Vividha and Atharv in the Beyond Dreams Entertainment daily will see a sad turn.
    Shared a source, “Kailash (Vineet Kumar) will play his trump card and change the life course of his daughter. On the day of her marriage, instead of Atharv, he will get Ravish to sit in the groom’s place.”
    Shocking isn’t it?
    It will so happen that Kailash will abduct Atharv and get Ravish to sit in place of him. The poor guy will also have no clue that this would be a deceive marriage. And so unknowingly, Vividha and Ravish will get married.
    How will the three youngsters, Atharv, Vividha and Ravish react on this development?
    Do let us know what do you have to say about this track?
    We tried reaching the actors but could not connect with them.

  24. Uma break Kailash’s bonds to save Atharv (Vikram Chauhan) and Vividha’s (Shivani Surve) marriage in Jana Na Dil Se Door

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage drama seen amid Kailash and Uma in the daily soap.

    Kailash has become very shrude and makes Vividha marry Ravish forcefully just to separate Vividha from Atharv.

    However Uma has got to know the truth of Kailash and this is where Uma will break all bonds with Kailash in order to make Vividha live happily with Atharv.

    Uma tells Atharv the truth about Kailash’s wicked plan.

    Atharv’s struggle to save Vividha from Kailash’s clutches

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedy seen amid the lead characters life in the serial.

    Atharv would make all sorts of efforts in order to save Vividha from Kailash’s clutches.

    It would be intresting to watch as to how would Vividha and Atharv utimately get united despite opposition from Kailash?

    1. Don’t want this tragedy drama…
      Still have ..hope till on screen ..what will happen. …don’t wanna believe updates……
      Alway wrong updates. .by..tellychakker ..in previous a news posted …..vividha and atharv will come to know abt Ramakanth health condition…and unable to tell Sujatha that Ramakanth is going to die…..but wat happen. …Sujatha nly confirmed her husband death……..so false news….
      Just. …believe on screen picture

  25. I wll stop watching da show if vividha marries ravish so director should not twist this

    1. Same here. BTW we share the same name??

  26. I am so happy that Vividha saw things for her self.

  27. dont seprate vitharv plz

  28. Atharv and Vividha such an idiots. still want a chance to get married. …
    Wat is that promise. .what’s the use of separation promise. ..
    .such a Brainless direction ….
    Jndsd team don’t test audience’s patience….

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